Monarch of the Dark Nights

By October Incense



However the present is the sensitive period, after the list that Ruan tall reorganizes was pasted, the person who also only then a small number dare to take risk reports, but as the matter stands, Ruan master under all of a sudden accumulated 70-80 people, in addition front some captives, the total number of people also increased to more than 160 people.

Special period, to encourage in the list after the personnel of verification arrived fast, Ruan tall to joining Guild displayed the positive more than 20 people to carry on the commendation in third day, Rank 3 who joined a society newly joined a society will have about one-third people to obtain the Rank 4 promotion liquid medicines next morning, stimulated the remaining these not to have the person on proper list all of a sudden.

Although knows that joins Dark Night Guild to be dangerous in this time, but this danger is worth, since Dark Night Guild can compel Yan Yun Juntuan such influence to lower the head, perhaps before long, Dark Night Guild can become the Yanjing top strength, although these ordinary registrants did not understand the Dark Night Guild true strength, but at least knows that his beforehand fame, naturally also had the hope, in following in 23 day, the personnel's on list on over 60% were assigned, Dark Night Guild besides in the outside 60 many people, in the Yanjing city quick gathered about 400 people.

Naturally this overall strength and an original that wave of people miss too, but is not important, the previous time was sneak attacked has an enormous reason successfully is Dark Night Guild in this Yanjing the too long comfortable day, therefore the measure becomes stylization before the troops of opposite party gather has not held with emphasis still in looking at others acrobatics, therefore after was made dumplings, knows that the opposite party several thousand people clash them, but, currently had the crisis awareness, believes that the strength is insufficient, the opposite party is not easy to swallow them.

Looks that the Dark Night Guild population are getting more and more, Yan clouds the regiment and in the blood and iron Great Wall heart anxious, but this Yun Tu has not come back, in Ruan tall returned to the Yanjing city eighth day, the Dark Night Guild person has sent the formal notice, invited Yan clouds that regiment President Qiao also had President Zheng in blood and iron Great Wall to negotiate the post-war compensation to the Dark Night Guild station.

Yun Tu has not come back, but the opposite party official notice, they have also had to go.

Is sincere for the table, two people also respectively brought 23 Guild high levels, has not led many goons, arrives at the Dark Night Guild station, then they discover the white tiger military spirit Guild representative really also, in addition some have had friendly commercial contact medium Guild to represent with Dark Night Guild.

Before the negotiations, first assumes to state the fact, the cause and effect of fact all said that naturally was Yan says the regiment to be in the wrong, because original cause, regardless of Dark Night Guild and Yan clouds that President Chang of Gang regiment was between current President Qiao is the right commercial relation, and business was Yan clouds that the people of regiment walked on own initiative, Dark Night Guild has not intervened any Yan Yun armed forces internal affairs, therefore morally, Yan clouds that what the regiment simply did not have to be able and disputes, but when the conditions of 50% secret realm stock indemnities came out by Ruan Gaoti, President Yan Yun Qiao also wants to discuss the price, but Ruan took a higher position from. In Interspatial Ring a paper of rebating took, is looking then at President Zheng in blood and iron Great Wall.

President Zheng the complexion changes, has stood, in Yan clouds that one side he also changed the attitude, in turn supervises Yan saying that accepts this provision.

All are the strength speak, President Qiao does not believe that Yun Tu and the others will have hidden outside does not return to the Yanjing city, for attracts to return to the city him as soon as possible, he restrains by force the heart is being the unwillingness, finally the indemnity agreement signing, thought when so long as in any case Yun Tu returns to the city again comes one time to exterminate to them greatly.

Negotiations, Yun Tu has not acted, Yan clouds that really signed has ceded 50% secret realm authority, this naturally was a great victory of Dark Night Guild, after the news spread, the entire Yanjing city stir, next day Ruan tall suddenly pastes a 1000 people of list, in the original recruitment work, to the person who the Dark Night registration request joined far more than 500, but beforehand Yun Tu has not recruited the plan greatly, therefore received several thousand materials only to recruit several hundred people, now the excellent time, within two days the Dark Night Guild population on suddenly increases from 300 many people to 1000 people.

Although the new move of personnel are only two, Rank 3, but the dish also more than 1000 people, present Yan clouds again rottenly the regiment must eat them hardly, although does not have the difficulty, but there are more than 1000 people to keep off one, the core member has the opportunity of breaking through, therefore operated the difficulty to be bigger.

At this time in their thousand and other, Yun Tu and Feng Ling came back finally.

However all like a nightmare, Yun Tu and Feng Ling led one team approximately 500 people of teams to return directly enormously and powerful, bluffed and blustered, in each individual hand had a bow, and team was neat, valiant.

After it happened several days passed by, this wave of people moves certainly from the Jiangnan city, to greet Yun Tu leads the team to return, since Ruan tall also sent for playing the percussion instrument, in front of the Dark Night Guild station avenue, Dark Night Guild has held a mammoth practicing martial arts meeting, more than 20 people of Rank 6 masters performed to cut the brick to chop the stone, then more than 500 people of numerous arrows fired, several hundred dally device arrows fired, on wall that the complete injection assigned at the same time, each arrow entered the wall five cuns (2.5cm).

