Seventieth chapter

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Yi Xi Chen does not know is that the original world was not affected, he had to rely on refining the body is used to unlock the seal. The protagonist to grow, is to have the threshold, upgraded otherwise there would be no break through the barriers of pleasure, but the threshold is not set too high. Although these days to treasure everything is produced in only eighty years set in, if the protagonist can really struggling for centuries are not sophisticated, the reader would have to abandon the text.

So in the original story, they kick each a copy, you will get the same material to treasure as a reward clearance. If Yi Xi Chen patient, nice to play a copy of all the play again, that is actually an assembly of refining cents material body, but also a few years.

However, the ability to easily Xi Chen did not know the future, so this setting, he did not know. He only knows that these days how rare material to treasure in the end.

A hundred years down to earth once a unicorn, a knot of five decades thunder fruit, has not been seen for hundreds of years of Genki ...... there are numerous competitors ......

Think about how rare these things, let alone to find five things together, even if only to find the same, Chen Yi Xi prefer to choose another easier and more economical way.

Long Sun Zijun great hatred was reported, had cents a pile of wood, they got wind beads set, the mood was very pleasant, all the way briskly to fly back to the winter town.

Yi Xi Chen is like a donkey pulling a long face, bad mood behind him.

Soon, the two of them flew over the town bazaar. Chen Yi glanced at the foot of the Greek market, suddenly your mind a move, said:. "Sub-Jun, you go back, I went to the bazaar to buy something."

Long Sun Zijun busy stopped the sword, with the U-turn over:. "With it"

"No, no!" Yi Xi Chen busy road, "I have to go!"

Long Sun Zaijun slightly hesitated.

Yi Xi Chen immediately found himself wrong attitude, busy excuses: "You just demons and a war with no need to go back and take a good rest to recover from it quickly, I casually stroll back.!"

Long Sun Zijun looked at him skeptically.

Yi Xi Chen pushed him and said: "! Gone gone, hurry back."

Sun Zijun not long, only to turn around and fly back to the inn.

Yi Xi Chen fell marts, with camouflage face downcast, went straight to the stalls selling herbs. The dazzling variety of herbs stall, he left to see, right look, then leaned in that stall whispered: "? There are no reminders | love drug"

"Yes Yes Yes!" The stall has quickly come up with a refining of immortality, "Fellow is to add some fun companion alike want it when? This is my refining 'Sensation Dan', served this medicine will be able to like drunk in general, very relaxed! usually want to do not dare to do, dare it all up! "

Yi Xi Chen busy: "I'll take it!"

He thought long Sun Zijun after all, not ordinary people, even the demons he has no phase play-off, in case that an immortality for long Sun Zijun no effect how to do? He said: "There is no other?"

He looked at some stall, said: "Fellow their own use, or ......"

Yi Xi Chen busy: "My companion is to use."

That stall face, "I know you" expression: "Fellow of the companion must be a very DuanFang man!"

Duan Fang? Yi Xi Chen thought. Skim those children grow Sun Zijun said virgin film and the like do not fly it,He can really be considered a very DuanFang person. So he re-focused his head: "yes ah yes ah!"

That stall said:!! "Oh, really the same boat na my companion who, when the elders in a martial art, Professor day disciples, a teacher, a very, very often with my Duan Fang alike, they both only willing to use a posture, is very boring, too little to repair Cheyne but also thanks to him the patience, I Lian spring |. the ability of the drug in order to progress so quickly. "

Yi Xi Chen listened carefully about things alike. He has never been alike with people, problems that may occur and there are all sorts he not understand.

That stall finished the story, poured from a row of colorful medicine of immortality in his pocket, placed in front of the Greek Chen Yi.

Chen Yi hope to see blindsided: "These are all ......?"

"Yes." Stall, pointing them introduced one by one, "the green called 'kite flying'. The red called 'swing', this blue called 'carts', the name of the purple 'playing the guitar', this orange is called 'flute' ...... "

Yi Xi Chen heard stupefied: "This is ...... the immortality of the name?"

"Yes ah, this is my own ratio refining immortality, my name is played." Stall shy, "I can not think of much good name, they take the drug after he served a favorite do, the name of the medicine lunch. pretty straightforward does not it? "

"Ah ...... ah?" Yi Xi Chen struggled to think of flying kites, swinging in the end what it is.

However, he did not want to understand, then went on to introduce stall and said:. "It is with a few drug named this place is 'half empty', this is the 'spa', which is 'ice fountain waterfall', this It is' flowers' which is ...... "stall shy smile, whispered, '' fair '."

Yi Xi Chen; "......" Even if he did not get to know the posture, the whole place was understood.

He was excited: "No, no, even if local, the other I have to ...... uh, do you?"

"Should?" That's easy to stall Louguo Chen Xi shoulders, excited and said, "I'm friends with fellow inmate ah !!! Your companion must also ...... that is ...... Elm pimple! In this way, you buy my immortality, buy one get 10! you bought Fengyun Sensation Dan, the other count I send you! "

Yi Xi Chen sent a word, his eyes are bright: "Ok, thanks a lot!"

