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Agitates the fierce and ambitious disposition repeatedly

Agitates the fierce and ambitious disposition repeatedly

Almost is grovels, Victor displayed one absolutely not to have the strength of spirit to be possible directly the appearance of word. This performance has only given Mofeisituo an impression, that was Victor completely penetrated in the bone to his fearing. But this is also he matter that is glad to see, therefore on his face slightly may not observe immediately has shown a smiling face.

But sees change on this faint trace look, Victor buries immediately lowly, then puts out himself early to think good deals to express.

„How I dare, master. Reason that I said that but planned for later.”

„, How this saying did you say?” Hears this explanation, Mofeisituo changed the sitting posture slightly, looks like by oneself seems careless is thinking other matters are the same. However Victor is clear, this fellow definitely is stubbornly is fixing the eyes on himself, will not let off any errors absolutely. Therefore his look also becomes respectfully dreads, displays one to dread completely is having the appearance of hope.

„Is such master. I in thinking, since we must plan the Baron, then why simply thoroughly, directly at the matter of Britain him destroying. Must know, in his hand is grasping the entire Hydra right. Although said that this is not considered as regarding you anything, but regarding me, this was most enviable and thing of envy. So long as can possess of the right on his hand. Then I am the uncrowned king in this world. But similarly, my master. You can receive the repayment, all that also you will obtain today are more, this point I can promise you!”

„Do you want to discuss exchange with me?” Finally has understood what is heard Victor's meaning, Mofeisituo such sneers to interrogate to him immediately. „Must know, discussed exchange with the devil, the price, but the average person does not dare to imagine, could not bear completely.”

How followed Mofeisituo that long Victor possibly unable to listen to him to say the meaning of these words, therefore immediately, he partly has knelt, such was saying to him with the most respectful manner.

„So long as the master can help my helping hand, helping me win the Hydra power. Then I am willing to create contract with the master, in any event will satisfy the master all your demands. So long as is in this world something, I can bring to work as the chip entirely, asking the master you to feel relieved.”

Hears Victor to guarantee like this, Mofeisituo could not bear rub in the plate at heart. If he believes Victor, then definitely is the nonsense. Because the person like him, besides oneself, the son grandsons does not believe. But if said that feels relieved to Victor, then could not miss many actually.

No matter what, Victor is near his foot running dog. But how more than once has taught Victor to make a good dog he regarding training Victor with the whip has the full confidence. Therefore, he was not worried, Victor will escape from oneself control. The exchange that then from this angle, Victor proposed completely was a perfect model, does not need anything to hesitate.

However, although Mofeisituo approved his idea in the heart, but on the surface, he has not actually revealed a such meaning.

„You get up first, this matter makes me think. If possible, then but is actually not good!”

But Mofeisituo unusual has been so benign to the person, moreover particularly seems the role of running dog to his such one, is so. He can have a such performance, then also almost in other words in his heart had intent to move. But hits the snake along with the stick on, Victor is strikes while the iron is hot immediately was saying to him.

„Master, the opportunity is rare. Perhaps at this time morning can on many odds of success. You also know that the Baron is what kind of role, if no complete arrangement, we are impossible to have the full assurance to stay there him!”

His sound is anxious, the idea is also partial in takes the action immediately. But this let greedy and impulsive table in his innermost feelings reveals without doubt in Mofeisituo front. This has given Mofeisituo a feeling, that was the present subordinate as if really impatiently wants to capture that to be the right of Baron. But the nature, the suspicion also thoroughly vanished into thin air to he does not have many.

Arrived this time, he has also had to ponder how oneself then should do. According to Victor's view, arranges all as soon as possible, good to Baron fatal strikes, not only claims the national territory and people of Britain, and takes Baron's power in Hydra. Again waits, having a look at the circumstance to make to deal?

Two choices, each possibly incurs the entirely different consequence. But that consequence, even if is also heavy regarding Mofeisituo. Therefore he naturally fell into was in a dilemma in embarrassed of choice. But looks on his face the hesitant look, Victor knew immediately oneself important matter becomes, only in difference final is in front of the goal a foot. Therefore he continues to urge immediately on such to Mofeisituo on the preparation.

However he has not opened the mouth, Mofeisituo is on the face changes. The whole person sat from the chair immediately.

