My rebirth boyfriend 148

My rebirth boyfriend 148

Xie He saw Han Wenqian,

The body is stiff for a moment.

The painful suffering during this time and the actions of the man made him finally understand where Han Wenqian could be ruthlessly cruel.

A little bit of thorough understanding of the facts... Now he is only afraid of him.

Xie He walked down with his head down.

Whispered: "Sorry,

I just didn't see you coming over..."

He didn't call his brother,

Because he thinks that Han Wenqian probably doesn’t want to hear him call him like this,

a thing,

What is the qualification to call his brother?

Han Wenqian decided to look at Xie He and said, "Look up."

Xie He quickly looked up, but he didn’t have time to gather the fear.

There is a ripple in the black.

Han Wenqian remembered everything he had just seen. He saw the young man sorrow and focused on the girl. Although he said that he broke up,

I am sad in my heart.

Sorry in the mouth, but in the eyes is love.

In his eyes, this feeling is both pure and beautiful...

Han Wenqian is scornful,

He is investigating Shu Yan,

Very ordinary girl,

A little bit of vanity, be careful,

But in fact, it’s stupid,

Therefore, it was easy for Zhou Yuebin and others to be used as guns to frame Xie He. And she doesn’t really like it,

During this time, I still have a good time, and I have not cared about the difficulty of thanking me. I only care about my own feelings.

The sadness just now is probably more because I feel that I have been beaten and have no face.

But these thank you can't see it... He only sees her good side.

How can such a person be worthy of the feelings of thanking him?

But what makes Han Wenqian even more angry is that he is somewhat envious, envious of Shu Yan can get the pure love, but he does not get it, he treats him so sincerely, the last life only exchanged for ruthless betrayal, and this life... ...about only fear and resentment.

[叮, target Han Wenqian good sense +5, blackening value +10, current good feeling 60, blackening value 80]

"Get on the bus." Han Wenqian looked at Xie He coldly, his voice with a low depression.

Xie He quickly sat in and fastened his seat belt. He didn't dare to look at Han Wenqian. Soon he found that this was not the way home, but went to Han Wenqian's company. Xie He did not dare to ask more. Go up with Han Wenqian.

Han’s company Xie He has always come very rarely. He doesn’t know much about this. He has no intention of intervening. So many people in the company don’t know how to thank him, and some curiously look at him.

Han Wenqian came to his office with Xie He, and then began to work as if no one was working. He was obviously very busy, so he would continue to work after he returned, and he continued to make calls.

Xie He was sitting on the sofa with some uneasiness, and did not dare to disturb Han Wenqian. It was only after 9 o'clock that he was anxious.

Han Wenqian did not mean to end, he did not pay attention to him, and he... time is coming.

Xie He’s face was pale and his hands were tightly twisted together. At this moment, he finally heard the voice of Han Wenqian. He faintly thanked him: “Come here.”Xie He quickly walked over and looked at him with uneasiness. He couldn't speculate on Han Wenqian's thoughts. I don't know when it started. This big brother, who he always thought is very close, became moody and unpredictable.

Han Wenqian took Xie He's wrist and pulled him to his lap and sat down.

Xie He’s face had a trace of embarrassment, but he did not dare to struggle. He could only sit on Han Wenqian’s leg, such as sitting on a needle felt, and the eyelashes trembled...

Han Wenqian pinched Xie He's chin and gently rubbed his face.

The young man had a little rounded cheek that had lost weight in just ten days. The chin was pointed and the skin was morbidly pale... The sleek black sables were set in the thin face, making people I will feel pity when I look at it.

Even if he is ill, it is also a look of a hook.

Han Wenqian’s gaze on the silent pleading, the lips and corners hooked, and suddenly pulled off the tie and tied Xie’s hands behind him. Xie’s wrist was very slender, as if he could pinch it off with a little force, Han Wenqian did not The tie is very tight, but it is enough to make Xie He unable to earn.

Xie He’s body trembled a little. He always felt that Han Wenqian was not happy, but he didn’t understand why.

Han Wenqian knows what Xie is afraid of. He took out the pill box from the drawer of his desk and poured two tablets in his hand. He said to Xie He, "Eat."

Xie He’s hands were tied behind him, and there was no way to get it. However, he felt a guilty conscience and thought of the painful feeling of death. The black scorpion could not help but float a mist of water, like a small animal.

