Chapter ninety-fourth

Chapter ninety-fourth

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Early spring in March, birds are flying long grass.

This spring is the day Jianmen recruit new disciples season, Hill Sword especially lively, full of young age teenagers. By this time, both inside and outside the martial art is often the busiest time, experience disciples also go back a lot, some deep qualifications are helping handle the new disciples of affairs.

After Fenglian small ancestral fall, Yuying live also resigned from the post of the head, leaving the day Jianmen become loose repair. Day Jianmen head replaced by Qiu Jian, Ren Yuan monasticism grew into a new refining jiange elders, and former drug is not toxic Young poisonous drugs have also returned to the days Jianmen, took over the duties of the elders drug Pavilion.

As for the day in the mountain exactly what happened, but Yuying Why live and resigned the post of the head, most people do not know the whole story. Fenglian small ancestral launched before fallen almost destroyed the mountain front, let the day Jianmen up and down hundreds of lives hanging by a thread. He died before he, in order to maintain a small ancestral reputation for unwavering days Jianmen image in the hearts and eyes of the world, Xi Chen Yi and Sun Zijun long promised to conceal the matter.

Fenglian small ancestral things done, Yuying reality is not all clear, he has always ignored the internal affairs of martial art, for small and too blind loyalty ancestors, ancestral little to do that he did not ask the reason not and will obey, until finally see the ruin Wan Jian Shan array vacant, he regretted having done. Later he take the blame and resign from the head of one, Qiu Jian, who also retain, but Yuying live has never intended. He previously head of Danzhao this post, it is actually in name only, to take care of the elders teach in a transaction more than a few, so he thought no fear, how many years this down, to teach not had any stubble. Drug toxicity can not be killed, and easy long Sunzai Jun Xi Chen defected out of education, fighting increasingly surfaced within four of the Court, only to find that he has been under the placid appearance of hidden what is at stake the danger. He was completely understand, the head of the post is not a dummy, when he was not head of the material, and then it goes on, I'm afraid the day Jianmen Millennium Foundation will destroy in his hands. So therefore opportunity, Yuying live will be completely left the day Jianmen, do their own idle reality, looking for a kendo in my mind.

Qiu blade for the new head of the successor, will know all of what was going on. He also has heart to judge good and evil, and long Sunzai Jun Yi Xi Chen had great hatred was reported to have been planning to leave after day Jianmen, although Qiu Jian do not want to undermine small Zuwei name, but insist they vindicated, cleared of them trumped-killing division notoriety, saying only that the murderer and someone else has lent retribution. And he insisted to retain long Sunzai Jun and Chen Yi back to the days of the Greek Jianmen.

With a long Sunzai Jun Yi Xi Chen cultivation, they have no longer in the days Jianmen painstakingly practicing. However, they can still go down in the martial art, as previously Yuying live with Fenglian small ancestral thing it caused them to "betrayal" Jianmen day, Qiu Jian successor after the change, they agreed to retain the identity of day Jianmen disciples continue wandering outside experience, life is pretty living for pleasure.

To the days when Jianmen recruit new disciples, because too many chores door, Qiu Jian ask them to come back to help, they will rush back.

Jianmen day not so busy the past few years have been the time. Jian Xiu disciples after years of practice, a calm disposition are, in addition to daily meditation swordsmanship and there are very few other activities,Therefore Sword mountain perennial secure calm. Today, the mountains outside the mountain everywhere new boy. Children are the most vibrant, full of curiosity for all things, so up and down day Jianmen full of kids laughing loud voice, so that the leaves also become more green, the water becomes clearer.

Although Qiu Jian is also regarded as a sword crazy, temperaments and Yuying live spared very different, he has a heart to love, the day had also believe in medicine Jianmen Court and repair jiange as tasteless, but since a long drug Pavilion after Sun Zijun easy Xi Chen, he determined to rectify drug jiange Court and repair, so they changed the rules last a little door, so that drug status Court in jiange day in Jianmen and repair increased.

On this instance selection of new disciples, the former House of elders can only choose every disciple, and the disciples that he is not entitled to choose which want to enter the Pavilion, so the new disciples into the sky Jianmen always the first pick went to the refining jiange qualification best group of defensive jiange then go pick some good, and the remaining repair jiange dwarf inside overstating a few selected to go, to leave only those drugs Pavilion will humble the children. However, to this year, in addition to every elder is eligible to elect the House this Court cultivation methods consistent qualification of the disciples, the disciples themselves can choose what you want to enter Court practice.

In this way, better at kendo teenagers still choose to keep refining and jiange jiange, preferring tactical deployment and cooperation of teenagers has chosen jiange repair, and want to learn the art of alchemy and a number of ingenious boy chose medicine Court , this way, each flourishing talent Court, which does not exist as a ringleader Court, which the Court is tasteless situation.

In the major sects in practice have taught young disciples by the outstanding senior disciples, which for old and new disciples is a kind of experience. And if there are older disciples to get along with excellent, you can also form one mentoring, the early years of Kung reality is therefore received Yuying live as a disciple new disciples. The long Qiu Jian Chen Xi Yi Sun Zijun and called back to the days Jianmen also to the matter.

Long Sun Zijun although drug Club was born, but he's been superb sword, cutting off the hands of Hong Wei Jian is reputed in the world, so Qiu Jian will make him teach new disciples refining jiange sword. Chen Xi is more easily understood good at the art of a little ingenuity, he taught medicine by the Court of new disciples how very appropriate.

