Large mouse

Large mouse

? Personally was ordered by Harry, the accountant finance as well as other commercial elites from New York headquarters was taking the Osborn Group mercantile airplane, then arrived in Osaka in Japan time about 3 : 00 pm.

Not too many smalltalk and welcome ceremony. On mercantile airplane that Osborn Group has, these commercial elites have completed the full rest. Is getting down that moment of airplane, they have prepared to start to work.

In Osborn this super big consortium, the wage that these people receive is almost the two times of wages of outside general enterprise, this also requested to their professional accomplishments set a higher request.

The Japan Osaka aspect, followed near 30 entourages who Harry comes together already before these people hit the outpost.

Two groups of personnel merge became a large-scale team of near hundred person, started to start the thorough check to the entire Japan branch.

Shoves open the branch highrise building glass door, near hundred position wears the place that the commercial elites of agile western-style clothing rush toward them to go to good order.

Including the finance department, the ministry of law, passes in and out the oral area, the warehousing and logistics management section wait/etc.. The majority of Japan staff has not obtained total company to come the thorough stocktaking the news.

Suddenly the massive Western face of appear made some Japan staff surprise, even has also caused the small disturbance.

Has issued the public statement to Director General Yasuda, explained that this was a routine headquarters inspection has depressed the disturbance. However the hearts of all people somewhat are restless.

The inspection of headquarters will have every year, but was determining basically first two months will have the notice. oneself this side will also complete the connection work.

But this inspection is actually one suddenly attacks, anybody has not prepared. And the scale of this time inspection team was rather huge.

On does the team of hundred person want thoroughly the company high level isolating? The thoughts flexible staff psychology had the thought that Japan branch this is must cloud over.

The staff who came from New York left to launch to the thorough stocktaking of Japan branch during, now all people understand. The oneself this insufficient 18 year young boss, is not an affable fellow.

The lion forever is the lion, regardless of its young or old.

Stands near the window, by hanging the shutter glass, Harry was shooting a look at one to fall into certainly flurried Japan branch staff member because of the headquarters check, said that „looked like somewhat noisy.”

„Sometimes noisy, can make the flaw surface.” Li Jie said one impartially. „At least must let here staff sober realizing, who truly to the person who they pay out the wages is.”

Harry shrugs the arm, indicated truth that a little Li Jie said. „You suspect Director General Yasuda. About having possibility equipment resells illegally?”

„Before has not removed the suspicion, he naturally is the most important suspicion object. But we need to carry on some investigations to him probably, perhaps later will wait for Peter to come back us to do some hooligans.” Li Jie made in the Harry's office chair, raised both hands to say.

„Plays a spy agent game to be what kind, like 007 that types. I anticipated to be very long like the movie.”

Osaka city midcontinental region, here is the Osaka administrative center, is the Osaka rich person area. When Yasuda Eiji is at Osaka housing residence in the middle of this area.

But a quarrel of clamoring is conducted in his mansion.

„Because of your plan! What recommended Mariko, then good to have caused the Mr. Harry disaffection, he started to investigate thoroughly the Japan branch.” Exudes this question sound, before , attended to that middle-aged being balding man who pavilion and Director General Yasuda and the others drink together in the cherry.

But object this that he gets angry is that appearance caustic man.

„Does not want anything to blame me on, at that time the plan you did not agree! Once why has the matter to push toward my head matter!” Counter-attack that the caustic man does not show weakness said.

„Do not forget that I proposed this plan for everybody. Everybody present is not the expectation reserves the existing right!”

„But actually has caused the Mr. Harry disaffection now, making him feel us to overstep authority and get involved in another's affairs, even suspected the operating condition of Japan branch.” Another at the former banquet has experienced the man, that simple and honest man also. His some Nono were saying.

„He is deliberate, you are not clear! He definitely was already had prepared.” The caustic man vowed solemnly that was saying.

„Has sufficed, no matter any reason, but above starts to investigate thoroughly the matter of Japan branch indisputable already.” Yasuda Eiji loudly shouted, has interrupted three people of quarrels.

„We now are not quarrelling time.”

Because of bellowing of Yasuda Eiji, three people were suddenly peaceful. However after a while, that appearance simple and honest man to caustic man saying in a low voice. „Strange, all are well. You gave to tow launching me, if company checked on some warehousing appear issues that I was in charge, I certainly greatly troublesome.”

„You work as the money is not this, 500 million JPY loads into your pocket time, you have not rejected.” The caustic man reminded one, divided money to take such risk.

„In outside black market, Osborn Group equipment premium 30 percent cannot purchase, even some weapon need premium 40 percent. To earn such high quota the profit, must take the corresponding risk.”

„Do not forget, but initially you asked me to lead you to make money, now do not want to get angry does not acknowledge mistakes.” The words of caustic man make the simple and honest man unable in the opens the mouth.

„Now what I only am worried before is us, exposure of behavior. Truly speaking, passed away in present over six months time from Mr. Norman, actually we have fished many advantage. Even if a dynasty emperor royal courtier has dismissed us, we gained obtain money also enough us to pass the latter half of life.” The man who that middle age is balding started talking.

„But if the trail exposes, we resell the company property illegally, although cannot see any hands and feet from the account, but actually clear has violated the principle of legality, might be imprisoned very much.”

The words of this man made everybody be deep in certain thought. He said right.

Yasuda they truly after Norman passed away six months of this disorderly management has handled something, for example sells company weapon equipment to seek the sudden and huge profits to some illegal organizations. On this world forever many earnestly seeks the madman of high-quality munitions. Because they lack the legitimate purchase channel, they are willing to be higher than market price 30 percent even are the 40 price purchase these equipment.

Director General Yasuda and the others also never care about these people to do with these equipment. Must know that besides being used to level must on give the company capital and profit that the bookkeeping uses.

The 30 percent profit that these come out will fall into their belt-bags. But all people are clear, the munitions are one of the world most sudden and huge profits commodities.

It can be said that in short six months, these people have harvested many. But leads all these is that caustic man, if not because he has gotten so far as relations, can disguise to purchase from company through the legitimate channel, then handed over to sell to the illegal organization, then all these will not realize.

But the accumulation four people here are large mice in four Osborn Group. Eats the Duke wealth, the privacy of enriching oneself.

While four people talked, they were not clear. They think the talk of secret actually does not omit a single word passed to another three people of ears.

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