Chapter 64 Counterattack martial arts NP text (fifteen)

Chapter 64 Counterattack martial arts NP text (fifteen)

From the pale-skinned and unremarkable female host, she retracted her gaze. Ye Sinian patted the hand of the murderous smug, and the phoenix fluttered across the lush crown of the tree, and sighed: Since Liu Shaoxia has already come here, why not show up? The Tibetan head is not like the style of the hero."

Bai Xiaoxiao's eyes slammed wide, and she incredibly followed Ye Sinian's gaze to see the crown that had not been found before, and felt that the heart sank little by little.

The storm that Ye Si Nian has fanned out is too great, and everything has already been very different from the original world.

At the beginning, Wushang Mountain Villa became the target of the public under the rumors. Bai Xiaoxiao was also expelled from the nameless valley. She was sad and frustrated and returned to her home.

But the power of the plot is huge. Even if everything is out of the trajectory, Bai Xiaoxiao still knows the men and men of the previous generation. Like the original fate trajectory, they are also incapable of falling in love with the different female host Bai Xiaoxiao. .

But the world is different.

The dark tides in the rivers and lakes are surging, and many forces have pointed their targets to the Wushang Mountain Villa either explicitly or implicitly. Only when a certain bird appears, they can swallow the fat of the Wushang Mountain Villa.

In the original world, the rivers and lakes were peaceful, and the men and men were all among the people, but the life was too boring, so the female subject of the accident was good.

But now, in a crisis-ridden environment, their attention to love is reduced by a lot. Although he still loves the female host Bai Xiaoxiao, he will not be overwhelmed by the so-called love.

In addition, Bai Xiaoxiao has not had the opportunity to go out after returning to Wushang Mountain Villa. Therefore, the male lords who had already met each other because of the female lord and even cherished each other, do not know each other’s existence until now...

Bai Xiaoxiao was tangled and bitter. The men had their own charms. She naturally refused to let go, so the frankness was delayed.

And in this case, she can imagine what kind of mood Liu Yu knife would jump from the tree.

It was like a terrible shock. Bai Xiaoxiao had already bent straight down in front of Ye Si Nian, even if he was squatting. She was sitting on the ground softly, holding her knees and shaking.

I didn’t look at the ground and lived like a female host who was bullied. Ye Sinian raised an eyebrow and looked at Liu Ruo with a calm face.

Since he is a male lord, he will naturally not be too bad. He also looks like a talented person, and the identity of the Wushan school leader. If you release it, you will also be fascinated by a large number of people who are good at everything. People share lover? And still so many people...

Although I really want to knock on the head of this person immediately, the structure inside the skull is not really different from ordinary people, but I think that the scene must be too good, and it is really not suitable in the broad daylight. Ye Sinian also regretfully rested. This mind.Liu Rudao’s face is very unsightly. Of course, any man who stands at his angle will not feel good. He thought that he had met the true love that can be accompanied by this life, but he did not expect that he would encounter such a situation. If you are in a good mood, you will see the ghost.

We must know that the Wushan faction and the Wushang Mountain Villa are not far apart from each other. It is also far away from the distance. When he heard that the people of the cult of the cult of the cult are coming from overseas, they are worried about the confrontation of the Wushang Mountain Villa, although they are considered to be safe. He just came alone, but on the way he knew how much he worried about his beloved!

But he was scared all the way, what was it in exchange for? !

When I think of the innocent and simple person who is with me, I will be swaying under the guise of others. Liu Ru’s heart full of love instantly turns into full of anger. He reluctantly suppresses the shame of being emotionally played in the heart, watching with cold eyes. As if the lover who was still in his arms yesterday, said: "What can he say is true?"

Bai Xiaoxiao shuddered fiercely. She opened her mouth and just wanted to blame it all for lying down to temporarily stabilize Liu Rudao. Then she saw Ye Si Nian standing on the side and screaming a malicious smile.

At the bottom of her heart, she no longer dared to raise other minds, shaking her lips and falling two lines of tears.

See her reaction, what can Liu Liudao not see?

If it was placed before, when she saw her silent tears, he would have been so long as he couldn’t wait to pounce on her to comfort her, but now, he only felt that the anger in his heart was provoked by her tears. It has risen.

Who is this crying person?

Without screaming, she ruined her reputation. She still has a face crying? !

Unlike the white father and daughter on the ground, he knows that there are not only the people of the demon, but also the "decent people" who have concealed their stature. I think that after I was beaten and applauded today, the news of sharing a woman with others and not knowing it will spread in the rivers and lakes. Liu Rudao can't wait to kill everyone!

