Chapter 51

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They know they can take early days of the fire is not necessarily mortal, when the world is certainly great power, a sovereign nothingness, a community of two kings, which are not unusual. Yuan morning rush specialized relieving people will naturally not all the way outside to kill the demon king and the King of Ghosts ......

But the most shocking of them, it will not take the identity of the three days of the fire, but Shaw away! If Shaw is away from the King of Ghosts elf king, he has been very close so close them! They only guess from Shaw is a ghost repair, no one thought the king was actually a ghost world of!

Long Sun Zijun once said: "Ghosts have come to nothing if the community?"

Yuan Chen of humanity:. "Indeed he first step you come here, have gone."

Xi Chen Long Sun Zijun ease down inhaled air. Shaw away, really is the King of Ghosts! !

Yi Xi Chen urgent: "He came here to do?!"

He impatient tone will not help a bit aggressive, but also lost respect. Trail child displeasure glared at him, and good morning yuan relieving people extremely generous, it does not mind, gentle said:. "I also just do not know him, and said I wanted to find out one thing, but added that does not have to find out, as only old friends came to visit. he wanted to invite me to drink a cup of tea, but I gilded remodeling, he can not bear this situation, he left. If you know something earlier, I took him to stay, let you personally ask him. "

Yi Xi Chen and Sun Zijun long looked at each other.

Yi Xi Chen said: "?? ...... where he walked and walked back to nothingness sea yet," he quickly chased out now contemplating whether too late.

Yuan Chen of humanity: "Master was here to set up a Chuansong Zhen law, whenever the sea of ​​nothingness becomes weak, because nothing in the spiritual power sector strong, able to break out of the sea of ​​nothingness, nothingness human community can be left by the matrix method Unfortunately, this array only a single transmission, so there is no out of bounds aura, just tired a few little friends had come by sea of ​​nothingness. "

Chen Xi Yi Sun Zijun long and quite upset. Elf king is out of the nothingness from the sea, that big of heaven and earth, you want to find he probably should be subject to a lot of trouble.

Yi Xi Chen said: "sovereign ...... disciples ventured to ask, killing the parents and disciples of people ...... Master demon king and the King of Ghosts, the sovereign who thought it would be?"

Strict calculation, since all the demon king and the King of Ghosts Fire Dragon ancestors had asked, that they can be regarded as a disciple of the Fire Dragon ancestors, and Chen Yuan relieving people can be said to a fellow. Yuan morning relieving people just listen to the words, from elf king also invited him to tea, there are at least two visible friendship. As to whether Chen Yuan will deliver people deliberately biased, Chen Yik not worried. Like him mighty very broad-minded, if he was determined to favoritism, I can not even tell them away from the elf king and Long Rui Jun.

After a child was the voice answered them: "Thank you, two small Friends of the letter from my elf king and Long Rui Jun, then by road to all of my teachers, they are not the big evil evil People's Congress, or I will not be with the Master. they dealings. However people unpredictable, things are unpredictable, not evil, not necessarily evil things, they are heavy dust heart, desire impaired eye, and even myself, the three of us are not without suspicion. I know you want to get the answer, but you do antecedent consequences I do not know, what can not be so hasty accusations. "

Yi Chen Xi silent. He had to nothingness community, we do not expect immediate sovereign nothingness can tell him exactly who his enemy,Just to be able to know where to go to find him in the end his enemies. Now nothingness sovereign gave him three names, it stands to reason that he has been very close from the truth, but just maybe the murderer only a step away from him, but he missed the life and life, mind inevitably Hanhen. Furthermore blanket of darkness in the forest who shot him ten eight | nine is the elf king away, leaving him think that this elf from Jun extremely suspicious.

Road intrauterine silence.

Initially ask questions that they have asked, desperately recalls Chen Yi Xi, Chen Yuan details of saving people if there is anything omissions, or from here to know more. After all, once bound to nothingness is not easy, once out of this place, come to think about next time, we should wait until after ten years.

