101. Chapter 101 End of the battle

101. Chapter 101 End of the battle

Chapter 101 End of the battle

Bai Jinyi and Jubilee, no, it is exactly that the battle of Xiaolong is finally coming to an end.

There is a trace of shackles in the white brocade, and the golden light of the body is also flickering, faint, and only stable. His right hand is surrounded by a thick golden flame, and the whole arm is inserted. Among the dragon's body, the golden flame burns the skin and scales of the dragon.

"Human, let me go, I can give you an opportunity." The sound of Xiaolong is not the kind of high above, revealing a pleading.

Bai Jinyi’s expression at this time can only be described as cold, and there is no slight retreat in the tone. It is as firm as iron: “I said, you have lived for too long!”

Bai Jinyi was exquisite. When he came late in the evening, he discovered the bones in the woods. From that moment on, Bai Jinyi made up his mind that no matter what the monsters are, it must be in addition to this evil!

Xiaolong’s eyes were filled with a gray color, and suddenly there was a glimmer of cold light: “Human, let’s die!” The muscles of the dragon’s body suddenly tightened, regardless of the hot golden flame, and the white arm’s arm was clamped in the dead. In his own body, the huge head suddenly slammed down and bit his mouth to Bai Jinyi's body.

Bai Jinyi's face changed. I didn't expect the dragon to be wounded like this. The golden flame of the arm spurted out and formed a flame knife several meters long.

At the same time, the sharp teeth of Xiaolong have touched the body of Bai Jinyi, and both lose their strength.


The spiritual power of the sky exudes, like an invisible hurricane, a circle similar to sound waves, with this person as the center, blowing in all directions.

The night feathers are running in the forest. Suddenly, a wave of spiritual power is blowing in the face. Even with the high strength of the sixth stage of the night feathers, it is also a two-step step back by this spiritual power. Rely on the trunk to stabilize the figure.

After the spiritual waves blew, the forest returned to calm, and even the faint spiritual fluctuations in front disappeared, leaving only the leaves squeaking, silently telling everything that had just happened.

The night feathers speed up the pace and rush toward the front at a faster speed.

About five minutes later, the night feathers finally came to the destination. There was no fire here, but looking at the scene in front of him, Yu Yu knew that it was just the spiritual fluctuations that occurred in this place.


What is this?

Night Feather jumped over the trunk that fell to the ground and cautiously came to the center of the open space. The first thing that caught the eye was the body of the giant python, which was twisted and placed on the ground. Half of the empty space was occupied by the body. However, it has now become a dead body. Lying on the ground.

There is also a large pit in the central part of the open space. It seems that this python was drilled from the ground.

Although the things in front of the night feathers feel lifeless, the night feathers in the principle of caution, holding a short knife, posing a gesture of attack at any time, step by step into the body of the giant.

Walking close, the night feathers found a number of scorched scales on the python.Seeing this, the night feathers suddenly stopped, it seems that only the body of the python! Just surely there is a powerful person or a beast fighting in the python! What about another person or another beast? Got away?

The heart of the night feathers hangs up, because the people who have just fought with the python are more likely to be human. The reason is that there is no such thing. I have never heard of several spirit beasts that will use flames! When you reach the level of the giant beast, you can say that you are a treasure. If someone kills the snake, it is unlikely to leave the body.

(End of this chapter)

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