1070. Chapter 1070 Breaking through the ninth order (1)

1070. Chapter 1070 Breaking through the ninth order (1)

Chapter 1070 Breaking through the ninth order (1)

"Perseverance is good." Long Xiaopeng and Bai Jinyi came over and looked at the dragon blood in the night feathers and aura, and praised it.

The night feathers are beautiful and shining, these three drops of invisible dragon blood contain the power of terror. If you can swallow all of them, your strength should be able to step into Huang Ling!

"Little girl, dragon blood gives me a drop, you devour a drop, leaving the drop to keep spare." Long Xiaopeng got the idea of ​​playing the autumn wind.

"Long Ye, a total of three drops, you can be black." Bai Jinyi's face showed a smile.

Long Xiaopeng whitened Bai Jinyi: "Long Ye, this is called saving resources. The little girl's current physical condition can swallow a drop of dragon blood. It is good to devour two drops and burst."


On the side of the black wind, a burst of amazing spiritual power bursting out, the surrounding ground suddenly collapsed, and the hard soil was hard pressed for more than a meter.

"Well? Little black is going to break through!" Long Xiaopang's face changed, and he couldn't even reach out to ask for the dragon's blood. He ran to the black wind and stood on the back, and his palm was shot on the black wind day.

The black wind in the pain of the face gradually eased a few points, and the violent momentum around him also stabilized.

"Black yarn, you look at you, and I am different." Long Xiaopeng took a deep breath.

The night feathers will be packed with white jade bottles, and a few steps will go to the black wind day. The spiritual power of the black wind has begun to condense.

This is the first time that Yu Yuxi saw the others break through the ninth order. The last time the black yarn broke through the gray suffocation to cover, the night feather 汐 did not observe it at close range.

Bai Jinyi stood by the night feathers and looked around the crater: "Your apprentice is a good qualification. The ordinary spirits can break through the ninth order and cause the spiritual riots within a radius of five miles. This time he mobilized the spiritual power within a radius of ten miles."

"How much did you have at the beginning?" Night Feather glanced at Bai Jinyi.

"Secret." Bai Jinyi smiled a little, some things, said it is to show off.

"Little girl, take it." Long Xiaopeng was busy, and he reached out to the white feathers.

The night feathers shook their heads helplessly. I don't know when the dragon chubby became so rich. Before, he was only interested in mutton.

In the hands of a flash of light, the night feathers will take out all three white jade bottles, one handed to the dragon chubby, the other, handed over to Bai Jinyi.

“Well? What do you mean?” Bai Jinyi’s star was moving.

"Give you the reward." When the night feathers are cold and cold, when killing the golden dragon beast, if it is not Bai Jinyi's shot to resist the spikes, even if he wins, I am afraid that the enemy will kill 800 yuan, never I will stand and talk like this.

Bai Jinyi's mouth is still evil, hesitating, took the bottle from the night feathers, and shook in the night feathers: "Thank you."

Night Yu Yu... There is an evil voice in my heart silently protesting, I mean meaning, you really want to...

Long Xiaopeng suddenly looked at Bud: "Bard boy, baby, we all took it, the rest is for you, no opinion.""No opinion, no opinion." Bud shook his head, letting the old man know that he had an opinion on Longye, and he would not interrupt his leg.

Bud looked at the body of the beast in the distance. Although the baby was gone, the rest of the things were worth millions of gold coins. After all, this is the beast of the realm of Huang Ling.

"Bard, come over, I will ask you something." Long Xiaopeng stuffed the white jade bottle into his apron and waved at Bad.

"Longye, anecdote?"

Long Xiaopeng peeked at the distant night feathers, whispering: "I left a task in your home when I left, how are you doing?"

(End of this chapter)

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