Han Wenqian looked at him with a good look and did not seem to have any hints for him.

Xie He lingered for a while, carefully watching Han Wenqian, finally hesitating to bow his head and sticking his tongue to the medicine of his hand. This is the only thing that can alleviate his pain...

When he saw that Han Wenqian didn't take the hand, he knew that it was acquiescence, so he quickly swallowed Han Wenqian's hand-picked medicine.

Han Wenqian looked at Xie He’s head and his soft tongue tipped over his palm. The soft touch seemed to have a current flowing into his heart with his palm.

Xie He seems very timid, very

When I was quick, I raised my head again and swallowed my throat.

Han Wenqian stared at Xie He's lips. The soft pink lips were like flowers that were waiting to be released... His eyes could not help but deepen, and he kissed Xie He's back and kissed him.

Xie He was breathless when he was kissed, and he gave a low whine for a while.

The kiss lasted for a few minutes, and Han Wenqian finally let go of Xie He and said, "Go on."

Xie He showed his expression of relief and hurriedly escaped from Han Wenqian’s leg. After a few steps, he found that his hands were still tied, but he did not dare to go back to Han Wenqian to untie him, not to mention eating. It is also very difficult to bear the pain of the drug. It is better to be tied up like this.

Han Wenqian did not pay any attention to thank you and continued to do his own thing.Xie He sat on the sofa for a while, and it was a burst of painful heart, a groggy brain, and I couldn’t wait to scratch my lungs. I soon rolled down the sofa, but Han Wenqian’s office was thick. The carpet, so it does not hurt.

I don't know how long it took, the pain finally receded, and I couldn't help but fall to the ground, and I was covered in cold sweat.

His blind, empty eyes looked at his head and breathed like a dehydrated fish.

Just then, a shadow fell on him.

Xie He slowly pointed at the focal length of the line of sight and saw that Han Wenqian came to him. He knew that this was the time for Han Wenqian to ask for compensation...

Xie He couldn't close his eyes, then he felt a cold, and then it was the pain of being entered, but it was nothing at all, and it was nothing compared to the pain of enduring the attack...

He can bear it.


Since attending the birthday party of the school sister that day, Shu Yan has never seen Lin Biao again, and the phone call has been nowhere.

Shu Yan was worried about it. She worried that Lin Biao had an accident, but it didn’t take long to get angry. Lin Biao used to be very considerate to her. They met almost every day. Even if they didn’t meet, they would definitely send a message, even though Lin Biao’s character was swallowed. It’s soft, but as a boyfriend, it’s not a problem. Can’t Lin Biao change his mind? So don't you contact her? Otherwise, what else can explain Lin Biao’s disappearance?

Shu Yan remembered the words of Zhou Xiao at that time. Since Lin Biao is also a young man with rich people, I am afraid that she does not have to be true to her... She was also smug and thought that she had mistakenly talked about a big boyfriend, even fantasizing. In the future extravagant life, who knows that I just learned the clue of Lin Biao’s identity, and I haven’t had time to figure out that Lin Biao is missing!

Today, Lin Biao finally came to the school. Someone soon told Shu Yan that Shu Yan had waited all day for a whole day. As a result, Lin Biao had not come to find her! She finally couldn't help but take the initiative to find Lin Biao, which is quite a faceless thing for her, but even more faceless, Lin Biao actually broke up with her!

Shu Yan gasping a big cry, too angry and too angry!

Why do you break up and break up!

Just when Shu Yan’s eyes were red, her roommate told her that someone was looking for her downstairs. She came to drive a luxury car and claimed to be the secretary of Han’s president Han Wenqian. He gave the business card and identity, smiling. Let those curious students look at them.

Shu Yan is also afraid of being deceived. I checked it on the Internet and found that there was such a person, and the car and the license plate number could not be faked. It was a bit embarrassing. I didn’t know what Han Wenqian was looking for.

Unlike Lin Biao, Han Wenqian is famous in the local area. Han family has always been a topic of relish, but this topic is a bit far from real life. Shu Yan never thought that she would have a relationship with her one day.

However, Secretary Song refused to talk to her more. He only said that he would go.Shu Yan has been entangled for a long time. I feel that it is impossible for her to have any intentions for her, and she can sit on such a car and go to the Han Group... This temptation is for her vain who has not yet left school. Girls are simply too tempting.

