Two Dimensional Fantasy System

By Yin Shan Zhi Feng

I approve of you

I approve of you

„In other words, your sound will be wooden Ban Xueyuan soon will abandon the school now, next year no longer recruitment study sound, therefore you will want to become the school idol, is ordinary like a-rise that you will worship, by the status of school idol, making the sound be the Otonokizaka High School popularity rises once again, making the person who every year will register for achieve the school to have the standard of income, right?”

Went home from Akihabara, Mu Fan sits in home on the sofa of living room, to is sitting in opposite Honoka Kousaka asks.

Reason that the sound is Otonokizaka High School because soon person little soon will abandon the school, that reason must mention from the past.

In fact the Honoka Kousaka school belongs to the traditional female high school, in other words only then the high school of female student.

Originally be only female student the population of school recruit student must be much less . Moreover the entire school deviation traditional style, attracts the popularity the place, only then the origin of school.

Can the psychology of present female student, the idea of origin as well as traditional female student of school estimated that nobody is willing to listen.

Therefore establishes the fashion from the aspect and in the modern age of attraction popularity and conforms to compared with tidal current utx, the sound is Otonokizaka High School wants to be bad.

In others school three figure million fan, obtained love

student who live first a-rise, to like idol, even if can only have a look at the idol that also anticipates to be able with liking with the school.


Why only has Mu Fan and Honoka as for the living room of family/home in?

Actually Sagiri has not come out to greet, because she wants a picture vitality full young girl character, like small thousand.

Therefore she said that Honoka does not let look does not make her enter the room.

This matter Honoka has not known, should urge Honoka.

Considers as finished, two female students make them play--

„Un, I want to become the school idol, saves our sounds is Otonokizaka High School, causes we arrive at the third grade time, will have new kouhai to join the school.” A Honoka Kousaka face self-confident throws out the chest to say.

„Why that does not do, from your singing sound, can become the school idol a moment ago in my opinion.” Mu Fan asked.

Hears here, Honoka Kousaka lowered the head, look became dim, anxious sighing: „But Student President does not allow us to establish the idol mass organization, they do not believe us, even thinks that we are rashly are moving now, moreover said that makes us then not have in a kouhai two years of time, completes student this matter of doing......”

„Student this matter of doing?”

Mu Fan has selected the eyebrow, asked: „Is the study?”

„Un, is my academic record has been very disappointing, moreover I try hard to study, impossible to attract the student for the school, the student who because studies diligently is inferior to the popular idol the popularity.”

You also know that your study is disappointing?

Mu Fan rolled the eyes.

He knows that actually passed the study of Honoka and had not exchanged the knowledge talent his some to spell in the past.

As for Sagiri ..... Un, went to school not on, only then the elementary school culture, that say nothing of studied.

The words expose more come this really fearfully.

Oneself and these two younger sisters, were difficult to be inadequate in the bone to have can only mix to eat to wait for death in the school, is unable to become blood relationship that studies Tyrant?

It is not right, oneself and they do not have the blood relationship.

Infected to me?

„However, in some sense, making school have the popularity once more, indeed becomes the idol has a slim chance of survival.” Was recalling the Honoka Kousaka words, Mu Fan replied.

„Really, Brother Mu Fan also thinks?”

The Honoka Kousaka look appears a brilliance, but before quick is similar, general low-spirited, the sound said low and deep: „But, I and zither Li as well as the Umi sauce three people just prepared the clothing, song anything has not prepared.”

You simply said, misses the effort as well as the song and dance from the idol considers as finished!

Tact that although you said that what this is not has not thought, works as the idol?

No wonder, by Student President rejecting.

Listened to learn President a moment ago probably is an unpardonably wicked big bastard, stopping them to become the idol.

But like this listens, as if others said is also reasonable.

After all Student President position study, what naturally cannot make your 12 not prepare, almost does not have hope Honoka Kousaka to come, when the idol does delay the study?

„Therefore I mainly am see Sagiri today, moreover wants to ask that since has taken care of Sagiri Brother Mu Fan like the Sir, should our idol mass organizations work, face these many pressures, how Brother Mu Fan will be doing?”

„Naturally works the idol mass organization!”

Mu Fan saying without hesitation, although in the heart was thinking the decision of Student President a moment ago right, but Mu Fan also thinks the decision of Honoka similarly not wrong.

In fact both not wrong, but the difference is regarding the both of miracle as well as on dream.

„But, no matter anybody said with me, the idol is not that easily can become.”

„Naturally, idol, if wants to become to become, saying that in the world everywhere was the idol?”

Mu Fan said with a smile slightly.

„Why Brother Mu Fan said that can also make me the school idol?”

Asking of Honoka Kousaka doubts.

„Idol is not indeed good to become, but is not cannot become.”

Mu Fan walks up, touches the head of Honoka, said with a smile: „School that now you deeply love has been facing the biggest waste school crisis, announced next year not again the recruit student, since that the matter has developed the worst situation, why that doesn't try?”

„Our Heavenly Dynasty has a few words to be called „ Heaven never seals off all exits”, sang in the singing sound that from Honoka a moment ago attentively, I believe that so long as Honoka diligently, will make the school restore the popularity one day once again. ”

„Really will have miracle? Many people do not think that we can become the popular idol .....” Honoka still some does not dare believe twittering said.

„Has miracle me not to know, but I know that will not have the dream not to have the miracle, so long as will be pursuing the dream diligently, may produce the miracle, say nothing of Honoka was so suitable to become the idol”

Mu Fan draws Honoka Kousaka to arrive in front of the landing mirror of living room, said: „Such cute female student, if diligently, makes great strides forward toward the idol every day, certainly will attract many fan?”

Here, Mu Fan has transferred body, both hands according to the shoulder of Honoka Kousaka, face earnest saying: „Moreover .... Even if others do not approve of you, as elder brother's me, forever will approve of Honoka, because, I believe that Honoka will not be one by the female student who the reality will attack!”

In Mu Fan looks like present Honoka lacks to become the school idol in the face of a series of attack the courage,

Since that encourage her like this, making her restore to the past vitality full condition once again, moreover he had System, at matter that his front was unable to complete.

Looks at the Mu Fan serious appearance, the Honoka complexion red, in the lowering the head eye brings to wipe the tears: „Brother Mu Fan, you do not tease me, zither Li and Umi want attractive many compared with me.”

„Then three beautiful young girls happen to don't become the combinations?”

Mu Fan instead shows a faint smile: ” Is happen to same as a -rise population,

Don't words that forgot me to speak. ”

„Will not have the miracle without the dream, so long as is pursuing the dream, might produce the miracle .....”

Honoka Kousaka stares slightly, was recalling words that Mu Fan spoke a moment ago, in the mouth cannot bear unceasingly twittering.

In the original heart had been looking forward to can become with Honoka of a-rise same idol mass organization, since has been suffering all kinds of attack, in her heart raised one type should the feeling of giving up.

But encouragement of Mu Fan, makes in her look gradually appear to reappear again to wipe the joyful brilliance.

Yes, if no unable to vainly hope for diligently, then certainly will not succeed!

Has thought through all these, in the heart of Honoka Kousaka has filled pleasantly surprised.

Looks at front Mu Fan, whole person excited throwing to him on, is holding his excited saying: „Brother Mu Fan, I understood, thank you, I will try hard to become the school idol , to promote the sound is Otonokizaka High School!”

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