Thirtieth chapter

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Although snow tiger is fine, but people have repair has become one of the main hole, it can be considered a big man. You say you played it when people, you actually said you ever ridden people, this is not gas people do!

Yi Xi Chen a good laugh: "Have you ever ridden it fast you run it??"

There is no doubt that this absurd thing naturally occurs in the long Sun Zijun of "demons" in the.

Understand the content Youyun real reward, and Chen Xi Yi Long Sun Zijun exit the crowd, spy plan.

Yi Xi Chen muttered:?? "This Youyun real tiger and the snow is fine grudges against you he wants to fine snow tiger demon Dan, is to kill other people do fine snow tiger or just need a deep cultivation of demon Dan? "

Long Sun Zijun said: "If only wanted demon Dan, then the fat jack to him." Squirt say how fat they reveal is born, although it is not snow newborn tiger fine, but raise more years, not necessarily over snow tiger fine bad to go.

Means a fertilizer jack Qiankun Dai tight.

Yi Xi Chen thought, deep thought: "If we beat the white tiger fine, really can try this method."

Qiankun Dai writhed up and down in protest.

Long Sun Zijun curled his lip, very unhappy: how could beat? That's only annoying to have to continue to keep the fat birds.

Yi Xi Chen noticed he seemed very offensive to fat jack. Ever since he discovered he fat squirt eggs brought out after a long Sunzai Jun has repeatedly expressed to lose the fat jack. He could not help wonder: "You hate fat jack Why??"

Long Sun Zijun deflated lips do not speak.

"In the end how the matter?" Yi Xi Chen, "He did it do anything bad?"

Sun Zijun began long silence, but could not help Yi Xi Chen's repeated questioning, he threw a muffled: "? Are you sure you want to hear."

Yi Xi Chen: "......"

Whenever the Sun Zijun long to say these words, for Yi Xi Chen is a warning, if you insist on listening to your peril. However, knowing that the next word will be sensational, may the words to this sake, do you resist curiosity can do?

Yi Xi Chen wiped my face, Zhu Jian firm: "Tell me."

"He conspiracy against the law for you."

Yi Xi Chen: "......"

Of course he knew no good what that means, in order to clarify the long Sun Zijun the "demons" that he and long-Sun Zijun discussed world view, in the long Sun Zijun eyes, Luzi Yao told him no good, Kung flute told him no good, almost all mountain on his young disciples were up to no good ...... forget all that! however! However, it is just a squirt fat birds! ! !

Yi Xi Chen collapse: "You frenzied ah !! It's just a bird in sight !! Niaoa !! ah !! I was not material to treasure !! is not just something you did not miss with a bird?! ! "

Long Sun Zijun: "......"

Yi Xi Chen dumbfounding amount of help. He also complained that a few words, they do not get angry, after all ...... used to it. There is no doubt that a bird coveted him such a thing is certainly long Sunzai Jun delusion, he actually wanted to ask you knew why this is delusional hate fat squirt it? But think about it, know and understand that sometimes not the same thing, has been a long Sunzai Jun preconceived notions, it is difficult to correct.Even if correct, it would only fight back with nothing.

Fighting back? Yi Xi Chen surprised a moment, suddenly thought of long Sun Zijun most misunderstood thing ......

"It will be into human form."

Yi Xi Chen is still lost in thought, when I heard Sun Zijun long talk, and sometimes did not react: "?? Ah what," he dull moment, suddenly realize long Sun Zijun mouth who it is, exclaimed, "you say fat jack ? "

Wicked practice to a certain level, you can of the human form. Born naturally can reveal. The reason is easy to understand Xi Chen of course. But when he picked up squirt fat, fat jack is only one egg, he will not hit the bottom of my heart pumping when people look fat. If parents send their children single-handedly brought the baby from, no matter what age children grow up, their hearts are in children. So, even if people become fat jack, in his mind, it will only be a bird person.

"Into human form, that goes back a few years, right?" Yi Xi Chen said uncertainly. It was his first encounter reveal born, I do not know that being the case they reveal born scarce, whether gifted, just out of the shell of the human form can it?

