Chapter XVI

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Chapter XV

Long Sun Zijun very innocent. Entrainment of smuggled goods is not his, but ooc colleagues, the body of Chen Yi Xi seal indeed they battle three hundred rounds to break up.

If it is really spiritual power is sealed, and that the seal is not broken non. Yi Xi Chen manic rubbing his face: "There is no other way?"

"Uh ...... pregnant one day Harlingen children ......" all in the eyes of Chen Yi Xi sufficient to burn, the long Sunzai Jun silently shut up, innocent expression to the extreme. Everything is "demons" fault, he insisted Chen Yi Xi said.

Seeing delusions may come true, but the means to get rid of obstacles is so absurd, Chen Yi Xi is simply faster explode. He Miaole Yan Sun Zijun long, long moment Sun Zijun fork legs sitting well apart on both sides of the hem, somewhere bulging. Yi Xi Chen feel a fire from the heart, the evil side of the gall bladder, no place to vent anger, holding a fist destroy Huanglong -

"Ow!" Screams of people are Yik Chen.

Although he was angry, but it is not completely lost, going to waste their friends. He just wanted to give a warning long Sun Zijun, the intensity is not heavy punches, and had received power, but that he never expected that his fist had just hit that place, it was the strong bounce back up! ! !

Yi Xi Chen incredible to see their red fists, and look incredibly long Sunzai Jun.

--ooc colleagues set: anything that can damage, only a small attack man glory not damaged, because it makes the reader abandon the text! So who would harm delusion imposing a small attack, will surely be punished ten times!

Yi Xi Chen wiped his face. He felt now my mind is not clear who not long Sun Zijun, but his own, he needs to jump into the lake of ice water cool down.

"You first go out." Yi Xi Chen tears lying on the table, "Let me alone."

Long Sun Zijun her lips, gently squeezed his neck, turned out.

Pregnant with the child such a thing of course is nonsense, even if Chen Yi Xi excluded to go out, he did not have this ability. Alike? Long Sun Zijun his close friends, but for a long Sunzai Jun, he even endeavor to kill the expense, but such a thing alike ...... For a time he really could not break their own psychological barriers, more afraid of the future can not be freely again get along with your friends. Moreover, long Sun Zijun now delirious, even if they are really alike, the result was no good for him, it is simply no rational place to say.

Indeed, he is not really being force-day fire sealed the spiritual power, although he was very much hope, but can not be sure.

While Yi Xi Chen in disarray, the door suddenly opened again, long Sun Zijun back.

Yi Xi Chen irritability to almost make yourself bald catch: "? Not to say let me alone Why, how you back."

Long Sun Zijun said: "I think of it!"

Yi Xi Chen feebly asked: "And what you think ......"

The long Sun Zijun really thought. Chen Xi he was a far from easy to charge somewhere quickly returned to the blood brain reminded him years ago episode. Chen Yi Xi then took him to the drug is not toxic Tripitaka room peep alchemy secrets, he engrossed sword, no interest in alchemy.Yi Xi Chen relish not want to go, he was quietly waiting in the next, nothing else, out of a drug is not toxic to see light readings on the desk.

That book is about refining the body. An assembly of five elements of material to treasure, the practice of the people and material to treasure with the tripod into the furnace meditation, suffered grown up, the mighty can break through the bottleneck of this method, the method can thus break the seal body.

Sun Zijun long time and Yi Xi Chen humanely or just young practitioners from practicing to Shihai foreseeable future bottlenecks, long Sun Zijun free to read, did not mind. After intelligence on the line, his blessing to the soul to think again. Since it is about memories of the past, there can be no mistake, this method quickly come back to tell Xi Chen Yi.

"Five-day material to treasure, namely unicorn blood, will wind beads, mysterious shells, Interfax pan with thunder fruit." Long Sun Zijun almost never forget, the same does not fall back out, "If we can get this five treasure, very helpful to you. "

Yik Su Rong Chen could not help listening, but still worried: "Tomorrow I will be king and fencing green bridge, which can be five things, which is not good as not to mention get the day is to spend a year. We may not be able to cobble together these five things. "

Long Sun Zijun: "......"

He stood for a moment, mind blank, then nothing, then turned and went out.

Yi Xi Chen: "......"

After a while, long Sun Zijun and pushed open the door.

Yi Xi Chen: "???"

