Chapter 59

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Chen Yi Xi full of loss.

This is a strange room, a strange girl, everything is unfamiliar. Why is he here? What just happened?

"Are you okay?" The girl asked, "What's your name? You fainted in the mountain, I carry you back!" She said, also got a show to show off her arm, wanted to show her power .

Yi Xi Chen wanted to laugh. This girl looks about ten years old will look like, thin legs thin arm, can there be any strength at all? Only about herself would feel very strong.

He heard a slightly immature male voice: "Long Sun Zijun."

Jun child? Jun-Where? He wanted turned and looked around, but could not move his neck. After a while, he finally wake up: he has entered the long Sun Zijun know the sea, which is Sun Zijun long memories!

The maiden big eyes wide open looking at him: "?! I told you to call long Sunzai Jun Teng clothing if" she suddenly turned and ran out, and pretty soon, carrying a steaming bowl Deng Dengdeng running back, " this is my Niang cook the soup, you drink! "

Sun Zijun small long unto this soup, but if the clothes without any explanation Teng directly to the bowl stuffed his arms, if he does not take, will spread a soup. He had to take over.

If Teng Yi said: "how do you it collapsed at the foot of your parents do??"

Long Sun Zijun: "ah ...... not ......"

He is not good at communication when the young girl, although not as later did not say a word, but also man of few words.

Long Sun Zijun is an orphan since childhood, since he has no memory begins with the parents a say. At this point he was still very young, not yet attained, but also a fight at the foot of a weasel and a fine, wounded, when meditation is sidelined if the girl Teng Yi carry home.

Chen Xi Yi Sun Zijun know the sea in a long, long Sun Zijun can hear voices. He thought a child sub-Jun is not so bad, actually wounded a weasel fine. He wished the vicinity there is a mirror, let him take a look at a child's long Sunzai Jun looked like and wanted very cute.

If Teng Yi looked at him with open eyes, after a moment chuckled: "You are so weird soup of it quickly, Bubu body, this soup I have Niang refining Dan, can make up!! Drink it, you will not faint! "

Long Sun Zijun cramped, not good intentions Tuiju, put the soup put that drink.

A little while, the house and into a female Dan repair. If she and Teng clothing looks like, a little bit old, her glance repair is not high. But her face are very kind, people may feel a good impression.

If Teng Yi happily shouted: "Arang!"

If Teng Yi's mother smiled and touch her head, she came to sit down beside long Sun Zijun: "? Hello point yet."

Long Sun Zijun nod.

If Teng Yi's mother lifted his sleeve, his arm was on for the Wicked bite out of the wound medicine.

When looking at the next Teng Yi, Gee said:?! "Sub-Jun, who brought you hurt like the way you told me, I'll get my revenge you can be powerful, Edie said I was what day spiritual roots, Wicked foot of this mountain are all afraid of me! "

Day spiritual roots? !

Yi Xi Chen exclaimed. This girl is the day of spiritual roots?A hundred years before the day is it spiritual roots cabbage you, this is a casual hit? !

If the mother Teng Yi Shang Hao long Sun Zijun drugs, if they turned to Teng Yi said: "Come."

If Teng clothing lounged refused approached.

"Come here, nothing can succeed!" If the clothes pulled Teng mother sat down beside the bed, pressing her let her struggle, her pant legs rolled up. I saw Teng clothing if there are a lot of leg wounds, injuries and bruises of all rub.

Her tiny little young age, people have a long Sun Zijun carry up the hill and fell wrestle a lot. But she became so hurt, but did not let him grow Sun Zijun more a wound.

If the clothes were injured Teng Long Sun Zijun found her little blushed Gengzhebozai said: "This is before I talked to the mountains to fight the most powerful demon tiger hurt, I was slightly small flesh wound, it is I hit get on the ground! "

Yi Xi Chen Hsin Tao This girl is pretty nice face, a little unwilling to weakness.

