Eighty-second chapter

Eighty-second chapter

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Songhuai De eyes wide with fright, he wants to struggle, trying to escape, but he can not do. He is too weak.

All along, he wanted to become strong, want to get thunder fruit, for which unscrupulous, even at the junction so that my two sons ghost deed. Available at the end, one of his sons wanted to kill him, kill him a son. He is still so weak, too weak to no power of resistance.

Songhuai De eyes wide open, gradually stopped struggling.

Song Wang out of hand, Songhuai De stiffly fell down. he died.

Restless ghosts of the dead group gradually dispersed, journeyman to another place. A silence the crowd, no one to speak,

Songhuai De deserved, Sibuzuxi. But even he was dead, Song brother lost things never come back.

Song Wang stepped forward, picked up the Song wish. Song willing smiling cried:. "Brother" But at this moment, his smile, but it is extremely sad. Fortunately, his mind Although no goodwill, but not much malice, after Songhuai De died, he did not want to hurt other people's meaning.

Song Sun Zijun look long bend the bow: "Thank you." Turned again, one by one to salute Luzi Yao Yi Xi Chen et al., "Thank you."

Luzi Yao waved: "No ...... do not have to."

Xiao Kui look awkward, turned to look elsewhere.

Kung flute are they much help did not help the more embarrassing.

Yi Xi Chen said: "how you going to do next?"

Song Wang hesitantly said:. "I took him to the town of demons it."

If the song is not willing to bear ghost deed, Chen Yi hope they are bound to take him away, and he was little, to send him to a good martial art of self-cultivation practice, future or anything. Song deed may be willing to rely on a ghost with a strong force, but has also been a good few years to live. This is his last day, or let him stay with it and Song Wang. Demons and ghost town is the entrance to the community, where the ghost repair and raw soul can long-term stay, really good place for their brothers.

Song would like this naturally no opinion, he lost his horror, the idea is a kind of fearless calm, no matter who the ghost sector or industry, he could complacent.

Song Wang finally saluted the crowd, he is willing to hold Song left.

When they had gone, the day of a public Jianmen fellow remained silent.

Shaw Quebec do not know when attached to the Greek Chen Yi's side, he posted very tight, arms have been met Chen Yi Xi, Yi Xi Chen unhappy compromise, they can just get out, Xiao Kui and silently followed up.

Yi Xi Chen did not understand what he wanted to do, vigilant attention to him, but Shaw Quebec just squeeze him, and did not do the other. Gradually, Chen Yik he has been pushed to another location.

Kung flute or first broke the silence: "Miss Brother, we do now?" They find this to manipulate the Atrocity devils came to the ghost sector, and now the outcome was unexpected, but things finally resolved, they have actually a time get confused I do not know what to do next.

Luzi Yao set their sights on long Sunzai Jun Xi Chen and easy.

Kung flute suddenly and nervous. In order to quickly find the song just wish he temporarily do not care about the identity of Sun Zijun long, but now it can not help but care about. Indeed, along the way long Sun Zijun not done something against them,Kung flute at the moment and turned into stone before the Sun Zijun saw the long sword towards his back to go, some things perhaps his mistake, however long Sun Zijun is a ghost world is his little master's hear it, see , can long Sun Zijun imperial ghost is his saw, which can not afford to rely on!

Kung flute was about to say anything, academics Yi Xi Chen said:. "Miss Brother, you go, we have some things to do, for that matter were it."

Lu Yao son said: "You said earlier that you're looking to kill the murderers drug elders may need help?"

Yi Xi Chen smiled and said: "No."

Kung flute quickly ran past, secretly tugged Lu Yao child's clothes: "Miss Brother, Xiao Young, since they do not have to say, we'll get out of it a ghost world."

Luzi Yao Long Sun Zijun glanced hesitantly: "If you say so ......"

Kung flute suddenly nervous and said: "Long Sun Zijun, what are you doing!"

Long Sun Zijun somehow, I do not know what Kung flute and kick unitary moths.

Kung fleet flute pointing to a nearby Chuansong Zhen said: "Song are willing to go, is not that you're cheating!"

Everyone follow the direction of his finger the point looked surprised to find just spread the ghosts go toward Atrocity even have that at Chuansong Zhen Chung went, one after another disappeared into the black whirlpool.

Faced with this situation so that everyone puzzled some. A lot of ghosts to leave this area? why? Someone drove them? What is the purpose? Sun Zijun natural masterpiece matter is not long, do things no longer here, so ghost dispersed on their own yet?

Kung Di said: "do you want us stuck here?!"

Long Sunzai Jun Yi Zheng, immediately face a change. Kung said the flute in the key, Chuan Songzhen after transmitting a certain number of ghosts is automatically turned off! The original aim of this!

Jianguang toward his flock of ghosts swirl in the chop to: "Get out!"

But it was too late, the last one disappeared in the Chuan Songzhen ghosts, black swirl it in his eyes disappeared.

At the same time closed Chuansong Zhen, Chen Yi Xi foot black light flashes. Yi Xi Chen immediately noticed something wrong, and long Sunzai Jun empathy with him, almost at the same time also be induced.

Everything takes place between the flash of light, Xi Chen Yi foot out of thin air to give birth to a little black vortex, he got him! The long Sun Zijun with lightning speed also burst into the whirlpool!

The original stood behind Chen Xi Yi Xiao Kui forward hop -


Feet landed solidly in place, whirlpool black gas at his feet convergence disappeared.

Small Chuan Songzhen away after a long and Chen Xi Yi Sun Zijun, direct closed. In other places, it has opened a new Chuansong Zhen, but Chuan Songzhen destination has changed.

This sudden turn of events so that everyone stunned, especially the gapped Xiao Quebec. For a time, the rest of the division 大眼瞪小眼 three brothers, who did not know to say something.