After performing, therefore person returned to Guild, but more than 500 arrow arrows on that leaf of wall on such nail there, let all the people random inspections of passing by, occasionally had the brave people to draw out several, nearby security personnel were also concerned with.

When iron arrows were delivered to Yan saying that on desk of Guild President Qiao, to this time he understands that signature compensation 50% secret realm stocks of that day have become the facts, does not have the means to seize again, more than 500 people that because has brought from the Jiangnan city headquarters on Yun Tu, the Rank 5 at least more than 100 people, the Profession bowman over 50%, this kind of influence, a wave charges unexpectedly, Yan clouds that the regiment cannot keep off, what is more fearful was what the appearances of 20 unnecessary Rank 6 masters explained?

Incessantly is terrigenous of their white tiger military spirit also in one for it heart cold.

People were many, must seize are more, the street and domain, the second day of Yun Tu return, the recruitment work further increases, then his new lead one team of troops were the day of wind Guild street to seize directly forcefully.

Regarding this although Zheng Yuan of blood and iron Great Wall have the complaint, but has not made noise finally, the evening of third day, Feng Ling and Gui Jiaosan team 300 bowmen captured one again suddenly once at the banquet Yun Tu to the medium Guild station that got rid , the association president was cut with dozens Guild high-level totals.

The Dark Night Guild powerful returns, the point refers to not having to prevent, in one week extinguishes three medium Guild continually, as the matter stands, Yan clouds that Guild and blood and iron Great Wall could not sit still again, these medium Guild that Yun Tu extinguishes are their dependencies, if looks helplessly Dark Night Guild extinguishes, their poor lives also finally difficultly maintain life, naturally again gathered at matter of the discussion common punitive expedition.

However because two matter of previous time negotiations meeting had certain contradiction, must achieve the unified strategy to be easier said than done, their strategic alliances just achieved after the negotiations, at that night President Zheng Cheng by Dark Night Guild is announced to the public in that document that under the Yun Tu knife signed and sealed personally.

All of a sudden, Yan clouds that the contradiction between regiment and blood and iron Great Wall first intensified, all negotiation results change into empty have, on the conference table President Qiao waves the arms about to go.

Knows that paper one public, Yan clouds that the regiment affirmation and blood and iron Great Wall has a falling out, at that night Yun Tu exited once more.

For him must kill a person not to be actually difficult, what is difficult is he does not want finally with the world artificial enemy, therefore since recently, Ruan tall the friends on these commercial before passing, has been inquiring the habits and customs of President Qiao, but the opportunity that this Yun Tu must this President Qiao and Zheng Cheng has a falling out starts to him.

Because regarding Yan clouds that actually regiment the building frame of headquarters station was already clear, but regarding the habits and customs of President Qiao some certain understanding, therefore one minute of stealth was also enough regarding Yun Tu.

10 : 30 pm, President Qiao stretched oneself before the table of office, at this time a out assistant walked, asked low voice: „Association president must rest, I arrange first!”

President Qiao nodded, then that assistant went out of the office, in a while does not know where made a miss, then first led them to go to the bedroom of President Qiao, opened the door of bedroom, first made that miss stand in out of the door, he expenses entered the room first, after examining excessively the security, made that miss pass through the gate, after coming out, immediately comes back to report that to President Qiao was OK.

At this time, President Qiao gradually will pass, enters the room to rest, but today, after that assistant entered the room inspection when came out to President Qiao reported that already hid to leave their Yun Tu stealth about 200 meters away quietly to slide.

That miss was embarrassed, naturally was knocked down by the palm of Yun Tu. After one minute, President Qiao brings two Rank 5 to guard comes together, then guards stands takes turn on the watch in the entrance.

After President Qiao enters the room, saw that in the room does not have the miss, but in the washroom has the water sound, has not cared, sat down in the bedside just unloaded leather armor, when he escaped backhandedly knit the undershirt, the gate of washroom opens, the Yun Tu domain extended, in the hand unexpectedly was a handle long sword.

Although the opposite party is the Rank 6 master, but when the opposite party most relaxes sneak attacks, does not use completely fully, felt when Yun Tu domain skill, the both hands of opposite party were also being fettered by the woolen sweater.

A sword puts on the throat, the pitiful yell sound card of opposite party in the throat.

Although has not made the big sound, but outside two guard is also Rank 5, felt that is very keen, turns around to knock on a door to ask: „Does President Qiao have the matter?”

Pressed throat „um”, Yun Tu was walking from the room calmly, saw that the association president went in opens the door actually to turn into a strange ugly incomparable man again, two guarded draws a sword immediately, but their speed where can compare with Yun Tu, about the long sword in hand various thorn swords, center two people of chests.

After opposite party sword bellows, sword has also cut, disguises to deal with, Yun Tu abandons the sword to run away.

Waited for the surrounding crowd to hear fighting sound to encircle, Yun Tu has jumped down three buildings, escaped from more than hundred meters, the front security personnel who received the warning intercepted, Yun Tu did not use the domain technique, then revealed that a long sword, put several people of later prominent tight encirclements.

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