Academics Yuan Chen of saving people suddenly spoke up: "Have you also been burnt Huozhuo day?"

Yi Xi Chen frown, touched the red marks on their fingers, past memories, Shibuya channel:. "When my parents killed, I also want to save them beside me ......"

Yuan Chen of humanity: "day of fire danger, your soul is damaged."

"What?!" Long Sun Zijun shocked, suddenly looked up at the flesh on the futon,

"Do not worry." Yuan Chen of humanity, "Your body has a magic weapon, your soul attached to them, it protect the back of your soul in the day of the fire, but probably also the seal of your repair these years your soul in which the possessor, repair almost the same. "

Yi Xi Chen shocked. He did not know his body hidden in the end what magic, cover his soul? That magic come from? What is?

Yi Xi Chen asked: "What magic?"

Yuan Chen saving people Qi said: "You do not know what that is how it enters your body??"

"The disciples did not know ......"

"I also do not know. It was wrapped in your soul, I do not see. If forced into contact, I fear that they will damage your soul."

Chen Xi Yi heart at a loss. So when the blanket of darkness of the forest, elf king wants to take away from what is his body of the magic it?

Yi Xi Chen said: "That thing ...... can get out of it?"

Yuan Chen of humanity: "Right now your soul is still inside your soul and its possessor integration, difficult to isolate, if forcibly taken out, can damage your soul thing, I'm afraid precious than material to treasure, can. even if taken out, your residual soul inside pull is not clean, but also not take other people want to come. "

"Ah ...... someone else does not take it." Yi Xi Chen frowned thoughtfully. It seems from the elf king should not know about it, so he wanted to rob the magic. But then he not robbed, is not aware of?

Yi Xi Chen said: "That's how others will use got it?"

Yuan Chen saving people Qi said:? "Little Friends, that magic since it has been embedded in your body, do you want to take it out to others with what you should know, even if you can pull your soul from the inside | out , but is also convenient for others. it is already part of your body, as long as it is taken out, you will not guarantee the life. "

Yi Xi Chen said: "is it ...... It seems I can not do without it but I still want to know, how do people use had actually I want to know, who coveted it, what would be another way to harm.? I am. I'm so earlier to guard against them."

Yuan Chen of humanity:. "So you had been burning days of the fire, that magic to protect you, so spontaneously seal your soul where you want to put a soul pulling | out of it, it is necessary to unlock the seal you may know of refining the body of law? "

"The disciples heard."

"That will be good. The art of refining the body needs five elements material to treasure, a common exercise, your body will all get through three hundred sixty-five Sunday. This technique should be able to unlock the seal in your body, your soul and make it magic separation. "

"After separation, the disciples will have any damage?"

"That would not, since your soul has been raised it well, they separated nothing. And I see you think you are a pseudo-spiritual roots at first, may just tentative, but found that you should not have such a qualification, but also want it reason. if we can unlock the seal, you practice together, will certainly be even smoother. it exists in you, like alchemy in general, actually save you settle into Dan's effort, one day you repair to enhance, not necessarily You encounter a problem you can successfully turn it into your saver. "

Yuan morning relieving people paused, then said: "But, if someone covet this magic, I advise you not to unlock the seal to stay inside your soul, others impossible, it will not act rashly.."

Yi Xi Chen gritted his teeth. Sure enough, his practice has always been the right way, because this road is the body's seal. This inexplicable magic, for he has both benefits and disadvantages. If this is not magic, when he and his parents were day fire was cleared with the soul; may also be because of this magic, he became general waste, others only live under the protection of his wings.

After a child, he glanced at the long Sunzai Jun. Sun Zijun long look pensive attitude, aware of his eyes, but also a loss to him it seems.

Yi Xi Chen struggled for a moment, asked: "? Sovereign, this seal can be there, other unlock methods."

