Chapter XVIII

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Disciples went back rest for a day, the next morning it began a formal test of.

The first round was a test of sub-Yao and Wang Qing Lu bridge. Wang Qing bridge is bad luck, first yesterday lost to Chen Xi Yi, in refining jiange big loss of face, and today they able to get the child Yao Lian Lu jiange number one. This is a test of very fast, they play full Jianqi, Wang Qing bridge the gap between the sub-Yao Lu is very clear, only two strokes defeated, no longer excessive entanglement, the end dingy.

The second round is to keep jiange Bian Liang and repair jiange-West. Although West stone repair jiange ranked high, you can keep jiange disciples met, it is difficult to discuss than good. He struggled, tried to counter-attack, but still be bare-knuckle boom Bian Liang went to the end.

It followed Shaw Court of Quebec and drug Zhao Ping.

Quebec Court Xiao see drug originally ten thousand dislike, more recently, frequently suffer in the long Yi Xi Chen and Sun Zijun hands. After the games, he want potential heart grievances all vent out, a shot is extremely fierce moves Wan Jian chop! How can I bear such a strong Jian Qi Zhao Ping? Under this trick suffer, fear is injured!

However, Xiao Kui Jian Qi Zhao Ping not met, it was a Jianguang split apart.

Qiu Jian from the sidelines instant film to the floor, stand in front of Zhao Ping, cold eyes staring at his disciples.

Xiao Kui Samsam: "Teacher, Master."

Although fencing is a test of the General Assembly, but only learn from, and with the door cannibalism events allowed to occur. The elders will be on the sidelines supervise operations, such as encounter to know the depth of his disciples, will be shot to stop. Xiao Kui move, has overstepped fencing intention, although the result was that he won, but not against criticized.

Strength difference the first few are relatively poor, so the game and there is nothing much to look at. It was undoubtedly the most exciting play of Gongsun fifth defensive jiange flute for refining jiange Jincheng.

Jincheng in refining jiange ranked third, Kung flute keep jiange ranked first, and their cultivation is almost comparable. Jiange attack and keep refining jiange keep mutual restraint, a claim to conquering an impregnable boasted, which hit a near two hour, finally drained Jincheng spiritual power, is to find an opportunity to sweep the fate of the flute Kung .

Wait until the seventh game of a competition, and finally turn SUN Xiao Qian and Chen Yi Xi.

The General Assembly is the day Jianmen fencing event, even if not eligible to participate disciples will come to the onlookers. The largest number of spectators this game, actually SUN Xiao Qian Yi Xi Chen and two of his disciples Court test of the drug, which in previous years had never seen before.

Xi Chen Jian Yi yesterday to win Wang Qing bridge, which is also the first time on the day Jianmen thousand years of history. They do nothing yesterday when a test ying blocking the outside world, disciples failed to see the development of the war, today I took advantage of the opportunity to come to watch, like to take a look at this session of the House of drug disciples what sort of ability.

However disappoint that this is a test of from start to finish, SUN Xiao Qian and Chen Yi Xi are using unorthodox methods of surgery, almost did not move too Jianqi. Finally, Yi Xi Chen set a field in a maze, SUN Xiao Qian will be introduced into the maze, Bianbu Qing truck, until he stepped off the floor to fall asleep before their senses.

Of course, the audience boos.

In fact, Chen Yi hope that a win will not be easy, he can not advance decorating the venue,But in the process in front of the SUN Xiao Qian duel in battle formation under a little bit of his face painting, SUN Xiao Qian hidden from the eyes, it can be wonderful when the First World War, but this is not the disciples want to see.

Yi Xi Chen thick-skinned enough, to boos very calm. He cares only about results, do not care means.

Eighth round, went to the Long Sun Zijun and the test of a slightly weakened.

Crowd of people on the sidelines and not reduced.

Long Sun Zijun. Ten years ago this day Jianmen disciples on the first day came, the name will be spread throughout the martial art. Since the days Jianmen years, a total of only three days had spiritual roots disciples, the first one is the real Kung, just three years he will excel saver monks, shock the world, but he Fenglian over 500 years ago fall small ancestral demons of war no phase; the second is the Huaya real, reputed in the world when the demon world war two hundred years ago, today it is one of the sovereign; the third is long Sunzai Jun.

At first, people thought long Sun Zijun would become a legend, or a mighty party, took over as head of the place or. However, so everyone did not think that he less than a year into the gate, because the gate violated regulations, was nearly expelled martial. Finally, although the left, but also reduced to a little promising drug Club.

This decade, everyone is curious about long Sun Zijun, or personally recruited test him, or looking forward to hearing rumors about him. But since the Sun Zijun long cold temperament, in addition to Chen Yi Xi hardly dealings with others, decades and no longer had any sudden, something worthy of attention. That many people are sorry, a day of epic proportions spiritual roots teenager, this buried.

This time the fencing of the General Assembly, is the first time Sun Zijun long to show his face in front of everyone up and down the whole door. And his first battle, is the slightly weakened against the second-ranked junior sister apprentice refining jiange. For thousands of years, as a disciple of the House to defeat the drug refining jiange disciples, Chen Yik be first, people expect to see a very long Sunzai Jun will be the second.

Before long Sun Zijun play, Chen Yik more nervous than he.

"Really, but why let you smoke in a small junior sister apprentice ...... you may have a way to win?"

Long Sun Zijun abnormal calm: "She will not hands on me."

"Why?" Yi Xi Chen face looked at him suspiciously. This anti saying it, obviously no way to long Sun Zijun others girls hands, the girl why can not people on his hands?

"Because of her crush on me."

