Chapter 69

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That no phase Omen For this long Sun Zijun influence mood, however long Sun Zijun so calm, but rather that no phase Omen affected by the impact, was stabbed in the long Sun Zijun sword.

But soon, his stature again turned into a wisp of smoke dissipated.

Long Sun Zijun frown. He clearly has stabbed in the Panthers, but the sword nor even the blood stained half minutes. Panthers escape so freely of shape, what is why?

He held the sword Cang cloud, looked around warily.

Black gas again together into a panther's appearance, rushed over towards him, Sun Zijun long sword to chop, Panthers dissipate again!

As they Zhefan fighting, falling rocks in the valley after another, the surrounding scenery actually just came here and had completely different.

Long Sun Zijun a cold heart: It's a trap! See the magic stone with a change in position of the gas, to clear a lock planted spirit array, wherein the lock he!

He finally understood. Why is this whole valley is full of magic in the air; why he knew no phase Omen you can not find it in the near exact position; why he Jianshang less than panther ...... because that is simply not the Panthers no phase Omen the bulk! Just to lure him into a set of cover-up! !

No phase Omen, no phase invisible, only the Panthers, but he also used the magic gas of a sub | body it!

No phase Omen This is a group of magic in the air, then war it was seriously injured and had to be magic in the air attached to this place, in order to heal, it can not leave, but with the cultivation of recovery, he was able to manipulate points | outer body Search offerings. So now, his real body, in fact, this barren!

Long Sun Zijun sneer, suddenly jumped up and fly to the air, the dark green cloud sword Janus turned down, shouted toward the hills to cut!

Moment between the mountains shake the earth!

Numerous rocks rattling, then crumbled into powder. Ground opened a hole, whistling sound like Devil May Cry. Ground black gas continue to emerge, the world instantly enveloped by a blanket of darkness, as if the blink of an eye into the night, creepy.

"Sun Zijun long !!!" no phase Omen thundered, Shanbengdelie!

Long Sun Zijun regardless of whether, no matter how disgusting this magic gas, both of which left leaning potential landslide how daunting, and serve him only one thought: how much magic in the air! How much he sucks!

Ten years of guilt, more than a decade of suffering, more than a decade of demons! Ten years of blood feud! ! Even endeavor to kill, he must kill the havoc of the Great Satan! ! !

Black air between heaven and earth tumbling in long Sun Zijun body, no phase Omen struggled, screaming, but it is actually no match for the power of Sun Zijun long!

"You'll be sorry !!!" no phase Omen issue a final roar!

Black gas gradually dissipated between heaven and earth, thick clouds blown open, the sun shines again on this land.

Long Sun Zaijun absorbent last trace magic gas suddenly covered off force, the ground. Is not his strength in his body collision, his efforts to suppress efforts to digest, but the kind of conflicted feelings that made his whole body bone remodeling generally uncomfortable, a blood-red eyes, consciousness gradually blurred.

What is this place……

He in the end what to do ......So sad……

His heart suddenly give birth to a boundless loss, he has got to be killed, perhaps so he could sleep it ......

Do not! There are people waiting for him to go back! Yi Xi Chen will worry him!

Vivo kind billowing magic gas suddenly make a mess is pressed down, a long Sunzai Jun slowly opened eyes.

A goose girl wearing yellow clothes squatted in front of him, saw that he woke up, the girl breaking into a big smile.

"Sub-Jun, you're hurt, but I can not carry you back."

Long Sun Zijun try to grab the hand, but he caught empty. Tears in his eyes round and round, he whispered:. "Sister, I'm sorry."

The girl shook her head, smiled and said to him:. "I say I'm sorry, I did not give you the guardian of my chance."

Long Sun Zijun raised his hand, trying to touch the girl's hair, but he can not touch.

"Sub-Jun, I'm off."

Long Sun Zijun tears nodded: "I think there were more guarded, and he was waiting for me to go back I have to go.."

Girl stood up, the sun shines on her, she was breaking into a big smile as bright as the sun pure. She Bai Zhaoshou, stature and more transparent:. "Good night, long Sun Zijun"

"Goodbye, Teng if the clothes."

