Chapter XXIII

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Yuying live close to him as a disciple, then of course the Greek Chen Yi series of nonsense. Although he was very disgust Shaw Quebec, but that does not risk him in order to win a fencing would take the wrong track in Congress, he can not longer be won once, if they deliberately compiled stimulate Xiao Kui, first chaos of his mind , for their chance to win.

Yi Xi Chen Fengqi to the temple, sitting in the hall has Yuying live fine him.

"The disciples see the head."

Yi Xi Chen Yuying live respectfully salute. He did not always big or little in the face of no poisons in the face of outsiders, the idea is to put on a cute look.

"My child, you come here, let me see you."

Yi Xi Chen confused, obediently stepped forward.

Yuying live quietly watched Yi Xi Chen moment, the fingers point to his forehead. Yi Xi Chen was shocked and did not hesitate to open their own knowledge of the sea. Even if that person is the head, and he has not trusted to this sake.

Fortunately Yuying live also did not insist forcing him to know the sea, just feel a little breath he put a finger to recover.

"My child, you are not pseudo-spiritual roots of the body, but the spiritual roots of variation of epic proportions. I missed it previously was with you the elders."

Yi Xi Chen busy: "My physique is specific, the head can not see is as it should be even I also recently learned that.."

Yuying live nodded: "your body really special, there was a strong force to seal your tendons, causing only you can only play ten second so a good seed, wasted so many years, really. Pity."

"Does not it a shame." Yi Xi Chen smiling said, "Since it is to be sealed, there is always one day I was able to unlock the seal, is not too late."

"Oh?" Yuying live, "you already know how to unlock the seal in your body yet?"

Yi Xi Chen little hesitation, replied vaguely:. "There is always another way of"

He had a good discussion and long Sun Zijun, wait until next year, they will be coming to the old experience, they go together like the five-day material to treasure, and then try refining the body of law. He did not tell the truth Yuying live, because he can not explain exactly how long Sun Zijun know these things.

Yuying live: "I do know a method, or you can unlock the seal body of a child, you want to be my disciple it.?"

Yi Xi Chen suddenly Zheng Zhu. He heard right? Yuying live, he said that there should be a disciple? Gee, this is coming true? ! He just completely casually nonsense, ah, this is the spirit of the art word excel yet! !

Yuying real easy to see Chen hesitated to speak Greek, then he asked: "? You do not want to."


Yi Xi Chen seeking only to shock, not much willing to work with do not want him to think. This fact is too weird, Jianmen day up and down hundreds of people, both known Yuying live only recognize a sword sword crazy, even in the affairs of his martial art not have to come forward when he did not walk away to several other all elders. Yuying like a real person can now turn the general temper.

Yi Xi Chen asked: "Why?"

Yuying live obviously stunned surprised a moment, apparently he did not expect Chen Yik actually dare to ask him turn the head. He frowned slightly, seems never considered this issue,Think for a moment before: "I practice two hundred years, as you have never seen such a variation of my spiritual roots, although only in name, after all, is also the head of school, if for me to show you, might be able to make up. you regret these years. "

So ...... This is to love?

Right now this thing happened, so that if Chen Yi Xi dream, he thought he would be given without hesitation agreed. After all, did the head of the apprentice, began with the immortal material do not have to worry about. Can now things really happened, he had hesitated. Although he worshiped the head, it will not abandon medicine not poison his heart is not always comfortable. The drug is not toxic to him and Sun Zijun long terms, has long been more than just a teacher, but also a parent.

Yuying live and said: "You want to unlock the seal body, will probably take a few days to treasure, you do not have to worry about the matter, I will find a way for you."

Yi Xi Chen more heart. And let him long to find that a few cents Sun Zijun material, must be difficult. There Yuying real helping hand extended, it would be much easier.

However, he also said: "? Head, thinking the matter back to the possibility of a two-day capacity disciple" Although he intends, but even to promise, they have to hear the views of Sun Zijun long, and get the job approval drug is not toxic . If the drug is not toxic and long Sunzai Jun disagree, that's no problem.

Yuying did not expect to live Yi Xi Chen will not agree, but he did not insist, only said: "Nature can be, you think it over again I would be Huibing is that you refuse to worship me as a teacher, I also seal your body. will try to help you unlock, after all, you are my disciples Jianmen day. "

Got the promise, hope Chen Yi immediately rejoiced together, busy line ceremony to Yuying live, will retire.

