Chapter 67: Counterattack through the species. Marvin (4)

Chapter 67: Counterattack through the species. Marvin (4)

On the other hand, the assistant looked at the contents of the message and slammed the glasses on the bridge of the nose with a sullen expression.

"Shen Assistant?" Yang Yu soft bit his lower lip and looked at him with anticipation. His eyes were a little bit of tears. It was really a pity for me.

Shen assistant's eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. Although he has some doubts about the boss's instructions, he still coughed his lips and said: "What does Miss Yang want to ask?"

"Mu Feng he..." Yang Yurou looked hesitant and hesitant, as if he was entangled in the privacy of the person who should not be in love, emotion and reason in the heart, and finally emotionally defeated the rational, "He recently... is it known? What other women?"

Shen Assistant looked across the eyes and looked like Yang Yurou, who was troubled by the change of his lover. After a moment of stagnation, he suddenly became very surprised. "How could Miss Yang ask this question?"

Yang Yuruo is thinking of something uncomfortable and sad. The tears in his eyes suddenly surged up: "Mu Feng...he...he told me to break up..."

Looking at the tears in front of the tears, Yang Yurou, who was crying with pears and rain, Shen Assistant’s back was cold, and he remembered the boss’s instructions. He smacked his hand over the handkerchief and whispered in his mouth like a sigh of relief: It turned out to be this thing! No wonder..."

Yang Yurou cried a meal. She raised her eyes and stared at the Shen assistant. She also refused to wear a soft suit and was hurt. The tone was a bit aggressive and asked: "Which thing?!"

Difficult to ignore her tone of inconsistent with the usual soft and soft image, Shen assistant can not help but take a step back, said: "The boss did not tell you?"

"What's the matter?" Yang Yu is eager in his heart, but he also knows that he can't behave too abnormally. Therefore, he is forced to hold his heart into the heart, and the soft voice is pitiful: "Shen assistant, you must help me!"

The assistant’s hand behind him was nervously clenched into a fist. On the face, he was calm and calm, and made a difficult expression quickly. It seemed to be very entangled that the boss’s privacy should not be revealed, but it was still an enemy. However, the beauty of Yingying’s eyes, said: “That’s not because your former fiancé is still north!”

"Shangbei?!" and the heart of Mu Feng was seduce by other women. The speculation was completely inconsistent. The expression on Yang Yurou’s face suddenly became stiff. It took a long time to maintain the sadness and surprise on his face. It seems too embarrassing.

Xinkou Husong completed the boss’s instructions. Shen’s assistant hurriedly raised his hand and looked at the time. He said, “I know this too. The time is not early. The boss will have a meeting later. I will not send it. Yang Miss is going slowly."

At this time, all the minds have been attracted to the past by Shangbei. Yang Yurui quickly thought about what good things Shangbei had done, and did not pay attention to the eyes of Shen Assistant.

Wen Yan nodded, Yang Yurou reluctantly made a grateful expression, said: "Thank you Shen assistant!"

Shen Assistant waved his hand and walked quickly toward the elevator, and the figure disappeared into sight.

When the elevator door closed, he suddenly sighed and touched his head, and it was a cold sweat!Although he has been working in an entertainment company, he is really not the act of acting!

Thinking of his successful completion of the task, this month's bonus may be very rich, and the tension and depression in Shen's mind has eased a little.

Forget it, who let him put on such a boss...

Confirming that there are no people around, Yang Yurou’s face has suddenly sunk, and she never imagined that the culprit is actually Shangbei!

That waste is still north? !

What does he want to do? ! Is it because you have decided to dismiss the marriage contract as soon as possible, so the heart is not hateful, do you have to ruin your life? !

Yang Yurou wants to go to the parking lot, his face is uncertain, and his heart is full of conspiracy theory.

In fact, it is not that she thinks too much. It is really according to the original character of Shangbei. He really has the possibility to do this kind of thing.

As a younger brother who is famous, Shangbei eats, drinks, and gambles all the best. The only thing that can't be done is to do business.

As his fiancee, Yang Yurou could have endured all his bad habits and shortcomings, but only if he had money.

But now he is bankrupt, and he has nothing but a bad thing that can't be changed! Such a person, of course, she must open as soon as possible!

In order not to be entangled in such scum, ruining his own life, Yang Yurou will be so resolutely dismissed from him! Because she never believed, the day when Shangbei would turn over, in her view, Shangbei will surely rot in the simple little rented house, and will never appear in front of her.

The reality is also true. He did rot in the mud without a sound, and did not appear in front of himself, but Yang Yurou did not think that Shangbei would like to pull himself into the rotten mud!

No wonder that after his family released the news of the dissolution of the marriage contract, he did not respond at all!

It turned out to be waiting for myself here!

Yet! north! ! !

Thinking of his own exhausted thoughts, the plan to successfully marry into the giants was destroyed by Shangbei. Yang Yuruo pinched the bag in his hand and only wanted to smash him.

=========================================================== =

After experiencing so many worlds, although Yess did not have an entertainment company before, but after all, he was experienced, so the work of the original master did not constitute any trouble for him.

Even because Ye Si Nian’s experience is higher than the original owner.

At the same level, his eyes are actually more sinister. Which movie script can have a better box office, what kind of script can impact art awards, and his scale is more precise.

