Chapter 44

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That Joe Jue very thick skinned, well versed in how to use human nature. He stayed on the ice, stalker, Ruanmoyingpao. Although Lang Yue born cool, but after all he is still half demon heart and mind, when the course of time, he was impressed by Joe Jue, leaving him in the cave to live down.

This is where ice cold, the thrill of climbing Julang natural fear of cold, Joe Jue but could not restrain. He increasingly to push for too much, as long as Lang jump in the ice cave, he snuggled up to him, unaware the Ju Lang as his bed.

Lang used to jump clean, but not like it was holding, Jue know Joe is one just for the sake of his warm fur, they have been giving Joe Jue burning fire. However, Joe Jue tantrum does not scratch, he said warmer than the fire, have to stick to him. Lang Yue was his entanglement, however, it will simply be of a personal, looking forward Joe Jue can not roll him.

He did not think of the type, Joe Jue also refused to give up, into his arms Sipilailian nest.

Lang Yue helpless, but then he hugged Joe Joe Jue Jue will be no trouble, and he also went with him.

A blizzard is blowing outside most of the day, they can only quietly in the nest cave in. Lang Yue is used to clean, and are so down the centuries, but Joe Jue is not so law-abiding.

Joe looked at the pitch darkness outside the cave Jue, think of the outside world, move the heart qi, affects the old wounds, could not help but coughed twice. A moment later he felt the warmth of spiritual power injected into his body to make him feel better.

How very strange, this thrill of climbing Julang live in the ice, obviously it should be the biting cold, but his body was so warm, so warm is also spiritual power, popular student warm nostalgic. Joe Jue greedily enjoying. Before long, Lang Yue stopped.

Joe Jue whole body relaxed, old wounds no longer hurt. But he is still greedy, want to get more. He's always been shameless, want to do it, from the moment on the drill Lang jump out of his arms, Fan Shen grabbed his neck and kissed up the initiative.

Lang took his clothes after the jump lead, he wants to tear, but not hard. After a child, he was getting dark eye color, suddenly a stand, Joe Jue down to the lower body.

Joe Jue eagerly clawed his skirt, legs apart initiative tied up. Lang Yue nor self-taught, Quche his clothes.

"Do not!" Joe Jue actually stopped him. He will take the initiative faded pants, jump ride Lang who drunkenly biting his lips. He would not undress, because he did not want to see Lang jump mark on his arm.

Lang Yue Gu who is no longer, gradually regain the initiative ......

Caught off guard watched a live Chun | Yi Gong Xi Chen: "??? !!!"

He has previously been thought Joe Lang Yue Jue and extraordinary relationship, and the other is the Wicked are different, no one thought of them could even be such a relationship! !

Yi Xi Chen, although his mouth did a decent, few have heard similar things, you can see the two men red | naked body | body entangled is the first time, the heart have a strong impact, it was almost from Joe Jue the knowledge of the sea pop!

He quickly stabilize the mind, I want to get swept the memories, to see Joe Lang Jue exactly how to jump off a slave contract, but suddenly found entangled when the two men, Joe Jue clothes rolled up, exposing half arm . That black mark on his arm hexagram,Black light flashes gradually ......

Yi Xi Chen was shocked, did not expect such a thing to do when Joe Jue actually have the magic to the people at heart, shamelessness simply to refresh his knowledge! However, he soon realized that this is not Joe Jue intentional.

A few days before, Joe Lang Jue demons in vivo jump species, can then, demons and had no effect, but was awakened at this time! Lang Yue dust heart is moving!

Two men are entangled that no one noticed a black mark flashes. Lang absence jump for a moment, frowning forehead by the press, but was soon depressed, and did not care.

Yi Xi Chen could not stand, and quickly skip this recall, continue to look back.

However, his blind dog eyes, but again and again ......

Joe Jue in the ice to stay for a long period of time, no one on the ice, even the Wicked are rare, they are in the ice cave, on the peaks in the glacier ......

Ordinarily they retire, this day this nice as the general Shenxianjuanlv, Joe Jue can not be a law-abiding man, he can escape no reason to give birth to many things.

There are some ice in the fruit of immortality cents, Joe Jue often taken out of grass alchemy, he picked a bitter taste to the grass, take it up again and ambrosia refining together. It is in the bitter grass qi herbs, just unusual taste bitter, ordinary people do not like to use it.

Joe Jue showed the refining of fruit cents Lang Yue eat: "You taste, this fruit can be sweet."

Lang jump only a smell to smell the taste of impoverished, he looked suspiciously at Joe Jue.

