Rebirth of the Pirate King’s First Mate (updated) Tian Jing

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Lin Tian, who was reborn to One Piece, was lucky to be a teacher under Admiral Karp. He was honored as the navy's most prolific naval soldier ever. He had a deep friendship with Luffy and Ace since he was young. However, Lin Tian cited the Tianlong event that shocked the world. He finally rebelled from the navy and ran into the windmill village. At the invitation of Luffy, he became the first mate of the Straw Hat's and followed the future One Piece. When you are used to acting as the captain of the plan, you meet a captain who likes to act alone and has rough nerves. You will be born with something interesting... When Sauron knew the meaning of swordsmanship and human swords, Sauron's swordsmanship would become... After Usopp, in addition to a powerful slingshot, he also possesses a powerful laser sniper rifle. What he will give birth to.................. Everything is done in the Captain of the Reborn One Piece.


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