Fifty-eighth chapter

Fifty-eighth chapter

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The sky was dark outside, the more afraid Sword slightly weakened too obvious goal, only to quickly shuttle in the streets of the town, the intention to get rid of three behind.

Yi Xi Chen trio is followed, did not pull.

Sun Zaijun a long whisking, recalled put around the receiving Mo Lingbo Cang cloud sword. His leap, blocking the slightly weakened way. But he was just there blocked off, but not a sword.

Sun Zijun know slightly weakened the more powerful long, not hard touch with him, immediately turned toward Chen Yi Xi and Moling Bo hit in the past.

Moling Bo Chen Xi Yi and simultaneously a sword, and her battle to one!

Chen Yi Xi is not hard to take, just to fall upon the slightly weakened, listen to her explain the ins and outs of the matter. That Moling Bo slightly weakened but then the more hated, mouths Murder.

However, the slightly weakened is not a vegetarian, a person to deal with Moling Bo Chen Yik they actually do not take the fall. She has no intention to hurt Chen Yi Xi, Xi Chen Yi only parry a sword, but then Moling Bo hot pursuit!

So the war will become very strange, three men around the slightly weakened, but on the sidelines long Sunzai Jun, Chen Yi Xi sidelines to help out, and Moling Bo and the slightly weakened but it is mad to want Heaven each other!

The more slightly weakened sword is very powerful, I saw her seal cold coldness flashing sword, that Moling Bo played back again and again. Her cultivation was actually worse than a lot of the time fencing Assembly! No, it should be said, she intends to convergence edge when fencing of the General Assembly, not all out!

Seeing that Moling Bo struggling to cope, screaming and said: "!! Ah you also look at what you really are a group of you"

Yi Xi Chen Quzhun opportunity, sword and cut off his right arm slightly weakened toward the more!

His sense of proportion just the right time to properly, suddenly closed the slightly weakened hands, arms although not injured, but he was cut off half sleeves, suddenly revealed that the black mark on the arm of the hexagram, with Joe Jue arm was actually exactly the same!

The more teeth a slightly weakened, abandoned Moling Bo and Chen Yi Xi, Fan Shen rushed to Long Sun Zijun!

Moling Bo shouted: "Kill her!"

Yi Xi Chen said: "Stop her!"

Long Sun Zijun holding the hilt, palms damp. The more slightly weakened rushing toward him, her face turned into another girl's face. He could not pull the sword, such as wood piles generally stood there, unable to move.

The more slightly weakened in the eyes flashed a look of surprise, seal out cold Jianfei, her leap, jump on the sword, and flew outwards over the long Sun Zijun!

Yi Xi Chen Kyo Sun Zijun look is different, there is no catching, went long Sun Zijun side: "you all right?"

Moling Bo Feijian catch up, but that the slightly weakened to run very fast, twinkling of an eye no shadow, he did not dare to chase away a person, and not a moment Samsam back.

"You really be with her and his gang!" Moling Bo hopping was furious and said, "You call her junior sister apprentice! Also deliberately let him run! You in the end is what people!"

They pass this movement has awakened a town of some people, same room a few bright lights, someone opened the window and looked out, some people went to the street to see what had happened.

"You! You! You must be a magic man! Approach me in the end want to do?!"

Yi Xi Chen frown, awaiting what to say, academics long Sunzai Jun coldly: "I want to play?"

Moling Bo surprised a moment, immediately put on alert posture.Although he did not played against Sun Zijun long, but he took a long Sunzai Jun sword, know how powerful the tools and try sword, the sword master's surely not weak. Furthermore the slightly weakened against the Sun Zijun longer fear he could see, surely he will not be long Sun Zijun opponent.

After Moling Bo step back, ferocious said: "We'll see!" When he finished he turned to go back to the inn.

Long Sunzai Jun Chen Xi also easy to go upstairs, but did not return to his room. Moling Bo Sun Zijun long kick open the door, Moling Bo was packing things, hear the sound surprised, turned around and saw a long Sunzai Jun and Chen Xi Yi come in and hastily put things on the table a rope, for they glared: "you have the face to come to me!"

Sun Zijun sneer long, dark green cloud sword finally OBE, had been a flash in the frame that Moling Bo's neck.

Moling Bo stunned by this turn of events, opened his mouth to say anything, no one can be audible.

Long Sun Zijun said: "If you want someone to?"

Moling Bo look of panic, warble: "You ...... in the end ......"

Chen Yi Xi leisurely walked in, glanced at something on the table. Lay at the table began and other objects have been allocated Mo Lingbo messy, but it can be seen that there would have been a matrix method. He pulled over on Qiankun Dai Mo Lingbo not enough time line, all down to the table.

Moling Bo finally barely, and not look fierce, the pace quietly back, you want to take the opportunity to escape, and then into a bit long Sun Zijun sword, blood poured out of his neck, suddenly did not dare to move.

Yi Xi Chen pour out in something rummaging, found a piece of black stone, immediately lifted up to the amount of long Sun Zijun see: "! Really there."

Moling Bo gray face defeat.

