chapter Ten

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Xiao Kui swallow, he made up his mind to give Yik today and Chen Long Sun Zijun some color to see. Anyway, he took Lingshi enough, so what to buy Sun Zijun long moment he followed the bidding, making sure that the two men away empty. In addition to competing for breath, but also to seven days after the fencing of the General Assembly. This time out visiting the market, certainly for the Conference Preparatory fencing, long Sun Zijun although drug Pavilion disciple, but can not be ignored, so he under one roof equipment, seven days later, I am afraid that really could get a ranking. Let him buy things, relying on a scrap metal, pressed him much easier.

Yi Xi Chen had an idea, there has been a sudden idea. He sneered:. "Xiao Kui not too began with a small band of what we two, I'd like to see how much he really brought out Lingshi"

Then he whispered a few words with long Sun Zijun underestimated, long Sun Zijun clear understanding nod, Chen Yi Xi told him apart.

To see them split up, Xiao Kui sometimes a little Mongolia. He will not □□ surgery, two people can not stare at the same time, the two men if he really can not separate the purchase of goods wholly stopping. But he noticed a secretive action before Yi Xi Chen before leaving, he slipped the purse long Sunzai Jun.

Natured trick! Xiao Kui mind instantly alert. It seems Yi Xi Chen is trying to distract him, so long Sun Zijun buy their own stuff. Well, how could he when on this!

So Xiao Kui Chen Yik gone without looking, long-tailed Sun Zijun made up his mind.

Sun Zijun long leisurely Guangzhao in the market, look at this, look at that, it seems to be interested in an item, and get up to play to play, even went back to see the Shaw Quebec in their own behind, put down things again .

Haha, Pale Ba! Shaw Quebec triumphantly.

Finally, long before the Sun Zijun one stall stopped.

"I want this mountain were black iron." Long Sun Zijun said.

Stall was wearing a black teenager, heard raised a hand:. "I began with five mid-level"

Unequal Sun Zijun dig pocket, Xiao Kui rushed to throw six began: "six, I'll take it!"

Sun Zijun long to work out eight, Xiao Kui generous lost ten: "! My"

Long Sun Zijun not a shill.

Shaw stall accept Quebec's ten Lingshi, Iron Mountain were put to Shaw Quebec.

Long Sun Zijun did not leave, and asked: "? There it"

Stall hey presto he took out a parcel with Iron Mountain: "Yes Yes Yes, brothers want to do?"

Xiao Kui frown, throw ten began again: "I have a piece!"

Money, goods finished two, stall slowly work out the third block.

Xiao Kui: "......"

"You're here in the end how much the block, I'm all for it!" Xiao Kui annoyed the purse in her power.

Stall hurry, then a piece of a full five were discharged Mountain Iron.

Shaw Quebec hesitated. He did not bring so many intermediate Lingshi, but if he does not buy the whole thing, as long as long Sun Zijun buy one, he carried before the price also lifted white.

"It's all right? You do not have more of?" Shaw Quebec confirmed to stall.

"No matter brothers, we only have the last five." Stall smiling said, "Today this armored bazaar got left of my family were also sold Iron Mountain, do not believe go to other places children Chou Chou,I missed here, I will no longer buy a. "

Xiao Kui hear these words, he is to make long Sun Zijun buy. So he put the body of senior Lingshi also taken out, the conversion price of the five cases in Iron Mountain bought whole.

Although it took much higher than the market price to buy some things they do not have access, but Shaw Quebec still very happy. Lingshi no more can be earned, anyway, as his disciples refining jiange money than drug Pavilion disciples. The most important thing is to make long Sunzai Jun beaten.

Xiao Kui awaiting enjoy long Sunzai Jun angry look, mended long Sun Zijun still very calm, and still standing in front of the stall will not go away: "? Iron Mountain were gone, that Hun Yuan beads have it."

"Yes Yes Yes!" Stall, "but a coincidence, a few days ago had just bought some new goods, as well as left, a senior began with a Hun Yuan beads, brothers want to do?"


Shaw Quebec anxious: "? You sell Hun Yuan beads began with a senior how do you not try to steal?"

"Hey, brothers, are wrong, you can not afford not to buy, do not do business Pindao hard sell." That set off a stall eyes glanced Xiao Kui, meaningful smile, "you love I would like yo. "

This price has to be higher than the market price, it is estimated that stall They look shill, that came across two sheep, to take the opportunity to kill a fortune. Xiao Kui some heartache, steal a glance looked long Sunzai Jun, did not think long Sun Zijun actually really dig a senior Lingshi out.

This thing must be a grudge fight in the end, if halfway deflated, before accounting for another big advantage is useless. Shaw Quebec Routong upon her senior Lingshi hand, a bite, or pay out: "Hun Yuan beads is mine!"

Not thought of that stall the Hun Yuan beads pay out: "Brother do not raise prices up?"

"You sell so expensive, dare to raise prices?!"

"Remark and poor men. I did not want to raise prices, shill bidding is to be brothers." Stall said, "to do business there are rules of doing business, is the handsome brothers looked like a first-come, since you do not lift price Hun Yuan beads that Fengyun I can only sell him. "

Having put Hun Yuan beads into a long Sunzai Jun palm.

Shaw sudden snatch wins over Quebec, in addition to a senior Lingshi, and throw a few primary began with: "!!! Today, you carry the dead lift him no matter what to buy, I received all"

"Really?" Stall graceful smile, put on a second teeth Hun Yuan beads.

