758. Chapter 758 Wind Thunder Hammer (2)

758. Chapter 758 Wind Thunder Hammer (2)

Chapter 758 Wind Thunder Hammer (2)

A trace of spiritual power to explore, feel the repair of Gray.

The night feathers shake their heads in the heart, the spirits are eight steps, this is repaired... It is estimated that the level of the refiner will not be too high.

"Master." Rodi greeted the street and bowed to Gray.

"Is that person?" Gray spit out a cold voice.

Roddy nodded bitterly.

Gray's gaze turned to the black wind of the refining device, and the pupil was slightly enlarged.

This momentum... feels...


In the black wind, the forging hammer in the vertical hand is heavy on the iron block.

The original iron block of the square is now less than the size of the head.


It is a hammer.

"What happened?" Gray whispered to Rodi next to him.

Rodi’s rumored the matter.

Gray glanced at Roddy, who stood down and stood still.


The hit on the breeze day continues.

Gray looked at it for a while and saw some doorways. The light flashed in the hand, and a black hammer appeared in the palm. This hammer was bigger than the black wind, and it was a forty hammer. !


Gray moved, the night feathers of the moment instantly locked to Gray.

Gray did not give up the black wind, he laughed: "Little friend, give you this hammer!"


The hammer in your hand directly "squats" to the black wind.

Looking up at the black wind, the corner of his mouth showed a smile, and finally there was a hammer that he had a hand.

A volley, the hammer handle is firmly held in the palm of the hand.

Hey! Hey!

This hammer is not the same as the previous one hundred thousand hammers, the sound... a little more "murmur".

Refining, refining?

The crowd of people watching, this voice, is the sound of splitting the iron?

Although these people are amateurs, they know how much, once the iron plate is broken, even if they are connected, they will not be able to practice a good knife. As the black wind said, the spiritual power in the metal has been lost.

"Master, he is this..." Roddy thought that the black wind was a tall man, but he did not expect to change the hammer but give the iron embryo...

Gray was on the spot, recalling the "squeaky" voice in her ear, her lips twitching, and her heart was shaking.

Wind, wind and thunder hammer!

This sound is the legendary wind thunder hammer!

If the iron embryo is broken, it will not be such a sound.

"Master?" Roddy saw Gray's expression and whispered a word.

"Shut up, look at it." Gray stared at the action of the black wind.

The night feathers also pay attention to the black wind and the vertical. After just changing the hammer, the method of the black wind and the vertical hammer seems to have changed.

At the beginning, I went straight up and down. Now, every time I hammer, the hammer will gently turn before the iron embryo.

Hey! Hey! ......

In the ears of the people, there are five hammers in succession, and each hammer has the sound of a split iron embryo.

But the black wind is still waving the hammer.

Five... Five hammers, the legendary wind and thunder hammer, has reached the fifth hammer...

In the eyes of Gray, there is already a trace of moisture, this is the hammer method that I dreamed of!

I can't think of it... I can see it today.The black winds beside the smelting furnace were hammered again.

Hey! Hey!

This time, the sound is different.

not good!

Gray's face changed.


In the black wind, the hammer in the hand flies out, the hammer handle... still in the hands of the black wind.

Oh, oh.

Princess Yuan Na’s carriage has just arrived here, and the hammer of 80 pounds is directly smashed to Princess Yuan Na.

"Princess!" The escort's face on the side changed, and a spirit was blasted to stop the hammer.

Looking at the crowd in front of him, the guard screamed: "Who dares to stab the princess!"

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