This sudden change made Victor receive the words that oneself want to speak immediately, simultaneously he also puzzled looked to Mofeisituo, as to know, this fellow was doing anything.

He does not certainly know that Mofeisituo is doing the matter. In fact, this matter also only then Murphy Steuben talented person knows. In just, him felt that oneself another subsequent hand has prepared the good thing arranging him. But this also means, he had enough qualification to step to Baron's arrangement that side Britain.

This made him decide the idea on below immediately, but this also made him immediately on the revolutions excessive, was saying to Victor.

„You said also right, this matter indeed more early starts to be better. However, I think that I should remind your one, you must sign the contract with me. I think that you should understand, what this contract does mean?”

Victor understands certainly his meaning. The devil is the expert who controls the soul, they are good at using the will of the people, lets under the person signature by the soul as the contract of mortgage. Although said that generally, devil will handle affairs according to the contract of signing, very has the contract spirit. However this does not mean that they are qualified, tasteful businessman. In fact, this group of deceitful fellows always like fudging in the contract, and taking advantage of the person who this entraps the signing contract. Since the ancient times, has innumerable with the person of devil signature contract, but is always the devil makes a profit. This has been able to explain some issues.

In Victor heart knows, this already to the most essential time. So long as has signed the contract, then natural was equal to completing and agreement of Baron. However, this treats as the chip with own soul after all. If were defeated, the fellow who lets Mofeisituo this wily old fox escaped lived the day. Then is almost inevitable, own soul must forever degenerate into him to hold the toys, forever and ever will be suffered by him.

This matter light is thinks to be afraid. Must know, he tastes Mofeisituo to suffer the devil method of person. That pain lives to might as well die simply, absolute will not make the person think tries second. But once his motion were defeated, then must certainly forever be suffered by this pain. Said, that absolutely is the matter that he most is not willing to see.

However, if not sign this contract. Then not only will waste all previous efforts, will also make Mofeisituo cause suspicion to him. Then situation same very awful. Thinks it over, Victor set firm resolve finally.

He is in a heart has the aspiration after all, there is an ambition fellow. This person places in that tumultuous times, could not say that is also fierce and ambitious same existence. But such has in the ordinary circumstances the common grounds, that is ruthless. Not is only suppresses to others, to oneself also ruthless. Only then dares to be the average man to say matter that does not dare to handle, they can obtain the huge success. But now, Victor is also so, because he clenches teeth, directly was complying to Mofeisituo.

„I understand, master. I am willing to sign this contract with my soul, only hopes that the master you keeps the commitment , helping me to capture the Hydra power.”

Some many careerists have been speaking the similar words to Mofeisituo through the ages, therefore is relying on the experience, Mofeisituo also even more trusted Victor. This is also a careerist, moreover is a soul is controlled the careerist in hand by oneself. A such fellow, can only be his board game piece. Then natural is impossible to have any threat to him.

To understand at heart this, Mofeisituo smiled is having by oneself charm present melts a contract to appear in Victor's front, but Victor was does not bring hesitant, has signed own name in this contract directly. But felt that oneself and Victor's soul has been connected thoroughly, Mofeisituo is saying with a smile to him immediately.

„Is very good, since is this. Then we start to take action. Happen, my another dark hand has also completed the arrangement, making you unable to meet is also appropriate.”

Mofeisituo was saying, one cane in the hand. But immediately, the invisible charm changed to one huge law, is wrapping him and Victor's body, took away this side them little became above the land of hell. When they poke head in once again, they have placed in the territory of Britain.

But looks suddenly presents Mofeisituo and Victor in law, on Wiese face has shown a surprise expression immediately, then immediately lowered the head to Mofeisituo was saying.

„Sir, according to your instruction, I have placed all philosopher's stone.”

Hears this saying, Mofeisituo nodded satisfied. Reason that Japan falls to the enemy quickly , because has placed seven link hells the reason of philosopher's stone. But now, Wiese has placed the remaining six philosopher's stone on the land of Britain, then he has the completely safe assurance, seizes all of Britain with the similar method.

This situation very good, making on his face show the happy expression immediately. However when sees Wiese in an instant, the happy expression on his face solidified/coagulated immediately.

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