Chapter 50

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Finally, the magic fog around gradually fades.

They finally out of the forest blanket of darkness, are relieved. Yaoxie brutal than those monsters, they would be more timid forest this blanket of darkness, after all tangible terrible enemy is limited, while Black Mist forest is to let them fight with himself, he wants to overcome their own, but It is the hardest.

When the blanket of darkness into the forest they had a line of about ten people there, come out when it was only the two of them. I do not know the rest of the people go first, and still the blanket of darkness or the forest does not distinguish the direction of, or have been here and die. However, they also refused to take someone else, to go toward nothingness own community.

After Black Mist forest, and some Xiongxie blocked their path, but they are united with very successfully over the sea of ​​nothingness those difficulties. A little while, and even Yi Xi Chen also felt the powerful aura - nothingness community continent, not far away from them!

They suddenly spirits, to speed up the Sword, and too soon, a bright scenery in front of them.

Chen Xi Yi Sun Zijun long and have never seen such a beautiful land, here green grass, colorful flowers competing in full bloom, towering old trees, trees for prosperity. Some look to far, nothing of the sea or the sky dark, to be over this continent, and that is a cloudless, cloudless, the two set off, it shows beautiful continent.

And not just pleasing scenery, the powerful aura of the place, the whole body would be utterly comfortable. Previous magic forest people how bad the air, where there are ten times Relax.

On Chen Yi Xi jumped down from the sword, falling nothingness land border continent, can not help but wow a cry: "This is ...... so beautiful!"

Caused him so remarkable, but nothing circles continent everywhere a flower. This is very tender and juicy petal, doubtful with just a bite will be able to sip flower juice. Yi Xi Chen had never seen such a vibrant flowers, so he could not bear to make a move for fear any one trampled flowers.

"I just still think that ghosts sea of ​​nothingness, Fire Dragon ancestors have is how to eat will make it into a place like this, to blame here ...... he can channel soaring ah! This place was too clever! ! "

Long Sun Zijun gently coughed, for he made a silencing gesture.

Yi Xi Chen spit tongue. They have now entered the nothingness community continent, chances are they will be watching every move every word and deed in the eyes of the sovereign nothingness. Today nothingness sovereign Yuan morning relieving people are pro-disciple Fire Dragon ancestors, he just said these words, less respectful of the Fire Dragon ancestors, so that if yuan morning relieving people listen to, and may not be happy bad.

They walked toward the center of the continent.

This nothingness community, is simply between personal paradise, no wonder so many people have come here to rush at life. Not to mention nothing came after listening to sermons community can live glimpse of enlightenment in truth, it is just practice in this place, it also must be able to repair to the rapid growth. If they were just to identify the drug is not toxic to kill the murderer came, they really have to stay here ten years does not go on impulse.

How far is not OK, they saw a Taoist Palace. Kiyonaga want to come and that is the nothingness of relieving people of the sovereign Yuan morning. This road is not grand palace,But very simple, white walls and gray tiles, I'm afraid some little tricks outside the halls of the martial art is much more richly than here. However, in such a beautiful land, but it is so simple Palace Road more appropriate, no sense of the unexpected.

They did not dare to rush into, pending salute outside the palace bowed down, surprised to find the hall out of a total angular giving her a trail of children. But it seems that Tao Tong 30s, and looks handsome, Chunhongchibai, is very juicy.

Tong looked at this road looks immature, but older than they presumably will not be small. With repair Bangsheng monks, the body's growth will slow down. But ordinary people of this age, just the door, practicing for many years to some perception, and this is Tao Tong Yuan morning relieving people childhood close at hand, humanely earlier than the common people, so in order not old faces of the children.

Long Xi Chen Yi Sun Zijun and unto the road Tonghang Li: "The disciples asked to see the sovereign nothingness, please inform the brothers."

Tao Tong sound immature, and said:. "You come here, want to worship the sovereign nothingness as a teacher, needs to pass a few trials."

They glance. Can come to this place by the sea of ​​nothingness, it should be said to have passed the test of the layers, qualification, repair is certainly not weak. But Yuan Chen of saving people so mighty more experienced, just good enough on qualifications, Mind quality is also very important. Chen Yuan wanted to save people want to examine their heart and mind.

But they did not come to the coach.

