Chapter 52

Yang He stepped back,

Looking at Zhou Xu very innocently, "Xiao Xu,

Can't you be gentle? ”

"Your thing poked me,

Also let me be gentle? Zhou Xu asked,

"What do I have to say? Sorry,

Your little brother is hard,

Please take it away? ”

Yang He, who was finally told by Zhou Xu, has nothing to say.

Relying on your desk, one leg rests leisurely on the other leg, so

He couldn't see the place where he was tilted up, just to cover it up.

"Xiao Xu, you know that I am Gabe,

Are you particularly surprised?

Especially envious, especially admiring me? ”

Zhou Xu ignored him,

Looking at a few designs on the wall, "This picture,

Your word is too big,

If the small one should be more balanced. ”

Yang He also looked at the picture,

That is a print advertisement for a certain perfume.

The name of the perfume in Turi is deepened.

One of the key words was put to the maximum, and a few effects were superimposed, which looked awkward and confusing.

That is the first work after Yang He opened his own design studio.

And this work brought him hundreds of thousands of benefits at the time.

And a year ago, this picture was almost everywhere in the city. In some large shopping malls, this advertisement was placed to the maximum and hung on the outer wall of the mall.

After listening to Zhou Xu’s words, Yang He shook his head and took out a pen, pointing to the word Zhou Xu said: “Xiao Xu, this is an advertising work, that is to say it is oriented, and this is their manufacturer’s New products, then we must reflect the 'new' of this work, how to reflect it, the product picture is on the one hand, the text effect is another. Indeed, in this picture, it seems that the word may be a bit problem, but you After magnifying it tenfold or even one hundred times? This is not a problem, but will become a highlight of this advertising work."

Zhou Xu leaned to Yang He and listened to Yang He to continue to explain: "In fact, when I took the case, I didn't know that they would make the pictures I made as the main market. However, I know the habits of this company, so I am working on it. On the map..."

Wei Wei, Zhou Xu saw Yang He's throat swaying up and down, very sexual sensation; not much beard, trimmed very clean, so do not feel tied when kissing; skin is very good, there is a unique luster, not counting White, but not black; the lips are moderately thick, the nose is tall, the eyes are sacred, the eyelashes are long and curved, the forehead is smooth, and the whole person emits light.

Quietly turning back, Zhou Xu thought, this is probably what people often say.

: Serious men are the most handsome.

After Yang He finished, look at Zhou Xu. "Do you understand?"

Zhou Xu smiled slightly: "Understood."

"Then you didn't come here."

"Are you soft in that thing, go to dinner when it is soft."

Just a handsome look instantly stunned, Yang He said: "Xiao Xu, can you really be gentle? I don't see anyone like this. It is only when you meet you."

Zhou Xu ignored him. "Is it soft? If you are soft, eat it together. If it is not soft, I will eat it myself."

"Soft."Zhou Xu couldn't help but laugh. "This shows that when you are drawing, you don't think about using this place, it's not bad."

Yang He took his wallet and car key behind the desk and said, "Who would use that place to think, when I explained it to you, it would be soft."

Bowing down, Zhou Xu laughed.

The two went to a high-end French restaurant, because Yang He said that he would give Zhou Xu an impression that he was rich and could feed Zhou Xu. Even if Zhou Xu did nothing, he would have survived.

Zhou Xu listened very speechlessly. It was a very romantic thing. When it fell into Yang He’s mouth, it was just like a meal and drinking water.

In the rice, Zhou Xu did not ask anything. Yang He explained everything, such as when to open the design room, how much money to earn in a month, and why he should take Zhou Xu and so on.

When he finished, Zhou Xu said one sentence: "The food is going to be cold."

In fact, it is impossible to say that Zhou Xu doesn't care at all, but in the case of Yang He's honesty, Zhou Xu will no longer care about it, and after saying how much money he earns in a month, he will honestly put his own. □ turned in, although Zhou Xu did not want, but at least that he is very conscious, this is enough.

After eating, Yang He said that Zhou Xu went to his studio to help, Zhou Xu thought about it and agreed, after all, the design industry, work experience is very important.

