Thirty-fifth chapter

Thirty-fifth chapter

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Everything is ready, Xi Chen Yi Sun Zijun then embarked on the long way to the border of nothingness.

Nothingness throughout the southeast boundary of comprehension in the mainland, Chen Xi Yi Sun Zijun Sword with long fly for two days through the mountains and plains of the river, at the foot of Reiki increasingly thin. Finally, towns and grass are all behind, appeared in front of a black dead land.

They came to the Chinese city of evil.

Hwaseong evil is the closest town nothingness community, and the black death is the end of the endless sea of ​​nothingness.

A long time ago, but the black death to a deserted place, because there is no aura, barren, and often thunder storms, comprehension for those who will not come to here. And fifteen hundred years ago, the Fire Dragon ancestors found through the thunder storm enveloped the sea of ​​nothingness, as much a rare pure land, and that is nothing circles. Since then nothing will be in the Fire Dragon ancestors community set a heel, open cases Leekpai, became the first sovereign nothingness.

Thousands of years ago, the Fire Dragon ancestors crossing the soaring robbery, was beyond the bounds of community, they put nothing sovereign position passed on to his disciples Yuan Chen saving people, which is now a sovereign nothingness.

Open circles once every ten years nothingness, nothingness before the open border, the evil Chinese city is still small, uninhabited ghost town, and to the opening of this year, the evil Chinese city will be crowded, monks have come from all over the Black Death , the less there are hundreds of people.

However, not hundreds of people are interested in this sector break nothingness coach asked.

Thunder storm sea of ​​nothingness dangerous abnormal, if there is not enough repair body care, not to mention the arrival nothingness community, I'm afraid the sea will soon be destroyed. Really through the sea of ​​nothingness, or at least more than the saver monks, that is to say, most of these people are real, mighty, many of whom are in charge of teaching the elders of the door.

Although Chen Yuan relieving people yet soaring, but also Mahayana monks, who revered soon worthwhile cents. He can have pointing or two, it can be said Sanshengyouxing. His disciples, nature will not be mortal. At least every ten years dozens of high-level monks break nothingness sea, but can really reach in front of him, doing an average of three years only two.

Thus, in this occasion hundreds of people came to the Black Death, in fact, only a few dozen people intend to break nothingness sector, while the rest either to watch or to coach aspirants - not the worship of the sovereign nothingness but thanks to high-level monks who wanted to worship the sovereign nothingness. After all, these saver monks usually not easy to see, this is the easiest and marked their dealings timing.

Chen Xi Yi Sun Zijun and long into the evil Chinese city after they went to the residence. Although the monks have repair in the body, food drink dew wind is not afraid, but people are particular about decent, especially there are so many real, elders, in the evening a group of people lying on the ground as crowds look like here? The total still need a rest of the body at. So there are evil Chinese city Square Inn Road, early on someone to RBI, I would like to take the opportunity to see a bustling timber or earn some cents.

They walked to the door of an inn, he saw surrounded by a group of monks, some dejected, some highly anticipated. These people pour no higher order, it will not be ready to break the sea of ​​nothingness. Yi Xi Chen heart the moment there will be some sort of speculation: It seems this inn lived by an expert,These trails are all directed at the people inside to come.

Both through the crowd and saw the inn's lobby either side two tables sat two people, although the table looks left British Gas, but looked disdainfully, wearing a disciple clothes, mind three character asks, appears to be a top disciple big martial status. And the right of the desk, looks Choulan mild, wearing a sky-blue robe scattered repair, is leisurely drinking tea. His robe is very beautiful, like rain after the initial color of the sky in general, attracted people could not help to look at two.

The two men repair is not low, dressed in suits disciple who has been in the integration period, she looks about to end Dan; As for who scattered repair, he deliberately grabbing the cultivation, although he can not see just how powerful, but what is certain is that the person had at least Dan - that is, the person is likely to be the sovereign is directed at nothing!

This duo is a disciple of the great martial art, an unknown identity but repair the unfathomable, although many trails out pretenders, but knowing the identity of humble, afraid to come in and sit two.

