Chapter thirteen

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Development Zhang Luan see things not as good as he expected, over and over again as if they already see through your own plan, the reigning horror back again and again, screamed: "! Invincible, what are you doing"

Long Sunzai Jun light: "dry | you."

"No! No!" Zhang Luan magic gas pushed hard, "Kill him! I command you, go and kill him!"

Finally reach the main cave, Zhang Luan thought he was invincible and control of the Jin Wu, snow tiger fine demon Dan has high aspirations, the first thing he has to do what he did not win his control, then Jin Wu and manipulate both invincible into the main tunnel and the main hole Cangming battle. Although he is not required Cang cloud sword, but if we can get a practice five hundred years of demon Dan, will be able to greatly enhance his cultivation. He hid in Cangming outside the cave for so long, just to be able to help him find a master, seeing today will succeed, but did not expect to fall short!

Long Sun Zijun pulled out his condensate Dan Stone, onto the floor. I saw the previous or black condensate Dan turned into a gray stone, its magic gas has long been to Sun Zijun sealed.

Zhang Luan face such as wax paper in general: "You ...... you did!"

Kin head black gas has dissipated, eyes full of dazed.

Yi Xi Chen crouched at his side, smiling and said:. "Fellow, could you be a witness, today we are beheaded devil, people from harm."

Kin gradually think of things before, finally understand what happened, suddenly Xiunao endless, struggling to his feet.

Zhang Luan keep back, finally retreated at the cliff, has been no turning back. Today he knew he had no escape, only takes the plunge!

I saw Zhang Luan Zhou Ranbian becomes black eyes, face grim laughed: "! Ha ha ha, today is your suicidal, do not blame me heartless," he Xiupao wave, drilled from the sleeve countless magic Bie, three straight coming!

That magic Bie but Zhang Luan sub | body, capable of taking the monks of the repair, into Zhang Luan used, is the number of people who died in this operation, after being grazed, wits, with only a black bones!

But Kyo Sun Zijun hurry, the wooden sword in his fingertips touch, wooden spears stained with his blood, suddenly golden Dasheng. His sword toward those magic Bie split to go, such as those magic Bie suddenly see predators like Back!

Zhang Luan increasingly impatient, the body was black gas more concentrated, forcing the Magic Bie approached. However, Magic Bie already in disarray.

Yi Xi Chen Tut a cry: "To the blasting."

Long Sun Zijun sneer, Jian Qi surge, I saw magic Bie scurrying around the floor, eventually bringing back towards Zhang Luan rush rushing, Kenshi began his own flesh and blood!

Zhang Luan screams, desperately slapping their bodies. But his magic gas has been out of control, even nibble bite itself! Not a moment, Zhang Luan crashing down, the Montreal magic Bie eating has become a black bone!

Dead body, magic Bie gradually become transparent, dissipated in the air.

Jin Wu stunned to see it all. A repair all kinds of evil magic of their own died in the forbidden technique, he is to blame, Kim Moo naturally not sympathize with him. But watch the two had been contempt of their own youth, but it looks as if only easily run over a pest, how can we not call him my heart Earthquake!

"Jin Daoyou,are you OK? "Yi Xi Chen came up care for him.

Jin Wu shook his head slowly, look complicated Baoquan thanks to his two; "Thank you two saving grace."

He was just magic gas invasion of the body, even though the two men in the name of his deranged kill him, forgiven, but the two men did not do so, but saved his life, Kim Wu also moved from inner heart.

Yi Xi Chen said: "Fellow may also facilitate joint action of the demon hole front end to have get rid of?."

Jin Wu Yi Zheng startled, quickly understood Yi Xi Chen persuade him to leave. However, he was convinced, his cultivation and virtue are under this duo, if more struggle continues, not only no income, but also shameless. He said: "I'm not hurt, I wish it would leave two fellow can get a sword.."

Yi Chen Xi lightly: "Thank you."

Kin turn around and walk, walk a few steps, he turned around, hesitating.

Yi Xi Chen was about to bend over to see him back, quickly and pretend to stand up straight: "Jindao You still do?"

Jin Wu said: "Invincible, win a two fellow pseudonym, right?"

Sun Zijun to long for the repair, he could not in the comprehension unremarkable, I'm afraid there is no alternative reasons, was forced to conceal one's identity. Kin today they were rescued, no doubt they are the bad guys, only two of his low-key. He said: "really can not do real name us the truth?"

