[Super hot] There are six military departments in the United Kingdom, M countries have CIA, and Xia Guo has dragon groups, they are known as the mysterious power of the East. When a sharply recruited squad appeared again on the Dragon Group's list, no one noticed that this humble guy is the most difficult dragon king in the entire dragon group! Mercenary: "Report, our secret team was attacked and suffered heavy losses." Command: "How many people are there in the enemy?" Mercenary: "Just... a man! He has a clown playing card in his hand. "Command: "What? Quickly retreat!"


  • Male Protagonist
  • Modern Day
  • Overpowered Protagonist
  • Arrogant Characters
  • Beautiful Female Lead
  • Arranged Marriage
  • Clever Protagonist
  • Police
  • Determined Protagonist
  • Hot-blooded Protagonist
  • Military
  • Genetic Modifications
  • Mercenaries
  • Devoted Love Interests
  • Popular Love Interests
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