Chapter 63

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Yi Xi Chen and Sun Zijun long valley all the way to the snow fly, and listen to all the way to the slightly weakened and the bird demon rabbit round of dialogue.

The smaller the judo: "her mother woken up yet?"

Round and said: "You're not my sister Sunnie with drugs back yet.?"

The more slightly weakened did not answer.

After a child, round and said: "Today came the bad guys find two slightly weakened sister."

"Who?" The voice slightly weakened immediately tightened.

"I do not know, but I put them together and Xiaoying dislodge it!" Round triumphantly.

"They look like?"

"Well ...... a smiling, a very quiet, very quiet the worst, he pulled my ears, it hurts!"

The smaller the judo: "They really gone?"


She obviously is not assured, said:. "Round, you Freeze walk with you in the hole, I go out and see."

Chen Xi and Yi Sun Zijun long been Sword flew over the snow and ice of the valley. Yi Xi Chen suddenly come up with an unowned listen to the sound of insects into the hands of long Sunzai Jun. Long Sun Zijun looked at him in surprise, he pushed the idea, and then just listen to the sound of insects recognize the Lord.

Chen Yi Xi hand: "Give it to me."

Sun Zijun long silence, the bird has been identified mainly listen to the sound of his insect and return to the hands of Chen Yi Xi.

"In that!" Sun Zijun long sharp-eyed, one saw standing on a giant ice tree of the slightly weakened.

Sunnie also saw the two men immediately turned back and ran.

Yi Xi Chen glanced at the foot of the ice tree. He had just been listening to the smaller soft round of dialogue, the more it look slightly weakened just finished not long, indicating the place where she had just ice in the vicinity of this tree. His note of where the tree ice tree, continue to pursue the slightly weakened.

Mad fly all the way to the slightly weakened, just when the snow is about to fly out of the valley, long Sun Zijun finally caught up, blocking her path. She forced falling from the sky. Vietnam is slightly weakened but not turn around and run back, but folded direction, intended to bypass him to continue to run. She seems to want them to lead to snow Valley say.

Long Sun Zijun pinch myself to the hilt, but not yet sword, as he touched the charcoal as suddenly let go of the hand. As soon as he had the idea of ​​sword, eyes will sparkle when Teng Yi mouth hit his intentions Janus's picture!

However, this was blocked long Sun Zijun, the slightly weakened Sword slow down, it is easy to catch up with Chen Xi.

Chen Xi Yi Fu Zhi to a rejection to her, the more quickly will be slightly weakened Fuzhi cut open with Jianqi. If she was going all out, of course, not Chen Yik her opponent, but she was afraid of the long Sun Zijun in the next, both sides noted that they have been on the defensive, Chen Xi was easily beaten back again and again.

Yik Ying Peng Chen nor with her, deftly nuisance around her, put her trapped say.

The more easily seen Sunnie Chen Xi fencing techniques in the General Assembly, he knew a wayward, also want to see that his intention is not Heaven itself, but trapped themselves lineup. She frowns slightly, and looked at the corner of Long Sun Zijun see he has no movement, just as if a calm look on people. If she can look at a closer point of view, you will find that not long Sunzai Jun calm, shortness of breath, shaking the sword in the scabbard. The more slightly weakened a bite, how can Chen Yi Xi stuck here,Was about to insist forcing their way out, academics Yi Xi Chen shouted: "?! That devil in any place."

The more slightly weakened shuddered, suddenly looked up to see Yi Xi Chen!

"What do you use and he changed the power of demons?! Why are you doing?!"

The more slightly weakened Annealing two-step, she bit her lip, but not the answer.

Yi Xi Chen while she shouted, while also not forget lineup. Seeing is necessary to form a matrix method, the slightly weakened also found. Although she did not know long after the Sun Zijun has not shot anything not keep waiting for her to move, but she has no turning back, had hit in the past toward the long Sun Zijun!

The more slightly weakened whispered shouted: "Go away!"

Long Sun Zaijun a tight spine, pupil contraction, actually stiff standing there motionless.

"!! Ah roll roll farther the better," Teng's voice and more clothing if slightly weakened overlap together - if he had really gone away, Teng home of a family of three is able to avoid that robbery?

Somehow the slightly weakened, but too busy to explore, suddenly crossed the long Sun Zijun, pass Shihai of somewhat surprised glance at him, and soon they jumped and flew outward sword!

Yi Xi Chen is not catching up. And the more he played this in a slightly weakened, already covered with sweat dripping. If not the fear has been slightly weakened with long Sunzai Jun reservations, afraid he can not persist for so long.

Yi Xi Chen said:. "I heard the sound of insects put her up" - just slightly weakened the more he asked something about that devil, the more chaos the slightly weakened state of mind, threw a break when he pulled listen to the sound insect throw her body, she did not notice.

Long Sun Zijun nodded silently. He could hear the wind slightly weakened side.

Yi Xi Chen gets his hands: "Follow me."

They did not fly back to the inn, but flew back to snow valleys, Chen easy to find just hope you remember the tree ice tree, then fell down.

It was already too dark, Yi Xi Chen said: "They should just stay around here, we look for."

Long Sun Zijun pending identification of the source of Yao Qi, Chen Xi Yi over and over again: "The light of these actions, do not let them find us find a place, we quietly slipped into the go.."

Long Sun Zijun looked at him and nodded. They have restrained their breath, softly looking at the huge ice tree around.

After a moment, Yik Chuan Chen consonance hear the sound of long Sun Zijun: "Here."