But he can't!

It’s just that the cloud doesn’t give up, so that his heart is cold, let alone the demon master’s deity. He wants to leave this news on his own, and it’s hard to go to heaven!

The eyes are red and bloody, and the knife like a knife squeezes the handle of the hand and looks at the leaves of his own existence.

Ye Si-nian’s phoenix was slightly convergent, and he sneaked through the back of his blue-strengthed hand. He looked at Bai Xiaoxiao on the ground and said: “This seat is very curious, and the white lady’s skirt can be all It’s a dragon and a phoenix. I don’t know how Miss Bai is able to get it?”

He didn't say that it was okay. When he said that Liu Rudao's face was even worse, it was wonderful to have a burst of white.

Some things, when you don’t think about it, you still have one

It's normal, but when you relive with a different mood, you will find traps and lies everywhere.

I thought that when I was so easy to believe that she was the virgin body, Liu Ru was a red-faced knife. It was like being slap in the face of a lot of people.

In his heart, he was ashamed to die, and Bai Xu, who had been on the ground, had been watching.In his view, although he did not say that Bai Xiaoxiao is a treasure, but it is also a love.

From the urinating, she was very proud of her own bright pearls. Later, she was earned by the nameless valley, and he was even more proud!

But now, let him do a good thing for his daughter!

Before she was rushed home with the blame of the owner of the valley, he thought she was shackled! Now it seems!

A female waiter? !

It’s just awkward!

The heart was stagnation, and Bai Xu’s face was flushed. The more he thought about it, the more angry he was, and he couldn’t help but spurt a blood.

They are all shy and angry, and Yesian has no patience to look at it.

The smile on the lips was cold. He raised his chin and looked down at the wolf-stricken Bai Xu. He said: "Where are you heroes, do you want to hide them?"

As soon as the voice fell, his slender fingers moved invisibly, and he heard a series of painful voices screaming around. For a time, the people who were hidden in the canopy of the canopy exposed their tracks.

I didn’t look at Bai Xu, who was suddenly stunned by the face, and Ye Sinian stood up with her hand and squinted at the so-called “Wulin Orthodox” that finally came out.

His contemptuous gaze was too irritating to the sensitive self-esteem of this person. The Tsing Yi man in his twenties and his face turned red and angered. "We are just lurking on one side and waiting for the opportunity." !"

"Yes!" He is not far from a big man nodded and said: "You are too crazy! We are the right way of the martial arts, it is natural to kill the martial arts!"

"Wait for the opportunity? To kill the martial arts?" Yesh smiled youngly: "No, no, your purpose is not just this."

"The swordsmanship in the mountain is the purpose of your trip?" Yessin sneered and sneered at the white-faced Bai Xu, unrelentingly revealing their false veil: "Only However, you are self-proclaimed and decent, and it is not good to go directly to the door, so you are going to wait for the seat to get the sword score, and then fight for the name of the martial arts to grab the swordsmanship..."

"You are like this in the martial arts." Yesny shook her head and seemed to disagree with their behavior: "The greed in the heart is stronger than everyone else, but it is necessary to make a pure desire." I don’t know the hypocrisy of the Tao’s appearance. Who is it for?”

Everyone who was forced to make a move was said to be flushed by him. Although everyone knows this kind of thing, he was exposed in the face of the mask, especially when they shouted and shouted The magical people of the pests, they feel a burning face.

What is wrong with Jian Jian? These martial arts people naturally want to pursue a higher martial arts realm, but...

However, this kind of trick to see the death of the oriole is inconsistent with the reputation of their martial arts.

It’s not a good thing to say, what is the difference between what they are doing now and the demon that has been abandoned by them? Even the people of the demon are even more brilliant than they are...But after all, they have seen the storm, but although they are full of the shackles of the fig leaf, they still try to keep the school on the face of justice. They yelled at Ye Sinian: "It’s a nonsense! You are the devil. Head! Hugh to be smug!"

Ye Si Nian smiled unconsciously and raised his eyebrows.

But it is a group of people who will die...

But he didn't care, but the cloud didn't give up, but he couldn't see his own teacher and lover being reprimanded.

The anger and killing that had been suppressed all the time were released, and the cloud did not abandon the icy cold and cruel, and swept the past with lightning speed.

Those people are using the resentment to appease the inner shake, and the attention is placed on the Ye Si Nian in a red dress. I can’t think that the cloud behind him will suddenly fail.

