Chapter 49

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Long Sun Zijun grimacing, soul flying outside, his head seems to have in place like crackling firecrackers. He put his pride to the extreme of self-control, finally will beat prehistoric body down.

Yi Xi Chen: "...... Do you hear me?"

"Ah?" Long Sun Zijun finally back to God. "What Shishi?"

Yi Chen Xi looked at him suspiciously: "Are you okay?"

Long Sun Zijun shook his head:. "Nothing you just say?"

Yi Xi Chen had repeated it: "I said I have just into the demons."

"What are your demons is it?"

Yi Xi Chen deflated deflated lips, unconsciously, some aggrieved tone: "You're breaking my fingers."

Long Sun Zaijun confused crooked head tilt. Terrible demons, can see the hearts of most people fear the most dark matter. He saw himself reluctant to recall the past in mind magic, saw Chen Yik away from him in disgust. He was very afraid, so he can not help themselves seize Chen Yi Xi kissing, people will never want this to remain at his side, never let him leave. However, Yi Xi Chen demons has only been breaking a finger?

Yi Xi Chen has said: "I ...... also saw the master."

Long Sunzai Jun Wei Zheng, softly repeating:. "...... Master"

Yi Xi Chen sigh, distress rubbed his eyebrows: "I have always had the feeling he knew what the master, and I'm about to do, but he would not tell me."

Long Sun Zijun calm down: "Why?"

"Perhaps to protect me." Yi Xi Chen said, "I think the killing of my parents and kill the master of the same person, after all, Skyfire very few people can call move. I suspect that the master is investigating my enemy when perhaps found something, so that people will start to master. "Speaking here, he look for a dark. If so, the drug is not toxic to die for him, the thought of such a possibility, he pulled the experience to be added.

Long Sun Zijun frown. If Yi Xi Chen speculation is correct, then the enemy must be very strong, not strong enough to drug toxicity has been refused through to the point that they even tone.

"I recall Master said before, he has a lot of all Hualiyouhua though long expected that there will be that day." Yi Xi Chen irritability clutching her hair, "but why did he just do not say!"

She smiles: "I blame too incompetent ......"

Long Sun Zijun mixed feelings, hand squeezed his neck. Yi Xi Chen say this, he thought. That day he won the Italian and ease of Chen Xi, Yi Xi Chen is not a pseudo-spiritual roots of things exposed, but the drug is not toxic but nothing ask, seems to already know about it. The surgery unlock the seal of refining the body, he is also seen in the book are not toxic drugs, drugs do not poison already wondering about it?

At this time, the drug is not toxic in the air full cry sounded: "Yi Xi Chen drug eat it!!!!"

Chen Xi Yi mixed feelings, take a little alchemy furnace spit out the pills to eat. It now appears that the instruments used, but also like the drug after drug not knowing that can no longer take care of them and do.

Dayton for a while, he said:. "Yes, I saw a black man who beat up a red"

"Ah?" Sun Zijun long eyebrow, "What people?"

Yi Xi Chen shook his head: "Do not know black people face block, the red man's face I'd seen, but I had never seen before ah Center in good magic, the first black man ran out. let me put something to him, in the end I do not know what he wants, he came to poke my heart. "he touched his chest, raising his hand, he was taken aback," alas! it is true ah ?! he nails a good tip, put my clothes are cut up! "

Sun Zijun long looked down on the clothes chest and she was Chen Yi Xi drew a sort of a small hole, fortunately Yi Xi Chen was not injured.

Yi Xi Chen This was scared: "He seems intended to cut open my chest, this time the red man to come out to a fight with him, the two of them seemed to know, said a few words, but then I do not mind clear, could not hear clearly. possession of the red king what black people call their name of the name, back Rumo fog I see it and then waited a few minutes, you came. "

His slow breath, then said:. "The two men fight very strange, I did not see what they use surgery method, you blow my foot, like a child but I fight the same demons began to be made confusedly, in the end they did not hear what was said. "

Long Sun Zijun heard frequently frown. Man in black? Red man? This sea of ​​nothingness is not just any person can come in, how two people Yi Xi Chen did not know what might occur? The two men, or else follow them to come together, or is already in the land of nothingness community people.

