Chapter 1615 Storm 7

Chapter 1615 Storm 7

Zhang Wei and so on all laughed.

Xing Yuer is being scorned by a singer who took her for comparison. At this moment, seeing the Lord appear, can you have a good face? Hate and smack the little county lord, almost spurting fire in his eyes.

Li Yunyue raised his arm and slightly protected the little wife. He said to the priest: "What happened?" It was completely that Xing Yuer, Zhou Yuyu and others did not exist.

"Li Shizi!" Yu Gong was too lazy to pay attention to Xing Yuer and so on. He went forward with a smile and said the same thing.

He was afraid that Zhou Yuyu and Xing Yuer would interject their heads and reverse the black and white right and wrong. They spoke quickly and said a moment.

The little county singer smiled and glanced at Zhou Yuyu. He smiled and said: "The three cousins ​​are really stingy, so a little bit of money, and it’s too much to call the Hanako. It’s said that it’s a reward! Besides, people saved the lives of their sisters. However, it is in this share, this reward can not be less? Well, my sister is shy in the bag, I helped my sister to do this kind of love! Is it not silver? Others do not have the county, but also It’s just that the money is too much!”

I don’t care about Zhou Yuyu’s and Xing’s arrogant face, and sweetly screaming “Xu brother!”

Li Yunyue smiled and said: "One hundred and two can be enough?"

The little county chief nodded and smiled: "Enough is enough! One hundred and two are good! Although there are not many one hundred and two, but compared with two or three money, it is still a lot more!"

Li Yunyue’s convenience is to save money from the body and hand it to the 100-year-old silver ticket: “Hold it, the little county owner rewards you!”

The embarrassed family was overwhelmed, and the hands of the music were taken over, and the small county owner and Li Yunyue were repeatedly smashed and arched. He said happily: "Xie Li Shizi! Xie Xiaojunzhu!"

"Your clothes are wet, go back and change! There is nothing wrong with you here!" Li Yunyue said again.

In the public heart, there is a lot of inspiration, and the ladies of the high-ranking nobles, who cares about these small civilians at the bottom of society?

He couldn't help but look up at Li Yunyue, "Hey! Hey!" Two voices, respectful and awkward, said: "The villain retired! The villain retired!"

The small county chief squatted on the shoulder and shouted: "What about people? Where do you go to take a lazy one? Don't roll out the county owner!"

The guards did not dare to neglect, and quickly came out with a smile, see above.

It turned out to be hiding behind the bushes.

Zhou Yuyu and other people's faces became extremely ugly, but people didn't even look at them.

Small county owners and others want to roast fish, to rest, the guards rushed over the carriage, put the tables and chairs one by one, and the small county owner called Zhang Hao and others to sit.

Zhou Yuyu and other silently watched, Xing Yuer gently sipped and snorted: "The villain is ambition!"

Fang Ting and Zhou Wei only look at the direction of Guo Xiang’s departure. My heart is thinking: Why are you still not coming back? Come back soon!

The car, the fire pit, has begun to prepare for the barbecue.

The leading guards saw that everyone was busy, and they took an empty air to call the previously insulted guards. The two men went to the small county chief to complain.As expected, the small county owner listened to these angry faces very unsightly, a small chest together, said "you wait!" and ran to bring Li Yunyue over.

She has long been accustomed to asking Li Yunyue to do everything.

The leader of the team and the insulted guards looked at each other and were bothered and wronged: How did you forget this? Li Shizi should be called together, so you don't have to say it again!

The young county owner took Li Yunyue and said something in aggression. He said: "Xu brother, you must help me to report this hatred! You have this reason! What kind of cat dog also dares to move me to stay in the county palace, I think he is alive. Impatient! My people, get him to the lesson!"

Li Yunyue nodded and looked at the two men and said, "What happened? Really!"

The two of them had a glimpse of their minds, and the subconscious mind was supposed to be, and they re-respectfully said it.

It’s just that this time it’s more discreet and cautious. It’s not as lyrical as it was when the little county owner said it, and it’s more focused on objective facts.

Who knows everyone? Don't look at the aunt's loyalty to the small county owner. In fact, he really has a big deal. The grandfather is the backbone!

Moreover, the temper of the aunt is not tolerate people's exaggeration.

Little county owner? It is the one that adds firewood to the fire!

After listening to Li Yunyue for a moment, he looked at Yang Wenhua, who was uncomfortable. He said: "Yang Wenhua is too much. Today, he is lucky. I will stop looking for him again! He taught you, and the slaves he gave him are waiting for others. Come, goodbye machine!"

The little county owner naturally has no opinion.

The two guards heard the words of a loose and happy, knowing that the grandfather had this statement is equivalent to promised to help themselves revenge, Qi Qi should be, stretched his neck and looked around, waiting for the dog slaves over there to quickly roll back!

Not much longer, Guo Xiang led a group of seven or eight squats and rushed.

Xing Yuer and Yang Wenhua's 丫鬟 and Xiao Yan saw their own masters become like this, and they sneaked away and hurried forward.

The little sister was afraid to go back and beaten. He called "Miss" and cried, and married Xing Yuer.

There was a helping person to go, and the little county owner went over and deliberately passed by Yang Wenhua’s master servant. “Hey!” said a little girl who yelled at Yang Wenhua’s anger and said: “You are a great slave. Courageous, dare to step on the foot of the county! Oh, it hurts me!"

The guards are waiting for this, and they hear "hula"

When it came up, the momentum screamed and shouted: "The dog slaves of the next! You can dare to step on the feet of our county owners! When we stay in the county, I am bullied!"

Can you be a good person with Yang Wenhua? On weekdays, he followed his own master, Yaowu, and hegemony. Although he used to be a grandfather, he was still well-disciplined. Where did he dare to step on the foot of the county governor?

He suddenly panicked and said, "Hey, hey! The villain is not!"

"Don't dare to argue! Give me a hand! Call him to plead guilty and admit mistakes!"

Yang Wenhua glared at him, letting the small county owner and a class of guards blame his slaves for not saying a word.I don't know, how can he not see it? This is to find a place for the person before!

Zhou Yuyu and others also saw it, so they did not dare to talk.

Before he could tell, the guards who had slandered Yang Wenhua stepped forward and slaped his bow around the collar and screamed.

It was also a character who could bend and stretch. At the beginning of the beating, he even yelled at him. He finally realized that he would soon come over and start to ask for mercy.

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