The teacher loves me again 36

The teacher loves me again 36

Li Hongyi is afraid of stimulating to thank him,

I asked an aunt to take care of him.

I basically don’t appear in front of Xie,

Only when he is asleep,

Only secretly came over and kissed the soft lips.

Xie He is silent here,

Did not try to escape,

In fact,

He has nowhere to go.

Like an autistic patient, he does not speak and does not say anything, and isolates everything outside his own world.

There is no step in even the door.

[Xie He: A little boring...]

[444: Let's watch the movie? 】

[Xie He: Baby, you finally made a constructive proposal, very good. Give me a few tragedies,

If you come across a comedy, it’s not good to look at it:)

[444: No problem! The ten major tragedies of the Earth Galaxy have been downloaded! 】

Xie He read ten tragedies,

I feel that my acting skills have been improved, and my temperament has once again been sublimated.

The whole person’s appearance is even more gray,

The eyes are all desolate.

Aunt looked at Xie He like this,

It’s awkward,

She was invited by Li Hongjun.

Very familiar with the process of the matter,

I am very aware of the experience of this young teacher, and I am taking care of him every day, but I can’t help but feel thinner every day.

Sadly sneaked a few tears.

It’s been more than a week,

Li Hongyi finally appeared here again, and he also took Xu Wenzhao.

After Li Hongjun brought Xu Wenzhao in, he went out himself. From the beginning to the end, he was not close to Xie He three meters.

Xu Wenzhao looked at the teacher. He only felt that the soreness of his eyes could not be suppressed. He finally couldn’t help but cry out. A big boy, silently shed tears.

Xie Hezhen looked at him, a long, hoarse voice: "You, crying..."

It was these days that he spoke for the first time.

Li Hongjun stood outside the door, leaning against the wall, God knows how much he wants to go in, but he can't, he only hurts the teacher, and the teacher is afraid of fear... He can't even be close to the teacher, he can only use a wall. Quietly hiding outside, greedily listening to the teacher's words.

How humble... just because the teacher didn't want to see him.

So he does not appear.

Xu Wenzhao rubbed his eyes. He looked at Xie He seriously and said, "Teacher, I have already known everything."

Xie He shrank a little, turned his head and did not dare to look at the students' eyes.

Xu Wenzhao was very upset. He grabbed Xie He’s hand and said sincerely: “Teacher, I have always believed in you. You have helped me a lot. What kind of person are you? I know it better! I believe more than me, there are others. Students, I believe in you too!"

Xie He’s lips trembled a bit, but he still didn’t speak.

"Teacher, you must be better, because I am very worried about you, care about you." Xu Wenzhao decided to look at his eyes, solemn tone, "Please don't forget the students, I am still waiting for you, okay?"Otherwise, he has no way to forgive himself. If it is not because of him, how can the teacher fall into such a situation? The heart of self-blame is tormenting him.

If you can predict such a result, on the day you meet in the bedroom... he will not let the teacher and Allen leave.

I will not let the teacher pay the price for him.

[叮, Xu Wenzhao good feeling +5, the current good feeling 100]

There was a moment of disappointment in Xie He’s eyes, and his eyes seemed to move slightly, without agreeing or denying.

Xu Wenzhao knew that this matter could not be rushed. He had to go forward with him. Although he was talking alone, but Xie He did not show fear of resistance, which made him a little relieved, and finally He said: "Teacher, you have a good rest, I will come back to you tomorrow."

He looked at Xie He deeply and finally walked away with reluctance.

Xie Hemu sent Xu Wenqi to leave and began to talk to 444.

[Xie He: It’s almost time to leave the world. 】

[444: Li Hongjun's goodwill is still 2 points. How do you plan to get it? 】

[Thank Ho: Brush it up this evening:)


When the night was quiet, Li Hongjun gently walked into the room of Xie He.