Yi Xi Chen apparently thought of this crop, and from his mind than he was so close to the Sun Zijun better make some long: "That black people, from the outset obscure his appearance, it seems he should is someone I know, he does not want me to be recognized only need secretive so I guess he should be one people and we came together I suspect most people -... from Shaw "

Long Sun Zijun nodded in agreement. This is where people come together, in addition to Shaw from each cultivation sector are considered as a named figure. It would not be known loud say it must be good people, but they cost much more evil. And Shaw from the repair is also very strange, something happens that he naturally the first to be suspected.

"Red dress that I really do not know, nothing will be the sovereign's men?"

Sun Zijun long silence. He had a faint heart guess, but the guess that he was not happy. After a child, he asked: "fat jack it?"

Yi Xi Chen surprised a moment: "? Ah" They nothingness sea has been nearly two days, just came in time Chen Yi Xi also will not worry too fat jack restless trouble, then things then things Yik Chen forget him this bag is also filled with a living thing too!

"You would not say that people are fat red jack, right? How can he so fast Changeling!" Unlock Qiankun Dai Yi Xi Chen, disbelief and cried toward the inside, "fat jack, you still there? "

Which did not respond.

Yi Xi Chen worried that he was not prepared to take advantage of fat squirt out of the bag, and if you get in any danger, was about to put his hand into the probe, which weak weak academics issued a "jack" is heard. He relieved,Qiankun Dai tie on the back: "Still."

Sun Zijun long silence.

This nothingness sea mysteries too much, Yi Xi Chen would like to know there is a lot of thing, but this magic gas'm not stay for long. He jumped Sun Zijun long sword from behind around his waist, he buried his broad strong spine in: "Let's try to find the way out, walking to speak."

They fly slowly, silently recall also long Sunzai Jun heart. What black people want to take away from the Greek Chen Yi body? Is Yi Chen Xi's body something? That he really did not know.

Although the use of the original view of the world colleagues, but creative writing colleagues after the original ended, colleagues of just using a large set himself and added a lot of two settings. As for the original story, colleagues authors selected only allow two people in bed ending part, those who have solved the problem, have fought the boss, no need to make a hero no matter how tough to force their colleagues in the years. Those who played the role eat lunch, ah, has also been forced to colleagues of the emetic.

So long Sun Zijun know the future, and they have experienced, there is not a small gap.

They fly for a while, have their own mind, so silence for a while.

Yi Xi Chen suddenly exclaimed: "The biological mother blanket, I am not mistaken you knot it up ?? !! Dan!"

They had just immersed in the joy of reunion, I did not care about it. At this time, Yi Xi Chen suddenly discovered long Sun Zijun who actually have a gas-saver! !

Long Sun Zijun lightly Enliaoyisheng. After his trip epiphany, he formed a saver. However, he does not think this is what, in fact, he's already gone beyond the spiritual power saver monks, only appearance can not see nothing.

"You you you!" Yi Xi Chen almost put his tongue bitten, "Are you alone?! Even if you are day Harlingen Harlingen days ...... you have to tell the truth ah! You are only two years old less than !! "

This ordinary people who want to form a saver is extremely difficult, and can bear saver in a hundred years, it has been regarded as a highly gifted. In a very famous person in the repair, then the next day Jianmen Fenglian small ancestral seat heir Kung reality, is also a spiritual roots Wizards days, practicing just three decades will form a saver, then age forty less, had a full comprehension sector sensation up and down! Long Sun Zijun this decade knot Dan, just simply crazy ...... just ...... nothing to say ah!

Sun Zijun long but not very concerned about: "should."

