Chapter 48 Counterattack Youth Campus (5)

Chapter 48 Counterattack Youth Campus (5)

Half a year passed by, the first day of the first semester of the first year of high school, Yesian replaced a uniform school uniform, riding a cool bicycle from the rapid flow of people.

Without Song Shu’s domestic violence and frequent hunger punishment, plenty of delicious and nutritious food and persistent exercise, and when this age is long, the body is almost one day at a height, and it is fast in a short time. Pulling up, stepping into the ranks of one meter eight.

I am very satisfied with my current body. Ye Sinian licked her lips and her eyes inadvertently swept across the road and stared at her eyes with a big surprise.

There was a repressed scream in the ear, and Ye Sinian squinted her lips slightly, licking the girl who was excitedly holding her face in the same place, and quickly removed her sight.

For half a year, he not only made this body healthy, but also won the title of a cold-faced male god in the school. It was also a perfect explanation for the second and second phases of the year.

The smile on the lips flashed away, and the slender figure of Ye Si-nian riding a bicycle quickly disappeared into the crowd.

The inadvertently turned back but did not expect to see the famous male god in the school, excited to the girl who could not be added to the place where no one had been stunned for a long time, this only slightly calmed the heart of the excitement, holding some baby fat face Ye Si Nian left in the direction.

Like many girls in the school, she is full of worship for this male god who is so perfect that she can't be a boyfriend.

His character is cold and hard, but he will smile gently at the girls who accidentally disturbed him to sleep. He clearly sleeps in class, but every time he comes out, he can't give birth to a glimpse. He can only look up. Good, the height of the legs and the long face value burst, it is handsome to no friends...

How can there be such a cool and perfect person in the world?

Your own idol is such a perfect male god, this can make others live! The girls are half-sentimented and proudly sighed.

Of course, Ye Sinian did not know the thoughts of others. He took long legs and strode to the upstairs classroom step by step.

At that time, Shen Jinbin did not know what medicine was wrong, and actually began to pursue himself after being teased.

Thinking of the various pursuits of Shen Jinbin in those days, Ye Si Nian turned his eyes, and now he has to shudder.

He has never been as profoundly aware as he was at the time, that his life, except for the lover who still does not know where he is, I am afraid that he will never accept others.

But unfortunately, his lover has not appeared this time.

The coveted and concealed thoughts in the eyes because of the thought of the lover, Ye Sinian licked his lips, diverted his attention and generally transferred his thoughts to Shen Jinbin who had to change his name after learning the truth.

When he pursued his own time, he was too high-profile, and some people either intentionally or unintentionally pushed the waves. The incident was so loud that it was not only well known in the school, but even out of school because of the special status of the students. It caused a series of chain reactions and was finally learned by Shen.Shen Jia is not in charge of Shen Jinbin's private life in normal times. In most people's eyes, it is a big deal for the rich family to play with young and frivolous people.

Most of Shen’s family also had a lively attitude at the beginning, but gradually, Shen Jinbin became more and more serious in the early refusal of Song Zichu, and the pursuit of the offensive became more and more fierce. Shen’s family could not Shen Jinbin, who is likely to become the heir to the next generation of qualifications, really fell in love with a man, and, as the investigation deepened, they found that Song Zichu was the only son of Song Shu.

Ordinary people play and forget, then Song Zichu is not a good play object, his father's reputation in the industry does not have to say, and then let Shen Jinbin so noisy will sooner or later give the family a slap!

As a result, Shen Jinbin began to contact family affairs in advance, and he was so busy all day that he was unwilling to come to school. After that, he did not want to come.

It is also considered to be the action of Shen Jia in time, otherwise Ye Si Nian, who had been harassed at the time, could not help but shoot.

I thought that I had to deal with Shen Jinbin’s chasing afterwards, and I had to cultivate my own power. I was so arrogant that I was incarnate in the state of tyrannosaurus, and Ye Sinian slightly hooked her lips.

During that time, it was very fulfilling, but he still prefers a leisurely retirement.

Hey... After he has solved all this and found the old attack, he can indeed announce his retirement.

I think it is quite exciting.

At the same time, Ye Sinian planned to find something to do after the old attack, and strode to the classroom.

He came very early, the corridor was still very quiet, and Yesian could only hear his footsteps.

As soon as he stepped into the classroom, Ye Sinian’s footsteps jerked, and looked at the window and embraced the young man quietly looking down at the window, his eyes flashing a little strange.

The man heard the movement and looked back. His eyes stunned when he saw Ye Si Nian's face, but he quickly returned to his eyes. He quickly crossed a dark man's face and smiled at him. He said: Rest assured, no mistakes."

Ye Si Nian's eyes fluttered quickly across the man's handsome face, and there was some confusion in his heart, but he nodded his lips under his gaze.

"Sign it up!" The man's slender, clean fingers gently clicked on a piece of white paper on the podium, his eyes were very gentle.

Ye Si Nian nodded silently and stepped forward to sign his name.