Yi Xi Chen and Sun Zijun not long answer, is politely refused.

Jin Wu sighed, and submissively said: "I do not play gooseberry up anyway, I inherit the two of kindness, will bear in mind when hearts to Japan two local lingua franca of fellow if I never big Solomon kin. decline!"

Yi Xi Chen said: "That they thanked him."

Jin Wu is no longer entangled, turned and walked quickly away.

With great difficulty the people away, and Chen Yi Xi can not wait to unlock the cover immediately Zhang Luan robes on a black bone, removed his Qiankun Dai, he began to count the things inside.

"OMG!" Yi Xi Chen a few more excitement, eyes almost become like a Lingshi, "This is really rich, ah !!"

Luan now are able to cover this magic gas, repair his faith is not low, plus he means to viciously, grabbing a lot of good things. Magic repair of no fixed abode, subject to being hunted down, he did not dare to eastern Tibet elsewhere, can only carry. Yi Xi Chen swept away this rough, light senior Lingshi there are at least a hundred pieces, five elements readily available. He lived so much not seen so many Lingshi, enough for them to put the necessary things to nothingness the whole industry under one roof do not say, even let the fat eaten squirt a few Lingshi he does not feel bad.

Yi Xi Chen suddenly a black face. How stupid he thought it would only let the birds eat his Lingshi? No, it would only dare to eat a stupid birds, he'll pull off its hair!

Yi Xi Chen few amount of money too, such as boarding in Wonderland, almost forget where they are. Suddenly, just listen to the roar of sound, stand in front of their door cliff that road even automatically open.

"Where's the child of Rattus children, actually interfere with the seat clean?" A lazy and magnetic voice rang out from the main hole.

Yi Xi Chen quickly put not finished counting began close up.

The real enemy is at hand, two sword into the main tunnel, the main cave was surprised to find out the scenery completely different from those humble cavern,A door, they came close to being the magnificent indoor flash blind - the main tunnel whose walls were encrusted with colorful shiny gemstones, glass, feathers, scales, etc., green beans hung sash on the dome of the palace, a large red satin cloth, light yellow silk crepe, falling down to the ground. The middle of the cavern, stood a huge sitting couch, sitting couch covered with gold silk tiger. It lay on top of a plain clothes hair hanging waist snow man wearing wanted Cangming hole that is the main tiger Cang. He had a clean elegant white, but in this extravagant caverns, but rather in white, he became the most eye-catching presence.

Yi Xi Chen desperately staring at Nama white figure, for fear of an oblique oblique eyes will be blinded to colorful. He cleared his throat, pending the opening, was surprised to find around long Sun Zijun stepped forward, coldly shouted: "! Do not kneel down."

Not kneel!

Not kneel!



His sonorous voice echoed in the cave interior, for a time, the whole cavern into a deadly silence.

After a moment, stunned gaze at the two men, long Sunzai Jun Chen Xi Yi took a step back to stand around, pretending nothing had happened. - There is no doubt, is the fault of demons.

Gems and face themselves in the Greek Chen Yi as the colorful changing: "You ...... Why?"

Long Sun Zijun keep a straight face: "Oh, I scare him."

The tiger was scared Mongolia Cang: "......"

Hu Cang see coming is two looks handsome kid, this would also like to take liberties with two, did not think words could say to people to take liberties, and suddenly flew into a rage, he jumped down from sitting on the couch, sneered: "two uppity bastard! ...... ah? wooden sword?"

His eyes gazed at the long wooden sword in the hands of Sun Zijun, a time that arrogant domineering vigor and unloaded, and looked in a trance: "...... is Youyun called you here?"

"Asked interesting words the main hole." Yi Xi Chen said, "the sword to come Youyun real person, a real person told us to be Youyun to do?"

Hu Cang wrinkled brow, Daosi disappointed. After a while, the other party spoke again: "It seems that this wonderful thing overconfident little guys are just dare to take the stick sword play!" Then said, "You two broke into the seat of this main tunnel, showing you some skill . fold in here to waste. better to play gooseberry point, left early, the seat large number of adults, except that you care about. "

"Our measure is not small." Yi Xi Chen laughed, "not as the main hole play gooseberry point, honestly hand over the demon Dan, good Niland saved a life." Dan took the demon, repair lost, tiger Cang it will change back to an ordinary snow tiger. If the demon Dan can be won by someone else shot, shot slightly heavier, naturally, can not hold their lives up.

