Forty-sixth chapter

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Yi Xi Chen completely by surprise, long Sun Zijun lips Tieshanglai, he was shocked, subconsciously want to push people away, however long Sun Zijun kiss extremely high-handed, one hand holding his head in one hand and grabbed his waist, tightly confined him in his arms, that he even does not contribute to the struggle also.

After Chen Yi Xi frightened, pushing hands stopped at Sun Zijun long waist, hesitated hesitated, gradually lost strength. He no longer resist

I kiss kiss it. He wanted to know what the long Sunzai Jun demons really is. He wanted to know where they are in the end there different.

But he loosen it a little, Sun Zijun long warm tongue will pry his teeth shellfish drive straight, correct lived his tongue. His mind suddenly boom look, ignorant!

In Yi Xi Chen impression that this was his first kiss with people. In alike exercises where there is no kissing, kissing simply a close contact with their relationship extraordinary expression. So he thought a kiss just two lips touching, innocent to feel each other's breath.

However, he did not think long to get started on a Sun Zijun so unreasonable!

Private space invaded by something else, he wants to panic invasion was expelled, but he could not bear to bite both long Sun Zijun, we can only try to top him out. This to two to go, the tongue became entangled.

In the same humanities, the author gives long Sun Zijun colleagues opened a lot of cheat, but if you say the biggest open Goldfinger, compared to kendo, the long Sun Zijun the "sword of the Road" is more powerful. And all and "Sword" related capabilities have also been super strong increase, which kisser naturally mention.

Therefore, with the humanities, the two had a fight, as long as long Sunzai Jun resorted to predatory overbearing kiss, Chen Yi hope will soon be a soul kiss was born, two soul to heaven, body Jiao become petrified. The reality of the Greek Chen Yi naturally not shy so easy to tear down, however long that Sun Zijun super kisser still crazy to kiss him, getting hot.

In the real world with a floating lifeless, while Chen Yi Xi feel that they are awake, while they get confused reminding us of scenes in a dream. He sometimes Tuiju, sometimes respond, but when you give birth to a strong unyielding urge to compete in this competition.

Feel his response, long kiss Sun Zijun increasingly rude, anxious to eat his split Rufu. As if to indicate discipline, he pinched under Xi Yi Chen Bottom.

Yi Xi Chen: "...... !!!"

I do not know how long, it is easy to feel full of hope Chen predatory gradually become gentle kiss. Hunhundundun he opened his eyes, being right on the long Sun Zijun eyes.

I do not know when, long Sun Zijun eyes slowly found focus, obviously he finally emerge from the realm of demons. However, however, however, what was happening lie in his eyes full of loss.

Yi Xi Chen: "......"

Obviously he is the person that was kissing, but long Sun Zijun face of innocence, loss, shock made him feel as if he is that rebound guy. After all, just long Sun Zijun are controlled by demons, but he was sober.

Under such a strange situation, but the two strips dangling from each other's mouth, no one to pine mouth.


Very embarrassing.Extremely serious embarrassment.

If the loose mouth, lips and tongue with so idle, then there is no doubt that the next thing to do is to discuss this matter in front of happened. However, none of them want nothing to say.

Long Sun Zijun under the control of the power of the primitive mind blank, do not have the slightest idea, if you insist so he wanted something, he would prefer a bed here. As Chen Yi Xi, mind more than anything was going to explode, I do not know where to start.

In this way, they quietly kissed a while.

In short ...... or loosen it ...... or else pretend nothing happened, first out of the forest say this blanket of darkness? Yi Xi Chen finally consume it no longer, is preparing to open long Sunzai Jun, suddenly breathing a stifled, stared in surprise!

I saw a Jianguang sprang from the blanket of darkness, suddenly hit towards long Sun Zijun back!

This sudden attack is simply to save their awkward appearance, the two quickly bounce, long Sun Zijun relaxed body care Dangxia with the sword!

This Jianqi, but also a former raider!

Yi Xi Chen jumped on his own sword, not long Sun Zijun on the TV, only said: "! Fast recovery" will figure that road toward the direction of escape chase out!