Greek solved Qiankun Dai Yi Chen, towards the inside shouted: "? Hey, fat jack, you will not Changeling" He was kind of curious, this dingy little fat birds of a humanoid look like , dingy little man?

Fat jack does not respond, perhaps in the play dead.

Yi Xi Chen shrugged, put on a tie again Qiankun Dai. It seems no fat jack Guards to this sake, it is estimated a few years or much practice.

Long Sun Zijun though not like fat jack, but since Yi Xi Chen believes that it can keep a better price, he would not have to compete with Chen Yi Xi compete with it for this purpose. More important things right now, is to find ways to get Cang cloud sword, they can go to find community nothingness nothingness sovereign.

It stands to reason in order to prevent Cang cloud sword is pre-empted, they should go to the main hole Cangming who beheaded soon as possible, but they still spent a lot of time to find out a bit about Cangming hole main thing - after all that bounty list hung up for three years and no one able to complete, the main hole visible Cangming not so good deal, evening twelve days did not matter much.

Yi Xi Chen and long Sunzai Jun Xia Huang Town in a circle, finally found a stall, stall stood a sign that read five characters: the world knows what to do. After that sit stall is a female Dan repair, she stood shoulder hawk a demon, a demon dog lying at his feet, fingers also parked a few demon butterfly.

Dan repair There is also a special genre, called "Yu-beast Dan repair." The monks themselves cultivation is not high, they fight is very weak, but they can draw on alchemy Wicked, Wicked and feeding for their own use. If skilled, fed by Wicked the more powerful, naturally, the more can do.

In front of the Sisters, obviously is a beast Yu Dan repair. Her cultivation is not high, her Wicked is not so fierce, did not help her out of dangerous territory to defeat powerful enemies, yet another enough to help her business to make a living - jack of all trades.

Since it is a female repair, naturally long Sun Zijun comes into play. Chen Yi Xi sat down opposite the stall, threw began as two charges:. "Senior sister apprentice, I should like to know one thing."

Sisters accept Lingshi,Enthusiastic: "The fellow wanted to find out what?"

Each town has given so few comprehension "jack of all trades", their eyes and ears extending in all directions, all the events of comprehension for industry knows that very clear, if small, then they do not know now, but also helped to investigate.

Yi Xi Chen reported two names: "Youyun real, Cangming the main hole."

Sisters to glance Oh, sigh. Since the reward list that hung for three years, of course, there are a lot of people to inquire about their affair, the woman immediately repair glance Yik Chen and Sun Zijun is directed at the long dark green cloud sword come.

She said: "That Cangming main cave named Tiger Cang, this year he has five hundred-year-old former body is a fine snow tiger, repair very deep, not so good deal Moreover, ordinary people want to see. he is not easy. "

"How to say?"

"He now lives in Cangming cave, but that Cangming hole mountain ravine, rugged rock formations, hole connected, like a maze. It is one of the fine snow tiger king demon, the demon countless men, ordinary people want through layers of obstacles, into the main cave, it is not easy. "

How to repair a woman that a man how unusual, eyes staring Chen Xi Yi Sun Zijun with long straight look, it touches on targeted. Her response as normal, Chen Yi Xi was soon building the base, long Sun Zijun grabbing for her do not see real repair, repair can be as a sword, scabbard was actually empty, apparently for some reason broken sword. Swords are broken man monks, but also powerful where do you go?

Xi Chen Yi as if to remind her not to listen to, continued: "? Senior sister apprentice seen, what are the cave that Wicked Wicked"

Sisters had their knowledge of 11 years. Having cave beast that case, she added: "For three years, I know that light, it is more than a hundred people have been through that Cangming hole, and I heard the final hole of the Lord can not see Cangming to ten people. just three months ago, even a sword saver repair also try to make their fortune, as was beaten seriously injured, almost broken Dan yuan ...... "

"Well." Yi Xi Chen nodded, and not scared look.

Sisters to see his two handsome, can not bear to see their adventure, the end is not help but said: "IMHO ...... that Cangming hole really dangerous, two fellow practitioners or go a few years, more secure some."

Yi Xi Chen laughed: "We practice a few years and that the main hole Cangming recent past injustice Wu Chou, would have let him live several more years is nothing wrong, I'm afraid Cang cloud sword can not wait a few years?."