So the two have separated daytime teaches days Jianmen new collection of disciples.

The first day, Chen Xi Yi Court with a new drug disciples learn some introductory lessons. This year a new drug Pavilion close disciples are very lively, which really impressed drug Court has a new look. Former drug disciples Court is due to several other elders selected the rest of the House, and people know that drugs in the lowest position in the Court Jianmen day, so even with the new disciples were also a person feel low, many children just Getting on submissive. After playing a long Sunzai Jun and Chen Yi Xi Wizards from these two drugs Court, Court of medicine who also followed the proud, and even a few gifted high enough to enter the refining jiange disciples also due to hear the long and Yik Sun Zijun after the defeat demons beheaded Chen volunteered to join the deeds of the King of Ghosts of drug Pavilion, Pavilion and down a drug rejoice.

Yi Xi Chen ended the previous day's homework, went to look for refining jiange long Sunzai Jun.

He went to fall asleep Ping, refining jiange found disciples has spread to rest,A child was still standing alone on the ground floor, long Sun Zijun're holding the child's hand and taught him how to sword.

This year refining jiange new collection of young disciple in general are small, even the youngest child was five years old, named Sun worry, another on in vain a group, not as tall Sun Zijun thigh. However, this new batch of Sun worry is the highest qualification a disciple, he heard his parents are ordinary people, fearing delay the child's practice was sent early to put their children to the door.

Sun worry young little small, though high talent, but the long sword quickly catch up with others long, he could not end even swords. Long Sun Zijun bent down from around his back, holding his hand, patiently taught him how Wojian, and how his sword soulmate.

Yi Xi Chen did not disturb him forward, then standing nearby watching silently.

When dusk, sunset hit the long Sun Zijun face, he and Sun worry I do not know what was said, his face breaking into a very shallow but actually very gentle smile.

Yi Chen Xi looked long Sunzai Jun smile, could not help but get distracted.

People do not understand the long Sun Zijun probably would think he was a very cold person, contact with him once more, he knows his gentle heart. However, this is not what people can tender to touch. It seems like a very long Sun Zijun child.

But the next moment, I do not know because he was a small worry or failure of the sad, even crying.

The baby cries, long Sun Zijun immediately looked some flawless, Mangjiang small worries hold up, do not know what to say to coax him, he just patted him on the back.

Yi Xi Chen silently watching.

Small worries look very nice, actually slightly similar facial features and long Sun Zijun, this stay one large and one small, abnormal harmonious picture.

Yi Xi Chen lowered her eyes, silently I do not know what to think.

After a child, toward the long Sunzai Jun Chen Yi Xi came: "Go home."

Sun worry has been handed over to the long Sunzai Jun Lu Yao a child. Luzi Yao also back to the end of the day outside the mountain experience Jianmen, he is more careful than the long Sun Zijun some enlightenment to guide the new disciple task fell upon him. Small disciples not yet refraining from eating grain, the need to diet, while Luzi door Yao will teach them how the human diet, and gradually reach the realm of bigu.

Yi Xi Chen met with the cry, then back to the room together and Sun Zijun long rest.

This evening Yi Xi Chen is not how to sleep at ease, the early morning sun had not yet risen, Chen Yi Xi already awake. Long Sun Zijun intimate hug Yik Chen's waist when sleeping, I do not know how to gradually moved into the Yik Chen's stomach, asleep touching up.

Yi Xi Chen suddenly froze.

After a while another child, patted long Sunzai Jun Yi Xi Chen's belly, tut loudly.

Yi Xi Chen silently pushed to long Sun Zijun hand.

However, this move, long Sun Zijun they also clearly over.

It is early morning hours most energetic man of the moment, even if ascetics no exception. A meal early evening meal, well fed, the body good.

Sun Zijun of long habit hand into his being Yik Chen Xie Yi, a stand put him under pressure in the body, the eyes not yet fully open, with a slight weariness snout Yi Xi Chen's lips.

Greek Chen Yi today was not his usual fit,Under the Sun Zijun long kiss and caress the body turned out to be a bit stiff, teeth closed, did not give any response.

Long Sun Zijun not aware of this stiff, slid his palm Xiwan place, pending his leg raised, Chen Yi Xi actually grabbed his arm to stop his next action: "I went to did not see the children woke up. "

"Ah?" Sun Zijun no longer satisfied, not very happy, "still early."

"It is still early, but not done earlier."

"I ...... as soon as possible."

"You say this last time, and then get out of bed the next day already."


"You know you since this year with the shortest time how long it?"


Chen Yi Xi very truthfully say: "So, getting late."

This is indeed the truth. But it also can not blame long Sun Zijun, was given the power of the long prehistoric Sun Zijun up if indulgence that is properly due three days and nights, day and night was his "restraint" "soon as possible" after the results.

Yi Xi Chen avoided his gaze, from beneath him drilled out, put on clothes fled also like to go out, "I went first."

Long Sun Zijun stared blankly at his back.

Since he became the companion of Chen Xi and easy, this is the first time he wanted alike Shique rejected - this should be rejected, right? Although he often did not know restraint, but he is good to live large, not to mention the spiritual development but also to repair helpful, so Chen Xi is still very easy to take an interest.

Long Sun Zijun suddenly felt back Jianmen days, it seems that not a good thing ......

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