When the bright figure that road between heaven and earth disappear, long Sunzai Jun Cang cloud down to pick up the sword, also embarked on a return path.

Yi Xi Chen in the cave demon simply feel ill at ease. Time clearly was not long afterwards, he felt has been a whole year. He could not wait long to find out Sun Zijun, but he also where to find it?

At this time, he saw the demon cave Wicked those unconscious blanket of darkness enveloped the whole body even gradually subsided.

Yi Xi Chen slightly hesitated, suddenly jumped up, weird said: "! This is ...... this is" slightly weakened him busy two-step rushed to the side, pulled up her sleeve, I saw the black on her arm hexagram mark also faded.

Could it be that no phase Omen dead? ! Jun-really kill demons? ! Yi Xi Chen nervously held her breath and gazed at the mark, for fear that he could turn it all into a happy bubble.

But to his fears did not happen, as a black stain end is more and more shallow, then disappeared.

Whole demon magic cave full gas give all faded, Montreal Wicked regain a beautiful snow white.

The more slightly weakened slowly opened his eyes, full of loss: "? ...... Yi brothers"

"You're awake!" Yi Xi Chen was overjoyed: "The more junior sister apprentice, where else can you uncomfortable?"

The more Sunnie do not understand what happened, he looked down at his body, but when you see your own clean as new arm, she was stunned. She blinked incredible, really I doubt they are wrong. Has more than a decade, the mark hit on her, so she thought the dead can not get rid of, but now, they disappear completely.

She quickly pushed the spiritual power, want to try to resist the force of the demons. But her body clean, could not find that kind of foreign forces.

"Easy brother!" Her voice trembling with emotion, "no phase Omen dead?"

Yi Xi Chen did not know the situation over there,Excited to see her, then patted her shoulder reassuringly. He relaxed tone: "That, of course, no phase Omen count you go and see what your friends how like it!."

The more slightly weakened scratching and scrambling to jump up and saw those white cave demon evil, actually as a fixed body in general surgery, motionless.

Piece of white python slowly raised his head from the disk body stretch, climb to the slightly weakened. Slightly weakened more slowly approached, knelt down in front of Monty Python, grabbed its neck, choked aloud: "mother ......"

Wicked who woke up one after another.

Demon rabbit round opened his eyes, the first thing is to see Chen Yik big smile. Yi Xi Chen will it hold in the arms, gently squeezed his ears: "round, you awake."

Round a tight body, shouted: "! Bad guys" open mouth revealing two front teeth will bite Yi Xi Chen fingers. Yi Xi Chen busy handle withdraw, he bounced under its head, turned to see the slightly weakened.

The more slightly weakened busy: "round, he is my brother, he saved us."

"No, no, not me, is another 'bad guys' brothers." Yi Xi Chen meat toot his hands upon her round face, Youguangshuihua rabbit, how knead how interesting.

This round saw the white cave full of evil, suddenly shocked: "You ...... you cure everyone's sick?!" Wicked still do not know there is no phase Omen, I thought they were just victims of bad guys , and only she gave birth to a strange disease.

Yi Xi Chen smiles pulling and pulling its ears, this time round and honestly let him play, he is not revolted.

Wicked finally reunited, all around to a side piece of python and happy, overjoyed. However, Yi Xi Chen with a smile on his face though, but my mind was still worried. Long Sun Zijun not come back. He will be all right?

At this time, the people were unaware that it was the demon into the hole.

Yi Xi Chen suddenly stood up, his eyes peering eyes demon hole channel. His heart thump thump beating fast.

Sun Zijun long shadow demon finally appeared in front of the hole, the crowd not recovered, I saw Chen Yi Xi as a lightning rushed clinging to long Sun Zijun, slightly weakened more than we had just woke up more excited: "Jun-!!!"

Long Sun Zijun he was rushed back two steps, immediately smiled and hugged him:. "I'm back"

"You really killed no phase Omen ?? Really ?? !! You're too much !!! very, very much !!!"

The more slightly weakened: "......" Who says no phase Omen is just what count?