Teng Yi mother if he finished on two drugs, for long Sunzai Jun said: "My child, you stay here and recuperate, keep a good hurt and then go."

What this injury a lot of money for a long Sunzai Jun, Teng can look forward to if the clothes look at him in the side, if he look at Teng Yi leg injury, the end is said:. "...... Thank you."

If Teng Yi's mother smiled and said: "You are hungry do not like anything I'm going to do you??."

If this Teng Yi's parents old enough, but the repair is not high, so we do not bigu. If Teng Yi Sun Zijun long and still very young and did not refraining from eating grain.

If Teng Yi hands cheering: "! Niang pancakes fried cake best to eat!"

If Teng Yi's mother smiled and went out.

Yi Xi Chen finally found the soul of the initiative, Sun Zijun read in a long sea of ​​knowledge, understanding of the situation of the family. If the mother called Teng Yi Yuan Ying, Teng father called iron, they live in a family of three on a hill. This is not what Feng Shui hillside, just a very ordinary hill, and therefore sparsely populated. But the character of this family are good, easy life flies enjoyable.

If Teng Yi children of this age still like and get along with peers, so long after leaving their home in Sun Zijun recuperate, she often came long Sun Zijun play.

She read a tactic, rub the hands from a fire, triumphantly: "? Sub-Jun, you will not."

Long Sun Zijun shrugged, not a moment palm appeared a mass of pure flame.

If Teng Yi stared in surprise: "!? You will learn you how long I have to learn for a month."

Sun Zijun slightly longer looked at her in surprise. Fire tactic is the most basic operation method, such as long Sun Zijun so talented, it will once the rest of monasticism just children, spend three to five days also learned. Furthermore Teng hand clothing if this fire, is not very good, listless Da Da, the winds will destroy. Teng took a month to learn if the clothes, not to mention the days of spiritual roots, I'm afraid ......

Teng iron outside sounded the cry: "My daughter, refining the sword out of it!"

Teng clothing immediately if Britain Britain ran out.

Long Sun Zijun hurt Ye Hao almost, I went to the door to see.

Teng iron sword is a repair, but he only built the base for the repair, he taught his daughter fall asleep, that sword style tease as children in general,Long Sun Zijun is old enough, I am afraid it is not under Teng iron. If the clothes can Teng has learned very seriously.

Father and daughter practicing for a long time, until Teng clothing if out of breath, Teng Railway: "Today it first here now!"

If Teng Yi nodded: "Well, I go to practice while!"

"Yo, my daughters so hard?"

"Of course it!" If Teng Yi pride, "I want to be the best in the world after a repair of the sword!"

If Teng clothes away, Teng iron Kyo Sun Zijun out of the house, waving to him: "Son Jun, also a sword over you repair it to exchange blows with his uncle.?."

Sun Zijun, went long.

Two swords collided, Teng iron looked puzzled. At this time, although not yet entered the Sun Zijun long learning martial jianjue, thanks to their own way, but he was gifted, ability to control the sword if born, Jianqi, though not strong, but also very pure.

"Can not see ah." Teng Railway, "You kid ......" He looked around and looked, Teng determine if the clothing is not around, only whispered, "he is a genius ah!"

Long Sun Zijun said: "Teng Yi if she ......"

Teng iron hurriedly long Sunzai Jun aside. He said: "The kids like strong, but she always wanted to repair the sword is a pseudo-spiritual roots ......."

Long Sun Zijun frown. If Teng Yi is a pseudo-spiritual roots, he has seen, can obviously if the clothes themselves really knew nothing Teng, also claiming to be day spiritual roots.

Teng Railway: "Mama and I do not intend to clothes sent if the major sects of ascetics, do not expect most of her breath as long as she can every day happy heart just fine."

So, they did not live in the village town, and moved to the mountains to live. So, if Teng Yi thought she was very powerful.

Teng iron playfully winked Sun Zijun for long: "This is what I told you a little secret, do not tell if the clothes."

"it is good."

