206. Chapter 206 This life is yours

206. Chapter 206 This life is yours

Chapter 206 This life is yours

Shi Qingying was on the ground, silent for a few seconds, and decided to say: "As long as you can help me find Shi Ying, from now on, my life of Shi Qing is yours!"

"Good!" Night Feather got the answer he wanted, with his eyes suggesting the fat man on the side, pulling the stone on the ground.

The night feathers looked out, and now Shi Qing is very weak. Before he was stunned by Jia, he slept for a few days, and the water did not enter. If there was a spiritual body, he would be an ordinary person, hungry and hungry. died.

Shi Qing was helped by the fat man, his lips squirming, and there seemed to be some embarrassment. He whispered: "Is there, there is no food..."

"There is food in the dining room, but it should be cold." The night feather pointed to the location of the dining room.

Not only Shi Qing, fat people, Qing Er and so on, even the night feathers, are hungry at this time, from the morning to the present, have not eaten anything.

Come to the dining room together.

Stepping on the door, a few people are dumbfounded.

Long Xiaopeng is sitting in the chair, no, it is sitting on the table and constantly stuffing the food into his mouth.

If you don't use chopsticks, just pick up the plates that are bigger than his face and pour them into your mouth.

However, the taste of the dragon chubby is still there... um... all the vegetables have been picked out, leaving half of the plate of meat, and a brain poured into the mouth.

A large table of food has been wiped out by Dragon Xiaopeng.

The fat man looked at the dragon and chubby with his small eyes, and his mouth flattered: "Dragon brother, these are all cool, do you need to go to the kitchen to give you a hot meal?"

Long Xiaopang puts on his own little hand and said vaguely in his mouth: "No need to use it, let it go, it tastes good."

The night feathers see the dragon chubby eating the unfamiliar look, it is estimated that he has nothing to eat after eating this table, had to let Qing Er went to the drunk fairy building to send a table of food to come over.

The effort of several people to eat, Night Man asked at the dinner table: "Miss, Shi Qing is with us, or go to the Tianshan Mountains?"

Night Feather meditated for a moment: "Shi Qing first stayed in the yard to do some basic training. After a few days, the things of the city's main government were finished and then went to the Tianshan Mountains to try."

"Miss, what do we need to do." Night Wendao.

The night feathers looked at the mental state of several people, and they all had a trace of exhaustion. They ran around last night and did not rest well. The decisive command said: "Now sleep! Go to the conference room after three hours."

Several people returned to their rooms.

Night Yu Yu also returned to his room, thinking about the action at night, although the overall strength of the city's main government is not high, but in this autumn, it is inevitable that there will be people like Yan Hua to kill, or do some preparations.

A new plan emerged in the mind of Yu Yukun. Today, Ningyuan City has been completely squandered by itself. It has become a shoal of water. In this environment, it is not surprising that the rise or disappear of any force!


Central Plains, Yao Wang Valley.

Bai Jinyi changed into a brand new robes to stay in the room.

The entire quaint room has a fragrant sandalwood and elegant layout. Even the floor under the feet is not an ordinary slate, but a white jade!If the night feathers are here, it will definitely stun the chin, and the whole floor will be paved with Shangpin Lingtian jade! Ordinary people get a piece of Lingtian jade into the sky.

Bai Jinyi actually used this jade to lay the floor, and he lived in such a place. The strength is not high!


The knock on the door sounded.

. . . . . .

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