"I think a law." Sun Zijun long road back intelligence on the outside, "this method can help you or a war tomorrow, you can verify that indeed is the seal of the spiritual roots of variation"

Chen Xi Yi Wang Menwai curious craned their necks to see.

"What do you see?"

"Pointing out there to give you an expert? Or there are gods of water, drinking can be refreshing?"


"Well, Seriously." Yi Xi Chen scratched his face. Long Sun Zijun happened too many strange things, he was a confused time, perhaps not figure out on their own comparative health benefit. In short immediate priority is tomorrow's war. "What you thought of?"

"I was day spiritual roots, the body has the power Tianyuan ......"

Yi Xi Chen listen to his words and put around the back, quietly held onto the chair sit tight, so as not to hear the words of horror ran straight down.

"I'm into your soul, forcibly pushed exercises, or can stimulate your potential."

Yi Xi Chen crooked crooked head. He had heard of this method. This method is called "won the Italian", which is quite dangerous. Repair person broke into the higher consciousness of low repair person to repair itself pushed exercises, low repair person if the body can not withstand the most severe cases, or will be blasting death. If the repair is able to withstand low, the potential will be excited, exercises greatly increased. However, this is only temporary, over the limit, will be exhausted, rest a few days before they improve.

Although this method is dangerous, but Yik Chen promised down: "Then try it."

"Italy won the" dangerous three, one is being invaded soul, this is a taboo comprehension for those who are afraid of the person determined to outlaw, it is easy to hope for in terms of fundamental Chen no worries; two is if his body can not afford, it will be seriously injured or even blasting, but Sun Zijun long since made this law, will have the ability to control risk,It will stop immediately encountered inappropriate, therefore, no need to worry; three is the excessive consumption need to rest, and after he and Wang Qing bridge also need to face a test of formal General Assembly event fencing, lest rest botch. This is Chen Yi Xi is not very worried, He will not win by power law, besides a game than a person one day only, he managed to hold the first few days, after which you can play the best.

And more importantly, even if there is a risk, Yi Xi Chen also eager to know whether he is not a variation of the so-called spiritual roots - since it is to stimulate potential, it has the potential to be excited. If he is really pseudo-spiritual roots, a little long Sun Zijun pushed on to his limit, since no room for upgrade.

Now under a decision, they have repeatedly not to worry people, the moment they meditate relatively easy to open without fortification Chen Xi soul meditation.

After a moment, a warm invasion force into his knowledge of the sea.

He had never had such a comfortable feeling, he seemed a small boat floating in the river slowly, unhurried waves beat on him, pushing him forward to further world.

After the bends, both sides lined with mountains retreat, is an immense sea. He is looking forward, and hoping with, and had never been opened wonderland sea. He happily shed tears.

That night, the mountain Sword of the mountain suddenly appeared strong spiritual power fluctuations.

Bald hundred years Fengqi tree, quietly bloom.

Chapter XVI

Noon the next day, surrounded by fall asleep floor full of people. Yi Xi Chen Lian jiange and drugs to the Court and the representatives of Wang Qing, a test of the bridge has already spread throughout the day Jianmen things down, while it related to the interests of the four Court, so almost all of the disciples have come to watch the battle.

Yi Xi Chen has not arrived yet, Ping around the disciples have begun talking about.

"The pill may Pavilion disciples how to win the refining jiange disciples!"

"But I heard that it is easy to take the initiative to invite Chen Xi battle, if he did not have self-confidence, dare to bear this beam? If he loses, hundreds of drugs Court and repair jiange down people do not hate him!"

"...... I can not think how, how Chen Yik win? Why win? If the spiritual roots of the Sun Zijun day long, there was still a bit to grasp."

"Behind the last to go hunting Wicked Valley, I'd met that Chen Yi Xi, he means plenty of tricks, perhaps you have a way."

"But I heard yesterday ordered the head, except for when a competition with a sword, the other not and will count as heretical surgery method can not be used."

"What?" This is not even keep jiange disciples have done an injustice to him, "It's too unfair, and drug Pavilion disciples can only use the sword ...... though I do not want to say, but also really too eccentric head jiange the refining them. I do not know when then out of a rule, are not allowed to keep only the storm when a competition, then we do not have competition, and twenty full refining jiange since the election won! "

"Oh ...... Look, Chen Yik come!"

Yi Xi Chen and Sun Zijun appear long after the crowd, immediately make a path through the crowd. The two men appeared, everyone will feel a cold Jian Qi, many people can not help but called the Cold War.