Long Chen Xi Yi Sun Zijun and entered the inn door, two men gaze on them to look over. And after wearing suits disciples who, after seeing them; tea who gaze upon paused long Sun Zijun, thoughtfully eye hanging down, and then for them a friendly smile, he turned his glance taken away , it reveals a very impatient look.

The man upturned face coldly: "! Home division is not more experienced, TIPS do not come to your hospitality."

Long Xi Chen Yi Sun Zijun and somehow, as one, hope Chen Yi asked: "Who is your master?"

The man's face look froze. Someone actually asked him who his master is? ! His disciples suit also wore it, this man is blind? !

Sun Zijun long look at his body disciple clothes, he rubbed his chin and said:. "This dress I was a little impression" that the confusion in eight years, he participated in the world on the Road of the General Assembly, a large out of the limelight, so the major martial disciples under him have seen.

The man's face shabu look black. Little impression? Just a little impressed? Some people actually say they've seen in the world just a little impression of the first fairy door obscurity after school? Do not! This must be intentionally insulted!

"Tut." Long Sun Zijun shook his head, "the name can not remember." Although he read never forget it, but the world is so much Cultivation martial, he also served his disciples alone can not put the name of eleven pairs martial on.

The man's face was completely distorted. He snapped a pound the table stood up, furious, ferocious stare long and Chen Xi Yi Sun Zijun. Next to the high order who scattered repair seems to chuckle a cry, but looked at him, and found he was solemnly sipping his tea, as if next to nothing about.

The small group of priests who had kept quiet around the outside.

Yi Xi Chen surprised to long Sunzai Jun said: "We do not recognize him, he seemed angry, he certainly is a big sects of people."

Long Sun Zijun Well loudly.

In fact, look at this man's dress and repair, you should know that his martial art backing is not small. Harlingen kind of thing is not tested is not apparent, and the repair can be judged from the other body aura, if the other party intends to convergence of breath, then do not see real,If deliberately used his aura to test each other's aura, you may be able to try out one or two. Just the other side are interested in convergence of breath, and you deliberately go to trial, and that is provocative act very rude, it is also likely to lead to conflicts. So the easiest way to determine the identity of the other party, in fact, is to look at each other's dress.

The higher the status of people, in addition to matching the identity of certain weapons, the crown of the head, Bob, clothing to footwear is also very advanced, such as the disciple, his disciples suit is refining a coke tail wire is made of Five-resistant properties Jie, his feet and a pair of Dengyun shoe, which shows his extraordinary identity. What's more, about a knot Dan monks, just martial disciples, this martial art is certainly a great backing. For a small martial, I'm afraid this and other elders did not repair.

Similarly, the other reason why just by one the impression began to despise long Sunzai Jun Xi Chen and easy, but also because in addition to the long Sun Zijun a sword is very powerful, two other things his body can only be broken with copper rotten iron rags to describe.

Finally someone out of the crowd of disciples could not resist opening: "The two men are deliberate it actually does not recognize obscurity school??"

Yi Xi Chen finally realized: "Oh, the original is obscurity school senior, excuse me!"

Although this world hundreds of comprehension martial art, but known as the "North Sword south obscurity" argument, the most powerful of the highest repair two major sects is the day Jianmen and obscurity school, even obscurity to send forces also greater than the day Jianmen Some, to be called the best in the world fairy doors. Yi Xi Chen not unaware of obscurity school, but have not seen before, so I did not recognize nothing.

That disciple face slowed down, still haughty:. "Obscurity school, the days loom"

This is in yourself first of. I know you do not mean it? Now we know, right?

Yi Xi Chen dumbfounding. He finally realized that, this time even obscurity sent have come a skilled, trail outside those estimates are sent directed obscurity, obscurity pie was harassed However, he sent the disciples out block people. They see each other, that they are silly obscurity to send from.

As a return, Chen Yi Xi hand: "casual repair, win."

"Casual repair, invincible."

Reported over the house, etiquette arrived, they had no interest entangled again with the high days of the loom, and walked straight into the treasurer, going to the rest room.

The sky Zhu froze in place. Invincible? Win? This is the name right? ? If you are starting your own Road, which is too shameless, right? ? ? And what does this mean? Daily house finished to ignore him? ? It should not greatly ashamed to show to apologize to him, okay? ? ?

