Face scorpion and crossing female 36

Face scorpion and crossing female 36

The three emperors paid attention to Zhou Zonghan.

Especially after knowing the contradiction between him and Zhou Xu,

I put more emphasis on it,

Because the three emperors are actually as thorns in Zhou Xu’s eyes.

Especially when the three emperors also want to recruit Zhou,

However, Zhou Xu sent the three emperors in one sentence.

The sentence of the three emperors is still fresh in memory: "Three princes,

You are too ugly, and when the emperor is also detrimental to the country. ”

The three emperors had guessed that it might be difficult to assassinate the prince.

However, he hopes to remove the Prince as soon as possible. If he can’t get rid of it, then he will act.

Anyway, this throne must be won.

Zhou Zonghan was finally arranged by the Three Emperors to Weinan.

There are his private soldiers, plus the relationship between the king of the town,

If there is any accident at the time,

He is not afraid.

Over there, Zhou Zonghan set off for Weinan.

Here, Zhou Xu and his prince finally arrived at the prefecture of Chenzhou, the hardest hit area.

Chenzhou is the worst-hit area in the disaster.

Followed by Qinzhou,

The victims of the two states,

It has already passed a million.

One million of the first batch of disaster relief silver in the court was directly given to Chenzhou, then what about those silver?

Chen Fumin, the prefect of Chenzhou, dragged his fat belly out to greet the Prince. He bowed with a smile.

Then, with a greasy greasy emphasis, "Welcome to His Royal Highness."

"I saw that the Prince did not bow down,

You are..." A guardian is mad, but what he wants to say is stopped by the prince. Since this person can not see himself in the eyes, then there must be a backstage. Since there is a background, it will be able to follow the vine. In the face of such an opponent, the Prince could not ask for it.

"Chen Fumin Chen Zhifu, long-awaited name, when you were in high school to explore flowers, you have seen it alone, it is really good scenery, then the policy is going up and down all the way."

"His Royal Highness is really polite, please please inside." Chen Fumin said with a smile, as he looked up and saw Zhou Xu behind the Prince, his eyes flashed past, but the flash of light fell completely on Zhou Xuyan. in.

Sneer in my heart, Zhou Xu thought, this is absolutely knowing myself, that is to say, before they came, someone already gave him a letter. If so, then the evidence of greed and money should have been hidden, but now, since Get up, it's okay to find out, how simple things are.

Zhou Xuchong Chen Fumin smiled slightly, and the slender eyebrows looked even more glamorous.

Chen Fumin glanced at it and laughed. "This is Zhou Ai Zhou’s son, Zhou Xuzhou, who is the lord of Zhou."

"Oh, Chen Zhifu is the same, how many students in the year are regarded as classics, can see you with their own eyes, but Xiaosheng three students are fortunate."

"Where is it, or the article of the current champion is even better."

"Ha ha ha..."

"Ha ha ha..."

The two of you came to me to play haha, and unwittingly entered the Zhifu door. After entering it, I found out that the door was so worn, and even the table was missing a corner.Zhou Xu and the Prince thought in their hearts that Chen Fumin’s play was too full, but unfortunately, the play could not stop the observation of the people who were interested, because the new “mirror hanging high” plaque has long been everything. Sold out.

However, since it is a play, Prince and Zhou Xu naturally follow the play.

"How did Chen Zhifu's house collapse into this look?"

Chen Fumin raised his face and stood in front of the desk. It seemed to be embarrassing. "Hey, Prince, Chenzhou is in a difficult situation. This is so good. I think that there are thousands of people, maybe even a shelter." There are no roofs."

"Chen Zhifu is clean and honest, it is really a blessing to the people." Prince said.

"Oh, unfortunately, Chenzhou is in a difficult situation. I know that the government has done a good job. So far, the disaster has not been controlled, and even a new plague has been added. Hehe..." Chen Fumin looked like a heartache.

Because of his disgust, the Prince looked at him and said: "The plague is not the work of Chen Zhifu, and you can do your job well."

"Hey, look at the people, my heart hurts."

Zhou Xu said: "Since it is said here, is the one million two put down by the court, is it not enough?"

Because Zhou Xu was sincere and modest, there was no question of questioning, so Chen Fumin did not think much, so he continued to answer with a sad heart: "One million two, this is enough, it is a drop in the bucket, think about this thousand Li Min, which is not a drag on the house, which is not without clothes and no food, to give nature a winter coat to be sent, food to be sent, next year's seeds have to be prepared, and the house has to be repaired, this one million two It’s not enough to even have a fraction."

"It turned out that, in this case, it’s really hard to know Chen Fu. We are also tired all the way. Can we prepare a yard for us? Let’s take a break and say something else?”

Chen Fumin nodded and replied: "That is natural, natural. Although the yard is broken, it can always be a sleeper. Come and come with me."

The group followed Chen Fumin to a yard, and the small troops who followed the disaster silver and the disaster-hit food did not follow the Prince. Chen Fumin found another yard for them. It was not far from the residence of the Prince, so the Prince also agreed. It is.

In fact, both Prince and Zhou Xu know that Chen Fumin does not dare to have any action now, because they know that Prince and himself are not a faction. At this time, they can be quiet and quiet. Although they have always been arrogant, if they are caught by the Prince,

It is hard to say.

Putting a small amount of luggage down, Zhou Xu looked at the yard that Chen Fumin had prepared. I really wanted to find a word that could only be "simple".