"This ...... This is a long Sunzai Jun Jianqi?" It was incredible, "it is indeed the day spiritual roots, which Jianqi too strong!"Yi Xi Chen abnormal face ruddy, his eyes as bright as Sarah, looks full of energy, if caring people can look closely, we will find him abnormally excited. Last night's test, they succeeded, Yi Xi Chen potential is excited, he is overdrawn own power. Some trouble is, he does not know yet how to converge their Jianqi, therefore he must be near the Sun Zijun long as his cover-up.

Wang Qing bridge already waiting with the edge of swordsmanship floor, not a moment, Yuying live, and also to the elders. They come naturally aware of the disciples have shares very chilly Jianqi, look curiously looked at each other.

Qiu Kendo: "After last night at the hill ......"

Yuying live, raising his hand to stop his words: "You do not need to dwell on this matter."

Qiu Jian complexion Samsam, but head are saying, he had to swallow the words back.

The drug is not toxic at his two disciples, his face black as charcoal. No one note, firmly clenched his own clothes, after a long time unable to let go.

Shennong house chronograph to be turning to noon, then jumped onto the bridge Wang Qing Ping swordsmanship. Long Xi Chen Yi Sun Zijun gently squeezed the neck, whispered:. "Go, I'm standing here."

Yi Xi Chen nodded, holding his sword to jump on stage.

Wang Qing bridge looked surprised uncertain Yi Xi Chen. Chen Xi Yi yesterday and more specifically for a day's time, and then practice some natural order, to prepare you. He does not mind this. - practice not in a day, even to give Chen Yik year, he was not afraid. May be only a short one night in the past, the opposite actually powerful Jianqi to this extent. Chen Yi is hope? The Sun Zijun or long? He can not tell.

For repair purposes sword, rarely come to that battle. Demon magic repair and repair deceitful treacherous, means many, who is winning, much more than the level of repair is so simple. But the sword repair has always been open and aboveboard, the two met, a Jianqi, who is the stronger one eye, and do not need to repeat the act. In the days Jianmen, fencing Assembly has been able to do, because the young disciple of repair based on not far from, the idea is still to fight on a fight.

But now, it is clear the bridge Wang Qing, opposite Jianqi, is not to exclude yourself by what you can match. Yi Xi Chen? Long Sun Zijun's? No, it can not be easy to Xi Chen, he is just a pseudo-spiritual roots, pseudo-spiritual roots of the people did not qualify as a sword repair! He asked for his long Sun Zijun to help out, to deter their use Jianqi!

Wang Qing forced to hold their own bridge trembled wrist. I do not fear him, but there Tuidi Jianqi this deterrent force, encountered the weak strong, instinctively want to retreat.

"Please advise brothers."


After two Jian Li, the game will officially begin. However, no one moving platform. Wang Qing, bridges and other proactive in Chen Yi Xi, Yi Xi Chen is not going to hit first.

After a moment, or first bridge Wang Qing running out of patience, shouted, blade pointing Yi Xi Chen split the past!

Under strong oppression Jianqi, Wang Qing bridge beginning very nervous, a shot is a big move, I saw nine Jianguang striking towards Yik Chen, Xi Chen Yi back quickly!

Other Jianqi swept against his face, Xiaoduan his few hair. Yi Xi Chen breath.This is the first time he and his disciples refining jiange outside Lu Yao child a test, only this trick, you can see the bridge Wang Qing Although ranked fifth, it is no easy feat. Jiange can enter the refining, it is already favored, and into the top five, not to say the future will be able to National Cheng Kung University, rose to the saver at least as easy to repair.

The sword, let Chen Xi Yi Wang Qing immediately find out the ability of the bridge, but also to find out, Wang Qing bridge is not his opponent. Right now he Jianqi wide open, as long as the king will be able to move a green bridge Zhanla to step down, but he can not do it - after all, he played on behalf of drug Fifth Court, if it all out, it touches you can easily win, but will inevitably lead to people question, do not believe him this fifth identity. The game essentially on the stand feet.

So frequently attack the bridge Wang Qing, Chen Yik just dodge and do not hurry to the sword.

Jian Wang Qing bridge was increasingly fierce, Jianguang fall asleep almost enveloped the entire floor. Around the match disciples have back, for fear of being injured Jianqi. Lian jianjue jiange, to pay attention to this hard-edged, the fastest enemy in the shortest possible time. But they also have a fatal weakness, that is not a long battle. Once the best edge, the reduction fell Jianqi, Jue FIG avail.

