1109. Chapter 1109 is a loyal minister (2)

1109. Chapter 1109 is a loyal minister (2)

Chapter 1109 is a loyal minister (2)

"Master, what is the Ruby Supreme said by the teachers in the Valley School, how those people react so much."

The three men flew for half a day, and they rested by the stream. The black wind and the hippie smiled and gathered around the night feathers.

Night Yu Yu rehearsed the contents of the Ruby Supreme that she learned from Ling Feng.

On the black wind, I looked at my face. "I drop a scorpion. The Bodhi Tower is the place that all the refining pharmacists yearn for. It is said that the refining medicinal herbs in the rehearsal are also the fourth taidan. The master has got the opportunity to join the Bodhi Tower. What kind of red jade supreme looks like, can you show me?"

"Give people." Night feathers blew out three words.

"Amount!" Black wind days, small eyes, squatting round, send ... people ...? !

"What do you say to the master?" The black wind suddenly felt that he was not awake, or else his master did not wake up, what the dreams were during the day!

"That brand has already been sent." Night Yu Yan officially rehearsed once.

On the breeze day, my eyes narrowed and I sneaked a hand on my ass, which hurts! it is true! No dreams!

"Master, who are you fooled?" The black wind snarled his nose and looked unwilling.

“Hmm?” The night feathers blinked.

"I will help you to grab things back!" Black wind days, a heartache, that 30,000 contribution value is not distressed, but that brand can enter Bodhi, how many people dream of going to the place!

The night feathers and the good smile: "The brand is in Lingfeng, you can grab it."

"Ling!" The black wind was stiff and sighed: "I just said..."

The black wind is still self-aware, and Ling Feng's strength is as high as the ninth-order peak. Even if the sky is long and the black yarn is added together, it may not be played.

"Master, you want to give the red jade supreme to Ling Feng," said the black wind.

The night feathers smirked and smiled. "Then you are my apprentice for you?"

"I..." The black wind squatted, and thought carefully, and the frowning brows slowly spread.

On the breeze day, the night feathers erected a thumb: "Master, you have to be an emperor, and you are definitely a loyal minister under your hand."

The night feathers screamed at the corner of the mouth, there was no rebuttal, a baby, sometimes in his own hands can only become a treasure of the treasure, but if sent out, this baby exchanged back, may be a piece of land!

If you are willing to give up, you will have a home. This world will always be fair. If you are selfish, don’t expect others to be generous. Whatever you are in your arms, and expect others to sell for you?

The night feathers ignited a bonfire, grilled the fish that had just been caught, took out the map and studied the next route.

"We are now at the end of the Qianlong Mountain Range. Going to the right is the official road. Going left can go deep into the Tianling Mountains. After passing through it is the plain." Yu Yu looked up at the two and asked the eyes and the black yarn with their eyes. the meaning of.

"Master, I think, let's continue to walk the official road line. There are hundreds of miles in front of the town. I have been in the mountains for more than ten days. Let's go to the city and have a rest." Pointing at the map.The night feathers glanced at the direction of the black wind and the fingers, Yangcheng.

"Okay, I will leave after a meal break." Night Feather said that he looked up at the sky and there was nothing on it, but the night feathers always felt vaguely... Someone was tracking themselves.

Looking at the map in the windy day, he suddenly sucked his nose: "You smell it, what taste? Ah! The fish is baked!"

(End of this chapter)

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