Treasurer also watch it on, Chen Yi Xi walked up and asked: "? I ask you a room."

Treasurer busy: "Some yes, a senior began with a night."

"Hey!" The sky Zhu unhappy, "you just do not say no room?"

Treasurer ridicule: "ah, this, just after inventory, discovered that in fact there are two rooms."

It is also a casual repair treasurer, he came here six months ahead run inn, in fact, to proximity and easier, be able to take the opportunity to contact with high-level monks, thanks to a teacher asks a road or something. There just want to be close to Hong Meng camp trail room to ask, afraid he grabbed his chance,So just say no room, but since long Sunzai Jun Xi Chen is not interested in easy obscurity school, there has been a natural room.

Unexpectedly Yi Xi Chen did not feel the slightest bit lucky, but frown shouted: "?! A senior began with a night you stealing money ah."

Treasurer froze for a moment, shrugged: "evil Hwaseong inn is the price, I am here to be cheap, and fellow do not believe it go somewhere else, but I'm afraid to ask you this glance to come back, I'm here. the house was gone too. "

Words indeed the truth, evil Hwaseong remoteness, Reiki thin, if not for the open sea of ​​nothingness, no one will come here. Something not easy to transport, expensive and quite rightly so. Other primary comprehension town for one night it began with a few, here it is regarded as a senior began with a very reasonable price.

Yi Xi Chen face heartache.

The sky Zhu them feel more contempt. For him, a senior Lingshi is falling on his belt a jewel it, it is cheap to get to what extent can not afford even the room rate! They will even send obscurity does not know, either never been out of the door division even small disciple, either rustic countryman. So, in the end the two men to do evil Hwaseong come? Just look at a bustling? Watch have to do homework ah!

Treasurer: "The two rooms to it?"

Yi Xi Chen was very sad, teeth Biechu a word: "To."

Treasurer took out two cards to open the door re-opened, Chen Yi Xi busy: "The house on the line!" - from nothing open circles there a few days, a senior Lingshi room every day, that the body is simply stingy plucking!

Treasurer stunned surprised a moment, but also funny, lost a re-opened cards to him.

Yi Xi Chen teeth pulled out a senior Lingshi from the bag, treasurer hand to bring it, he refused to release her lap, the two see-saw for a moment before he will hand release, Distressed accept to know to fold.

"Whispering sound!" The sky was issued loom disdain hum from the nose, sit down. Two scrubby with such vindictive ghost, he has * not enough copies of it.

Duration Sunzai Jun Chen Xi and Yi upstairs into the house, walked up the stairs, looked long Sun Zijun downstairs. That casual repair still cook their own leisurely cup of tea in the tea, aware of the long Sun Zijun eyes, he looked up, still is so gentle and friendly smile. His pupil color is gray, without any glory, with his bright pastel sky-blue robe that body fit together, and somewhat illegal - no live gas eyes, vibrant color clothes.

Long Sun Zaijun squinting slightly. He consonance Biography Channel: "This man ...... familiar."

Chen Yi Xi also downstairs looked surprised.

The sky Zhu thought they were looking at him, looked away, was open to open, to show disdain.

That casual repair is still good temper Looking Yi Xi Chen's eyes, but also a smile.

Yi Xi Chen asked: "Have you seen him?"

"No." Long Sun Zijun pretty sure he had never seen this man. This is just one person's point of view or a certain demeanor, so he was familiar, as if the people he knew. But that fleeting moment missed, which in turn can not recall exactly like who the people.

"Come on." Now remember, long Sun Zijun no longer tangled, back to the room.

The following morning,Chen Yi Xi sleep is confused, comfortably rolled over, suddenly felt the body down to a soft thing.

"Squirt!" Just listen to scream fat jack, and his long Sun Zijun all wake up.

Yi Xi Chen busy to sit up to see, I saw the fat jack pitiful squatted bed, one furry gray mess, apparently he had just stood up to the pressure of time.

Sun Zijun long black face slap jack fan down fat, fat jack flew on the table, pitiful preening his own Torike.