Among the sky Jianguang Jianying, fighting off a disciple of hard to see the field, only to hear the cries of Chen Yi Xi screams.

"Help ah!"

"King Brother mercy ah!"

"Ouch ouch killing me!"

Lian jiange disciples one by one revealing a complacent smile, repair jiange disciples upset impatient, drug disciples Court already depressed.

However, the most impatient, but it is the bridge Wang Qing court. People from outside do not know, may be at the center of the war he knows best, his sword and did not hurt Chen Yik nothing. Yi Xi Chen in avoidance. But can not penetrate the impregnable fortress Jianqi can be avoided by dodge, his once close to Yik Chen Jianqi, will be to digest, this only shows, Chen Yi Xi repair on him!

But how is this possible? !

Yi Xi Chen Jianying while its capability to shuttle in the middle, while screaming: "!!!!! Ha Hey ho hum brothers to see the sword."

Wang Qing original bridge almost to edge out to make the point, however, Chen Yi hope this attitude made him feel humiliated, even once again Jian Qi Sheng, a move called Nulong Jingtao to 10 000 Jianqi towards Yik Chen Bash past!

Chen Yi Xi also very helpless. Beat a weaker than their opponents is not difficult, it was hard to pretend to win difficult.

If four weeks crowd of disciples it is not clear what happened, that stand head and several elders on feijian already to fall asleep aerodromes thing if his hand. After all have is a real place, and hope Chen Yi and Sun Zijun long this little means simply concealed them, as early as the emergence of Chen Yik, they had clearly come from how powerful Jianqi.

"Medicine elders?" Qiu Jian extremely shocked, "Your disciple in the end how is it?"

The drug is not toxic black face did not speak.

"Italy wins!" Lin really incredible shaking his head, "that people can not easily Xi Chen pseudo-spiritual roots of it, how can we won by Italian law?!"

Even the repair jiange elders million gold can not help but said: "Are you kidding this age of the child, meaning a person can take it away.A person can be won by Italy, medicine elders, your disciples are what people ah? Simply not people, ah! "

The drug is not toxic still without a word.

Yuying live brows, carefully watching the battle underneath.

Wang Qing bridge going to lose. All the elders could see, Wang Qing bridge has come to a dead end. This fencing on no suspense from the beginning.

Right now it is not easy to pursue what the Greek constitution Chen's time, if the bridge Wang Qing lost, and keep refining jiange jiange this play can be considered white trouble, they will get nothing more places, in accordance with the regulations, but also the original sub-embodiments and modifications jiange Court uniform administration. Qiu Jian Lian jiange as elders, proud and quite hard, although already knotted brow, but did not speak endured. Jiange'd keep Lin really anxious before the elders: "Master, said yesterday, obviously not a good heretical surgery method, which Yik e ......"

Million gold was excited: "This is how heretical surgery method you say fencing, fencing is now in an upright manner Yi Xi Chen did not make it on the court what tricks you can not let him use the art of ingenuity, do!!? Italy also sweep the limit? I'll tell the conscience, make disciples and refining a drug Court jiange disciples fencing, the matter is it fair? we met outside adversaries, but also with a lot of rules he set it?! "

I'm really speechless.

Swordsmanship aerodromes, Wang Qing bridge finally overdrawn their limits, Jianguang Jianying gradually faded, his stature more slowly.

The crowd at Ping disciples finally able to see the war. I saw Chen Xi Yi disheveled (himself caught), disheveled (pull of their own), sweating (hot), sword in one knee panting (installed), then the appearance, not the tragic experience after the fight bite the bullet and what is? !

Who would have thought Yi Xi Chen escape persist for so long, silent moment, thunderous applause at the floor!

. "King Brother," Yi Xi Chen eyes reddening, tears, "I, in order to repair jiange Court and drug fight, even bet their lives, have to fight to the last! - I will not lose to you! "Having exhausted all the strength to stand up!

Applause under floor stir again! In addition to drug and repair jiange Court of hundred disciples, many disciples and even Lian jiange keep jiange Chen could not help but hope this is tough and easy to move, applaud!

"Yi Xi Chen! Yi Xi Chen! Yi Xi Chen!" Cheers like an avalanche that thrilled the entire mountain!

Half-dead real tired and about to lose the game of bridge Wang Qing mood at the moment is really a Teddy Day family.

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