Joe Jue has assumed a very sincere expression: "really sweet, I just had eaten one, you try glance."

Lang Yue put fruit cents swallowed, suddenly bitter straight frown.

Joe Jue askew look at his expression of disgust, actually laugh.

Lang Yue said: "You lied to me?"

"Yes ah, I lie to you, I know this thing bitter."

"Why did you lie to me?"

"I like."

Put on other people, this may be just a harmless joke, but poor Joe Jue nature, he is intentional. He was tempted Lang jump.

Lang Yue obviously unhappy, after all, is a trifle, he has yet to glimpse Joe Jue nature, and therefore did not attack, but coldly:. "I said, I hate you lied to me."

"I lied to you, how are you going to do?"

Lang Yue look disappointed, turned into wolves, walked away and get on the ground. He no longer ignore Joe Jue.

Joe Jue stop and talk to him, but he still did not pay any attention.

After the snow stopped outside, Joe Jue taken out of the ten cents fruit to come back and have a good refining good push to the front of Lang jump, pitiful and said: "Do not ignore me, you mad at me, I'm sorry of dying. I just go out picking fruit when the heart is also thinking of you, accidentally ran down from the peaks, feet hurt. "he went over to the inflamed foot jump to see Lang.

Lang Yue relented in the end, after a moment, his injured foot into the arms of cover:. "Do not lie to me."

But after a time, as well as the second, and the third time.

Joe Jue continue to sprinkle some obvious lies, for example, he obviously spent a day in the ice cave, but lie Lang Yue said he went to the thrill of climbing; for example, a smelting furnace him immortality, sweet smell filled the whole cave he said he accidentally broke the alchemy furnace,Nothing made.

His lie did not make any sense, each of which can be easily expose Lang jump. Lang Yue said again and again, "there is no next time," may be the next blink of an eye.

Because he spread lies are harmless, Lang Yue eventually accommodate him.

Yi Xi Chen in the eyes, anxious heart. Joe Jue is gradually eroded the principle of a large wolf. Chen Yi Xi Yue think Lang directed cried wolf, he can tell a little lie today, tomorrow will be able to spread the big lie, you Wake up, stop by his deluded!

Unfortunately, the die was cast.

After each jump annoyed Lang, Joe went to coax him Jue, Yue Lang's attitude softened a little, he will be eager to jump Lang posted up kissing.


Joe moved away Jue screams, blood overflow from the mouth. Lang Yue biting him.

Enjoy the taste of his own blood, but Joe Jue laughed.

They alike when Lang jump more and more brutal. He let the pain Joe Jue, Jue hope Joe can remember the lessons, but all in vain.

This morning, Joe Jue went out the herbs. He's the lies superficial, although Lang did not jump and fell out with him, but when the cold becomes hot with his relationship. He may not want to be cheated, no longer concerned with what Joe Lang Yue Jue have done every day, as long as the snow and ice storm before he returned to the ice cave on the line.

Joe Jue saw a BingJie grass on the mountain. He feel good, about to climb mining, right arm suddenly there came a terrible pain!

The kind of pain as if someone abruptly put his flesh torn down, he experienced once, I will never forget that feeling. He quickly rolled up the sleeves and saw his arm, screamed - he became bloody right arm, exposing a large portion of bones! Just exactly when the injury after being demon wolf bite!

Holding his arm in pain rolling on the ground, the body will sweat clothes wet. He wanted to go back and find Lang jump for help, but did not dare go back.

I do not know how long, the pain ceased, his flesh and blood on the arm out and long, black hexagram mark deeply embedded in the flesh inside. He angrily to pull the mark, only to pull his broken flesh, that consumers can not afford the mark completely.

That Satan had the power of demons lend Joe Jue, Jue Joe requirements to obtain a sacrifice for him. Joe Jue is not very clear how it was a sacrifice, but he was the guy down the demons, many are obsessed. But the devil, the soul had annihilation, so Joe Jue slave under contract naturally expired. His mind had a rough guess, after Rumo, those people out of his control, has become the sacrifice of that devil, their power will be plunder the devil. But he did not care, man alive when he used, how to love others died later use to how to use, nothing to do with him.

This is the case for several years happened the first time. Renewable flesh his arm disappeared, no one told him how it is, but Joe Jue did understand. He warned that the devil is in. He has been a long time without the magic power of intention, and that dissatisfaction with the devil.

At this time, the sky suddenly dark, and he snowstorm toward oncoming!