He took out two began to stall, stall holders to a whole row of colorful immortality to him loaded up. Yi Xi Chen does not want immortality that this 'half-empty' 'fair' and the like, but since it is sent, it is always the more the better, so he took it together.

"Multi-Xiedao You, multi Xiedao You!"

Stall waved their hands: "do not hesitate, do not hesitate this spring | of this drug have no access to any particularly expensive if you use a wood fairy like, come back to take care of my business is!.!"

Yi Xi Chen Chuaizhe bag full of drugs, joyfully back.

Into the inn, she found Chen Xi Yi Sun Zijun long standing by the window in a daze.

Yi Xi Chen said: "Are you okay today may hurt??"

Long Sun Zijun shook his head: "I'm fine tomorrow, we will set out to ghost world now.."

Yi Xi Chen Well loudly.He and long Sun Zijun have different plans. Ghost sector is a must, even if not for the Thunder, they also have accounts from looking elf king count. Going, sooner or later going to, but not immediately, but after he untied the seal body.

"There is no hurt enough." Chen Yi Xi sat down at the table, "that I do not have polite."

"Ah?" Sun Zijun long looked at him quizzically. What you do not hesitate?

Xi Yi Chen immortality throw the sack of the table, with a finger knocked the table, bluntly opening:. "Deed it to knot"

Long Sun Zijun: "......"

Chen Yi Xi do not listen to what he wanted to say, directly to the junction deed required Lingshi out, start lineup.

"Well! Do not want to end, huh!"

Yi Xi Chen seemed not to hear the general, carefully placed Lingshi.

Long Sun Zijun anxious: "Really does not end!"

Yi Xi Chen lifted eyelids looked cool long Sun Zijun look. He hook the hook fingers, indicating long Sun Zijun over.

Long Sun Zijun stepped forward, Yi Xi Chen grabbed his collar: "Why does not end?"

Long Sun Zijun face turned up into the liver-colored, eyes aside, unspeakable.

Since the authors colleagues from the "golden goose egg fight," the name, the story also named "vine upside down", it means that this is absolutely not greasy taste colleagues. That is not simple alike can pass, and in the long Sun Zijun that ridiculous demons, he told Chen Yik but Wanbian one hundred and eight style, swinging upside down on what vintage, what air Sword linger, when only sparse as usual. After the fight he can return to normal in the world and find a sense of shame, as long as those things to think about, think of the body as if to explode.

If so easy to Xi Chen know him these ideas, he must really want to thank the world from the.

Yi Xi Chen does not depend not scratch: "Why say ah!?"

Sun Zijun slightly long struggle: "Do not ask."

"Do not ask?" Yi Xi Chen raised an eyebrow. The next moment, he grabbed Sun Zijun long skirts, suddenly pushed him to the wall, "with the slightly weakened earlier you is how to say? Say ah! Say ah! Why hide? What do you say work together to solve is not good! "

He was long from Sun Zijun so close, long Sun Zijun to speak, the body irresistible force prehistoric began to cause trouble, chaos state of mind: "This this this, this is not the same."

"Where does the same?"

"I won the demons, you can not accept."

Yi Xi Chen is still very naive and do not understand his ideas, but he learned what he said to the slightly weakened, then said: "I can not accept is the thing you want as long as you say it."

Long Sun Zijun really going crazy!

Yi Xi Chen slowly loosened his collar, back to the table and continue lineup. I do not know how he put down every one began, I get a bit heavy, back to thinking about all sorts of things since the day they left Jianmen experience, really more grievances.

"I know you are very powerful, you want to protect me."

"But I do, how do I do it? I'm like a waste, like you, and no phase Omen battle, you fight side by side and I do not say, even the people with you are afraid to drag you back. Do I think only ever been guarding it? you obviously experienced the kind of mood, you should understand me."

"You win, you come back. If you can encounter dangerous? I do not even know where you are! In case you did not come back one day, you did not come back a year, I can only wait forever to what can be done. At that time I really regret it, even if I have to drag you back should also follow you, at least you're not able to see something. "

Yi Xi Chen has put consonance deed FIGHTING good layout, ready to bite fingers, took the lead in his blood drip into the array.

At this time, a gray figure suddenly sprang swallow a piece of Lingshi table, destroyed his battle formation.

Yi Xi Chen Yi Zheng.

Lingshi after eating fat jack, play the fool to taking a closer look, as if did not know what a good thing.

Yi Xi Chen sullen, grabbed him wings, carrying it to go out.

Fat jack struggle, chirp barking.

To the door, Chen Yik hear him angrily fat jack consonance sound transmission: "Chen Yi Xi, you lost your mind long Sunzai Jun able to absorb the magic gas, he certainly is magic how can you bear deed with him!!!"

Chen Xi Yi Yin Zhi stared at the hands of the eye fat birds: "Oh."

He kicked the fat kick out jack, made a Mobo Zi gesture: "!! Dare to get out of the way I'll kill you."

Fat jack angrily flying.

boom! The door was fell heavily on fat jack be shut out. At the same time, the room was set a barrier to spiritual power, unable to hear the voice inside.

Yi Xi Chen again sit down at the table, took out a new Lingshi, jack up the fat eaten is vacant. His lofty pride to pound the table: "This deed consonance knot you have to bear, they have the solution does not end today!"

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