Pokemon Court (updated) Qing Quan Liu Xiang

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Bursting Thunder, Blazing Flames, Towering Tsunami, Catastrophic hurricanes; in the days of yore, long before the eighteen generations of your forefathers Pokemons were known as "Monsters" displayed powers beyond human comprehension and capabilities . With the passing of time slowly humans learned to befriend them, slowly humans conquered these Pokemons, trained these Pokemons, fought along with these Pokemons and rose to become the dominant being in the great pyramid of life. Terrance was orphaned and an early age and adopted by Grandma Ellen an affectionate elderly woman who ran an orphanage, she saw in his eyes what she had never seen in a child... starry eyed mature beyond his peers. Terrance held one secret within - he was an otherworldly traverser... from the very young age despite much scarcity of resources, he diligently studied and accumulated all that he could to become an excellent trainer who can maximize the potential power of the Pokemons...Thus began the journey of a poor boy to become the greatest Pokemon Master of them all.


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