He gently walked towards the Sun Zijun long, long Sun Zijun saw blowing snow, exposing the ice thick tree roots, there is a small door beneath the tree roots. It seems that the roots underneath, is that the ice demon who inhabits the nest.

Long Xi Chen Yi Sun Zijun schematic waiting at the side, he will be on hand attached to that door, and after a moment, slowly moving his arm, that road will be with the doors of his movements quietly opened.

After the door revealing a dark passage, a road leading to the nest.

They breath softly inside climb, climb a not for a while, can faintly see the fire front, Wicked hear breathing sounds, but can not see inside the specific circumstances.

Long Sun Zijun awaiting continue to move forward, Yi Xi Chen was gently pulled him back. After a while, Chen Yi Xi overwhelmed by the light into his hands: "hang it in the vent it."

Long Sun Zijun holding that overwhelmed lights for a moment,This completely understand the Greek Chen Yi intention.

Listen to the sound of insects, overwhelmed lights. From the beginning, Chen Yi Xi did not intend to indiscriminate white win those smaller soft ice Yaozu, he wants to do, is find out the truth. The identification of hiding something everyone would not say exports. And that, for so many years is a long Sunzai Jun knot.

Sun Zijun head down the long silent child, softly moved in, when about to enter the main point, he saw on the wall was covered with a tree branch, is used to hang things. He can not go down to walk up, go down to the cave might be found. He elongated arm, carefully overwhelmed the lamp hanging from a tree, low heat wick is lit. Lanterns hanging in this position, it touches barely able to see the main points | mouth of the case.

He waited a moment, nothing happened cave, Wicked seems to have had some sleep, only messy cave breathing, no one noticed he should put lights hang in there.

Once this is done, the two of them quietly left the demon hole, went back to the inn.

Overwhelmed lamp that can be utilized to create a mirror inside the water purifier aquamarine stone shape and shadow record at ambient, but until they can see the retrieved picture recording lamp. Holds many lessons so they can not be seen, only had one or two days to go back.

Light seems, is overwhelmed by the appearance of an ordinary lantern, Yi Xi Chen silently praying Wicked who do not pay attention to the lamp and the slightly weakened, or else he would put a white. White is one place to do was overwhelmed lights cost him so much Lingshi, if they are destroyed evil, is very sad, this is the second.

After a while, he heard round tender voice: "Hey, here how there is a lantern?"

He immediately listened breathlessly.

Round puzzled and said: "is slightly weakened sister get it back?"

Another young voice said: "get into it."

Down only footsteps.

Yi Xi Chen suddenly overjoyed: It seems that he was overwhelmed not only hidden from the light Yaozu ice, and ice Yaozu little ones also took the initiative to help him get into the lantern in the main point!

Now he's listening to the sound of insects eavesdropping demon rabbit round side of the movement, long Sun Zaijun listening to the slightly weakened side of the movement, as well as a lamp overwhelmed their records described under the double insurance. After listening to the sound of insects can only listen to the sound of the words is also slightly weakened less than the length of Sun Zijun guy, he just listened for a moment, lost in a fog it seemed if not more, so some truth, they probably will have to see with your eyes the job.

That night, Yi Xi Chen and Sun Zijun no longer sleep, has been listening to the other side of the movement.

They left shortly after the slightly weakened went back into the demon hole. When she was just back round to say one thing: "slightly weakened sister, what happened?"

The more slightly weakened back to his word: "Nothing."

Youth have a voice: "The mother of their disease will be good?"

The smaller the judo: "will."

"Oh." Round and said sadly, "slightly weakened sister brought back if the medicine you give her mother to eat like, why did you give me to eat."

Did not answer the slightly weakened, after a while child, she whispered:. "Round"

Yi Xi Chen guess she was just rubbing the little rabbit's head.

After the long night, they are almost not spoken a word.However strange, messy breathing was loud all night. That breathing is not from a person but at the same time there are a few people faint intended to contain the pain of breathing, the sound.

Unknowingly, in the morning as burglary, it was getting brighter.

Yi Xi Chen and Sun Zijun long are ascetics, even a night without sleep does not feel tired. Yi Xi Chen stood up some exercise, then seriously look to the long Sun Zijun:. "Sub-Jun"


"I think you're still with me my companion is better."


"Because I'm more than words."


"If you miss me," Yi Xi Chen shook his head, "run into a case like the slightly weakened, you both a long white ears."


Yi Xi Chen thought for a moment, then said: "! You are so bad."

Long Sun Zijun: "???" this sudden praise and dialogue in front of you ...... What is the connection

At this time, they both silenced, because they have heard the voices came over to listen to the sound of insects.

The smaller the judo: "I take them out of trouble you.."

What trouble? Yi Xi Chen hear straight frown. If less is simply a kind of disease, ah, trouble you to explain clearly the antecedent consequences ah!

Academics several young voice replied: "Good." "Slightly weakened sister accidentally" "We'll keep a good, not allowing people breaking in!."

Where defend? Demon hole? Or snow Valley?

Dialogue, sound and terminated.

On Sun Zijun company commander can not help but tut loudly.

Yi Xi Chen grabbed the sword, said: "!! Sunnie should go more to go out, you go to pin down those evil, and I went back to get overwhelmed light" overwhelmed lamp can not burn too long, and put a long time have been the risk of discovery.

Two out of the inn, awaiting Sword snow flew Valley, academics someone in the distance shouted: "ah !! magic repair Murder !!"

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