After Zhou Xu agreed, Yang He immediately gave Zhou Xu a case. Zhou Xu looked at the request and decided to go back and do it first.

A few days after returning to school, Zhou Xuzhen began the organization and recruiting of the transvestite society, which made the special period and Chang Shaojun very puzzled.

After that, Mr. Lu Zhongban passed the application of the association and became their instructor. He also set the event room of the transvestite agency next door to the cosplay community.

In fact, this is indeed the hard work of Lu Zhongban. After the establishment of the transvestite society, Lu Zhongzheng decided to organize a special beauty contest after the school allowed it. This contest can be attended by both men and women, but the boys must be dressed as girls. And girls want to be disguised as boys, and finally divided into two groups to review.

This news once again exploded on the campus network, and a few days after the registration began, the news also began on other mainstream online.

Fermentation, and even a lot of media have come, so the original is just a small fight, the school has to pay attention to it, and even some units to take the initiative to sponsor this event.

After that, the school even allocated a large amount of activities to the foreign society. The student union must also cooperate fully. In addition, it also decided to give the winners various rewards. The participants will be rewarded regardless of whether they win or not.

The encouragement of the school made the event quickly occupy Weibo. After a few days, it was hot for several days. After overheating, there are more media in the school.

On the day of the real start-up, it was really spectacular, because the sponsors of the event all had cosmetics, clothing, and even on-site drinks, all of which had large billboards on the field.There are several media outlets to follow up the interview. In addition, there is a star who came out as a judge. Of course, this star is not a star, but it is also a popular student, so this of course brings a lot of topics.

Zhou Xu’s classmate secretly gave him a name, but this was all expected by Zhou Xu, and several of the classmates who signed up for him also secretly gave him a fan support team, although a little shame, but at least Explain that even if Zhou Xu is a women's wear, it will not become a different kind in their eyes.

Zhou Xu is relatively thin, so wearing a skirt does not have any sense of disobedience, and Zhou Xu’s facial features are relatively soft, so it is very easy for the makeup artist to make his makeup. The only trouble is to give Zhou Xu’s arm. Hair removal from the thighs, and the underarms should be cleaned naturally.

In addition to the hair of the thighs and arms, but when the hair is removed, the makeup artist uses the wax to remove the hair. In short, it is to get some wax to stick the mane, and then find a piece of paper and stick it with one. The beeswax and hair will be smashed down.

Zhou Xu’s classmates looked behind him, and Zhou Xu was quietly waiting. When the makeup artist really yanked the paper, Zhou Xu’s tears would flow down.

It hurts too!

After that, Zhou Xu immediately turned to look at some of his classmates, and then said one word: "You said nothing, it does not hurt!"

The classmates look at the sky one by one, look at the ground and see the ground, because the "stinging" sound, it really hurts to listen.

Zhou Xu was "stabbed" for a few times before he was completely cleaned up. After that, he went to the toilet and silently wiped the tears in his eyes before he went out. This time the pain, Zhou Xu is Unable to □, this is the place that makes him more unhappy.

The organization of the event, the student union played a big role, but it was all the activities of the Student Union Propaganda Department and the Organization Department. As the student's main banquet, Chang Shaojun was very disdainful about this matter, especially he himself. I don't like it or accept people who like disguise.

Like the Chang Shaojun, the special fall period does not like the disguised crowd, but because he likes Zhou Xu, he even went to see the game, and Chang Shaojun did not go.

The game went very smoothly. Zhou Xu was the last player to stage the stage. He was covered in white skirts, and with a long black hair, he was shocked when all the players were present.

Someone has taught them how to walk, but Zhou Xu really does not want to go that way, but walk slowly and lighten his steps.

It is this simple way that makes Zhou Xu have a sense of purity and purity in a team that is either fascinating or savvy.

In fact, this is a university after all, so everyone is more interested in pure beauty than the beauty of sex, so the final result, Zhou Xu is the first undoubted.