Shu Yan is still gone.

The other party did not lie to him, took her to the headquarters of the Han Group, and then took the elevator directly to the top floor, arranged for her to sit down in a suite, let her wait a moment to go out.

Shu Yan is sitting there nervously, this should be the president's office? It’s super luxurious. The floor is covered with precious carpets. The top is a dazzling crystal lamp. The thick redwood door in front is hidden. It only opens a gap, but Shu Yan doesn’t dare to peek, for fear that it will be discovered. It’s too shameful.

It was still very quiet at first, but gradually there was a humming sound inside, and then a low-pitched voice...

Shu Yan's face is a little red, although she is still only a student, but some things are also known... Do you accidentally listen to a live erotic palace? Does Han Wenqian don’t know if she is outside? This is simply too embarrassing!

Shu Yan wanted to leave, but soon she found something wrong, the voice that suppressed the crying... Why is it so familiar, although the voice is very low with a bit of painful distortion, and an unprecedented hoar charm, but she just heard it... ...

This is the voice of Lin Biao.

Shu Yan is stiff and she feels that she is probably wrong. How is this possible? But her heart could not help but curiosity, some thoughts drove her... take a look, take a look...

If the door is not closed, just sneak a look, what if it is really wrong?

She stood up involuntarily, step by step to the door of the mahogany, and looked through the door. This look, scared almost sounded, and quickly caught his mouth.

Inside one

The tall man in a black suit is facing the direction of her and invades the youth on the carpet.

The young man was covered in red fruit, his hands were tied behind him, and a sorrowful whining under the man, with tears on his face, was almost smashed, and finally could not help but humiliate, but the man was still unmoved. Invaded him.

Shu Yan’s brain is blank. What is it? How is this going?

Her limited imagination can't explain everything in front of her. Here is Han Wenqian's office, then the man is obviously Han Wenqian, but Lin Biao... Why is Lin Biao here... will be...

Her heart beats very quickly, but more is shocked, but there is not much disgusting emotion.

Because the young people inside are like that... seductive, the delicate face is dyed with beautiful colors, and the beautiful thrilling and beautiful, both men and women are surrendered for him.

Xie He was dispelled by Han Wenqian’s body, but for him, the torture was delayed, as if it was endless... He thought it was terrible before, but today he knows Han Wenqian. It can be even more terrible.

At the end of the day, Xie He felt like he had gone from hell.Han Wenqian was neat and tidy from start to finish. He raised his trousers and looked at Xie He with a condensed gaze. He took off his coat and put it on his body. Then he turned and said: "Come in."

Shu Yan looked lost, but she did not expect Han Wenqian to suddenly turn around and talk, scared ass sitting on the ground, her brain awake and shivering... She, she saw what she should not see today, Han Wenqian Will not kill her? She suddenly remembered a lot of hearsay about the demon-like rumors of the Korean family. It is said that many years ago, the Korean family also had a black-channel background! At the moment her heart is full of regrets! I knew that she must not come today.

Han Wenqian’s lips showed a disdainful smile, striding over to open the door, coveting the girl sitting on the ground, low-pitched and elegant voice: “How long have you waited?”

Shu Yan looked at Han Wenqian. Although the man had a handsome face that could make any woman's heartbeat, it was not very fierce to her, but looking at the dark black eyes, her heart was inexplicably scared, as if she had a hand. She lived in her throat and told her to speak.

Han Wenqian’s eyes were slightly colder, spit out two words without feelings, “talk.”

Shu Yan is a spirit, and quickly said: "No, not long..."

Han Wenqian’s ‘he’’ laughed and asked: “How much have you seen?”

Shu Yan's face is pale, and the moment is shaking like a sieve.

Xie He originally fell to the ground, no response at all, until he heard the dialogue at the door, only to realize that there was someone outside the door! And this person... turned out to be Shu Yan!

Xie He’s eyes are full of shameful pain, why... He is willing to accept such humiliation, why is he not willing to give him the final dignity? Let the girl he likes see his dirty side.


Xie He’s hands were still tied. He moved, and the jacket covered with his body slipped down. Although his heart was very painful, he could not let Han Wenqian hurt Shu Yan, if not because of him... Han Wenqian would not For Shu Yan shot.

"You don't want to hurt her." Xie He raised his hoarse voice and looked at him.