Because the injury was delayed back to the cave of time, Joe Jue panic and think back in time, but was wind blew heavy hit on the thrill of climbing!Wow!

Heavy snow on the mountain peaks are crashing, will bury him!

Biting cold that he quickly lost consciousness.

He woke up again, he has returned to the ice cave in. Hole burning fire, Lang Yue holding him from behind, his warmth.

Woke up to see him, Lang Yue said: "? Why you are not allowed to come back."

Joe Jue Zhang mouth, speechless. He has spent more than a year ice, snow and ice storm of law has its hand, if today is not an accident, he could not delay for so long. Lang Yue know, he must have had an accident.

See he did not answer, Lang jump and pull up his sleeve: "This is what in the end?"

Joe Jue electric shock-like hand back, with sleeves covering his arms.

Ice cave for a time only fire when burning complete stripping sound, the two silent and embarrassed.

Countless lie has come to Joe's mouth Jue, a Crochet complete story would say, he was disappointed to see Lang Yue eyes:?! "Joe Jue, you can not be honest with me if you are in danger , how can I help you! "

Joe Jue shocked.

Lang jump release him, irritably pushed aside:. "I had a nightmare today."

Chen Xi Yi heart: It was not a nightmare, it is a monster! Great Wolf eyebrows piece of red marks, red has been a little less dazzling!

Joe Jue did not notice this, stared, quietly repeated: "? You help me ......"

After a child, he said: "Lang Yue, you are willing to accompany me to leave the ice it I can not stay here?."


"I've had someone else's stress." He rolled up his sleeves, and finally to jump Lang saw the black mark of the hexagram, "This is a man left in my body imprint. If I do not listen to him, I could die. "


"I do not know who he is, but he is very powerful."

Lang Yue silent child, glanced outside the dense mass of the sky: "After the morning walk."

Joe Jue froze for a moment, inconceivable and said: "You mean after sunrise, we left the ice it?"

"Go to him."

There was a Joe Jue did not speak. His heart is rough, weird smells, but not a complete idea.

After a long time, he moved around Yue Lang lie down, staring Lang Yue eyes, gently said: "Lang jump, we bear good deed?"

"Knot deed?"

"Will you be my companion of it? Before leaving the ice, we end a lease consonance, with this road contract, then on you can always know where I was, what I was doing, if I lie to you, you also You will know. OK? "

"How to knot?"

"I need some began."

Lang jump to climb up. Outside blizzard has not stopped, but he, as the thrill of climbing Julang without fear, jumped disappeared in the snow, go out looking for a Lingshi.

Jue Joe sat up, facing the fire in a daze.

He took two stone out of the contract from the bag. One is black, that the above trick he drops a lot of human blood stress. The other piece is the real Sapta stone.

He looked at for a long time, his hands tightly clenched fist, and hold the two stones, red with rage on the back of the hand.

Before dawn, Lang jump back. He recovered the Lingshi,On the floor: "how do?"

Joe Jue raised his head and looked at Lang jump fickle lips, suddenly smiled: "Yue Lang, you come."

Lang went to jump in front of him.

Joe Jue looked up, Coushang Lang jump kiss lips. Lang Yue silently kissed him any moment, sighed, and finally began to respond to his kiss. He has been a long time not so gently kissed Joe Jue up.

Joe Jue releases one hand, the black stone quietly back into the bag. He pushed the wolf demon, incomparably light tone: "Come on, we got to knot it deed after deed, I will never lie to you.."

He began using the matrix method and gracefully Sin materials, hand holds Sapta stone, placed in front eye preparation. His hands trembling slightly.

At this time, Lang Yue suddenly cold channel: "Someone invasion!" He turned into wolves, leaping out of a cave!

Joe Jue stunned surprised a moment, his eyes glanced at the hands of the complexity of the Sapta stones, temporarily close up, ran with her!

The storm has stopped, the vast ice sheet, Joe Jue saw one intruder, speak, my heart suddenly cold half, the pace of filling the lead in general.

A total of two intruders, a Yu-beast Dan repair and repair a sword. Two years ago, he took that name Dan Yu animal companions repair decades of Wicked end up slaves deed, that Wicked not long after he died. Yu Dan repair beast that refuses to let go of him, the way he wanted to kill his life for a life. That sword repair is Yu animal friend Dan repair, repair order was, he had been driven to the wall is the only two men broke into the original ice. They keep it outside the ice for a year, has never been out of Joe Jue, finally could not resist breaking in!

The men met Joe Jue, apart from anything else, it rushed in to kill him!