The most embarrassing of those people, like Ye Si Nian and his savage man who killed his father, was shocked. He didn’t expect that the cloud would not pick him up. He could only rush to raise the corresponding ,

In the five years when Master was awake, the cloud did not abandon the practice of self-abuse. It was very powerful. In addition to taking the round back, Ye Si Nian was able to faintly beat him. Now I am afraid I have already found it. Not to the enemy.

So, his palm under the wrath, is it that ordinary people can easily pick it up?

Looking at the martial arts in the martial arts, the long-awaited 虬髯大汉 was directly killed by his palm, and the rest of the people were all in the cold, and the gaze that looked at the cloud was also faint.

The eyes met and several people who were unwilling to wait for death rushed up.

Confidence in his own children, Ye Sinian glanced at others who were ready to go, tauntingly said: "The seniors joined forces to deal with the younger generation, and it really is the martial arts of the road!"

Other people who were originally planning to sneak into the air couldn’t help but feel a stagnation. They could naturally fight against the devil without paying attention to the name of the rivers and lakes, but they were ridiculed. Now their faces are still hot. If you really shot, the reputation of passing them out will be completely ruined!

They don't have a long time to entangle, but they are more than enough for the cloud.

It is easy to solve the few miscellaneous pieces, and the cloud does not abandon the smile and look at his own teacher, and his face is full of praise.

Ye Si Nian’s eyebrows were slightly picky, and he praised it without hesitation: “Yes, there is progress.”

Feng Xiao slightly swept through the group of ugly people, but Ye Sinian was full of disdain.

In the enemy, naturally how to come, how to come, seize all opportunities to destroy the enemy to win is the most important, how can it be affected by the enemy's ridicule, it will be affected and will not be able to start to lose the opportunity ?

Really a bunch of idiots!

The cloud does not abandon the folds that do not exist in the flat sleeves, and does not look at the corpses on the ground. Instead, it gives a gift to everyone who has changed their face, saying: "Carrying."

His eyes are clearly calm, but in those people's eyes, it is more embarrassing than eye contempt!

But unless they are rushing, they are not destined to beat the clouds...For a time, the field was quietly quiet.

As if inadvertently sweeping through the door that opened in the distance, the phoenix phoenix flashed a trace of dark awning, and Ye Siyan’s eyebrows were slightly picked. He said to himself that he was coming to himself: “Do not give up, the teacher can show you Fireworks?"

The cloud did not abandon the heart, and his eyes glanced at the surroundings with a glimpse of his eyes. He found that the church members who were not far away were not seen, and the eyes were smeared with a light.

He didn't know the plan of the Master, and he couldn't help but think of it when he found the embarrassment.

"Do not abandon, come to the teacher." Yesian picked up his eyebrows, and the slender hands of the white scorpion slowly extended out from the red sleeves.

The cloud does not abandon the footsteps. He looks at the man in front of the red and black ink, and only feels that something in his heart is almost overflowing.

In the eyes of others, the sight of the man who came over was cold and waveless, but the cloud did not give up but clearly saw a gentle love.

Raising a sunny smile, a pair of peach eyes starlightly look forward to shining, the cloud does not abandon the big step toward the teacher respected the past, like the fragile treasures generally hold the master's hand, ten fingers.

The smile of Ye Si Nian’s eyes was a bit more intense. He clenched his lover’s hand and ridiculed him: “Teach the Lord’s wife, grasp the hand of this seat.”

The cloud does not leave the eyes full of deep love, he can't help but drop a kiss on the back of the lover's hand, the other hand tightens the waist of the lover, saying: "Follow the fate, the husband."

The people originally intended that they would not pay attention to attacking them in one fell swoop, but they did not expect to see such a picture, and they were forgotten by their intimate actions.

Everyone who is present knows that it is the demon of the demon priests, but it is not a simple teacher-apprentice relationship.

Whose big disciple will hold the hand of the master? Also kissed him? !

I deeply felt that I had discovered a secret that I couldn’t help. I thought that I could use this threat, and everyone’s heart was suddenly hot.

Unlike the excited people, Bai Xiaoxiao fell to the ground and looked at their eyes full of hatred.

No wonder the teacher dismissed himself! It turned out that there was a broken sleeve!

And my own half-brother! It seems to be a good thing, I did not expect it to be a lovable male pet!

No wonder he just killed his face! It turned out that I was afraid that my existence would threaten his status!

Really shameless!