Yi Xi Chen said: "If we can listen to sermons sovereign, however Sanshengyouxing exercise disciples disciples to come here, just to ask for advice to a past sovereign, not for apprentice disciples ridden in the outside world as well as mundane chores, inconvenience nothingness sector. stay for long. If in future have the opportunity, will come again seeking the correct path to the sovereign. "

Tao Tong little bit surprised, silent.

They say, said intrauterine nothingness sovereign will be able to hear, nor do they need him to go and report it. That Tao Tong Yuan morning waiting for relieving people's answer.

After a moment, he said Tong said: "Then you come in with me."

Tao Tong led the long Sunzai Jun Chen Xi and Yi entered into the Palace Road, I saw a road palace furnishings should be quite simple. Yuan morning that saving people already cents of the body, temperament detached indifferent, for unholy did not care.

Chen Xi Yi heart admiration, Hsin Tao Yuan Chen is indeed the mighty deliver people, only those half-baked guy for self-evident, only the pursuit of worldly possessions especially. For example, the miser himself .......

Palace Road, little depth, built this house just to be able to store the Road Law books and musical instruments, as well as sermons, so they did not walk a few steps, he saw the Yuan morning relieving people sitting on the futon.

That old Yuan Chen of relieving people have Chitose, but it looks older twenty, looks good. He was meditating.

Yi Xi Chen and Sun Zijun long salute: "See disciples sovereign."

Yuan morning relieving people not wide open eye is not open, they heard a gentle voice asked: "? You asked what is going on."

He passed a distraction, but a * mortal sitting on the futon, his soul had detached the five senses.

Yi Xi Chen: "The disciples came to inquire of fire from heaven."


"Skyfire but the force of heaven and earth, non-handedly, can only borrow, not coin. Disciples listen to rumor, Zhao surgery day moving fire but then the Fire Dragon created by ancestors, after the transfer of a few people."


Yi Xi Chen Yuan Chen looked up to save people on the futon: "Can you tell me the sovereign disciples,Within this sector of the nine thousand, are what people will take fire from heaven? "

Yuan morning there saving people did not say anything for a while, a moment behind the gently asked: "? Why ask this."

Yi Xi Chen Shibuya channel: "The disciples of biological parents, a disciple of the master, are all victimized by fire from heaven."

"in this way……"

Suddenly, Yi Xi Chen noticed there was a gentle force him wrapped up. He did not struggle, but try to calm fit. Chen Yuan presumably saving people is reviewing his knowledge of the sea, to see if he was not lying.

Then, after a while, kind of force he disappeared.

Yuan Chen of humanity: "actually wanted to talk about the outside world out of such a thing ...... Fire Dragon ancestors when I master this art award with others, it was immediately brought evil but I practice to this realm like a decade ago, is reshaping. gilded, within a hundred years can not leave the community nothingness, or me personally for you out of nothingness community Hyde, discipline miscreants. "

Yi Xi Chen: "The disciples did not dare, just to truthfully inform the sovereign."

Yuan Chen of humanity: "borrow Skyfire, but two thousand years ago founded by my master after thousands of years, he was awarded ten people after this surgery again, Master think this surgery dangerous, fear of abuse is ill-intentioned person, we will. no longer preach. this thousands of years, then that ten people have some unfortunate fall, they will not mention. Today in the world, this will be only three patients. "

Deceased person, not to mention a bit and respect. Chen Yi Xi also do not care, after all, the dead will not kill, presumably the murderer in the world that when the trio.

Long Sun Zijun suddenly audible: "sovereign, Fire Dragon ancestors to teach this art, learned this technique if other people will pass?"

Yuan Chen of humanity: "Skyfire difficult to borrow only contain power in heaven and earth Aura nothingness community, and therefore only here heaven and earth to absorb the force to be able to ascetics learned this art of Babel."

The answer is easy to make long Sunzai Jun Xi Chen are relieved. If not, then learned of this technique went out again preach, the more people will take fire from heaven, the harder they are to find the murderer.

Yuan Chen saving people then said: "When the three men the world, I am one of the other two, is the King of Ghosts elf from Jun and Wang Longrui demon king.."

Xi Chen Long Sun Zijun easy also startled. Ghosts from the elf king? Elf from? ! Shaw away! !

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