Long Sun Zijun face flashed a surprised look. He is easy to understand why the Greek Chen asked, as he once said, in his demons, he used his power Tianyuan of the body, such as with Chen Yi Xi battle three hundred rounds, seal it solved.

Yuan Chen of humanity: "This technique of refining the body is equivalent to reshape the inside, it is possible to unlock the seal of many, should also be effective you have to say to your other way ...... After all, I do not know your body this magic was. What, if known, the total should have another law, the right medicine is a small friends, you want to solve this seal it? "

Yi Xi Chen in silence. Now his mind has a lot of disorganized thinking, and sometimes do not know. But he did not want to go has been so weak, he hopes he has the ability to guard the cherished people.

At this time, they perceive the outside of someone close.

Children welcome trails out quickly.

After a while, Yuan Chen of humanity: "They come in with it."

Tong introduced into the channel, turned out to be a real person and Hung Yi Zhu mentoring high days. But the sky was not his loom came in, but was holding Hung Yi real coming. He syncope.

Hung Yi real intrauterine first to see the long Sunzai Jun and Chen Yi Xi's take a step, slightly surprised, Chen Yuan salute to deliver people and said:. "Sovereign"Yuan Chen of humanity: "Hung Yi to live here, I do not know what to teach, see?"

Hung Yi real: "The sovereign, can only implore you to close small as a disciple, let him in this practice?"

After a moment, Yuan Chen of humanity: "his spiritual roots, become less good."

Xi Chen Long Sun Zijun easy as a right. The sky really is the spiritual roots of the loom to the bad direction changed, but why is still in the integration period, which can be really unfortunate.

Hung Yi real smile: "Please help in small sovereign only, perhaps ...... him here, as well as Dan's hope."

Yuan morning relieving people silent. It seems that the request made him somewhat embarrassed. Qinan knot saver, even if the high days of the original single loom spiritual roots, it may not bear out Dan come, not to mention his spiritual roots variation, if the hybrid has become a pseudo spiritual roots spiritual roots, it is really too difficult for people.

Chen Xi Yi Sun Zijun long and had a pair of eyes. This day also asked the fire thing, the seal also understand things more clearly, they aim to nothingness sector has been reached. Although nothing in this sector transmitted outside the circle, but it is also aging, and now the sea of ​​nothingness strength is weak, the circle in order to convey outwards. After this wait time, the sea of ​​nothingness strong thunder storm to the extreme, the circle nor can they sent away.

So I got up and said: "sovereign, the disciple should retire."

Yuan Chen spiritual power saving people set up a barrier, so that his words only with long Sunzai Jun Chen Yik hear, lest they declined to do is listen to the others. He said: "two little friends but I am afraid I really anxious to avenge words, whether or elf from Long Rui Jun Jun to you today for the repair, they will do nothing would be better to stay with me here, practice a few?. decade, the repair has improved again too late. after all, you befell the victims, and I also have a master stakeholders. "

Long Sun Zijun slightly shook his head, Xi Chen Yi also said: "Thank sovereign kindness." So, the meaning is rejected.

As long as Chen Yi Xi seal did not answer, he is here for decades, for centuries, but also how much Cheyne? At that time the outside world has changed, perhaps finally seize the clues we are not.

Yuan Chen saving people and persuade them to see live, sighed, and said: "Well, since your mind has been set, everything eventually fate, insist not children, take them out of it.."

Spiritual power barrier is opened, they once again salute to Chen Yuan saving people, but also to do with Hung Yi real farewell ceremony, as it will lead them in the name of the trail child out of the Palace Road.

Tao Tong said: "The two later, I introduced you to transfer matrix method."

He went away for a while, is back, armed with a Qiankun Dai, Yi Xi Chen handed hands: "This is a sovereign gift of two little gift."

Yi Xi Chen quickly thanks.

Tao Tong forest introducing them, and she has a transfer matrix method.

"You go."

Yi Xi Chen and Sun Zijun long and saluted him: "Brother, destined goodbye." I went straight into the into the transfer matrix method, leaving nothing circles.

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