Han Wenqian heard the voice back and looked up at the clear black sorrow. He clearly cried and begged under him, and now in front of the beloved girl, he showed unprecedented firmness and protected himself like a man. Woman... Han Wenqian suddenly felt angry in his heart.

He smiled low and his voice screamed. "That depends on her understanding."

Shu Yan has been stupid, all this is beyond the scope she can understand, only fear in her heart, she is just a student, why have you seen such a scene... scared suddenly cried out.

Han Wenqian smiled faintly, and the cold eyes fell on Shu Yan's body, slowly saying, "Lin Biao is my person, do you understand this?"

Shu Yan nodded in a hurry!

Han Wenqian nodded and said: "But I heard that he seems to be too obedient, actually carrying me to talk about my girlfriend at school, huh... you are his girlfriend."Shu Yan heard the unhappiness in Han Wenqian’s words, the tingling fear of the scalp, and somehow the flash of light flashed. Even the voice: “I, I don’t know that he is your person, he never told me. I... I am also cheated!"

When Shu Yan said this, Xie He’s eyes suddenly fainted, as if a knife was on his heart. He stared deeply at the girl at the door, motionless.

Han Wenqian finally smiled and seemed to be very satisfied with Shu Yan’s interest. “So, do you know how to do it now?”

Shu Yan nodded like garlic: "I, I must keep a distance from him! Never see him again, we have broken up! It doesn't matter!"

“Very good.” Han Wenqian bowed his head. “Remember what you saw today, but don’t say it, or I can’t spare you.”

Shu Yan’s voice shook: “I, I know...”

Han Wenqian said: "Let's go, Song secretary will send you back."

Shu Yan heard that Han Wenqian allowed her to leave, and even fled and stood up and fled, so terrible! It is obvious that Han Wenqian did not do anything to her, but the stagnation atmosphere made her shudder! Let her not dare to question any of his words!

Secretary Song had already waited outside, watching the unsettled Shu Yan, and calmly sent her out.

Han Wenqian saw Shu Yan leave, slamming the door

Came back.

Xie He still keeps the original action lying on the ground, I do not know whether it is no strength, or give up the action.

Han Wenqian hugged him on the sofa and untied his hands. He stroked Xie He’s ear and smiled lowly: “Have you heard it? Her feelings for you are no more than that. I don’t want to think about it, I can’t wait to clear my relationship with you. This kind of woman has long since broken up.”

Xie He’s eyelashes fluttered, and it seemed to be unbearable. He slowly opened his eyes. The black scorpion was silent. For a long time, he gave a soft, self-deprecating voice: “Well, are you satisfied?”

Han Wenqian smiled softly, and kissed and kissed Xie He’s lips: "What are you satisfied with?"

Xie He said: "Let me like people who hate me and despise me, let her know what I am, are you happy?"

Han Wenqian pinched Xie He’s neck and bit his lip hard. He said, “Yeah... you were originally a worthless thing. All the things I gave you can be recovered. Anyone can see it. You don't like yours like this, you only have to give it to men."

Xie He looked at Han Wenqian, these cold words fell ruthlessly into his ears, making the blood on his body cool a little bit, obviously very sad, very painful... but about because he had already cried, The tears dried up, and then listening to such insulting words, there was a feeling of numbness, crying out.

My brother, even if I am not clean, you don't like me, I can understand...

But why do you want to behave as if you hate me.Han Wenqian’s fingers swept over Xie’s neck and stared deeply at the person underneath. He smiled and said: “So you better have a little self-awareness and figure out your current identity. If I find out that you are still hooking others outside, I I will not continue to tolerate you."

Han Wenqian’s eyes are no longer able to reappear in the past...

In that case... I am afraid I can't help but want to completely destroy you.

You can only be mine, even if you don't love me, I don't allow you to fall in love with others.

If you are destined to betray me... I will destroy you first, so that you can no longer betray me.

[叮, the target Han Wenqian good feeling +5, the current good feeling 65, blackening value 80]

[Xie He: I really like this kind of listening to the corner play, super exciting, my brother knows me very well, I like him. Smile JPG

[444:O(∩_∩O~] The host's big bad taste is really much _(:зゝ∠_

[Xie He: To be honest, I have long wanted to break up. I am totally uninterested to accompany this little girl to play pure love games. Now it’s finally good, my brother has no worries, he really likes me :)


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