Fengqi out of the temple, Chen Yi Xi's excellent mood, humming a tune to go back all the way. Had not gone far, he suddenly saw a roadside grass twitched. Yi Xi Chen stopped, stared suspiciously at, not long, the grass has moved, there seems to be something.

This long mountain Sword some golden toad, golden toad's saliva can be used to alchemy. People often see drugs can Pavilion disciples Juezhaopigu kneeling in the grass rummaging, is to find the golden toad. Sometimes the other disciple also helped with the Court's golden toad catch, caught only for a primary two began. Is much more arrested, golden toad are also wiser, special hard to find a place to drill, so their prices have risen recently.

Yi Xi Chen suddenly to the spirits. He recently although there is no place to use the golden toad, but recaptured began to enchant point is good. Today must be a lucky day, the experience is a good thing after another!

Yi Xi Chen crept close to the piece of grass, until within arm's reach, he took a deep breath, ready rushed!

Suddenly, the grass is a move, a dingy chubby big stone spontaneously roll out from the bushes.

Yi Xi Chen stunned: "This ...... What kind of stone?"

That "rock" because people called rock and dissatisfaction toward Chen Yik where the roll roll, hit his toe.

"Huh?" Yi Xi Chen bent over the "stone" hold up, "This is ...... egg?"

It really is a gray egg, enough to someone's head so big. It is easy to Xi Chen hold up, not law-abiding rolling.Obviously this egg is about to hatch an evil, but the strange thing is, Yi Xi Chen did not feel any evil spirit from its body. He looked for a moment holding the egg, the egg did not recognize exactly what the president Wicked this way.

"Who are you feeding the elders they reveal it?" Yi Xi Chen again put it back in the bushes, "hurry back, while you can not find the elders anxious."

Which animal does not dare put down the egg to the mountains to Sword, it must be a day where people Jianmen raised. No Yaoqi that it reveals. But they reveal a very rare natural treasure, on the monks, the day almost have to be regarded as a spiritual roots. Disciples certainly could not afford such a rare treasure, so will only be the elders of the family pet.

Xi Chen Yi to go stride forward, egg gray egg Gululu roll over, stick behind him, looks very like him.

Yi Xi Chen funny hand dial dial it: "Get back fast, but I go back to drugs Pavilion disciple, you do not go, I'll take you to alchemy.!"

Gray egg egg crossly turn a circle on the ground, after a moment, Gululu go back to the grass.

Get rid of the eggs they reveal, Chen Yi Xi transferred disciples continue humming a little room to go, quickly passing the Shennong Hall. He did not know, the grass on the edge of the Temple Shennong, also dodging a living thing, waiting for him - Xiao Kui.

Yi Xi Chen is head of the church was gone, all gone, except Quebec Shaw did not leave. After he was thinking it over, I decided to squat here ambush Chen Yi Xi. The so-called ambush, I would not be here just want a fight Chen Yi Xi, after all, this is a violation of the rules of the door, because he did not want to be expelled from this small Jianmen days to go. In addition he has a very Loss idea.

coming! Distance to Chen Yi Xi came Xiaokui Li engraved hold your breath, ready to something in my hand.

Yi Xi Chen did not find him, Chen Yi Xi went by, the opportunity to come!

Shaw Quebec will one black bug pinching at your fingertips, Chen Yik toward the back of a bomb, and saw that the black bug in the air quietly draw an arc and landed on the shoulders of Chen Yi Xi.

Become! Xiaokui Xing excitedly pinch fist.

It was a just listen to the sound of insects. He was really worried about Yi Xi Chen Yuying live close to apprentice, Chen Yik really worried once again affected by robbed, he is also suspected Yi Xi Chen, then take him lie, and therefore decided to use this just listen to the sound of a worm for him Exploration of true and false. While this act is the villain, but he was not actually what Shaw Quebec honest people, the more sinister move he makes out. Now he just looking forward to the future understanding of the truth, good for tomorrow's test of early preparations. Lost to Chen Yi Xi? You might as well let him die!

They pass did not find Chen Xi own body has been the placement of a just listen to the sound of insects, swaggering back humming a tune.

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