The cloud does not know that at this time someone is trying to curse himself in the heart, but even if he knows, he must not care too much.

The beauty of the master is in the arms, the ghosts have time to take care of those who do not know the so-called!

Moreover, it is still a group of people who will die!

Sensitively heard the sound of the thunder from the ground, the cloud did not abandon the waist of the master, and the two quickly swept away.

Seeing their movements, some of the brains turned faster and noticed that something was wrong, but they did not expect Bai Xu to go crazy to this point. Secondly, they still remembered the legendary peerless swordsmanship. There is no strength to escape.Among the rest of the people, only Bai Xu, who was lying on the ground and ventilated with less air intake, faintly guessed the truth, but...

Crazy eyes swept over those who forced themselves to such a situation, and Bai Xu’s lips raised a strange smile.

Even if he tells the truth, he can't escape. In this case, it is good to have so many people to bury.

Bai Xu screamed at the chest and smiled while vomiting blood. He smiled and smiled and set his eyes on the spot.

Liu Rumei’s eyebrows wrinkled, and Xiaoyan’s eyes were full of hatred. Bai Xiaoxiao just wanted to speak out to remind her of Bai Xu’s situation. Then she was unstable and almost fell to the ground!

The eyes suddenly became big, and Liu Rudao slammed the tip of the knife into the ground to support the body. Before it happened, what happened was heard, and the people who were familiar with the opposite side shouted.

"Dragons turn over?!"

Do not! Not the earth dragon turned over!

Liu Rudao’s mind flashed in his mind, almost stunned. When he was shocked, he just wanted to escape at the fastest speed. He was suddenly found to be wrong and Bai Xiaoxiao rushed over and hugged his leg.

"Liu Big Brother! Take me with me!" Bai Xiaoxiao's eyes are full of horror. At the crucial moment, she not only can't make light work, but her legs are not soft!

Thinking that she might face death again, she was cold in her heart.

So Liu Rudao, who is closest to her, became her last straw.

When the life is threatened, Liu Rudao’s cumbersome Bai Xiaoxiao really hates the bones.

The eyes were full of killings. He slammed his palm to her heart and shouted: "Get out!"

"Ah!" Bai Xiaoxiao spit out a blood. She widened her eyes and looked up at the man who had been affectionate to her. She only felt that the pain of her body was not as much as one in ten thousand.

At this time, Liu Rudao could not understand her sorrow and her disappointment. The vibration from her feet was getting bigger and bigger. The death was close at hand, and his heart suddenly tightened.

The disappointment in the eyes turned into a deep hatred. Bai Xiaoxiao stared at Liu’s knife, who even killed his own killer, and gritted his teeth to increase his strength.

If you are not benevolent, don't blame me for being unjust!

Even if it is dead! I will also pull you to bury!

There was a deafening roar in the distance. The cloud did not abandon the waist of his own master. He took him in his arms. The two really looked like fireworks. They looked at the distant fire and rushed. The smoke of the clouds.

"This fireworks can't be very good-looking." Relying on the arms of his own lover, Ye Si-nian looked at the distance and snorted and grinned, feeling boring.

The great hatred has been reported, and the burden of the heart has been finally unloaded. The cloud does not abandon the expression and gently embraces the lover's ear tip. It is vaguely said: "If the teacher respects wants to see it, he will return to the island without going back to the island. Show you good?"

Behind the lover, while yelling at the master, he was more and more excited when he bullied the ancestral land. Ye Sinian turned his head off, so that he could kiss more easily. He couldn’t help but smack a red lips and said: "You can’t mix things, you are Treat yourself like this?"

As he said, he reached out and leaned into the robes, holding down his lover's hands.The cloud did not abandon his eyes. He turned his hand and pressed the hand of the master to his hand. He moved his hand and stroked it in a smooth chest. The movements on it did not stop, kissing the lover in close detail. Back neck.

"Since the filial piety is to be filial, it is natural to serve well..."

Ye Siian backhanded. Into the lover's bundle of hair, squinting at him, sneer: "This wild mountain, you intend to serve here?"

"There is no one to disturb the wild mountains and mountains." The cloud does not abandon the hand of the teacher, and the other hand is also skilled to loosen his belt: "What is it?"

Ye Si Nian turned his head and exchanged a lingering kiss with him, but he did not let his words in his eyes. He raised his eyebrows: "Be careful that this seat becomes a fairy and absorbs your blood!"

"Then come then..." The cloud does not abandon the eyes, and hangs on the throat of the lover. It is vague: "The disciples can't wait..."

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