When I saw Zhou Xu’s appearance, I really didn’t dare to close my eyes at this time, because he was afraid that he would not see Zhou Xu’s beautiful appearance in the next second. He could not bear to blink.Finally, Zhou Xu also spoke as a president of the transvestite community and said nothing. He simply said that students who wish to like disguise can come and participate, and hope that everyone will not discriminate against the transvestites. .

After that, several media interviewed Zhou Xu and another female champion. In the interview, a reporter asked about their sexuality. Zhou Xu smiled and said: "As long as it is good for me, and I like it, then whether the other person is a man or a woman."

Another champion also smiled heartily and said: "That is, all the love in this world is the same, regardless of men and women, as long as it is love, I don't care if the other person is a man or a woman."

The interviews between the two people were broadcasted by the radio. Zhou Xu’s appearance was naturally exposed, but Zhou Xu did not expect that his parents actually watched the show.

At the end of the event, Zhou Xu was also responsible for all kinds of aftermath and packing up various things. At the same time, someone came to him to join the dishes. He was too busy and didn't have time to think about it, so when he finally returned to the dormitory, After receiving a call from his parents, he was a little embarrassed.

"Xiao Xu, it is me, I am Dad."

Zhou Xu is already very tired, so when he talks, he is a little weak. "Dad, why haven’t you been so late?"

"Xiao Xu, I am watching TV."

Zhou Xu knew this at this time. Some radio stations may be live, so his parents may already know that he likes women's clothing.

Taking a deep breath, Zhou Xu tried to calm himself down. "Dad, what did you see?"

"Xiao Xu, my mother and you, my grandfather, thought for a long time, we think you are right."

"..." Zhou Xu deliberately did not speak, he guessed that his father should also try to calm himself.

"Xiao Xu, my mother and I rarely control you from an early age. This is what we are wrong. Now that you are too big, we know that many things can't be changed, so Xiao Xu, if, I mean if you like it. girl

, we... oh, go for surgery, we support you, there is some money at home, it should be enough for surgery, we will be a daughter..."

This time Zhou Xu was really silent. He couldn't know how much his family could be great, but it was enough to make his steel heart soft and soft.

He did not know how much his father used to make this call and how much determination he had to accept his son's desire to be a girl, but he knew that this love was still unclear in his life.

With a light cough, Zhou Xu answered the father with a gentle voice that he had never used in his whole life: "Dad, I don't want to be a girl, I just want to wear clothes for girls occasionally."

Zhou Xu could hear the voice of the mother on the phone saying "His dad, what are you crying, give me the call", then Zhou Xu heard the mother say: "Xiao Xu, you can rest assured, who will dare in the future Say what you are, we will support you."

Zhou Xu smiled and replied: "Mom, thank you, and, sorry."

This time, Zhou Xu heard the phone and even the mother began to cry.Suddenly hang up the phone, Zhou Xu thinks that in fact, he does not have to give the original owner a wonderful life, as long as peace and tranquility, perhaps the best reward for his parents and the original owner.

This phone call ended, Zhou Xu took another call, this time is Yang He.

Yang He’s head snorted and said for a long time, then suddenly came up with a sentence: “Why do I want to go to you when I saw you are a men’s wear, and I want to go to you when I’m wearing it, I must love you, this person loves my heart. ?"

Zhou Xu also laughed, but answered seriously: "I love you too."

After he finished, he hanged up the phone. Yang He called again, and he didn't pick it up again. Because he already knew Yang He's routine, he must definitely find him again. For example, the wind is too big, he didn't listen. Clear and so on.

At this point, Zhou Xu finally smiled, the world he has done very well, very good.

The dormitory has been turned off, Zhou Xu can only wash it gently, but just wash his face, Zhou Xu suddenly felt a guilty conscience, and he died a hundred times, very sure that he felt that he would never be wrong.

Quickly short, turned back, sideways stepping forward, Zhou Xu stood up straight, he saw a figure standing behind the seat of the original Zhou Xu standing.

"What do you want to do?" Zhou Xu asked coldly.

Looking down at Zhou Xu, Twilight with a hard-to-restrain desire, "I want to hug you, Zhou Xu, I like you, I really like it."

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