Sisters stay. This ...... This is a small slender sword was actually cute, lovable temper how so? A mere disciple build the base, so I do not know bragging up!

Yi Xi Chen suddenly Stern said: "But Youyun live out the conditions too harsh, if only to make snow tiger fine him arrested and they will be nothing more, he has to people's demon Dan, that is simply not purchase snow tiger specializes death can not! I want to know, but that snow tiger fine heinous believers? beheaded really need? "

Although both of them to repair the sword, but it is not random killing of the demon repair nor even discrimination. Ruoxue tiger fine is not evil, but they live Youyun unreasonably kill him, let alone a dark green cloud sword, is ten, they will not do evil.

Mention this, Sisters sigh again and again: "To be honest, there was a fatal attraction that the real name of the first Youyun do not know you have not heard the last.He acted always unruly, with many demon repair befriend, or even the main hole that Cangming, who is also his close friends, but for which he was popular with a lot of criticism in the comprehension ...... However, just a few years ago that snow tiger fine and I do not know what Youyun played a real conflict, even kill live companion of ...... so they forged this blood feud, not only this Xia town, Youyun real reward standings in each town are linked to comprehension Posts and invite world hero, who beheaded if snow tiger fine, he put to the sword who Cang cloud! "

Yi Xi Chen frowned. Snow tiger fine companion to kill other people, it is no wonder Youyun live with him mortal. Since there are bonds of life in the body, that demon things, he can long Sun Zijun took over.

That is very strange, dark green cloud that sword is the rare sword from a hundred years ago Youyun retrieved in real refining flames fine iron build, blade anger is compelling, if high-level monks got the sword, will be able to cut to make the world strong. Is it really that Cangming main hole so powerful? So a sword to change his life, three years have not changed?

But Chen Yi Xi wanted to quickly understand. Can end Dan monks, this is only a thousand people in, so excel saver monks, he was revered enough to live up soon. Most of these people are really worried elders and even the head of the martial art, self-reliance identity, will not mix out of water. And each has its own holding the sword repair sword for many years, saver monks sword itself is not bad to go, plus the combination of long sword person, not willing to change it to another. As for the monks saver or less, they may have a lot of plot sword, but ...... just Sisters do not say, they beat the snow tiger fine ah!

Yi Xi Chen asked Sisters snow tiger fine Youyun why kill a real person companion, Sisters Road, but did not know, that they are not told what the outside world said. However, what is real, there is no error, or else being hunted so many years of fine snow tiger never say anything that does not excuse.

All in all, though not know the details, but the consequences are clear antecedent.

Yi Xi Chen Xie unto the convent had, it took a long Sun Zijun back.

Sisters watching the two leave the back, sad shook his head, sighed feeling the demon dog hair back: "So cute two small sword repair ...... alas alas only hope that a lot of the main hole Cangming mercy we go!! what."

End for news, they went back to the residence. Yi Xi Chen entered the room began to shift the own instruments used. He had long since put the money saved to buy Sun Zijun sword, so he is no lack of material cents to buy. Sun Zijun may initially have now long sword landed, he decided to put some of their own can be done short of the instruments used to do a good job, maybe tomorrow go Cangming holes to play when fine snow tiger can come in handy.

Sun Zijun long to see him juggle, quite puzzled: "Why do these?"

In the fight this thing, and Yuying live long Sunzai Jun, Qiu Jian ideas quite coincide - that is too lazy to bother, fighting basically rely on rolling. Anyway, to his cultivation, mostly opponents can only lie flat either rolling.

Yi Xi Chen said: "I am finally out of the day Jianmen, a skill come into play, but this time the opportunity for me to trial tomorrow you leave some small evil to me, let me try my new! the instruments used to do really easy to use."He Jianmen days, although a lot of research heretical, but due to door rules, has no chance to spend. To the mountains outside, he was finally able to flex its muscles.

Long Sun Zijun does not matter: "Oh."