Yi Xi Chen: ".................."

In ooc colleagues, all school-age men have crushes small by daisy, all school-age women are the envy of small attack of cucumber. Shaw was beaten face Quebec as a specialist, author colleagues feel sorry for him, so it gave him special treatment.

Chen Xi Yi Sun Zijun known for a leisurely look, incredible and said: "Are you sure?"

Long Sun Zijun Waizhaonaodai serious thought: "uncertain."

Yi Xi Chen: "......"

Sunnie footer to the woman, to the refining jiange ranked second only to sub-Yao Lu, her ability overemphasized. Harlingen monk generally divided into five elements Five Elements, and the more rare it is slightly weakened root ice spirit. Ice Harlingen Harlingen days although not as long Sunzai Jun Yao and Luzi Sanyang of the body, it is also very suitable for the repair of the sword.And the more this man slightly weakened, but also as her spiritual roots as frosty. She is also different from the Cold Cold Sun Zijun's long, long Sun Zijun not heartless, just restrained. And the slightly weakened, but it is truly ruthless mood. She do not care about anyone, do not fear anything, she is the only one of hundreds of disciples do person sword, because she is the most sharp blade.

Yi Xi Chen recall those rumors about those slightly weakened the more he heard, and then look to say, "she crush on me," Sun Zijun words long, involuntary shudder.

"In fact, she had returned to you at the abortion pill." Long added the Sun Zijun silently.

Yi Xi Chen: "......"

"I know this is wishful thinking."

"Then you do not speak out!" Yi Xi Chen glowered at him.

To give him this long attracted some support against the Sun Zijun slightly weakened, but the bell has sounded. British Gas came to the slightly weakened flying, long Sun Zijun also leisurely walked up.

Jian Li as usual, slightly weakened more succinctly: "Please enlighten me."

Long Sun Zaijun was silent, silence a schematic sword. He such an attitude inevitably people think he is very arrogant, but Chen Yik know, just in front of the long Sun Zijun woman would not speak nothing.

Yi Xi Chen suddenly felt afraid to look down. This game should not be miserable ...... ...... In short it long Sun Zijun do not stand when people cut sub-stakes even good ......

On the other side, some of the elders are also concerned about the two disciples. Qiu Jian Lian jiange elders looking to stay in the body long Sun Zijun, mixed feelings.

Initially, long Sun Zijun but his disciples. He is also to love the people, who gifted disciples, he tried to scramble under their own seat, exacerbated by drug and repair jiange Court declining. As such long days Harlingen Sun Zijun, how he was willing to give up?

Sun Zijun long time intrusion by the mountain off-limits, rules violate the door, though he was as ruthless as the drug is not toxic waste from the Jedi hundred years to save, but also in Yuying live outside kneel for three days and three nights, pleading Yuying live to see in this child is spared sake day spiritual roots.

He is unknown Bai Yuying live exactly how to think. Yuying stubborn reality of course, but the door is not completely regulation can not be changed, which for centuries unreasonable rules had to turn over twenty-three. If he is the head, in order to root a spiritual disciple of day, let alone forgive a return, forgiveness ten back 100 back also mention. But reality tells his Yuying, or other things can be open to question, however, that the mountain forbidden, that anyone not break. Let alone one day spiritual roots disciples, is the spiritual roots of the elders trespass day, too, could not escape punishment.

It is because of this little thing, Qiu Jiansheng students missed the Wizards disciples, he was picked up cheap drugs are not toxic to.

The shot slightly weakened. Her in a rapid Leiguang long sword towards the Sun Zijun split the past, and have been squaring off resorted to ready the next move. She did not underestimate the enemy, although the convergence of long Sunzai Jun Jian Qi, but she knew it was a very formidable opponent, she does not think you can hurt long sword Lei Sun Zijun, but this is a tentative remember nothing.

However Leiguang dispersed, is split into mine explosion head long Sunzai Jun silently stood.

The crowd: "......"

Audience uproar!"This man is really long Sun Zijun? Sun Zijun really long day spiritual roots?!"

"He was eating in medicine immortality Court eat silly yet? Leiguang not avoid the sword?!"

"He is a sword fix it? His Jianqi it?!"

The more rapid course slightly weakened Leiguang sword, but by no means Sha Zhao, let alone qualify for the fencing of the General Assembly who is the audience crowd of disciples, there are many capable avoided.

"Biological mother blanket." Yi Xi Chen covering her face, I dare not look down.

Although the slightly weakened somewhat surprised, but it would be no mercy. Since it was not long Sunzai Jun dodge, she put a big Jianqi, a move that beat the opposition to prepare a. However, that is the moment, an extremely windy blowing Jianqi, her body suddenly stiff - that is from the strong deterrent, so she can not move!

Sun Zijun long sword in the hands of the slightly weakened toward throwing in the past. His sword was almost stick to the ground, the more stiff blade scoop up slightly weakened, with her flying direct fall asleep floor, then fell to the ground.

All this from start to finish, in fact, only in the blink of an eye kung fu Bale. Sun Zijun Feijian long while at the same time he is released Jian Qi, Jian Qi again his strong, can only make the enemy very briefly stiff for a moment, this is not the rigid control of his enemies, but everyone instinctive fear Caused.

Because happened so fast, many disciples blink his eyes, you see only the slightly weakened stepping Feijian landed, they do not know what happened.

The audience silent.

The bell sounded, it took a while before Qiujian Yu bored voice came from above:. "Long Sun Zijun, wins."

The audience continued silence. Disciples have been recovered, and can not wait to talk to a test of just a few words, but found that I did not know where to start.

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