94. Chapter 94 Sleeping on the tree

94. Chapter 94 Sleeping on the tree

Chapter 94 Sleeping on the tree

The tiger glanced at the reaction of the purple monkey. Some even looked at their own drooling. They were the king of the forest and responded. The front half lowered the center of gravity and the tiger's head was almost attached to the front paw.

Just as the purple monkey was about to start, the tiger moved and stunned.

The tiger turned around and ran!

The one that runs is fast~~

This may be the fastest time it has ever run in this life. No way, the eyes of the monkeys are too scary, especially when you look at your drooling! The tiger swears that he will never deal with these monkeys again in this life.

The busy people were busy for more than two hours before they bake all the rabbits, especially the fat ones. They were originally heavy. At this time, they were lying on the stone, and they mourned in their mouths: "Boss! Are you? I want to open a restaurant, how do I feel that you are pulling us out to train my cooking."

The night feathers sat on a stone, with no expression on his face, and there was some helplessness in his heart. When he had previously discussed with the elders of the monkey group, he did say that he would bake some meat for them to eat, but the night feathers did not expect this group. The monkey is so real, and he has caught hundreds of rabbits in a few hours...

If you go on like this, you can't do it. Although the rabbits and pheasants in the forest are at the bottom of the food chain, they are a large number of predators for all carnivores, but hundreds of rabbits are baked every day, even if the rabbits receive it. People can't stand it anymore. If you go on like this, there is no way to practice according to the original plan. You must think of a way!

Almost every purple thunder monkey received rabbit meat, although some did not eat enough, staring at the remaining rabbit meat, but under the "oppression" of the elders of the monkey group, they had to give the night feathers and other people out. A few.

Qing Er said while holding the rabbit meat, "Miss, let's sleep at night, sleep in the tent?"

The night feathers swallowed the meat in the mouth and wiped the mouth. Through the gleam of the bonfire, the eyes looked around: "Stay on the tree tonight."

"Well? Miss, how is this tree..." Qinger obviously didn't understand the intention of the night feathers. She was glanced at the night feathers and swallowed the second half of her stomach.

Several people heard this news, the most calm performance is actually fat, when the fat man is a thief, wherever he stayed, sleeping on a tree on a tree is not too difficult for the fat.

A few people tired for a day, after eating rabbit meat, the bonfire will be extinguished, and each of them will find their own "home of the family" on the nearby tree raft.

The night feathers leaned on a relatively stable tree, and the moonlight was adorned on her body and face through the branches, like a moon.

Unconsciously, the night of Yu Yu’s eyes actually revealed the face of Bai Jinyi’s illness, where he is now and what he is doing.

A trace of breeze cut off the thoughts of the night feathers, and the night feathers came back to God. What happened to me? How can I think of this man for no reason! In front of him, the former Bai Jinyi’s singularity of the wide-backed knife was revealed. The cloud was light and windy, without a sense of exaggeration. His own strength has surpassed the peak of the earth period, and he can recall the simple action of Bai Jinyi. There is a sense of powerlessness in the heart!The palm of the night feathers subconsciously breaks a branch and becomes stronger! I want to be stronger! At least... to catch up with his footsteps!

The night feathers gradually fell asleep in a near-contradictory mood, and the white brocade she missed was serious at the moment, and her eyes were a little bit detached. It seemed that she had encountered something very difficult to decide.

(End of this chapter)

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