Chen Yi Xi, smiling in front of him stood, shook piece of black stone: "Say friend, you are magic repair it and your friends that the more yellow, and he has always been magic repair it even though he?? He was among the demons, leading to mental chaos, but how can ordinary people just ten days to Rumo was so thoroughly? "

Moling Bo and previously that arrogant look different person, serving soft Gurao: "The misunderstanding, I was all a misunderstanding and it was magic witch affect the heart, only repair fork of the Road ...... she killed me, I can. never harm extraordinary ah! "

Long Sun Zijun cold channel: "What do you want to do with my sword?"

He had just noticed dark green cloud sword is different, not because of the slightly weakened struck, but that Moling Bo because he was trying to elicit perfusion in Cang cloud sword of spiritual power. This leads to spiritual power, we can use this as a medium to long Sunzai Jun unfavorable. This Moling Bo repair is not weak, not daring to expose the magic repair of identity, it had secretive. So just slightly weakened with the war, when Chen Yi Xi intentionally turn on the water, but also want to force that magic repair exposed the identity of their own.

Xi Chen Yi pointing at something from the pile of bed and poured out his pocket universe, sneered: "You two harm many people died before they grab these things?" The pile of material, there are fairy Dan repair things, demon repair things, and even a martial disciples token, these things can not be Moling Bo own, he must have been stolen.

That Moling Bo see irrefutable, suddenly thundered loudly, magic gas big release!

He has no way of escape, you must go,The all out!

However, long Sun Zijun but did not give him this opportunity, Cang cloud sword golden flash, Moling Bo's throat was cut off. His incredible eyes wide open, not even a little time to show your own tricks, he fell down stiffly, gave up the ghost children.

Magic gas escape from his body, loosed.

It seems that the more Moling Bo a bit luckier than the yellow, not enough time to be planted that devil demons.

Yi Xi Chen Tut twice. Tonight he had a good mood and a good opportunity to make full Moling Bo and the slightly weakened to destroy, he has put Sun Zijun long outlasted the bed, and unfortunately lost. Now out of such a thing, and I feel lost, and the opportunity to really not alike.

Even tonight may not be alike, and Chen Yi Xi also from time to time to praise Sun Zijun long, long Sun Zijun back confidence task of keeping in mind, smiling: "The sub-Jun, your sword really powerful, fast and hard. "paused, and added," is also hard and long! "

Long Sun Zijun: "......" Is this sex | Sao | disturbing it! Forget it! Some count it!

"I like your sword, what they also let me use your sword just fine." He deliberately sword gets the word heavy.

Long Sun Zijun blushed, while aversion to cold, can not help but stepped back: "...... back, right back to the room."

"Let's go." Yi Xi Chen stride forward, but could not help but sigh, "...... when I have so much just fine."

They returned to the room, long Sun Zijun re-perfusion Jian Qi Cang cloud over the sword. His sword was just Moling fluctuations in the hands and feet, but what it is not for him, he will soon be repaired.

Sun Zijun long time to repair the sword, Chen Yi Xi sat, chin in hand, looking at him in a daze.

The more yellow slightly weakened know Moling Bo and more magic fix it? Because she knew the two men is the magic repair before they start to pick or accidentally caught up? But in any event, under the imprint of the devil on the arm slightly weakened but is the real deal, she was working for the devil, just as Joe Jue.

And what more can be slightly weakened and when that devil collusion on? After they leave days Jianmen? Or even earlier? What is her purpose?

Right now she is gone, I do not know where to go to catch her.

After a while, long Sun Zijun whole body faded gold, pale cloud sword had been repaired.

Yi Chen Xi looked into his eyes, a light opening:. "Sub-Jun, tell me your demons in the end what is it."

Just play against the slightly weakened, Chen Yi Xi intentionally turn on the water, the full force Moling Bo. And long Sun Zijun really can not pull | a sword, will put more Sunnie escape.

Sun Zijun long sigh.

His eyes blurred, like the recollection of events, however, complicates matters, he did not know where to start. After a moment, he pulled Yi Xi Chen's hand, his finger on his brow.

"You can see for yourself." Sun Zijun long road.

Yi Xi Chen startled by startled, calm down, a wisp of smoke into the soul of the long Sun Zijun know the sea. Only an instant, he quickly pulled into into past memories!

Passage of time, surrounded the scene rapidly changing, long Sun Zijun vast expanse of knowledge of the sea, which even includes a singular space,Vast one, could not see anything. Soul Yi Xi Chen lost his way, almost to be popped.

Many familiar faces, laughter from his eyes passing, mostly his own, and the drug is not toxic, Luzi Yao, Qiu Jian, Xiao Kui ......

He flashed by in a familiar space and time, can not stay, dizziness. Suddenly, he was pulled into a strange time and space. A black eyes, he was completely lost consciousness.

I do not know how long, he finally found awareness, slowly open your eyes.

He was lying on a bed, a bedside tummy wearing a light yellow shirt girl, eyes big and round and bright, as if talking in general. At the moment, the eyes in the outpouring of emotion is surprise.

"You finally awake!"

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