Long Xi Chen Yi Sun Zijun and opened his eyes and found that they transferred to a new area of.

They waited a moment, but not others follow suit, Chen Yi Xi eyebrow:! "It's no wonder he had surreptitiously Shaw Quebec posted to me standing, it appears to be simmering play it!"

Sun Zijun long without a word, a little bit worried Lu Yao and sub-Gong Sun flute.

Yi Xi Chen said: "Rest assured, Xiao Kui Lu brothers and unreasonable start of Kung-sun brothers."

Long Sun Zijun Enliaoyisheng. Indeed, Shaw Quebec's goal has always been easy to Xi Chen, if he wants to Lu Yao and sub-Kung flute up to no good, before they can start with the arrival.

Yi Xi Chen said: "You are just where to go?"

Long Sun Zijun Thunder pulled from the arms handed him the fruit.

Yi Xi Chen's eyes look on the bright, lovingly holding fruit sinking gold blue: "This is the fruit of Thunder?!" Whether he used or not on the day to get material to treasure is always happy, do not own, you can also sell them well, you make a fortune make a fortune!

After a child, however, Chen Yi has little hope some wonder: "how to treasure this day with cabbage like so well to get ah?"

Long Sun Zijun said: "regret it?"

"What's to regret?" Yi Xi Chen Yi Zheng slightly, they would understand long after Sun Zijun is too early to ask that he did not regret the choice alike to him. After all material refining the body looks not that hard to get it!

Yi Xi Chen funny, tease him: "! Sorry ah."

Long Sun Zijun: "...... Well!"

Yi Xi Chen received a good result to the Thunder, smiling and said: "! Regret not alike with you as soon as possible, or else maybe I'm already a big can of"

Long Sun Zijun curl one's lip: Is the meaning of spiritual development is to help unlock the seal to enhance Chen Yi Xi repair it?

Yi Xi Chen noticed his bad mood, sparkling eyes looked at him, very sincere and said: "You're OK, really OK, the line is very trip I regretted not born a hundred years earlier, as early as a hundred years can now! your Mind and Body! alike every day, every night alike, will never tell you apart! "

Long Sun Zijun: "......"

Chen Xi Yi Sun Zijun Louguo long neck and kisses him on the mouth Baji directly, but also affectionately rub his forehead. Four weeks floating ghosts quickly covered his eyes.

Yi Xi Chen noticed long Sun Zijun much better mood a little, his emotions are also jumped up, her arms around his shoulders and said:. "Let's go," paused, because obviously aware of some long Sun Zijun the reaction becomes more intense, then he said, "but having said that, at this place, do not heat up the ghost thing."

Long Sun Zijun: "......" No heat also pull up the fire! ! ! Inhuman ah! ! !

They transferred to the place is a vast cemetery, surrounded by ghosts except for some erratic, no shadows.

Yi Xi Chen shouted: "elf from the king, in not ah?"

No response.

He shrugged his shoulders, took a long Sunzai Jun walked hand.

Ghosts from the elf king must see him. Even away from the elf Do not you see them, they have to look for him too! The only need to be careful of here is do not let them erratic Chuansong Zhen is split up.

Long Xi Chen Yi Sun Zijun and looking for ghosts in the vast kingdom, on the other side, Luzi Yao, Xiao Kui, who is also looking for a way out.

They walked blankly for a moment, Xiao Kui suddenly stopped, pointed to a black vortex said: "Here is a Chuansong Zhen, Let us go."

Lu Yao and sub-Kung-flute does not know the way the ghost world, no clue, only random loitering,So they drill into it.

They were sent to another area, Shaw Quebec to move forward without a word, they keep up with a loss.

After a three Chuansong Zhen, they actually returned to an area that they originally came. Activities ghosts everywhere and fierce corpse, a dark mass. Kung whistle immediately put parry position.

However Songhuai De dead, Song brother is not here, these groups Atrocity ghosts although they showed no welcome, but only a nuisance, not as crazy as the previous attack.

Xiao Kui again they brought a whirlpool next to: "go to it."

Kung-flute advanced to the muddle.

Luzi Yao was about to go, but hesitated and asked: "? Shaw Young, you know the way."

"Do not know," Shaw Quebec sullen said, "indiscriminate go."

Luzi Yao strange mind, or into the Chuansong Zhen.

Until he opened his eyes, even the demons have returned to the town, Kung flute on the side.

Kung Hei Di said: "! I thought actually came out to places like turn it several days in that maze!"

Luzi Yao watched silently out of the place they were transferred. But after a long time, Shaw Quebec did not follow it.

Luzi Yao off the flute and Kung, Xiaokui Li carved back, in a back and forth between a Chuansong Zhen and quickly. Outsiders do not know, but Shaw Quebec as elf king of ions, but understand Chuan Songzhen ghost sector is potentially rule, is not without merit random arrangement. Knowing this rule, he was different in the ghost sector space walk, will be like comprehension between different towns in the mainland exchanges, and there is no difficulty.

He ran a few areas, and saw the two tall stature black ghost repair. Wherein a nose large, if bovine general; other projecting teeth, generally if the horse's mouth. This two deep cultivation, a party meeting, Xiao Kui felt a wave of strong pressure.

To have such repair is not much of a ghost repair, coupled with the appearance of this duo good identification, Xiao Kui though they had never been seen before, but immediately know who they are.

"Cow, horse face!" Cried Shaw Quebec.

Two ghost repair unhappy, said: "What people!"

Xiao Kui said: "I am your little master I received from my father's life to bring a person to see him, you just come and help me put that guy to divert the people around!!"

"? Little Lord" cow-horse face, as one, not only did not move, but at the same time to see Xiao Kui, look as if to say: Damn, mentally retarded!

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