"Ha!" Hu Cang laughed, "callow, the tone is not small!"

His half-open a rope skirts, suddenly turned into a white light towards Chen Yi Xi attack to go!

Yi Xi Chen stature did not move, his side has long Sun Zijun move. Long Sun Zijun stand in front of Chen Yi Xi body, pixia sword, that white light will flash in the past, again turned into a tiger pale humanoid.

Hu Cang touched a pinch of hair was cut off, frowned, looked just a little more serious than that: "'d like to get more fun than this seat."

He saw the two swords to repair this,He thinks of his two should not mind, after all, everyone wants to Cang cloud sword, had just been killed at the door on a one off. However, they did so with care, it touches on surprising.

Hu Cang and moving them to attack, stand in front of a long Sunzai Jun Chen Yik body, and that white light you come to me, Lien Chan, the number of strokes!

When Tiger Cang once again turned into a human form, his face has a thin layer of sweat. He has quite scared, with his five hundred years of cultivation, and this boy battle, actually account for less than completely the upper hand, but the young man at ease, apparently not come to power. He exclaimed: "Really Young Hero."

Long Sun Zijun not be bothered with his nonsense, take the initiative to attack up!

I saw not too spacious caverns in the number of light and shadow flitting to and fro themselves in gem stones are crashing fall to the ground.

His two warring, Chen Yik not help hand, then drove body care Jianqi, where the stones came down, he quickly rushed to pick up into his pocket.

Shake more and more powerful, easy to stand against the wall Chen Xi, feel the stone wall and the ground in shock. There are still things crackling fall down, but now can not just fall from the gems, as well as stone chips.

Chen Yi Xi slight discoloration: "Either go out and play it, this cave is about to collapse."

I saw the stone dome slowly open to reveal blue boundless sky. White took the lead jump out, followed by Sun Zijun long!

Yi Xi Chen did not hurry to go out with, first room of the cave gems to pick over, this leisurely Feijian to the sky.

Out of the narrow cavern, two shadow throw open the doors you into my back, played under clear skies thunder and lightning constantly! Long Sun Zijun completely Jianqi infusion on wooden sword, a Jianpi go, just listen to the roar of sound, a mountain came crashing down!

Hu Cang down under the wind, actually of a prototype, a huge snow tiger sky and shouts, and a mountain down!

This pushers play to see Chen Xi Yi Xian Yan stunned and surprised, but he caught sight of the snow tiger prototype, actually thought: so much a snow tiger, but added enough for two people to ride.

Hu Cang gradually lost, become angry, and finally resorted to the trick. I saw him summoned a few shadows, down towards the long passage to the Sun Zijun!

Yi Xi Chen surprised: "Yu ghost surgery!"

He said people ill, it refers to the tiger demon capable of driving Ghost. Those who died in his cave Cangming monks or monster, after it was turned into a ghost will be driven!

The number of devils attack went on, facing long Sun Zijun mouth will bite! They bite if they are in, not to hurt the flesh, but the loss of the soul! However long the Sun Zijun body care Jianqi opened, and that a number of devils close to him, he left only a few times screaming, into the smoke dispersed.

Hu Cang shocked! He easily do this surgery, so patients only once the shot is a human life, if not forced, he would not be so Henli. However, he was hit by a long Shazhao Sun Zijun easily resolved, this boy is simply unfathomable repair!

After long Sunzai Jun beheaded devils, dark green sword Pilai toward the tiger. Hu Cang had to release the body of magical powers, engaged the sword!

I saw sparks Leiguang huge flash, the mountain continues to shake off the Rolling Stones Fun!

After the smoke dispersed, Sun Zijun long wooden spears have been folded hands, leaving only a broken sword. However, his broken sword blade, already stand in the neck snow tiger.Hu Cang of a human form again, but this time, he had just been a non-white chic look askew, but looking Tuhui, find any.

Although come to such a situation, Hu Cang but still looked up, trying to maintain one of the demon king's dignity. His old-fashioned way: "You and the seat past injustice Wu Chou recently, take this demon Dan seat just for a good sword as good as you help this seat a favor and give Youyun bastard brought over, the seat set for you. get a dark green cloud better than the sword! "

Yi Xi Chen raised an eyebrow. Cang said he noticed the tiger is to bring Youyun a real person, a real person rather than bring Youyun heads or Youyun saver, that he wanted a living, but completely different from Youyun live the kind of unreasonable overbearing.

"Cang cloud better than the sword?"