Teng Yi Xi Chen looked at the iron goes generous smile, can not help but think of the drug is not toxic to. For the purposes of comprehension disciples, how important talent that Teng Yi's parents if talent is not high, presumably a young man eating a lot of suffering. If they do not Teng Yi sent martial monasticism is right, not to mention it is difficult to simply pseudo-spiritual sects are housed, even inside, will suffered enough. Disciples of exclusion and contempt, ignoring the elders, unfair treatment ......

Even Yi Xi Chen from childhood drug is not toxic and long Sunzai Jun guarding, he did not suffer less, a similar thing is to see too much. They cry drug Pavilion packages SUN Xiao Qian, also a martial art when he first entered the cheerful boy, a year into the martial art did not have a "cry bag" nickname. Like Teng If the girl as beautiful clothes love to laugh, if into the major sects, for fear that before long will be defeated. Might as well let her be the madding crowd scattered repair, sit safely put my life before.

Sun Zijun good long injury almost Teng Yi will come to him if fencing.

"Sub-Jun, you stay with me fall asleep now!"

"I ...... Forget it."

"! What kind of way," Teng If clothes without any explanation put him out of the room, came to the open space, sword pointed at him, "Quick, pull | out your sword!"

Long Sun Zijun not shirk, had pulled out their swords.

Teng Yi immediately if the attack came. She is a pseudo-spiritual roots, the sword is not suitable for repair,But it is suitable for body repair, so just started, she would not lose those disciples down slowly accumulate spiritual power. Her chic find the correspondence is very smooth, long Sun Zijun restrain their own Jianqi, phony to withstand a few times, then throw in the towel:. "You win."

Teng see if the clothes did not have the intention to make long Sun Zijun, I thought he really won. She Deyizhiyu, but they did not forget comfort Long Sun Zijun: "! You do not're wrong, good practice, might be able to catch up with me."

Sun hit her, goose yellow clothes Chende her little face with bright, brilliant if the sun.

Not a few days, long Sun Zijun injuries just fine the whole. He was ready to leave.

The reason why he came here, because in the vicinity of the celestial camp in the summer will recruit disciples, he intends to send to the celestial apprentice aspirants. He packed a parcel, bid farewell to the iron and Teng Yuan Ying, he left.

Down to the hillside, I heard footsteps behind to catch up, a look back is if Teng clothing.

"Are you leaving?" If Teng Yi big eyes filled with sadness, "Where are you going ah?"

Long Sun Zijun said: "I went inside the celestial school coach."

"Ling Xiao faction ah ......" If Teng Yi, "but they are not the only summer recruit disciples do? There are a few months time?"


If Teng Yi Qiqiaiyi catch up: "You ...... you are so weak, after the downhill will not be bullied ah If you go, I can not protect you?."

Sun Zijun long laugh. If Teng Yi is really put him as the person to be protected child.

"You, you go away, let me teach you fall asleep Edie, OK? Waiting for you to become a little stronger, go to apprentice thing."

They lived in this hill, very little contact with the outside world. If Teng Yi Although it is well protected, but did not accompany children the same age, she is also very lonely.

Sun Zijun long hesitated.

If Teng Yi pulled his clothes: "a lot of bad guys out there ferocious ferocious evil, and the last time you will be injured like that might as well stay temporarily in my house, I have to teach you Edie practice. sword, you have my Niang alchemy, and I protect you. "

She grinding grumble for a while, small blushed and whispered, "Please, do not go."

Ling Xiao Shoutu to send a few months time. Anyway, during which he did not place a must-see.

Long Sun Zijun sighed softly: "...... good."

If Teng Yi suddenly laughed again, revealing white teeth: "!! Very good friends that we go back to it, and today they Niang fried cake of it," she pulled out of little hands long Sun Zijun, "Your older than I was, after you told my sister it! I recognized you this brother, will take good care of you! "

She waves her thin arm: "I'm very powerful, very powerful it!"

Long Sun Zijun also very shallow smile: "Good."

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