Yue Lang stand in front of Joe Jue, roar, instant snow, the wind will push back two. Lang Yue cold channel: "Go!"

Now that the men met Joe Jue, how incensed him, Lang jump is only a knot of evil deed is not difficult jump and Lang, only ran to Joe Jue!

Lang Yue Jue Joe angrily asked: "Who are they?"

Joe Jue not answer.

That sword repair sword straight at Joe Jue heart from the fleet Jianguang has not dropped, he was ten thousand ice repulsed!

Yu Dan repair beast that I did not realize that the thrill of climbing Julang so powerful, yet so back to Joe Jue care, excitedly angrily: "! Joe Jue, you end up not think you received a Wicked ...... do so," he if not finished, Joe Jue look suddenly become very Henli, even voluntarily storm came up, a hidden weapon that Dan shave direct door!

Dan Slim bad hand, no time to dodge, by Joe Jue pierced lips, suddenly speechless pain.

Joe Jue cold channel: "harm my people is their jump Lang, for I killed them!!"

That beast Dan Yu Jian Xiu Xiu and also said: "! Joe Jue not let you live through today!"

Lang Yue thoroughly enraged, believing Joe Jue rhetoric, no longer start with mercy. The number of road ice that Dan repair Puts on the chest, his eyes wide with great, look to be reconciled with indignation, but ultimately fell down.

Jian Xiu see friends killed, extremely indignant, turned the blade Lang jump, fight with him up!

This is Lang jump demigod of the body, guarding the ice a hundred years people will not be invaded, unusual sword repair a blessing for his opponent? Not a moment that he was also an ice pierced the heart, drop in snow and iceGradually stopped breathing.

Solve the two intruders, jump back to Joe Lang Jue side, pulled up his sleeve. However rocket hexagram black mark remains firmly branded Jue on Joe's arm. He suddenly looked up and asked with his eyes.

Joe Jue busy: "The two men just stress one of my people, as well as a Great Satan."

Lang Yue hand on the black hexagram, suddenly forced to frown, look some pain. Joe Jue Mangjiang his hand open. Lang Yue said: "This man really is magic air magic.."

Lang Yue snow and looked back at the two bodies. There is no doubt that the two men did not have the slightest magic gas.

Joe Jue said:. "...... They are men that devil that Dan repair by the demons of power, and repair a lot of scary exercises, can control the sanity of people who would look down on him if he would fall upon. the man. the man had scolded his sentence, he would let that person in their own tongue poke a eye. the man had played his fist, he let the man cutting off a finger. he Grievance must be reported, but after all, is someone else to provoke him. sometimes he would control some powerful evil, able to do things for him, because he can not do. "he watched Lang hop look," such people ...... "

Lang Yue frown suddenly Fan Shen walked towards those two bodies.

Joe Jue said: "What are you doing?"

Lang Yue said: "This person is dirty here." He summoned the ice wind, rolled up two bodies to blows outside the ice!

Joe Jue said: "But maybe they also have difficulties doing it?"

Lang Yue indifference to look over: "Evil people, need to Mo argument."

After a while, Joe Jue self-deprecating smile. He whispered: "Yes ah, in fact, think about it, how can there be any difficulties, that is born bad, bad to the bone to go."

Raiders finished dishes, Lang Jue jump with Joe back into the cave. Matrix method has already laid out, only a strong front eye stone has not been put to.

Joe look calm Jue, a black stone pulled from the bag, placed in the middle of the front eye.

Yi Xi Chen suddenly could not bear to look any longer.

...... So that was it! This is Joe Jue, it is, as he said himself, without mentioning the difficulties! He can there be any big difficulties worth him harm! After all, this is his life of evil nothing!

Such people will never again allow him to live a day!

Memory jump, after the contract form, Lang naturally jump immediately found wrong.

Lang Yue rage, Joe Jue will overwhelm the ground: "You give me something and you lie to me?!?!"

Joe Jue snickered. He gently lifted the jump Lang's face, whispered: "? Why are you so easy to cheat it."

Lang jump in the eyes of fire almost burned him up.

"Nothing." Joe brisk Jue said, "but I do not trust people, so with a little surgery method, I hope you can hear me. Lang Yue, you and those stupid Wicked is not the same, as long as you not against me, I will not ...... "

If not finished, his neck was strangling Lang jump.

Lang jump choppy anger: "untie!"

Joe Jue and then laughed: "untied ah."

"You do not untie, I'll kill you!"

"You can not kill me."

