Chapter 64

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Xi and Yi Chen Long Sun Zaijun heard word magic repair, all is surprised, quickly turn to a sound source and fly.

And close, really perceive an magic gas. I saw a whole body to take the black guy in the street gas hacking barking, people around scared to have Tuisan, there are still a few repair volunteered to rush to war with that magic repair, but apparently lost that magic repair mind, do not care whether it will hurt, seeking only knives to injure hurt, so that two or three people around them did not even from him to discuss what is cheap, he also played back again and again.

This man's case, very feverish that day, the more yellow the situation!

Seeing magic repair the sword will cut lost his mind in a Dan repair, Sun Zijun suddenly long shot, he saw the dark green cloud flying sword with lightning speed, the man stabbed in the chest, with his fly out , he was driven into the street wall!

That magic repair roared painfully struggled, but he did not take long struggle, gradually not move.


Magic repair body burst! No trace of magic gas to escape, his body crumbled into black powder dissipated.

Blasting to death, it really is exactly the same as the previous yellow to die.

Long Sun Zijun frown. It is slightly weakened more to do? This person also, and more Moling Bo Huang as originally magic fix it?

Yi Xi Chen ran up, picked up the magic repair dropped Qiankun Dai. People have died, he applied to the seal natural Qiankun Dai was also gone, Chen Yik easily unlock Qiankun Dai, the inside stuff poured out.

Many magic repair can hide behind their magic in the air walking in mainland comprehension, however you want to identify whether a person magic repair, always some other way, for example, to see what he brought with. Trim magic sorcerers, will certainly spend some of the evil things, magic repair Furthermore plundering promote cultivation, love banditry, who harm the people, must be spared the man's things are taken away. So long luggage check, the person's identity will * pretty close.

Xi Chen Yi slightly doubled, the heart will have a number, to the long Sunzai Jun nodded: this guy, too, and more yellow, as before the fire, has always been a magic repair!

At this time, Sun Zijun long heard the slightly weakened voice.

"Xiaoe, you wake up."

Yi Xi Chen confirmed the identity, fly back to Long Sun Zijun side, said:. "Go, go ice valley it". "I did not expect much this winter and the town so much magic repair," then said,

We went to the ice valley, they split up. Xi Yi Chen distant go into hiding, Sun Zaijun long standing in the vast snow, look around.

After a while, long Sun Zijun whole body Jianqi big place, deep snow blasted dancing, around suddenly turned into a piece of white!

Exploded in the air, the wind drift of snow, and again slowly falling, as if it began to snow goose feather in general!

Snow Valley entire Wicked suddenly startled all, not a moment, two demon eagles appeared in the sky, toward the long Sunzai Jun dive!


A giant ice bear ice roared out from behind the tree, rushing toward the Sun Zijun long!

Long Sun Zijun behavior undoubtedly angered ice Yaozu entire valley of snow yesterday demon and the demon rabbit round eagle Xiaoying just a nuisance warning to him, today, hidden in the snow Wicked were all out,Murderously rushed over to him.

Long Sun Zijun calmly Grossly Plus, ears six-way. A Hikuma, two demon eagle, a wolf demon, a demon dog, and hidden in the snow provocative underground. He took his time, Sword fly to the sky.

Two eagle demon demon sharp claws to scratch it over, he opened Jianqi body care, Dangxia eagle demon attack. But he just resist, do not take the initiative to attack, thwarting the broadest vision of two demon eagle. Huge Bingxiong stand up lunged at him, he will easily avoid the attack.

He saw Yi Xi Chen quietly close to a tree, ice, ice disappears after a moment under the tree.

Wicked is the most vicious that Bingxiong, its claws a shot, thrown countless ice, roll the long Sunzai Jun. However, the ice just before flying to Sun Zijun long body, he melted his Jianqi, become dripping down, become a puddle of ice water in the snow, for a moment and then re-form snowflakes.

Sun Zijun while the number of long resist the Wicked attack, still its capability, and search for the orientation of the body that slightly weakened just listen to the sound of insects resides with the soul. After one night, the slightly weakened apparently not found his body being put to listen to the sound of insects, snow and ice at the moment she was in the valley, but she did not show up.

Two demon eagle wings from both sides of incitement, two volumes of ice wind rolled headed toward the Sun Zijun long, long Sun Zijun fall on snow, tornadoes will hit the ice bear lunged towards him. Hikuma soon Nuxiao, two tornadoes will come to naught.

He had to contain the evil, melee for a long time, he was actually on the Wicked were no nothing. Sun Zijun and long, but it also did not hurt them.

Eagle demon shouted: "Get out!"

Long Sun Zijun has said: "Why?"

"Snow Valley does not welcome you!"

"who are we?"

Suddenly, long legs Sun Zijun feeling sank. He looked down and was actually ice rabbit round bite his legs. That demon magic rabbit is not deep, it hurt less than this is a long Sun Zijun, but it regardless of whether forced bite Sun Zijun long legs, as an expression of its strong not welcome.