Yi Xi Chen simply overwhelmed with excitement, relax after the tension, worry rejoicing after, so filled with emotion that he did not know how to vent, as much impulse - the long kiss him fiercely Sun Zijun throwing himself to the ground!

A With this impulse, the mind immediately had his lips and teeth and long Sunzai Jun entangled screen, this screen allows Yik Chen's face shabu look flushed, increasingly overwhelmed, hesitated long release grandson Jun, jumping aside to appease their own little heart to go.

Long Sun Zijun into being demon hole, look around, see who are unharmed woke Wicked, is also relieved.

That turned into human form python, but it is a good face of an old woman. She bow salute to the long Sun Zijun: "Thank you, my benefactor rescue the whole family,Kindness, no longer reported. I hid some centuries Ganoderma lucidum cents material, is willing to grant benefactor. "

Long Sun Zijun busy: "do not have that magic ......." He looked at the ice Yaozu do not know no phase Omen thing, they received words, said, "Yes I do."

Xi Chen Yi also said: "python mother, you recovering from illness, Ganoderma lucidum cents material will keep their own self-cultivation with it."

Monty Python laughed: "If our own lingua franca, but naturally I will leave here with the fairy wood, which we also took the ice demon had to change things bazaar or take two benefactors for. Ye Hao strengthen the sword. "

Yi Xi Chen hearing him say, and not finding a way out. Sin material properties of water they actually missing, just bring it to cut long Sunzai Jun Lian Hong sword.

Python mother let them clean up the immortal demon timber, demon were immediately deftly pick up a bag full of stuff into the hands of Yi Xi Chen. Which lack many refining sword treasure.

Yi Xi Chen and Sun Zijun long again and again thanks.

That devil is dead, they will undoubtedly bother ice Yaozu, it would leave Zhong Yao, ready to leave.

They just left the demon hole, academics someone behind chasing out.

"Long Sun Zijun, easy brothers!"

Long Sun Zijun stopped, turned and said:. "The more junior sister apprentice"

The smaller the judo: "Thank you, really, thank you."

Sun Zijun long press on the head by her.

The more slightly weakened smiled. She never was the ice queen, with long Sunzai Jun Yi Xi Chen and her brother and sister division for many years, this is the first time showing off to see her smile. She had also laugh very bright.

The smaller the judo: "With my previous no phase Omen forces killed a very powerful magic repair, I did not expect him much material to treasure, I get to keep my too little to do, they give you. it. "

Hear day material treasure of words, money-grubber Chen Yi hope that this very happy, can not know why his heart thumped, much as kind of foreboding.

Not so clever it ......

The more slightly weakened untie the bag, while looking aside and said: "... I heard that this baby can be used to refining the body, I do not know whether older students do not have access if the lingua franca of take it for something Ye Hao" So saying, she He took out a green beads, "which is scheduled wind beads."

Yi Xi Chen: "......"

"Given wind beads !!" long Sunzai Jun luminous eyes, grabbed that green beads, "Thank junior sister apprentice! Xi Chen, great!"

Yi Xi Chen reluctantly pulled ugly mouth evoke a smile.

The five sample material to treasure, to get different from what? Is that someone gave him four of kind, as long as the missing can not get, which, like the lack of a century is very likely. Instead, he is beginning to get the more smoothly, want to change a shortcut to go the more difficult. Long Sun Zijun this is not that big and he is willing to spiritual development, and more and more it got, the more he refused.

Long Sun Zijun said: "We really need refining the body has been a unicorn blood, will wind beads also heard the junior sister apprentice may fall a few cents of other material..?"

Yi Xi Chen quietly rolled his eyes. Know people make money do not know something, the more Sunnie how can you know? Get a fixed wind beads are large walk shit up.

Academics smaller Judo: "I heard five years a knot of thunder fruit, now in a ghost world."

Yi Xi Chen: "............"Long Sun Zijun Hei said: "Thank you!"

The smaller the judo: "You have kindness to me, why should thank."

Yi Xi Chen silently looked up, there Yingfengliulei impulse. The more the more junior sister apprentice junior sister apprentice ah, you sure this is the kindness you? Blood feud, but so ah! ! !

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