Monarch of the Dark Nights

By October Incense



Is good is not long because of all time, after short less than one minute of strenuous vibration, the mountain that the surrounding mountain peak several, these had not collapsed but was actually also torn also several number depth gullies.

The earthquake wave along with the time dissemination, bases beside the vibration to subside along with Yun Tu, the fluctuation strength that these invisible goes far away spreads to all around like the wave, stands turns head to look in the top digit to the Yanjing direction, near these house looked like a wave looks like to have collapses.

However is farther along with the distance, the rank of vibration gradually is also weaken, Yun Tu could not attend to that many, the fluctuation when the temple depressed subsided his under foot to catch up once more, went forward in that the prominent peak direction of Jundu, when he has reached the summit truly, the discovery temple also had the sky also to have at least 300 meters altitude to the summit ground impressively.

Although can the flying high empty step, what that finger is translates or moves slantingly, if wants Yun Tu almost to become soars, Rank 7 he is impossible to rise to 300 meters altitude then suffices to obtain that float airborne temple, moreover stands under the temple, Yun Tu also felt pressure that one type is hard to resist.

Attempted to clash several times, discovered that really cannot fly, he remembered himself to obtain Rank 8 to be promoted the liquid medicines suddenly, rose must be similar to Rank 8, therefore took that compounded drug, at this time Feng Ling and parrot amber Li also rushed.

Parrot amber Li came, wants to make it hold in the mouth the key to open the door to try in the past, what makes the person unable to think, it when leaving that temple 100 meters could not have borne the overlapped pressure that in that temple transmits, is unable to approach.

Come, but just has Feng Ling Protector, Yun Tu looked for a position to take a seat, when he swallowed the compounded drug to rise Rank 8 finally, felt the energy in body to rush, Yun Tu was confident.

Although the temple floats spatially, before the front door, has the stopping over place, Feng Ling also wants to go in Yun Tu together, therefore Yun Tu she is taking off on pulling together, again a foot pedal in midair in parrot amber Li carries on the back a strength, before two people stood as scheduled that Golden Temple front door.

But at this time Yun Tu actually discovered that the gate has not opened, a complexion paleness of Feng Ling , was very obvious and parrot amber Li was the same a moment ago, this temple always invisible pressures make people who the strength does not attain a designated standard be hard to approach.

„Or you get down!” In the temple will have anything, Yun Tu does not know that he does not think the Feng Ling risk, but Feng Ling bites the mandibular joint to with him go in together.

But Yun Tu has fished out that key, when that key has inserted the locking hole gently, then the entire lock directly vanished with key such unexpectedly, that [say / way] sincere palace gate does not need to push with the hand slowly opens.

While the gate opens, in the palace the golden light projects together, waits for Feng Ling to respond that she was flown by that [say / way] gold/metal optical elastic, several hundred meters upper air, even if will be Rank 7 will also fall unbearably, saw parrot amber Li luckily 100 meters away flew immediately, a mouth held in the mouth the Feng Ling sleeves to borrow a strength to her, when fell to the ground has not been injured finally, but when she gained ground again, originally had been attracted by that golden light with his shoulder to shoulder Yun Tu, the front door of temple has closed once again slowly.

Although this result accident, but also reluctantly can accept, but following change Feng Ling was scared, after the temple has inhaled Yun Tu, elevates unexpectedly once again, quick penetrated the cloud layer to vanish in the garnet sky.

How can like this?

Feng Ling feels helpless, completely lost position, therefore she in this summit, had the person to find here until next day Gui Jiaosan and Ruan tall, she with parrot amber Li occurring the situation all said.

apocalypse has too many matters to be indecipherable, «Opens Mission Book like the blood rain like secret realm like God», therefore everybody comforts one to be also speechless.

The temple flew away, everybody defends is also here useless, leaves behind several members to wait for here, then other people all travel, they believe that Yun Tu sooner or later will come back, entered the secret realm series duty like before.

After war, many matters are also processing, divides some people in stagnation point to come to surrender along with regional white tiger military spirits on own initiative, at this time another astonishing news had also come, previous Yun Tu goes to hunt and kill in the Rank 7 Demon Beast that Chengde small county black fog to gush out suddenly, the surrounding dozens kilometers all fell into thick fog, then in the black fog in has high level Demon Beast to gush out unceasingly, the average ranks unexpectedly reach as high as Rank 5, Rank 7 Demon Beast also reaches dozens heads, Demon Beast place visited all humanity retreat in defeat again and again, two population of locally administered level Chengde exceed 100,000 bases quite a while not to endure on is urged continually by the Demon Beast regiment at one fell swoop. Destroys, the majority of people cannot escape alive.

People who runs away by luck from Chengde said that that side is „black fog certainly!”

Because Yun Tu quite had cared this county, by that side Luo Bingwang the black fog to the Jiangnan city covers the area also to pay close attention, therefore Ruan tall and Feng Ling and the others also indistinctly felt that this world must change.

That side the Jiangnan city at present also several thousand people, Wang Ze and Jiang Xiaoya and the others in that side management therefore were still the Dark Night Guild important stations, for serveral days parrot amber Li had not flown back and forth, therefore this matter, Feng Ling and Ruan tall sent out amber Li to deliver a letter toward the Jiangnan city that side immediately, when then amber Li returned once again, they knew their responses slowly a racket.