The teacher quietly slept in the bed, about a lack of security, the whole person curled up into a ball, the quilt slipped aside, revealing his thin shoulders. Li Hongjun walked to the bed and sat down, gently picking up the broken hair in the teacher's ear, revealing a slightly pale and delicate face.

He once thought that he would never have a day to let go, but in fact it was not. He saw that the teacher was so scared and afraid that he understood that sometimes love must know how to let go.

Just... really, I can't bear it.

Li Hongyi’s eyes showed a deep painful look. He lowered his head and kissed the teacher’s lips gently. Maybe... this will be the last time he kissed his beloved teacher.

His movements are very gentle, careful, with a strong love...

After a while...

Li Hongjun did not dare to awaken the teacher and forced to restrain himself from the urge to continue.

Looking up, reluctantly leave the soft lips... At this moment, the teacher’s eyes suddenly opened without warning, and for a moment, the four eyes were opposite.

Li Hongjun's movement suddenly stiffened, and his face flashed a glimpse of the fluster that was discovered. Even if Taishan collapsed in front of him, he could face his color. This moment, he was nervous.

It’s not so easy for the teacher to be better. Will it worsen again because of his own rash?

He Huo stood up and turned and went outside.

But the teacher suddenly shouted at him.

Xie He looked at his lonely back and said slowly: "Li Hongjun." His voice was very calm, no fear and trembling, no hatred and disgust, just like shouting a very ordinary student.

Li Hongjun’s footsteps stopped, and he slowly turned around. The dark eyes in the darkness were like a dead abyss.

"On that day, I heard everything you said." Xie He looked at him calmly and slightly opened his lips. "I know that it is not what you did."Li Hongjun was waiting for the verdict. Whoever thought that he would hear this sentence would not be able to return to God for a while. In the next moment, there was a hint of light in his eyes. He paused and walked back to Xie He’s bed.

" know..." Li Hongjun looked at him, his voice bitter.

Xie He was silent for a moment and said: "So, I don't blame you, don't blame yourself."

Li Hongyi felt that his eyes were hot. It seemed that there was any hot liquid flowing out. What did he hear? He thought that he had no chance to hear this sentence again in his life, but he still heard it.

After suffering such a hardship, the teacher can still tell him that I don't blame you.

Can also give him, he does not dare to ask for forgiveness.

[叮, the target Li Hongjun good feeling +2, the current good feeling 100]

[Hey, the target of the world’s target is completed and will soon leave the world within three days. 】

Li Hongjun opened his mouth and his voice whimpered with a little: "Thank you."

Xie He looked at him and said, "I am leaving. After that, don't come to me again."

Li Hongjun said: "Okay."

Xie He said: "Allen is the same, please tell me about him, I forgive him."

Li Hongjun still said: "Okay."

Xie He laughed. For a long time, his face finally smiled again. Although it was very shallow and shallow, it seemed to have the power to sweep away all the haze in the world.

Li Hongjun saw that he could not move his eyes, but he knew that he should leave. This situation was hard-won. He could no longer ruin the smile on his teacher's face because of his selfishness.

He clenched his hand and said in a low-pitched voice: "Teacher, goodbye."

Then he took a deep look at the teacher and put the gentle face and light smile on his heart, making sure that he would never forget his life. He slowly turned around and lifted the heavy weight. The pace, step by step left here.

[444: The host is big, Allen's has not been full, do you want to leave now? 】 Always feel that this is not a big style of the host...

[Thank you: Don't worry, isn't there still three days of staying? 】


Xie He left there early the next day and returned to Su Yan’s home in this world.

It’s not been a long time, and Su’s mother still doesn’t know what’s going on in the school. It’s very unexpected how he came back early.

Xie He casually found an excuse to fool past, Su mother did not care much about him, the stepfather did not care about this son, and soon forgot the things of Xie He.

Xie Hele’s ease, he heard the system notice on the second day of his return home.