"Yes. Why do you channel that Cang cloud sword named Cang cloud? Hu Cang, Youyun, it is with the sword Youyun together to refine the seat flames out of fine iron wrought!"

I do not doubt this, then. This tiger Cang and Youyun live, really and rumors in general, was very good friends, could even think of today was referred to such a field.

Yi Xi Chen stepped forward and said: "?? You are offering a reward of three years, but always refused to leave Cangming hole, is waiting for it to come to you live Youyun you want to see him."

Tiger pale face slightly changed, to put aside eye: "Yes."

"Then why do not you go to him directly?"

"He if you are willing to see this seat, this seat here with you, how could these two little mucus crap?!"

Hu Cang Long Sun Zijun see insulted, progressive sort of sword, piercing Jianqi immediately draw a blood Cang port in the collar of the tiger, his blood stained the white one.

"Aiai Ai!" Tiger Cang busy road, "Boy impatient, and so on the seat elaborate ah! People are Youyun Road is a casual repair, but I do not know the master of the seat but Youyun!"

"Master?" Yi Xi Chen and Sun Zijun long looked at each other.

If Youyun real master is a monster, and that all the monks are naturally unwilling to admit, when he says that he is a casual repair. However, in the comprehension, due to the age of monks long life, indifferent to the relatives, it will be particularly pay attention to the meaning of mentoring. Any monk, must not be detrimental to his master. If life thanks to ten master, it would be valuing ten master. And even for the right way to repair the monks hated magic, if his master fall into the Magic, nor personally killing their teacher, in order to cause, you can only do report Master, shot by others beheaded.

This is probably why, Youyun to live tiger Cang inner alchemy, but refused hands because of it.

Yi Xi Chen said: "? You killed Youyun real companion of the matter can not be a misunderstanding it," although they pale clouds sword high aspirations, but Tiger does not seem Cang evil demon, after all, and therefore wanted to find out what the whole story, in order to avoid chaos Shanie.

Mention it, Tiger pale face slightly gloomy, obviously do not want to talk about. Sun Zijun be long sword on his neck stand on hand a little shocked, sharp war of the gas blew him pain. He finally spoke: "This is the seat of three years and never said anyone today, you see two coupled lacking guess, could not help think of the previous years of the past no matter whether the seat, the seat and put it in Youyun. segment Niezhai tell you, you ...... warning or,Mo step in our footsteps. "

Hu Cang start recollection of events.

Youyun real childhood was a small room outside the monks disciples. That monk retrieve Youyun, but a lack of a wait on their trail child, nor teach Youyun practice every day, just let him do chores, do not give him even with a sword. However Youyun gifted, hard work and practice, own some of the thin excel repair, cut a piece of wood as a sword, then bragging to break into the forest experience, people want to learn the demon slayer.

His first experience, I encountered a tiger Cang.

At that time Youyun ignorant or naive teenager, the so-called fearless, he saw the tiger Cang is only evil, regardless of the repair but both cloud of mud, abruptly to dark green tiger attack. No doubt, he was beaten and his head Hu Cang package, dingy ran.

After a few days, tiger woods are dark green in the sun when Youyun again. As a result, the package has been beaten and his head to go back.

Youyun grew up is a stubborn temper, went so far as to look for the tiger Cang. Every few days to have a trip to Cang challenge to find the tiger, was hit too miserable to go back and continue to study and train hard.

At the time Tiger Cang already is the dominant party, they do not say evil, that is those monks pretentious, but also no one dared to come to him trouble, he was a nice day too boring yet. Youyun just met, and he was too lazy to care about a child, he readily beat two hand just to tease him play Bale. When can the course of time, and it lasts a day really too boring, the young Chenhundingxing trouble to come to him, he had gradually these teenagers on the heart.

Youyun talent is very good, come back every sword has sophisticated, but not as good as the big general comprehension martial disciples so organized, but a wild ways of cultivation methods. That the wooden sword in his hand, is even more appalling.

So when Youyun trouble again come to him, he put Youyun beat up on the ground, and asked him, did not provoke the seat you, this kid, why always want to come to the seat of the trouble?

Small Youyun innocent eyes clearly written novel and interesting, but it is saying one word mouthful of moral: my master say demons are bad guys, you're the bad guy, I want to punish you!

Hu Cang listening laughed and said the seat is not a bad guy, but you master that it is a real fool. You can not learn and his silly. Thanks to people like you, not as the seat of worship as a teacher, since then, the seat teach you practice.