Of course, even if he has no eyes, he can play these things.

After all, what information does the system provide, and what else is he not sure?

Half an afternoon, as he quietly passed through the process of handling the work, he closed the plan, and Ye Sinian stretched out a big laziness, and then took the assistant to re-drink the coffee and drank it, which made him feel relieved.Speaking of it, he did not work so seriously for a long time.

In the past, there were gangsters who had everything done properly, and he didn’t bother with it.

Thinking of his own dear lover, Ye Sinian's eyes were softened a little, and he glanced at the silver-white ring on the ring finger. He slid his lips and put on his coat and went outside.

He will have an investment meeting to open later.

Being a president is also a busy dog...

Uh... Sure enough, I still have to find my own loved one early, and retirement is what he thought...

Shen Assistant pushed the glasses and held the file behind Ye Si Nian. He said: "The boss, I had an appointment with the director of Jessica for dinner at night."

Ye Si Nian frowned and pinched his eyebrows and stood in front of the elevator door. He lowered his head and asked, "Where?"

"Bai Ming Ge." Shen Assistant looked at the memo, said.

With a slight brow, Ye Sinian couldn't help but look back at the assistant behind him. He said: "If I remember correctly, the food there is not what everyone likes to eat. Who ordered it?"

Shen Assistant also frowned, said: "Director Jessica has designated to eat there."

"The taste of the real game." Ye Sinian grinned, and the elevator just slammed into the floor. He subconsciously turned back and said: "Prepare me for dinner in advance, I have nothing to do with the bug. ......"

His voice was still down, the elevator door opened open, and a tall figure was close at hand.

"Special hobbies..." Suddenly on the pair of cold and waveless eyes, Ye Si Nian licked his lips, and his eyes swept over the delicate and three-dimensional facial features of the man in front of him.

Gu Yu...

This person can't help but recite.

Thinking that he had just taken this person as a shield, Ye Si Nian slammed his lips and coughed.

"Mr. Mu." Gu Yu fixedly looked at him for a while, and then he nodded in a cold face and said hello.

He and Mu Feng did not know before, but one is the president of Tianmu Entertainment, and the other is a brother of Phantom Entertainment. Although the two companies are competitors, they don’t have much embarrassment, and even often cooperate. Gu Yu naturally faces this. People are slightly heard.

It is rumored that the president of Tianmu Entertainment is smart and smart. It not only makes the company flourish, but also has a calm and restrained personality. It is a rare young talent.

The gaze glimmered from the face of Mu Feng's five-minded and exquisite but not feminine, and the eyebrows moved slightly, feeling that rumors were sometimes credible.

"Mr. Gu." Yesnian nodded, thinking that no one knew anything, but his face did not reveal a trace of shackles.

In my mind, I flashed the investment plan that I just saw and cooperated with the phantom. I thought that the rumor behind the phantom was the family of Gu Yu. Ye Sinian raised an eyebrow and realized that this person is the representative of the phantom. This cooperation cooperation.

In the elevator, there is only Gu Yu and the assistant behind him. Ye Si Nian is not entangled. He lifts his leg and goes to the elevator.

Anyway, I have to go upstairs to meet, let's go together.

Anyway, this person does not know the good things he has done.Gu Yu looked over and looked at Mu Feng, who was standing beside him, and said: "How does Mr. Mu think about this movie?"

Ye Si Nian looked up at him, clearly that the original height of the main body has been very good, but in front of this person is still only a medium figure, even talking can only look up at him slightly.

The heart is filled with resentment, but Ye Si's face is not showing up at all. He smiled and said: "The film that Mr. Gu wants to participate in is naturally only a success, but I heard that the previous script is a heroine?"

"Yes." Gu Yu rarely hooked his lips, said: "But this is a pure man's play, the heroine's drama is obviously a screenwriter in order to facilitate the investment of the investors, it is better."

When Ye Si Nian was not tied to the system at the beginning, he also walked up and down the circle in a circle. Naturally, this is the normal state of the entertainment industry. Everyone knows that such a imposed role will definitely affect the script. Quality, but a film from investment to release, the interests involved in this entanglement is not entirely able to give way to the quality of the film.

Thinking of the movie that she had seen and ruined by the role imposed by the investor, Ye Sinian frowned and tangled, saying: "This is indeed, there is no better."

His own views have been recognized and affirmed, especially those who have made themselves very good at first sight. Rao is a ruthless character and can't help but soften his face.

In the general direction, we have already achieved agreement. The rest is just to talk about small details. The cooperation between the two parties is very pleasant.

I don't know why, Ye Si Nian thinks that Gu Yu and the rumors in the rumors are completely different. Although he doesn't talk much, he obviously says that every sentence is on the idea, and he can also take care of other people's ideas. The wind is so good in the circle!

Gu Yan looked blankly at Mu Feng, who was full of smiles in the face of the phoenix. He only felt that he had risen in his heart and never raised an emotion.

It’s like... I will be very happy when I see him laughing...

The assistant who has been with Gu Yi for seven or eight years has always maintained a stiff expression, and the look of his own boss is full of ghosts.

He swears by his lovely girlfriend who has not yet appeared, the boss has never been so talkative!

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