Rebirth Merchant: Wonderful Space Hunting for Military Officer Yi Wu Qing Kuang

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In the past life, she was a cold-blooded killer. She died without a burial place. She returned to her fifteen years old and was accidentally given a space of power. Amateur scum aunt, a full-time sister, a strange face and relatives. The martial arts are strong and strong, and the dust is brilliant. Who says that beauty and wisdom cannot coexist. Great life and infinite scenery, but was targeted by cold-blooded officers. "You are suspected of murder, invading the central network... There are too many crimes and you need to arrest immediately." Song Ye brows and picks up, and deceives himself. "Is it difficult to comment on the crimes, what are the good suggestions?" One sink, half awkward, "Marry me." (This article is strong and strong, absolutely cool, one-on-one, painful and unlimited.)


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  • Cheats
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  • Devoted Love Interests
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  • Cross-dressing
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