[Hey, Allen has a good feeling +5, the current good feeling is 100]

[Xie He: It seems that Li Hongjun has brought my words. Smile JPG

[444: Yes! 】

[Xie He: It’s time to leave now, give me a bottle of sleeping pills, baby. 】

[444: The value of the powerful sleeping pills is 10 points of experience, and the redemption is completed! 】Xie He’s hand suddenly appeared a medicine bottle, he poured himself a cup of hot water, ate a whole bottle of medicine, and then locked the door, came to the desk and sat down, took out a Letterhead, wrote a sentence.

"When love gradually dies, the human heart is nothing but a living tomb. When love and goodness go far, society is just a cemetery filled with shells." (Note: Shelley)

Xie He was satisfied with the details, and I felt that I had fulfilled the responsibility of the teacher to the last moment, and then smiled and told 444 to leave.

[Hey, the world's target person Li Hongwei completed the Raiders and gained 10,000 experience points. The world's important role, Allen's strategy, was completed, and the experience value was 8000. The important role of the world, Xu Wenzhao's strategy was completed, and the experience value was 8000. The world gained a total of 26,000 experience points. . 】

[Hey, it’s leaving the world, the transfer is in progress...]


Su Yan’s body was discovered by Xu Wenzhao. He went to Li Hongjun and knew that the teacher had left. He didn't feel relieved when the teacher left alone. After inquiring about it, he knew that the teacher was going home. So he went to Sujia to find a teacher, but it took a few days to find out the address.

Ms. Su was very busy at work every day. She didn’t care about her eldest son. She hadn’t seen Su’s words for a few days, and thought he had returned to school. I didn’t realize until Xu Wenzhao came over.

Right, I found that my son’s door was locked from the inside.

Su mother finally panicked, and rushed to find someone to unlock, but when I entered, I only saw Su Yan with a smile, lying quietly in bed.

He has been dead for more than a day.

When Li Hongjun got the news, Su Yan had been sent to the crematorium. He didn't even see the teacher's last side.

During this time, he was busy dealing with Li Hongcheng. Allen turned his back to him and dealt with his family. Li Hongyi quickly put Li Hongcheng in a fight and revealed Li Hongcheng in a very short time. A serious crime was sent to prison. Then he unsettled the marriage contract with Chen Sha and began to name the teacher at the school.

Throughout the process, Allen has been very cooperative, even at his own fame, and Sun Zeyang stood up and said that they had threatened Su Yan.

People know that they misunderstood Su Yan, although it is inevitable that some people with psychological darkness still snicker the stupidity of Su Yan, thinking that he is self-sufficient, but most people still have good thoughts, and they have hurt the misunderstanding of Su Yan. I regret very much. Many people said that they would apologize to Su Yan personally. The school also withdrew the decision to dismiss him.

But they did not have a chance to make up, because Su Yan died.

At the funeral of Su Yan, many people came, his students, his colleagues, his friends...

Xu Wenzhao, Allen, Sun Zeyang and Chen Gu also came.

Li Hongyi stood alone in the far corner. I don't know why, he didn't dare to go. He held a piece of stationery in his hand, which Xu Wenxi brought to him, found in the teacher's room.The teacher walked very peacefully, leaving nothing but leaving this sentence.

He opened his mouth and gently recited it again: When love gradually died, the human heart was nothing but a living tomb. When love and good thoughts went away, society was just a cemetery filled with shells.

Teacher, are you completely disappointed with the world, so you are not willing to stay in this malicious world.

So leave with the good thoughts you have left.

So, let us drop...

However, I miss you very much.

Li Hongqi raised his hand and gently kissed the letterhead paper. It seemed that the teacher’s breath was still there, and the breath calmed the violent crossflow in his heart.

Teacher, I finally know how to love someone.

I finally know how to be good and be a good person.

It’s a pity that you are not there, you can’t see it...

But don't worry, I won't forget you because you are not around, and I won't forget the beauty that you brought to me. I will save this heart and love. From then on, I will make a hopeful person, and bring you with you. That one is also inherited.

So when I see you in another world, you will smile at me, right?

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