Chapter 1727 Gifts 9

Chapter 1727 Gifts 9

On this day, the two of them joined Xing Yuer's master and servant, and they went out together with the city, and they were galloping with the valley of Xiqiao.

There is Li Yunyue, the small county owner naturally does not worry about the issue of security and insecurity. Besides, she is not willing to have a lot of people around when she is dating Dingge.

On Xingtou, Xing Yuer smiled and proposed that three people try one year at a time, pointing to a mountain outside the valley ahead to see whoever rushed to the mountain to win.

The small county masters are flying and laughing, and they say that they are good. Li Yunyue is not convinced, but he will not disobey.

Xing Yuer’s cloves did not follow and stayed in the same place.

With a password, the three men swayed and swayed forward, and the crisp laughter and the hoofed hooves sounded in the quiet mountains, pleasant and intense.

Li Yunyue naturally did not have the strength to compete with them. He followed the small county owner, and looked at her from time to time, almost side by side.

From the corner of the eyes of Xing Yuer's eyes, Li Yunyue looked at Li Yunyue from time to time, and saw the tacit understanding and silent interaction of the two people clearly and clearly.

Wait a minute, you can't laugh! Xing Yuer hated the little county owner.

Suddenly I felt a sharp gaze on myself, Li Yunyue, that look, it seems thoughtful.

Xing Yuer’s heart stunned and was taken aback. He never dared to reveal a half point, his lips were awkward, and his face was full of smiles.

At this moment, a scream, the mount of the small county suddenly ran wild like a rampage!

The call has not stopped, and the horse has already rushed out!


Li Yunyue and Xing Yuer called at the same time.

Like the arrow of the string, Li Yunyue did not hesitate to rush to the past.

"Li Shizi, be careful!" Xing Yuer shouted in the back, hate low-pitched, busy and whip on the horse, and rushed up.

Coincidentally, Li Yunyue suddenly appeared on the winding road in front of the bushes, and there was a farmer carrying a firewood. He was shocked and hurriedly took hold of the reins.

This is the case, the farmer also scared his feet and fell to the ground, and Chai Wo scattered all over the place.

Li Yunyue saw that he was not injured, and he did not have the time to take care of him. He avoided it and continued to catch up.

However, after a slowdown, the small county owner went far.

Far away, watching the petite body of the small county violently undulating on the horseback of the mad rushing horse, like a leafy boat in the raging wind and waves, at any time, there is the danger of being thrown away by the cusp of the cusp. Li Yunyue’s heart is arrogant and anxious, one The heart mentioned the blind eyes!

He was so horrible and terrible, staring at his lips, staring at the small, weak, like a feather, the wind blowing, the figure falling, a few whip slap on the horse's belly Don't be forced to chase forward.

Xing Yuer was behind his boss, and he was far behind him to see his desperate chasing posture. A heart also mentioned the eyes of the blind.

Unwillingness, worry, resentment, pleasure, nervousness, distressed emotions come to mind, intertwined, and mixed.

"Li Shizi! Li Shizi! You must be careful!" Xing Yuer could not help but shouted loudly, regardless of whether Li Yunyue heard or did not hear.Through the valley and the jungle, when Xing Yuer turned a corner and panted, he saw Li Yunyue sitting on the ground, the small county owner sitting in his arms, his arms were tightly hugged. Her.

Xing Yuer’s heart sinks, both disappointing and implying hope.

She quickly dismounted, refused to be sore and discomfort, and called "Li Shizi! Hey!" Steps and rushed up.

"Hey!" Xing Yuer's eyes stared at the little county owner, trying to see if she had something or not.

But in the mouth, "Li Shizi, how is she doing? She is fine!"

Li Yunyue didn't make a sound, but the arm was strong enough to hug the little county owner, looking down at her, gently stroking her face, looking very gentle.

The air seemed to be a stagnation, and Xing Yuer was a little uneasy because he had no reason.

"I have nothing to do," Li Yunyue's small county lord slowly sat up straight, looking at Xing Yuer, the gaze, with a cold.

Xing Yuer was forced by her gaze to be somewhat guilty. She subconsciously avoided it and barely smiled: "It's okay! It's okay! Just, it's really scaring me and Li Shizi!"

While talking, while gently patting the chest, it seems to be like taking the opportunity to cover up what it is like.

The little county owner couldn’t help but smile, and lazily snuggled in Li Yunyue’s arms, and smiled softly: “Xu brother, let’s go back!”

"Well," Li Yunyue gently stroked her face, gently sweeping the disobedient hair from her cheek to her ear, bowed her face and kissed her face, softly said: "Let's go back!" This is a big life, a slight bruise, go back and raise it well, no one is allowed to go, I am waiting to be my bride!"

"Yeah!" The little county owner smiled and said softly: "No!"

When Xing Yuer was cold and asked to go out for horse riding, she was not without vigilance.

However, she still wants to believe her once.

Or, she does not want to believe that, like Zhou Yuyu, she has never forgotten to count herself. Everything in these years is a play and a holiday!

However, she did not think that Rao was careful at her everywhere. Obviously, the mount was still done by her or lilac. When she was almost, she hurt herself.

Xiaojun’s heart ridiculed a smile: just because she is the daughter of the husband of the county, and the husband of the brother of Xu, so it is so hateful.


However, all the things she has are so hateful, then why are Zhang Wei and Liu Yao Liu Yan why they don’t hate her, but are they better like her?

It can be seen that some people's hearts are originally black, full of jealousy and jealousy, and have little to do with how much she owns and what others have!

Li Yunyue spoke a smile, and the small county owner carefully hugged him. The two men looked at each other with a smile, gentle and sweet, and turned to leave.

"You--" Xing Yuer only felt as if she was sitting on a needle and felt uncomfortable.

But looking at them like this, she didn't put her in her eyes. It was like there was no such thing as her. She couldn't help but sting in her heart.

However, she does not know what to say, what else can be said!Even if it is an opening, if you only say one at the beginning, you can't say it anymore.

The four eyes were brushed straight and looked at her.

The sharp gaze of the gaze makes her feel like nothing.

"Do you have something in your heart, do you want me to say it, do you want to confront you?" The small county owner slowly opened his mouth and slowly shook his head: "Too boring! No need! Xing Yuer Today's account, I remembered. Xu brother, let's go!"

Li Yunyue "hmm", and did not say half a word to Xing Yuer.

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