Yi Xi Chen took out a yellow lanterns: "You see this, for several years the province fairy timber and began to do 'overwhelmed the lamp', originally're just some of the charges fairy leaves twisted wick will be able to do with, and unfortunately Jianmen market day near impossible to buy Dutch fairy leaves. just the way back I saw people buy, they buy some. "

This "overwhelmed lamp" looks like an ordinary lantern, but there has been a significant tricks. Aquamarine water purification placed on the stone walls to create a mirror shade, inlaid with Five Elements five elements began with each of the three advanced to the base. After igniting the wick, all around the light shines into the clean water into the aquamarine, wick can burn about a day of effort. Other candle goes out, the purification aquamarine removed, placed in a bowl of water, when the combustion wick "shape" and "film" will be released in the water purification aquamarine recorded. That is, they can see what the next record overwhelmed by the lamp.

"This is something well, will come in useful can be more!" Yi Xi Chen explained, "such hasty action, when overwhelmed by a burning lamp, after carefully re-read to be, perhaps not able to find the time to note things; or if you want to observe a certain place, we are close and inconvenient, would smuggle overwhelmed lights in there, will be able to record what happened that day. "

Long Sun Zijun nodded.

This is not easy stuff done, not to mention those fairy wood, senior began with light, it takes fifteen, it was years before many of them live frugally saved.

Create instruments used for years finally completed, Yi Xi Chen will be carefully □□ wick lamp holder, I could not wait to try the intention. He had a fire tactics twist, throw the wick, the fire ignited in his look of hope, and then ...... extinguished.

Yi Xi Chen surprised a moment: "how?"

He tried to re-ignition, the fire or on the wick went out together.

He quickly removed the shade down to check what went wrong, this may look, at once shocked: "?! I began with it," he embedded in the socket of fifteen senior Lingshi, even one gone!

Long Sun Zijun hurriedly pocket universe of things fall out, to see Lingshi is not falling inside. This may be down, but both of them are perplexing - ought installed Qiankun Dai began with a bunch of shuffling back and forth, only began to pour fired several primary, intermediate above all began all missing it!

Yi Xi Chen scream, rushed past Qiankun Dai grabbed go out into the front of the compact, which is Lang Lang events can be amazing, naturally he could not see anything. He immediately tackling the spiritual power, can Qiankun Dai is really empty! empty!

As a miser, Xi Yi Chen cold sweat came down at once. He worked so hard to earn! Where are all gone!

It was stolen? impossible! Private Mantra on Qiankun Dai, easily untied! Lost? It is impossible! Qiankun Dai has no holes!

This Qiankun Dai in the end what's the problem? Is it installed what will absorb began with?

Yi Xi Chen Yi Zheng, suddenly thought of something, dark eyes turned to squatting fat jack Zhuojiao.At this moment, being fat jack beak softly moving forward, as if to eat delicious snacks ......

Yi Xi Chen suddenly rushed past, fat jack shocked violently with its wings to fly into the sky, but still be eye grassland Yi Xi Chen caught behind. Yi Xi Chen shouted: "What shall we eat spit it out!!"

Fat squirt his head, apparently trying to swallow something in his mouth! Long Sun Zijun with lightning speed out two fingers, to squirt fat meat toot on a poke in the stomach, fat mouth vomit immediately squirt out.


An intermediate began with the debris fell on the table.

"Ah ah ah ah ah! Phoenix! You actually dare to eat me !!! I began to bake you !!!" Yi Xi Chen crazy!

He pinched fat jack straight rolling his eyes, struggled from his hand slipped out, he flew to the top of the cabinet.

This naturally they reveal, of course, impossible to eat whole grains for food, it can absorb the aura of heaven and earth, so sophisticated cultivation soon. In addition to the world of Reiki, other strong spiritual things it can also be absorbed, for example, began with these things than it is to eat slowly absorbed spirit days to air faster. Poor monk could not bear to just suck Lingshi, a bird which also Guannameduo? Anyway, he earned money is not!

Purse damaged, Chen Yi Xi, trembling with rage. But he can not really put the fat jack roast and eat, or the loss of even more disastrous. His red-eyes, staring fat jack said: "!!! There is so much you eat two primary Lingshi I also recognize you !! actually ate all of the precious !!"

Fat jack "jack" a cry, stomp your feet, he looked away. Whispering sound, the kind of low-grade goods that have bothered to eat!