Sun Zijun has long Jianqi body care, and even the monster eagle and Ice Bears are not hurt him, what can they do this only demon rabbit? It was thorn Jianqi blood from the mouth overflow, dyed it white hair.

Long Sun Zijun grabbed its ears, pull it down from his lap.

Just then, he heard not far away came a loud whistle.

Wicked those who hear the whistle, there are reactions. Demon dog to back, demon eagles circling in the sky, stop the attack, Hikuma hesitated, still want to flutter long Sun Zijun, however, that whistle rang again, and become more rapid.

Finally, getting back all those evil, to give up the long Sun Zijun, ran to the deep snow. They are one of this white hair, quickly hidden into the snow, lost the trail. Only the demon rabbit round, clutching the ears are long Sunzai Jun, could not escape.

Sun Zijun long fly into the air, overlooking the tree ice tree. Yi Xi Chen still did not come out, he could not help a bit worried. Yi Xi Chen was found yet? Whether he should have a look?

Round and struggled in his hands, he put round mentioned it, watching it round yo big eyes filled with fear, asked: "? What ails you."

Round shocked: "Who are you?What do you want to do? "

Long Sun Zijun asked: "Who in the end is slightly weakened the more why she was with you??"

Round struggle, the hair on the ears of the strands break, but just refused to tell the truth.

Sun Zijun long lost patience, the finger points to the demon rabbit eyebrows, it intends to forcibly invade the consciousness to see what the sea.

But only for a moment, he opened his eyes, weird said: "? What do you want"

I saw the round little face wrinkled into a group, it is a touch of Yaoqi overflow from its body.

- This demon rabbit, just to know the sea is a perceived invasion of people actually wanted to come to crash and burn!

Its cultivation is not strong, it is difficult to fight long Sunzai Jun. But know the sea is its own, long Sun Zijun if the invasion force, must draw a ray of soul into its knowledge into the sea, it himself this time, his death inevitable, but we can also hurt the soul that ray of long Sun Zijun !

Long Sun Zijun quickly cover your surgery method used to cure it, very reluctantly: "You then why bother."

Demon rabbit mouth also keep blood looks very miserable. It is weak: "I will not let you hurt slightly weakened sister!"

This demon rabbit is actually very stubborn, long Sun Zijun look for it is bad, it's the invasion of knowledge but also to look into the sea slightly weakened weaknesses, the more hurt slightly weakened. Long Sun Zijun feel a clearly reasoned, feeling strong, but nowhere so.

The more slightly weakened over the snow finally appeared in the valley, towards the long Sword Sun Zijun fly over. She shouted sternly: "Leave it!"

Demon rabbit temper so strong, long Sun Zijun then grabbed it could not do anything, a loose hand, put the round back into the snow.

The more slightly weakened his sword over long Sunzai Jun dodge to avoid.

It seems to have finally found the slightly weakened against the Sun Zijun long sword she can not, then increasingly sharp moves up to attack, several swords together, Zhan Xiang Long Sun Zijun!

Sun Zijun a long retreat passed. She was forced out of the snow and ice was actually faster valley.


She shot a long Sunzai Jun demons in turn is triggered, even the royal sword instability. His mind is connected with his sword, he once pushed the sword, as if to see his sword through Dangxiong if Teng Yi picture. And the slightly weakened in the face, actually gradually overlap if Teng clothing together.

He obviously could save if Teng clothing. Obviously you can. But he did kill her!

He raised his eyes to the sight of the slightly weakened. The more consistent pair slightly weakened cold eyes at the moment is filled with the genuineness of hatred, as well as murderous as if the Sun Zijun have long blood feud in general.

They have retreated from the edge of the valley of snow and ice.

The more slightly weakened his sword, not far from the Sun Zijun heart stopped before long, she Nabing ice cold blue seal sword at the moment actually haunted black air! She seemed to use a great deal of patience and it did not then forward sword, piercing the heart of Sun Zijun long. Her teeth: "Get out do not let me see you next time, I'm really going to kill you.!!"

At this moment, Yik Chen figure finally appeared over the valley of snow and ice. He Sword came and saw this scene, shouted: "The more slightly weakened!"

The slightly weakened canonical signed.

Yi Xi Chen dive over, stand in front of Sun Zijun long body, he questioned said: "? Why did you go into day Jianmen"

The smaller the judo: "Do not Mind your own business!"

"If we chosen to do so?"He said, while secretly pinched a few Fuzhi in his hands, ready to stall for time, the more trapped secretly lineup slightly weakened.

More like a slightly weakened more aware of what he was doing, sharp stared at him, immediately seal the sword cold rolled snow, the fan toward them face to go!

Yi Xi Chen busy Jujian resist, snow was blowing back a few steps. Until the fog dispersed, the slightly weakened even gone.

"Alas!" Yi Xi Chen stomping, "a two refused to speak well, really mad people!" He said, anger actually stared long Sun Zijun look, as if it would not speak well of people in long Sun Zijun also a copy.

"I get overwhelmed lights come back." Yi Xi Chen said, "good insurance, they came close to being discovered. Go back and read talk about it."

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