Half-Tried Deity O Di Shen

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Introduction to the semi-robbery Xiaoxian: A cheap master, repairing an avenue,
Turning a fox as a pet, seduce a devil as a husband.
It is not terrible to cultivate immortals, so I am afraid that there is no culture.
It’s said that the road to fairy tales is long, and only the road that suits you is the best.
This is simply paradox!
You have to take the road of others to let others have no way to go!
It doesn’t matter if you can’t rob
You can ride someone else's robbery and become your own fairy.
The series "The Royal Buddha" new book "The Devil" is being serialized.


  • Shameless Protagonist
  • Beautiful Female Lead
  • Cultivation
  • Transported into Another World
  • Time Travel
  • Ancient Times
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