Yi Xi Chen helpless. In fat jack or when eggs, and he is particularly sticky, always like to stick to him. Came out from the egg shell is a chance to go out into his arms drill, as if his body had energy to attract only the spirit of the bird-like. Squirt fat middle of the night often slept out on his own in his side from Qiankun Dai drilled, he was under pressure to turn over a few have become commonplace.

But if the place a few days ago, he pressed the fat jack, it has been long out of bed to go to Sun Zijun fan, already squealing mess pecking their revenge. However, since fat squirt ate a lot of Lingshi, spiritual force known in vivo, the bird seems to have gradually matured Mind, in addition to still love mount Yik Chen did not change, the other more well-behaved at all times.

Yi Xi Chen even a kind of their own children grow up feeling happy, so get out of bed after comforting touched fat jack head:. "I'm sorry friends."

Fat and happy squirt immediately to flutter, rub his head with his hands.

Qiankun Dai simply can not hold fat jack, which come and go, sometimes it is willing to stay in the bag they naturally worry, sometimes it do not want to go in, they can not force it. They clean up properly then go out wandering evil Chinese city bazaar, fat jack today do not want to got into the bag, then ride on the shoulders of Chen Yi Xi, sometimes patting themselves wings fly for a while.

Early in the morning, they looked around slightly, the market price was stunned and dumbfounded things in the bazaar.

And just as the inn, where more than ten times trafficking cents material than any other town on your comprehension, because the black death of the land does not produce spiritual things, things that are brought by monks from the outside. And we will be here to buy things, are often in urgent need of the people, the price naturally outrageous.

They stroll around, down-hearted, awaiting departure, fat jack snapped Suddenly cried: "! Jack -"

They suddenly turned around and found that fat actually jack with a dark and stormy in a dog fight!

That dark and stormy dog, blackened and four-footed landing about half the height, quick action, and a mouth will be able to spit out a black whirlwind. Once all the stuff around the cyclone hit, it was immediately involved!

I saw him jumping up and fell into fat squirt, squirt open Xuependakou want grabs fat, fat jack is regrettable that although fat is very quick, dodged, dark and stormy dog ​​is not catch it. Black Wind dog a dark and stormy spray, squirt fat fly fast and then faster in the end there is no wind, it was immediately rolled into a dark and stormy!

Yi Xi Chen frown, came about to save the bird, long Sun Zijun hold down his shoulder, motioned him not to move.

Yi Chen Xi looked at him quizzically. Even long Sun Zijun do not like fat jack, but he is not fat jack sit and watch people being bullied temper.

Long Sun Zijun said: "It is not afraid to see how to do it."

Yi Xi Chen lengleleng, I understand. Long Sun Zijun think it's a dark and stormy road can not hold fat jack.And now fat jack spiritual power has been very strong, they do not know what will be the bird what kind of operation method, it touches you can take this opportunity to see it for yourselves.

Sure enough, fat jack calmly flapped flew out from the middle of the cyclone, the rotation speed is actually black wind it as nothing.

Black Wind dog was shocked, but also the number of road spray whirlwind, the fat jack in a few whirlwind leisurely walk, wholly unaffected. However, it is not a dark and stormy attack dogs, and occasionally looked up and his head "squirt" to cry, as if in mockery of the dark and stormy issue in dogs.

Around has gathered a lot of people watching, all these great sense of surprise scene.

"This is what the spirit of a bird? I've never seen before!"

"I do not know, even they reveal is the first time I see!"

Black Wind dog suddenly stopped the attack. His playful himself up, did not move a while. After a moment he shook the ears, back on its feet, no longer use magic, but constantly bitten fat jack. Although he is not afraid of fat squirt a dark and stormy, but was always bad wolf bite, so it could not dodge the recession.

"Haw!" Fat jack dissatisfaction wow, yo round black eyes staring Yi Xi Chen and Sun Zijun long, apparently in protest why they do not help it, but it was a dog sit and watch bullying.

Long Sun Zijun squinting. When the dog had just bowed to the ground in a dark and stormy, not as thinking, more like what was given to him by the directive, so it was changed the strategy of attack. And now, not so much in the dark and stormy dog ​​attack, rather, it is driven in the direction toward a fat jack.

