Fifty-fourth chapter

Fifty-fourth chapter

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Long Sun Zijun had been scolded "by moving humanoid | Mount stick."

Strictly speaking, this sentence is actually not criticize him, but the curse of my colleagues do a lot of golden eggs kangaroo playing silver goose. When the golden egg goose playing in the Forum once again updated million words a large meat section, black powder on her indignation so distorted the original setting, the message said: "You are too Author Mary Sue !! you just put a long Sunzai Jun wrote move humanoid press | Mount stick up! I hate you! "

Usually hit the golden egg the goose has always been to ignore the message of black powder, which happens to poke a message in her g-spot, so in the next update first, Chen Yik intolerable in the spring, take the initiative to seduce a long Sunzai Jun, long Sun Zijun but not uncharacteristically rushed to the beast | of | the big time, but holding Yik Chen jumped into the frozen lake, let the cold water stimulation Yi Xi Chen awake.

With long-time Sun Zijun indignation mood says so: "What do you think is maybe alike alike alike is for you, but for me it is alike to make | love every time I fuck | are you pregnant?! ! I hate you with love of purposeful use me, I'm not your mobile humanoid press |!! Mount stick it hum. "

So the chapter updates and flat ripple, hit the golden egg goose silver powder thus gain numerous to black, black to pink, passers-by turn pink, passers-by turn black.

- Of course, later he soon did battle three hundred rounds a cool, did not go to the mouth of the meat back up.

Today, the original long Sun Zijun although distorted into setting with the humanities, but the colleagues of the plot only a certain period of time was distorted, with Sun Zijun long memories and colleagues of the original set, forming more complex personality.

Easy for Chen Xi, he cares about long Sun Zijun, he likes long Sun Zijun, he loves long Sun Zijun, any good feelings he has for long Sun Zijun, but the boundaries are not so clear. However, for the wife jealous attack spree Sun Zijun long, black and white, this line across the road it is impossible to go back later, if you want to go back, then this road line, do not cross over.

Chen Yi Xi could see long Sun Zaijun not happy, but he was not quite understand why. He pulled a long Sunzai Jun clothes: "Son Jun?"

Long Sun Zaijun pat his head, he solved the three primary Qiankun Dai began to take out.

Yi Xi Chen: "hey ...... you ......"

Long Sun Zijun got up and went out.

Yi Xi Chen stared at the door was shut, both grievances and impatient, biting a corner, no place to make a powerful wells of frustration.

He could not sleep.

The next day early in the morning, Yi Xi Chen opened his eyes and found that the sky is already bright. His heart is still uneasy, heavily rolled over. He turned his head first, my eye caught a glimpse of the body side has a gray round yo figure, the heart is not good, but also down to the fat jack up!

The nick of time, was surprised to find fat jack with lightning speed bone yo roll out, even Kankan avoid the Greek Chen Yi pressure from the shoulders!

Yi Xi Chen quickly sat up. Yesterday he was seeking only to explore in the end is the Sun Zijun and long sword or refining refining the body, and even forgot to put fat squirt out of the bag a breath. The results of this guy, but he slipped out of their own bed at midnight to climb up!But then again, who do three days when the wait and see, nothing went to sea, fat jack skill actually flexible so much, he actually can not stand up to the pressure.

Yi Xi Chen put cash in the hands of the fat jack: "You are quite honest, did not give me any trouble ...... alas nothing in circles!" Words to half could not go on. Fat jack spiritual power can not even ascertain the!

And monks as they reveal, repair to a certain extent, be controlled retractable own aura, prevent outsiders Discovery. Right now fat jack was able to converge their aura, although I do not know it in the end sophistication to what extent, there is no doubt, went to sea nothingness, but also greatly sophisticated fat jack up!

Yi Xi Chen immediately opened their own Qiankun Dai began checking there are no gaps, but his Lingshi and no less. He stared with eyes fat jack question: "You do not steal nothing of the sovereign began it!"