This time, however, long Sun Zijun has not kept pace. He can not move.

He was not caught up in the realm of demons, but just in order to resist the demons, long Sun Zijun body spiritual power are mobilized, in his knowledge of the sea he had just gone through a bitter fight. When hard work, his mind a lot of messy chapter of the sword is put together, some perception, but can not completely understanding the mind magic. Just a prolapse demons, in order to Dangxia attack, he pushed a spiritual power, this move was immediately forced to pull into the realm of insight!

He again epiphany.

Yi Xi Chen assume that long Sun Zijun will follow at his side, Sword hot pursuit of the raiders away. That attack was magic in the air invasion of the body by mental confusion, Sword rickety little too safe, not long after, Chen Yi Xi will approaching.

"The sky loom, it really is you!"

That raider was surprised that obscurity high school days loom disciple! However, Hung Yi is not even a real person on his side!

The sky Zhu was recognized, not help Startled, Sword also turned a corner to escape, but was caught up after the Greek Chen Yi grabbed the lead!

That day loom high cultivation, although not very deep, but whatever the outcome, he is also the integration of the monks, but also the best in the world at large disciple fairy door elders seat, want to beat a Greek Chen Yi is more than enough. However, he was magic in the air due to invasion of the body, confusion, spiritual power can not play at all, it will be easy to catch up with Chen Xi.

Yi Xi Chen shouted: "Why do you attack Jun-Sanfanliangci you master it??"

The sky Zhu struggle: "Go away Do not touch me!!"

Needless to say, Hung Yi throwing his disciples not live in such a dangerous place, certainly mentoring they got separated. This blanket of darkness forest magic gas clouds, thick blanket of darkness most places, then put his hand out to see his hand. So the two go near again, there is a danger of dispersion. Yi Xi Chen and Sun Zijun long along the way is always the same two royal sword, so it did not disperse.

"You're magic gas invasion of the body! You alone here too dangerous!"Yi Xi Chen said," you must first find the master! "

He turned away: "Son Jun, Jun-us ...... ?? !!"

Behind him a blanket of darkness, empty, where there is a long Sun Zijun figure?

Yi Xi Chen boom head about, ignorant!

He has been talking to a man on high Zhu said here is very dangerous, like a cricket and a mouse with the prairie, he warned this cricket mouse to be careful elephant crushed the iron heel of his will. In fact, he only cricket itself is high days loom only mouse but also a little weak, but the sky was Zhu confusion, be missing mouse leg, so much to choose between the two of them barely be.

"Sub Jun? Jun-!"

Yi Xi Chen panic shouting the name of Sun Zijun long.

Black Mist no response.

Panic, Chen Xi Yi heart suddenly give birth to a little absurd little anger: this just yet as he took an instant with the lost, simply eating admit!

The idea is easy to let Chen Xi was appalled. He knew that long Sun Zijun never be interested in him aside, did not keep up, it must be left behind. Perhaps they are demons, perhaps other reasons, can only blame his mind grudge TV drama point of embarrassment, chasing people when actually separated and Jun-Sword, more responsibility on him! He went so far as to hold a number of long Sunzai Jun unreasonable expectations, he does not seek long Sunzai Jun Babel thorough manner powerful, but you hope when they need him, he'll be.

"Jun-! Where are you!" Yi Xi Chen chagrin shouting. Sun Zijun no longer just looking forward too far away from him, hearing a voice can immediately find over.

But this time, he grabbed the high days of Zhu suddenly boomed, suddenly earned from his hands!

"Jun-Jun child, you are one of the long Sun Zijun mouth shut!" The sky Zhu shouted, "I'm not as good as him in the end where!"

"Ever since he met him once never forget! He innocence of a child! Mind his noble! He shook Huai Yu Jin! He humbly respectful! Indifferent to his desires! He's a fucking day Harlingen !!!"

Yi Xi Chen stared at him. This is a bunch of word in KwaZulu long Sun Zijun it? First, regardless of anything else, indifferent to the desires of this ......

Yi Xi Chen subconsciously raising his hand touched his own swollen lips ...... hiss! How swollen in such a way!

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