Long Sun Zijun sneer, muttered law formula, Boom, a mine pixia, not far from the ground became a scorched earth, a Dan repair awkwardly to the ground!

The crowd around them will focus on the dark and stormy bird dog and spirit struggle, thunderbolt falling at the moment, they just look past the line of sight, the ground was scorched by lightning in a battle formation had drawn the map, now already dilapidated a.

People Yaran said: "Yu Dan repair beast!" "Yes hedge array"!

That put a shocking array of human beast Yu Dan repair, noodles He had a narrow jaw, slender facial features, although the man, but Zhu Fu powder coated, extremely feminine. He gets up, piped up and angrily: "Who sneak up on me!"

Long Sun Zaijun hand, a whistle, a schematic jack back fat. Fat jack obedient to fly back immediately, but it is just hovering in the palm of your hand for a while extending long Sunzai Jun, head twist and landed on the shoulders of Chen Yi Xi.

Long Sun Zijun: "...... Well."

Fat jack: "jack!"

Dan repair that look to them, the first two he looked something, cold eyes: "is that you attack me?"

"Sneak attack?" Yi Xi Chen laughed, "the road-friendly raw unreasonable. Evidently you attack my bird earlier, we do have a face that attack you?"

"Your bird?" Then Dan Yu animal fat jack initiative to repair things turn a blind eye fell on his shoulders, sneered, "it is clearly a born reveal, how can you say it is your bird? You set him deed yet? "

Yi Xi Chen moment, immediately frown in disgust.

Yogi can enter into Sapta, and Sapta divided into several. The first is consonance deed, often signed between companion, after the two sides set deed empathy, wherever you are,The second time, a ghost deed, ascetics own soul as collateral to borrow the power of the ghost sector, but depletion of force, but also of the Taoist wits; can feel consonance with the force of the other side of the state and location ; third, a slave contract, some people have been known as the beast deed, it is even more vicious than the ghost deed, deed were given infringement can be given at any time of the contract's knowledge of the sea, affecting the demons were given deed, so who was designated contract agony, had to reflexively defer to those given contract. This surgery method, is not a simple Sapta, it is more of a control Gudu others.

Yi Xi Chen cold shoulder denounced: "! Crooked" If Yuying live and Qiu Jian here to hear these words from the mouth of Chen Yi Xi, probably will feel a novelty.

Slave contract between the people and more than able to sign Wicked, human, demon and the demon or ghost man and can also be given deed, but the early years of the demon repair person to repair and discrimination each other, so the use of this technique for my race method is more common thing. However, this centuries Simon several times after World War II, the two sides come to realize that different methods of human and demon just practice, there is no difference of position, this operation method gradually no longer be recognized. And because Sapta must be consensual order was signed, and so it was almost impossible to unequal contract voluntarily, so often given contract to use when given the means despicable deed is perishable, of course, it is much criticized.

But this is different from the demonic evil ways, because it had been recognized for a long time, so now owned by contempt contempt, it is difficult to use this technique because the other method which will be designated as the Magic and Heaven.

Yi Xi Chen only going to mention being fed fat squirt, squirt even if he really wanted to keep fat down, he would never set such a disgusting deed.

Yi Xi Chen more than most people that were present were of the beast Yu Dan repair voted to the dirty looks.

However, that person is not care, focusing hanging laughed: "You have always been self-righteous sword repair, if not with a sword than a high down, you do not have to be seen as crooked ways it big in the world, I love what road repair will repair? What road, you tube wear it! "

"Ha!" Xi Yi Chen laughed.

"What are you laughing?" That beast Yu Dan repair frown.

"Nothing, just before I always thought he was pretty brazen, you saw today, I know I just have a thick skin, still some distance away from the shameless."

That Dan repair apparently being branded a shameless already scolded used to, I do not care about this crop, only the greedy eyes on parked in fat chirp Yi Xi Chen shoulder: "Put the bird to pay out, or else I own grab……"

Voice hardly ever, suddenly a powerful Jianqi rushed him to fly out, his back heavy hit a wall, Koupen blood!

Long Sun Zijun lightly: "What do you repair the road, I have no control; I beat someone, you have no control."

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