Yi Xi Chen Zhu suddenly understand why so that the sky was a hate Sun Zijun long. You should head ah! ! Really want to beat ah! !

It stands to reason buddy Dan, Chen Yi hope is that the happy for him, but because this thing too fast, too fantasy, Yi Xi Chen failed to find a happy mood, but thought those demons had just experienced in . The same as repair the sword, he has been trying to catch up with long Sun Zijun's footsteps, but he ran hard, but long Sun Zijun flying sword running away, the gap between them farther and farther.

Yi Xi Chen heart sour.

Sun Zijun positive long sword forward, suddenly felt the shoulder was forced to bite. He shot from the side looked puzzled Xi Yi Chen: "ah?"

Yi Xi Chen muffled: "You're breaking my fingers."

Long Sun Zijun not understand what the finger means of breaking Chen Yi Xi,He thought for a while, holding the hand of Chen Yi Xi.

Yi Xi Chen calm, honest lie in long Sun Zijun back for a moment, Hu had just recalled something. Great Wolf previously blasting to death, his body from the overflow of magic gas, many of them go into a long Sun Zijun body. Ordinary people can not absorb the magic in the air this is a remarkable thing, but they end up with long Sunzai Jun Dan at this point ......

Yi Xi Chen suddenly heart of a bear. Although he was just magic gas invasion of the body, but he and long-Sun Zijun not the same, it's nothing magic sea air is unowned, as long as he will look for opportunities to exercise our powers to invade the body magic gas expelled it. The long Sun Zijun that demons it is early on the next race!

Magic is the ability to plunder, but by no means out of thin air will be able to plunder everything they need media. Obviously, Joe Jue lend force of demons that Satan is a medium demons, and use of the medium is the jump Lang force of the contract between him and Joe Jue. Long Sun Zijun will concentric chaos, apparently after they met know that Satan and demons long Sun Zijun body is very likely that the next race!

Yi Xi Chen saw just how big wolf died of blasting, the thought of this long Sun Zijun also dangerous, he suddenly breathless and does not even come up.

Yi Xi Chen suddenly looked up and said: "!?! Jun-saver of your pure force it"

Long Sun Zijun try to exercise our powers, it is pure power.

Yi Xi Chen hanging in the heart but did not dare put down: "But you suck so much magic in the air, your saver not be affected?"

Sun Zijun long silent for a moment, he said: "In fact, ...... in my 'demons', there is something about my life experience."

"Your life experience?" Yi Xi Chen puzzled, "What is your life experience?"

"My body, while Mahayana demons, King of Ghosts, the demon king, dragon king, BI God's blood. So I want to ride whoever who ride."

Yi Xi Chen: "......"

However, when the two men had just discovered the long Sunzai Jun demons, who talked about the problem of world view, but they have their eyes focused on the Yik Chen's stomach in the end can not be bad baby, such a big thing, actually Yi Xi Chen never heard long Sunzai Jun said.

He said: "This is not how you said before?"

And he said: "There are, ah, Mahayana demons, King of Ghosts, the demon king, dragon king, BI god ...... how the five of them to come up with how to engage in a while to have their blood people?

And then he said: "They can not speak of all five hey ...... in accordance with grandparents parents grandparents to count, some people need to assume several roles hey.!!"

Long Sun Zijun Mozhuoxiaba, a sense of loss: "Yes ah, so I think that's ridiculous, is certainly not true, it did not say."

Yi Xi Chen: "......"

After a while another child, Yi Xi Chen extremely seriously asked: "It is ridiculous it?"

"No ridiculous it?"

"Absurd. But you do not ridiculous to say ...... Do you think a baby will not let me absurd yet ???"


Two are noisy, long Sun Zijun suddenly stopped. He motioned Chen Yi Xi hold your breath. Finally, they noticed the confusion of spiritual power fluctuations to a strong spiritual power point. They finally found a direction, towards there,Magic cloud forest will be able to leave the community went to nothingness.

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