Lang he tried to jump afterburner, vision is sometimes a violent internal organs have colic,He no pain forces of resistance. That is the real piercing pain, as long as he was a little resistance, it will become more severe pain. Living death.

Joe Jue touched his collar depression Honghen sit up, softly:. "Lang Yue, did not change anything between us, we can also alike, can go to many places as you like, what I have to meet you. I'm just afraid that one day you will betray me ...... "

Lang Yue looked at him deeply. Seeing that Joe Jue eyelids suddenly jump.

The next moment, Lang Yue hand toward his chest to dig!

"Stop!" Screamed Joe Jue.

Slave deed force attack, Lang jump again because of piercing pain and lose strength, wolf claws on his chest, but can not dig broken flesh.

Joe Jue sneered: "want to die not so easy slave contract binding the soul, eternal life and death, unless your wits?!!" He untied the bag, a few ghosts floating out.

He ordered: "Kneel down!"

That a few faint ghost knees.

He sneered:?! "See it, even if you die, become ghosts, not even think to get rid of me that you have asked me to roll, I have chosen not roll, I'll haunt you, even if you throw a child, I two world III, you'll never have to listen to me! "

Lang Yue getting no more.

Move over Joe Jue, Yue Lang found red marks eyebrows actually do not know when the dark a lot. He frowned, a madman suddenly changed countenance, the sweetness went over and wanted to kiss Lang jump as usual, but suddenly turned Yue Lang avoided. Joe Jue failing relentlessly went over, but was beat Yue Lang opened the back heavily against the wall, visceral crest.

"Come kiss me!" Joe shouted Jue.

Lang Yue suddenly curled up, shivering with pain. But he did not Joe Jue command execution.

Joe Jue mad ice cave and shout, he Lang moment to jump this way, a moment to jump as Lang. Under the control of the slave contract, what kind of orders Lang jump all did so, only to command close to him, Lang Yue was tortured by force of contract lost consciousness did not do.

Obviously once so fond of. Now it is willing to die rather than disgust.

Joe Jue heart suddenly some loss.

He knows he did it, Lang Yue will be angry. Like every time he lied that. But he thought Yue Lang will eventually forgive him, he has even prepared the wolf demon biting tongue, speak of a broken leg, he can afford. Lang Yue will not beat him, not kill him, it seems you can only use this method to vent their anger.

But he did not expect that, this time, and in the past are not the same. Bingfeng Julang, a retreat passed on principle, when retreated to the bottom line, but never back.

Joe Chen Xi Yi Jue know the sea jumping, looking for traces about that lend Joe Jue force demons of man. However, the man secretive, almost nothing about him in Joe Jue know the sea. They have not met a few times, information about him, Joe Jue almost entirely unclear.

Finally, Yi Xi Chen found the man in the shadow of a period of teahouse memories.

Joe Jue into the private room of tea, the man was sitting there waiting for him.

Joe Jue straight to the point: "You want how much sacrifice I want to find a way to you,But Lang Yue, do not let him Rumo! "

The man with no Heitong whites looked at Joe Jue, voice still hoarse:. "He voluntarily Rumo"

Joe Jue pleaded: "??! You must have the means right he is most useful to me, without his help, how do I find more sacrifice for you, do not let him Rumo"

The man Tanshou:. "Although he is a great sacrifice, but he really is voluntary Rumo I could not save him."

Joe Jue teeth. This devil will not help him, Lang Yue completely when Rumo, his cultivation will be completely sucked away by this Satan, this devil too happy! However, Lang Yue once Rumo, soul annihilation, reincarnation, seize homes will not work, since then, this world would not jump Lang this man!

Joe Jue U-turn, out of the box!

This teahouse amid the Cultivation town, he was about to go downstairs when he heard the side of people are talking about.

"That's nothing a few days the sea is about to leave, you say that this time there will be a real person which bits go? Nothingness is already sovereign cents, if not dangerous sea of ​​nothingness, and I really want to listen to his sermons."

Joe Jue in the hearts of meditation: nothingness sea.

He had a God, they did not pay attention to walk, he collided with a man, he knocked back a few steps. He looked back, the man did not even stop to stop, has been on the stairs, looking back, I was actually a girl.

He looked at the direction of the girl go, suddenly surprised a moment: Is it also came to the devil?

Sure enough, the girl stopped in front of the box where the devil. Before the door, she looked back on a positive look on Joe Jue.

Yi Xi Chen was shocked: This woman turned out to be their junior sister apprentice, disciple of the refining jiange Sunnie! !

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