Fat jack ignored him, looking down preen themselves. His spiritual power has increased, but the appearance is so small gray birds circle does not slip lost, not much change, but the attitude more and more elegant.

Yi Xi Chen puzzled. To such a mighty sovereign nothingness, if he began eating fat jack, he will know, unless he too lazy to care about voluntary eat fat jack. Or in the sea of ​​nothingness when the jack slipped fat other fellow go ate? Nothingness sea so dangerous that he could do so with impunity? Or is this inherently reveal the aura strong nothingness community, spiritual power on earth to absorb the increasingly Cheyne?

Whatever the reason, made him feel depressed big: "You have one day of spiritual roots, they reveal a natural, a trip to nothingness community, knot Dan Dan, sophisticated sophisticated, so far as I was more dead than alive!" Thought this, he was so angry ejected from the nose two breath, "blame Jun-!!"

Fat jack looked up at him, crooked crooked birds head.

Yi Xi Chen suddenly found deep fat jack gray plumage, seem slightly red dot. He stirred the busy hand, really fat jack furry gray roots more than the previous red back.

Yi Xi Chen Yi Zheng, strange facial expressions looked fat jack: "You ...... nothing in the red sea of ​​people, you would not really be right?"

Fat jack seems to understand the way to bounce back drilling Qiankun Dai gone.

Yi Xi Chen: "......"

At this point, the long Sunzai Jun came in the door.

Yi Xi Chen a known Sun Zijun, they think of last night, it will be a bit uncomfortable. He felt like a sweetheart and was rejected pursue guy ......

Long Sun Zijun not mention last night that crop, attitude as ever:. "Go to market around it."

Yi Xi Chen waiter jumped out of bed, put on the shoes: "! Good"

Went to nothingness community, although many baby got from Yuan morning there saving people, but Fu Zhi Yi Xi Chen's running out, he hasten to add something, and then see if there is anything they need immortal material. Right now both the money and can buy more things also, do not have a few days so tight bar.

Winter and spring the town is not large, because out of the town toward the north is a snow valley, the town where the climate is colder, so not many monks here dealings. Fortunately, the small but perfectly formed, the town was quite busy bazaar, where rich cents material properties of water,Some just received a long sword refining Sun Zijun.

They stroll in the bazaar for a moment, Yik Chen suddenly said:. "Sub-Jun, as we two separate shopping, you buy what you want, I buy what I want, now meet at the market entrance."

Long Sun Zijun looked at him in surprise. They are not in a hurry, in fact, there is no need to separate visit. Xi Chen Yi wanted to buy something that will not let him know. Just long Sun Zijun also want to inquire about something, so it should be a: "Good."

So the two separated.

Yi Xi Chen and slightly stroll around, went to a deserted place, with a cover-up changing their appearance, and then went straight to the town, "Jack of all trades" in booth go!

"Fellow want to inquire about something?" Asked Jack of all trades winter town.

"Well, it would not be what secrets behind the news, just as do fellow this jack of all trades, presumably well-informed. I have a little bit confused, would like to enlighten his fellow." Yi Xi Chen took out two Lingshi handed jack of all trades.

Know busy: "Fellow ask it, if help was on, I will not refuse."

"Hey." Yi Xi Chen cleared his throat, hook the hook fingers, indicating jack of all trades leaned point. He lowered his voice said, "In fact, it is so. I have a good friend, very, very good friend, he wanted alike with me, I would also like him alike .-- he really wanted me alike, I sure! but I made it to spiritual development, he refused, and it still angry with me, is simply inexplicable. I think a night not understand why he would not do? Why you so mad? "

Know glance: "Oh ~ ~"

Yi Xi Chen said: "This is indeed a strange thing to say I do not know, do not you understand.?"

"No weird! Not weird!" Jack of all trades, "I got it! This is your friend, he wants you to spiritual development, do not you dare alike, right?"

"Yes!" Yi Xi Chen stared, his face sincerely listen to his advice, "fellow knows why?"

Answers relaxed and pound the table, stunned the world: "He certainly is not!"

Yi Xi Chen: "......"

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