Sitting back almost became his own seat. Ye Sinian took the book out of the bag and quietly looked at him.

Unexpected young man.

According to the original fate trajectory, after Yan’s retirement, some people will actually become their new class teacher, but that person is a famous cancer in the school. Ba is flattering the speculation in the drilling camp, but because the teaching effect is very good, and the work is not too much, The school has never taken him to the knife, but instead turned his eyes on his approach.

Unlike the Yan teacher who wants to solve the original master, the man turned a blind eye to the original master's encounter, and even deliberately targeted him in order to please the male master Shen Jinbin, making him worse in school.Ye Si Nian originally intended to let the person suffer a bit, but what is going on now?

In the data, how did the middle-aged blessed teacher become a young man with a tall, good-looking, temperamental and temperamental book?

Is it difficult to be a butterfly by myself?

Ye Si Nian looked at the man who looked down at the podium and looked down at something. He felt that the tornado that came out of this butterfly fan was really effective.

The man only wore a simple white shirt, and he could see his beautifully shaped collarbone from the slightly open neckline. The cuffs rolled up to reveal the arm, the muscles on the lines were smooth, and the legs in the suit pants were very slender and looked very Strong and powerful, it is obvious that the owner maintains ample exercise.

Ye Si Nian picked up his eyebrows slightly and felt very surprised.

You know, Jin Yang High School is not just anyone who can be a teacher. This person seems to be up to twenty-five years old. It is really wonderful among the middle-aged uncles and aunts.

"Song Zichu..." The man in a white shirt looked down and looked at the three words on the paper as if he were carrying the ancient rhyme. He couldn't help but read the sound.

The surprise in the eyes flashed past, and the smile on the man's lips became more and more gentle. He looked up and looked at the eyes of the upper leaves of the year. His eyes were black and white, and it was as clear as two springs hidden in the top of the snow.

"Your name is Song Zichu?" The man slightly licked his lips, and the voice seemed to have a magical power that made people feel relaxed: "Hello, my name is Yun Xiu, and later is your class teacher."

"Hello." Yess nodded in no expression, but his eyes flashed a little strange. He looked at the young man on the stage like a spring breeze. His heart was full of doubts and curiosity - who is this person? Did you use hypnosis? !

Seeing that he didn't respond, Yun Xiu's eyes flashed a strange singularity and fun. His smile on his lips became more and more real. The slender fingertips crossed the dry lower lip and slowly fell on the beautifully written name.

Song, Zi, Chu, Ah...

On the first day of school, no one dared to neglect, so it didn't take long for someone to come over.

Almost everyone was shocked by the gentle and temperament of the temperament on the stage. Originally just returned from the holiday, the classroom should be full of whispers and telling about the holiday fun, but now, under the gentle gaze of Yun Xiu, almost everyone can’t help themselves. Putting a light stroke on the mouth, the classroom was quiet, and it was so extreme.

In the eyes of Yun Xiu, there was a slight satisfaction. He hooked his lips and said: "Yan is out of the country for physical reasons, so your future class teacher is me. My surname is Yun. You can call me Yun teacher. I hope to get along well in the future. ”

When it comes to getting along, his gaze seems to be unintentionally overwhelmed in the faceless Ye Siian.

Ye Si Nian slightly raised his eyebrows. If he can't find the person's fault now, then he won't have to mix.

However, who is this person? What is the purpose?

Yun Xiu did not grasp the conscious of the horse's feet. He tapped his finger on the table and tapped it. He said: "We will solve the problem of the last semester and the final exam paper."As he said, he reached out and patted a test paper on the podium. He said: "Everyone has a very good test, especially Song Zichu, the only perfect score in the whole school."

Ye Si Nian had already changed his hair style. The beautiful phoenix was exposed outside without any cover. He blinked and pressed his heart and suddenly swayed his heart because of his simple words.

He never knew that his name would be so heart-wrenching.

The three words circumvented his lips and plunged into his ears, clearly so far apart, but as if with the refreshing scent of the man, Ye Si Nian licked his lips, and the heart seemed to miss a beat.

Yun Xiu’s eyes have always fallen on Ye Si Nian, naturally he noticed his reaction, his lips smiled deeper. He gently removed his gaze and continued: “But other people are still more or less wrong, now we Just take a look."

The test paper was quickly distributed, and Ysin looked at the blank test paper placed on his desk and frowned slightly.

"Your test paper is very good, the teacher can't help but want to collect." Yun Xiu laughed on the podium and smiled in the spring breeze. His eyes seemed to be carrying a small hook of a sultry, and he quickly appeared at an angle that no one else could see. Frowning to see his Ye Si Nian blinked.

Ye Sinian’s sense of disobedience is even heavier, but he knows nothing about this sudden teacher, so he can only press the faint guess in his heart, bow his head in a blank expression, avoiding that road is always inadvertently Passing your own sight.

There are a few regrets in Yun Xiu’s eyes, but I think that the days ahead are still very long, and I will temporarily gather my mind and begin to explain the questions on the test paper.

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