Youyun beginning of naturally refused, as usual, from time to time will come tiger Cang challenge. Lose it honestly go back to practice.

Until one day, ought to Youyun to challenge the day, Tiger Cang left to wait, but do not come Youyun. He worried at heart, went to the forest to see, happened to see a wolf demon Youyun be beaten dying, wolf demon actually want to eat Youyun fill their cultivation. Cang beat Tiger put the wolf demon played injured vomiting blood, the demon Youyun back to his cave.

Youyun asked him, why did you save me? Hu Cang said, you worship me as a teacher I'll tell you.

Youyun asked him, do not really have a good demon demon? Hu Cang said, you worship me as a teacher I'll tell you.

Youyun asked him if there are good demon demon, that there is some good magic magic it? Hu Cang said, you worship me as a teacher I'll tell you.Youyun said: Master Master, in the end what is the right way, what is virtue? Hu Cang patted him on the head: fool, do not listen to those fools out of nonsense, how can there be anything in this world right path of righteousness. You remember everything as long as you happy, and that is the right path of righteousness!

Hu Cang teach Youyun practice, take him to the flames sperm refining iron sword. Youyun also never hidden his master is a demon repair, even if the monks have been self-proclaimed right way of contempt, even if they are pointed little man, he did not care.

However big, there are always children apprenticeship that day. Sanyang has Youyun body repair sophisticated fast, only a hundred years will end successfully Dan, became the saver monks. After Dan, he is no longer with Tiger Cang always be together, he began to wander four annual spring back Cangming hole with Tiger pale wine chat a few days, right again wander out of.

A few years later, when Youyun return Cangming hole, is not one person alone. He brought back one day fox fine. That was the companion of his new junction.

Long Sun Zijun heard here, are not inserted the sentence: "Are you jealous?"

Hu Cang fiercely glared at him: "Boy, listen to the seat finished!"

Long Sun Zijun deadpan poke poke a sword in his hand, indicating he went on.

Hu Cang then said, after Youyun knot companion, will still come back to see him once a year, but he came no one. So not salty not pale, pretty smoothly after five years. Fifty years later, however, it would only be of the tragedy of the day Fox. Day Fox was born reveal, repair sophisticated fast, but a hundred years to usher in the age of life tragedy. But even born they reveal, it is also a terrible tragedy Kaner. Although the day Fox survived in the tragedy, he failed to soaring success, but rather try to repair damage, almost possessed by the Devil. Youyun Emotion is a person, the day Fox refused to give up daily in their own spiritual power for the day Fox, although for the time being saved their lives day Fox, but he himself is increasingly weak, cultivation has gradually been hollowed out.

Hu Cang said: "If so then let that guy go, can not be saved not only his companion, he will be possessed by the devil, die with bird day Fox!"

"Oh." Chen Yik be completely understood, "So you shot to kill a bird day Fox."

"Yes. Taking advantage of the seat when Youyun out of herbs, sneaked into his house road, gouging out his arm the day Fox inner alchemy in this seat this does not want to kill him, take him inner alchemy, he was prodding , is practicing again. just did not expect bird day Fox already weak physically weak, thanks to the alchemy in Youyun irrigation system repair reluctantly life. isolated alchemy, he was going to die ...... "Hu Cang faint He said, "excuse next Needless to say, after all, it would only day Fox is indeed dead in the seat of his hand."

Hu Cang finally suppressed in the hearts pour out of the past three years, after that, he set his sights on the long Sunzai Jun Chen Yi Xi. However, that he was a bit surprised, he managed to maintain the clear sky, and the two teenagers, but it is really a look of clear sky, does not have any touch.

"Oh, good move! Song of the main hole to Youyun live, All these are done to him, but he did not read your mind, good deed goes unpunished, and even reward your hang sword demon Dan!" Laughs Chen Yi Xi "he is too heartless, is not it?"

Hu Cang inexplicably frowned uneasily. Rao then he is unkind, but also to hear Chen Yik voice filled with sarcasm, saying not a change of heart.

Sure enough, Chen Xi Yi smiled and said: "?. The main hole, do you think we will say so, but I'm afraid Lord touched his hole, but failed to move him Pathwalker"

Hu Cang shocked.

Long Sun Zijun coldly: "Since Youyun companion of you indeed killed, it'll be OK!" Then he stretched out his hand to dig to the heart, Zhaxian golden palm, the intention of seizing his demon Dan!

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