Sixty-eighth chapter

Sixty-eighth chapter

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Sunnie Chen Xi Yi will hold back the demon into the hole. That no phase Omen I do not know what has been done to the slightly weakened, the slightly weakened always wake up, look coma also appears to be very depressed patient.

Yi Xi Chen in her Wicked those who put down the middle, hand pressed by her furrowed brow, then sighed.

The more slightly weakened sides, is the demon rabbit round. The little white rabbit who was able to blend and snow, but was now shrouded in black gas. Yi Xi Chen distressed to hold it up, gently call it by name, but it no reaction.

His heart was agitated.

Jun-could find no phase Omen body do? If found, he can lick it? Five hundred years ago but that no phase Omen Fenglian small Kung Zu and killed only live together, long Sun Zijun just twenty years old, he really and demons fighting it?

Yi Xi Chen suddenly regretted his own and did not follow up.

There is no contract between him and the knot Sun Zijun long, as long as he can not see can not hear, he does not know Jun-what happened there. If Jun-injured, in danger, or even die, and he does not know when to wait to know!

"Damn!" Yi Xi Chen stood up and paced the floor of the cave demon walk, "he coming back this time, to say we should bear consonance with his deed!"

Anxiety filled his entire body, and here's Wicked people are in a coma, he was not even a speaker did not find, simply do not know how soothing mood.

"Fat jack! Come out talk with me!"

I did not care for him.

"Do not pretend, I know just the man to speak to you, you also, I heard your voice in a sea of ​​nothingness in the nothingness of the sea."

Still did not care for him.

Yi Xi Chen rolled his eyes, untied Qiankun Dai, the fat jack caught out.

Fat squirt fly out of his hand, squealing, left to see, right look, artlessness ignorant of the way.

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