Chen Yi Xi deep breath, take a deep breath, forcing himself to calm down. He quickly counted the losses, and other plan after they get fat Cang cloud sword should sell a squirt what price is appropriate.

After the inventory of finished, Chen Yi Xi Distressed to fiddle with their own other instruments used.

Fat jack on top of the cupboard to hide for a while, feeling safe below, and finally to round yo little head sticking out. Long Sun Zijun is meditation, Chen Xi Yi are the instruments used to repair damaged teeth, it seems to be saying do not intend to settle the account of. She flies down from the cupboard, boldly jumping around in the house, look at this, look at that.

It does not jump on drug poison produced by small alchemy fireside, curious to spin around it - this alchemy furnace, saying the body is actually about the same size! It used to be never seen such a thing!

"Long Sun Zijun! Eat! Medicine! It!"

Drug is not toxic deep voice sounded in the house.

Fat jack shocked, suddenly wings and fly up, and soon they dive toward the past that little alchemy furnace, aggressive fierce meal chaos pecking, pecking the lid open, and want to fall in the furnace.

Long Sun Zijun eye grassland, two wings caught it and tossed it out!


Fat jack hit the bedpost, stars, dizzy for a moment.

Long Sun Zijun frowning spit out the little alchemy furnace immortality eat, and the little alchemy furnace close up. Lingshi he did not care, but this is left to master their stuff, if they are fat jack broke, he will be given only stupid birds disembowel!

Fat jack awake, for long Sunzai Jun glare. Long Sun Zijun a cold eye knife lost in the past: "If you dare to touch this thing,I need your life! "

Fat jack was scared a shiver his fierce look, knew he was not joking, so he slides it got into the universe in his pocket, and never came out.

Because suffered huge property losses, Chen Yi Xi a very bad mood all night, playing musical instruments for a while, but missed a fear of their own broke the instruments used, so disappointed he put something of a collection, go to bed a.

He lay for a while, Sun Zijun also known for meditating, but did not practice nor meditation, murmuring, as if the mantra, the reigning strange: "? What are you doing"

Is clear mantra meditation eighth hundred times longer Sunzai Jun mouth twitched.

He also living in the "demons" at the time, Chen Xi and ease of doing whatever he finally will end in bed, in fact, he will feel tired. So when Chen Xi Yi returned to normal, he began as a very fortunate, Chen Xi is so easy in his mind like the look askew. The only not used, is the only Guzhen sleep at night.

When And now, in order to save money, he had to ease Chen Xi were sleeping one, he did not know how Guzhen sleep alone is worth a fluke thing ah! He did not want to make things difficult for Chen Xi Yi, but did not want to influence prehistoric relationship between the two, even though he may be able to restrain his heart, but it is difficult to impose restraint twisted world in his body, ah!

Although Chen Xi Yi Sun Zijun know long delusion is very strange, but those things he has not experienced before, and there is no feeling. And long Sun Zijun so far although a lot of words to make him laugh and cry, but there is nothing done for him. So long Sun Zijun sharing a bed and he did not feel any problem - but they are so sleep for several years, until two years ago when his disciples housing distribution was only separated.

Yi Xi Chen said: "You do not break it?"

Long Sun Zijun had dawdled over to the bed, lay down at his side.

A little while, Chen Yi Xi fell asleep.

Sun Zijun positive long jumping backwards again with clear mantra back a hundred times, and finally fell asleep.

Middle of the night, long Sun Zijun stumbled woke up. He pulled a fishing, the body side Yik Chen hug into his arms, kissed his lips unconsciously.

Yi Xi Chen Shen sleep, did not resist.

The kiss, the body Zaohuo underway, Sun Zijun very long accustomed to put his hand into the skirt in Chen Yi Xi, stroking his smooth skin, palm gradually decline, slid to his waist, was about to whither quiet secret place continue moving -

Ok? It seems a bit tight?

and many more……

Sun Zijun suddenly a long stare, wake up!

No, no! You can not do that! Obviously over the next two days before the determination to overcome the demons! Long Sun Zijun painfully clutching his right hand, hand drawn wants to come back, but his right hand was tightly controlled force prehistoric, as if glued to the Greek Chen Yi's body in general.

come back! Right! Come back ah!

I beg you, please come home! My closest right hand ah!

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