The Gate of Extinction Dark Lychee

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Introduction to the Gate of Destruction: Resident Evil, Natural Disasters... Zombies, Global Frozen... In the cinema, in the game, human beings are exposed to such "doomsday" every day. But no one really believes this... Su Lifeng was a person who could predict the disaster from an early age, but he never thought that one day he would have predicted the end of the world: after a hundred days, the world fell. Human beings will be extinct. Su Lifeng took a deep breath and waking up from the foresighted picture: "I need to calm down..."... This is the 350W end of the long story "My girlfriend is a zombie", from the constant, The festival is guaranteed and welcome to the pit. The new book needs irrigation, seeking food, and asking for a ticket~Book Friends Group 429403003, friends who like to chat, please add. Https://

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