Xiao Kui: "...... !!!"

Even feast refining jiange disciples, get a senior Lingshi is not so easy. Shaw Quebec Court initially only of drug disciples are beast, he rid of it long Sun Zijun not difficult. The General Assembly did not expect this not a child, his purse was emptied too fast. He has no senior Lingshi, in order to block the Sun Zijun long, he had to put junior Lingshi were all poured out, the conversion price of the things bought.

Long Sun Zijun sighed softly.

Xiao Kui almost head to smoke, but to hear the sighs of Sun Zijun long, he just drank nectar, like, suddenly and morale.

Long Sun Zijun asked: "Were Iron Mountain really gone?"

"Can not say no more." Seeing Xiao Kui eyes to kill, stall busy voice, "the only the last two, is left to me and my friends use,Really I can not sell. You look, but also something else what is not? "

"Oh." Long Sun Zijun said, "No cases of Iron Mountain, Iron Mountain ore that were there? I buy back its own refining."

Xiao Kui: "......"

"Yes Yes Yes!" Qiankun Dai open stall floor and cried down, pour out a couple of pounds of iron ore, "just next door to the stall close to the cheap counted to you, how much you value yourself speak."

Long Sun Zijun glanced Xiao Kui: "How much do you Lingshi left?"

Xiao Kui gas has been confused, subconsciously counted their surplus grain, leaving only the last ten primary began with a few.

"This is not enough ah." Stall looked Xiao Kui, refers to a hand under his waist belt with white tiger build muscle, "began with a few dozen primary root add this belt, almost enough."

"You!" Shaw Quebec over his belt, to stall glare. This belt is the root of his disciples to participate in refining jiange time trials in Cangshan beheaded a white tiger beast, hand cramps build. The trophy is made of accessories worn on the body to repair many sword would do, though not much worth, but it is a symbol of strength and honor.

"No change? Forget it." Stall the push to the front of the iron ore long Sun Zijun, "yours."

"Change!" Xiao Kui molar-rattling. On a belt do not, go back to first find a replacement, go after hunting it wants a more powerful Wicked!

When the solution belt, Quebec Shaw asked, "This is your entire iron ore, right? You do not sell these came up with several kilograms come?"

"No matter, this time really did not matter. If I say there, the brothers can not take your sword to change it? Sword does not change, dress pants can also be brought against the ah!"

"Do you daydream of blue sky!" Xiao Kui angrily thrown past the belt.

Long Sun Zijun turned and looked at Shaw Quebec: "I did not began with a?"

Not to be outdone Shaw Quebec stare back: "Who, Who said I did not anyway you began with the Iron What can I see you mixing sword!!!"

"Tut." Sun Zijun contempt Long Road, "with such a point of visiting the market began dared to come out."

Xiao Kui: ".................." speak not just for myself long Sun Zijun do? How he has come back!

"He did not began with a walk.." Sun Zijun for that long a stall Yang Chin: "Go back to refining the sword."

Xiao Kui surprised, and saw that the stall holders who pop out of a mass of white smoke, until the white smoke dispersed, sitting there which is what the black boy, was surprised that Chen Yi Xi! Xi Chen Yi had just secretly to discuss and long Sun Zijun, since today Xiao Kui intend bleeding, then this money to earn another stall went not as good as he was making. So the two split up, no matter who is stalking Xiao Kui, another went to the acquisition of some things back up a stall with a cover-up. This into one, then quickly earned twice the price difference, it is better to do business.

Xiao Kui almost fainted! Such a simple cover-up, as long as he pay close attention, will be able to see through! However, he has only care and long Sunzai Jun vindictive, actually totally did not see it! ! !

He angrily pounce, would like to severely punish Chen Xi Yi, Sun Zijun long this time, the hand does not slip, leg slip, Xiao Kui a Gouken mud throwing himself at the feet of Chen Yi Xi. He grabbed Red anxious white face of Chen Yi Xi legs: "You!You lie by magic! I also began with you! "

Yi Xi Chen shrugged, put his finger to break apart one by one: "The brothers, just Pindao say, and the emphasis is on business I wish you love, my method is to use this technique in my own body, not any brothers under the body. Sorry, I am afraid the store does not provide a return. "

Yi Xi Chen sold out of the stall roll, into a Qiankun Dai, shook his purse full to the brim in front of Xiao Kui, smiling and said: "Thank you Shaw brothers compliment, after Shaw brothers also want to buy something just let me Young me, there are good things I have to think of your first! go myself! "

Xiaokui Gang just get up and felt a sweet throat, grabbed the side of the woods, barely stabilize the figure, or else I'm afraid have to spit blood fell to the ground.

Chen Xi has long Sunzai Jun ease far away, voices can also just reached his ears, stimulate his weak nerves.

"Sub-Jun, today we can be really good luck, I knew that left two black iron also had to sell him, so much Lingshi we can buy directly to new and better sword."


"Hey Yes, I gave him the belt change, wait a minute Sword back when the wind blows, his pants would not fall ah?"


"Poof ha ha ha ha ......"

"What do you take his belt?"

"Medicine elders raised the little boars scurrying mountain all day, get back to the root of the tiger ribs pig tied it."


"Shaw brothers!" Yi Xi Chen back, skipping beckons for Xiao Kui, "remember to mention trousers lived yo! Do not lost it!"

"Long Sun Zijun! Yi Xi Chen!" Xiao Kui collapse of the sky and roar, "We'll see!"

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