Almost also explodes with of Chengde outside certainly, the black fog near Luo Bingwang tomb also exploded, then Rank 8 Zombie led over a million Demon Beast to sweep across to come, although has been monitoring Dark Night Guild of that strategic point first to discover closely the situation was not wonderful, immediately informed Jiangnan city all people to shift, the speed of Demon Beast army but coming has been quick their imagination, entire Jiangnan city more than half people cannot escape alive.

At present the entire Jiangnan city base has been controlled by the Demon Beast regiment in all directions completely, Dark Night Guild the leadership the principal force retreated Li Tomb in Wang Ze and Jiang Xiaoya and the others under at present, but said according to amber Li that Li Tomb to the Jiangnan city was too near, does not know that perhaps when that Demon Beast regiment will sweep away.

Since the Dark Night Guild known two black fog had the sudden change certainly, this world more than two this types certainly, this world had certainly the tremendous changes, humanity and Demon Beast have the balanced pattern before Zombie to be broken once again.

Naturally all these, were inhaled Yun Tu in temple not to know the circumstances of the matter by that golden light, when the front door opens, the golden light flashes through him only to think that brains corona, sobers to discover once again one are at big actually in the ruined big palace group, that temple that they see is actually only the scale small former palace of this giant palace group.

That gate that that front door a moment ago he saw, but the front door has closed, appointed he how on rollers is unable to pull open again, it is estimated that Feng Ling had been shot, does not know that she has broken, Yun Tu is unable to exit now, can only continue to walk toward inside across that your presence palace.

Before putting on the palace, crosses the winding corridor, before this , the palace are least with the middle main shrines has more than 300 meters distances, but more walks toward inside, inside is more ruined, the open territory before this main shrine, he saw in this courtyard the trace of very obvious fighting. However because the time is remote, these have the giant stone table stone stool to accumulate the dust ash by the rockery that the sword cutting tilted.

A surrounding all vitality, the grass is not dry, the tree is dry, although the water in pool also limpid, but is not mobile, inside fish already turned into the fish skeleton static ground submergence under water. In the spider web does not have the spider, only then the ruined spider's silk calmly is hanging.

The present picture and Yun Tu are very different before that rays of light ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) temple image of not having seen.

This temple is an independent world, this is a world not vitality, he does not know that what to do then must, only be able the instinct to walk toward inside again, when he arrives at the garden between nave and rear palace across the nave again, all are the same to the situation in front that garden, although did not have front the trace of that fighting, but the tree is dry, the grass is dry, still not a silk vitality.

These are then unimportant, here Yun Tu saw the person finally!

By a pure white stone table an ancient costume man is sitting by the table, suspended a wooden chessboard on his front table, on the chessboard has been covering entirely the board game piece, chess player but who his opposite has not actually played chess.

The surrounding deathly stillness, here actually sits a person, was waiting for in the breeze his fellow chess player, this is the what kind loneliness, Yun Tu does not endure to disturb him, but the surrounding deathly stillness, he also can only go to inquire.

In the breeze that person of hair gently is still fluttering, as if completely does not know the circumstances of the matter regarding the arrival of Yun Tu, when Yun Tu arrives to the opposite party 100 meters, in the Yun Tu heart started to fluster.

He is Rank 8 Awakened, regardless of vision hearing is far from an average man, is very keener regarding the feeling of corpse and living creature, then he cannot feel a vitality from that person of body.

Had discovered with great difficulty a person, is actually a deceased person! Yun Tu is unwilling, even if knew perfectly well that is the corpse must walk to look excessively clearly.

Although the opposite party is a deceased person, everybody is ripe is not acquainted, but thinks that here after all once was others' domain, when was correct dead for big, when arrived to the opposite party several meters, his also politeness bowed to salute, said the sound: „Disturbed your Qing to cultivate!”

At this moment, in his Interspatial Ring that turned «God Opened Mission Book» flies to come out suddenly directly, then changed into the twinkle star the ray to converge the forehead of that male corpse in the air all of a sudden.

Yun Tu looks to gain ground again, felt that on him started to have a weak vitality!

However on this weak vitality, but, that person sits in meditation there is motionless, not having the breath not to have the heartbeat.

«God Opened Mission Book» suction by that man, Yun Tu knows certainly that the opposite party was the master in temple, therefore emboldens has arrived at the front of opposite party, at this time he saw clearly the face of opposite party, was that vacates in the culmination of secret realm crosses again repeatedly, once bestowed his «God To open Mission Book», said as „god” old man.

Since «God Opens Mission Book» is he bestows, now is received again by him, all are natural, throughout what in the Yun Tu heart does not forget is „god opens” two characters, has completed a round duty laboriously, although gained many advantage, but has not obtained anything to inspire, therefore in his heart also has certainly the question.

But is facing after is a corpse, the opposite party can also give him to reply?

„God omniscient!”

That familiar sound resounds in the Yun Tu mind, he is surprised, looks at that old man again, still motionlessly sits, not having the breath not to have the heartbeat, but on face obviously were more than a moment ago a mysterious smiling face.

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