In addition to a few chairs and a table in the hall, there was nothing left. There was only one bed in the left and right, and there was no bed in the bed. There was only one straw mat, one wooden pillow, and one broken bed.

After seeing the house and the room, Zhou Xu went to the Chai room and the kitchen to look at it. It was as simple as the other two rooms. Even the pot had been opened and the bowl was covered with a gap.

With a slight smile, Zhou Xu said to the prince: "It is true that Chen Fumin can do this. It really is the degree of 'sleeping.'"The prince took off the dirty shirt and put it on the chair and said, "Nothing, when he regrets, he is wronged."

Didn't talk, but Zhou Xu really didn't feel wronged, because even the last days have been experienced, what is he afraid of?

The prince called a few guards and cleaned up the two. After finishing the collection, Chen Fumin’s hand came down to give the meal and look at the bowls of porridge. The prince said to Zhou Xu: “I will let you do it again. Just click something."

Putting his hand, Zhou Xu said: "No, don't give Chen Fumin an excuse to find us. Let's check the situation first."

"I will go out tomorrow, you will not follow, the plague will be contagious."

Zhou Xu looked up, slightly pale face, with blushing lips, eyes for a moment of tenderness, then look, that tenderness has changed, with three points provocation, three points, the remaining four points are Charm.

I am very satisfied with the earlobe that the Prince has turned red. Zhou Xu said with a smile, "If I said that I must go?"

"Not allowed!"

"Use this as an exchange?" said, Zhou Xu's slender eyebrows have already arrived in front of the Prince.

The blushing lips were attached to the lips of the prince, and the princes were squatting, and Zhou Xu took the initiative to hold himself in his hands.

The tip of the tongue occupied the prince's mouth a little bit, and the silky feeling made Zhou Xu addicted. Gradually, the initial provocation became a later struggle, and finally it became a temptation by the prince, but this suppression is very popular with Zhou Xu.

At the end of a kiss, Zhou Xu’s narrow eyes narrowed up and smiled and asked: “How?”

The prince’s thumb swept over Zhou Xu’s lower lip, wiped the water stains on his lips, and smiled lightly. He said, “No.”

Turning around, the prince returned to his inner room, leaving Zhou Xu standing in the same place.

A few seconds later, Zhou Xu laughed loudly. He finally saw the smile of the prince. Although it flashed away, the smile could be engraved into Zhou Xu’s mind because it was too bright because it was too gentle and because it was too handsome. It seems that the ice melts at the beginning, as if the winter snow dissipated.

On the second day, Zhou Xu met with the prince in the plague area. At the time of the encounter, Zhou Xu smiled and said: "His Royal Highness, you can't control me."

The prince could not, and finally ordered the death: "Absolutely not contact the people infected with the plague."

As a result, Zhou Xu smiled again and took out a prescription. "With this prescription, the patient can recover within three days."

The prince looked at Fang Zi and asked in amazement: "Are you open?"


"Well, I am looking for someone to do this."

"Do not check the inspection?"

"No, I believe in you."

When the doctor saw Zhou Xu’s prescription, he was still skeptical at first. After all, those medicines were too simple and cheap, and some of them had toxins. If the toxins stay in the human body, they may cause other diseases.

However, the fact is that the person who drank Zhou Xu's medicine, the symptoms of the plague were relieved on the same day, and the next day, he could basically move freely, and he could heal in the third day, so the original questioning voice was replaced by a sigh, and the prince was Once upon a time, Zhou Xu looked at each other.Three days later, the Prince distributed the prescriptions to various states and counties, and also distributed drugs for free. Not only Chenzhou, but also the plague in other areas was effectively controlled.

However, after the plague was resolved, the problem of hunger rose again.

The Prince still lived in Chenzhou, but while solving the plague problem, the Prince also began other actions.

I don't want to avoid anything in front of Zhou Xu. When Prince and Zhou Xu used dinner together, they called the night seven.

"Night seven, go and explore the home of Chen Zhifu and see if there is any evidence."


Zhou Xuzheng was drinking porridge that was not salty or light, and listened to the Prince saying so, then added: "There is also a broken and prefective slogan, and I suspect there is something there."

The prince nodded. "I just came, I felt it. It was behind the desk. Although Chen Zhifu was unintentional, it was because he accidentally protected the desk, so I felt strange. Under normal circumstances, An ordinary desk will not have any problems, but he always has his back to the place, obviously so obvious, but repeatedly said that the door is broken, but the door is broken, but he did not look at the broken desk."

Zhou Xu nodded and looked at the night seven: "Attention to the table below, I guess there are secrets and the like."


"Take the dark guards, Chen Fumin is not a fool, there must be an ambush."

"Who will protect the Prince and the Son?" The voice of the Night Seven is still dull and low, as if this stupid quality will never change.

"Reassured, I can use the meal with Zhou Gongzi in a fragrant time, and there are poplars and white pelicans at the door."

Nodded at seven o'clock in the night, there was no figure in the blink of an eye.

Just after the night,

Zhou Xu suddenly felt a guilty conscience, and he couldn’t think about it. He slammed his foot on the table.

The table was overturned, and the Prince almost fell, but after standing in time, he immediately pulled out the sword at the table.

At the same time, Zhou Xu's soft sword has also been unsheathed.

There are not many masked people, six of them, five of which are chasing the Prince, and one is fighting with Zhou Xu.

The soft sword is like a snake, and Zhou Xu makes it superb.

Masked people are not bad. In a fight, Zhou Xu discovered that the Prince’s pair of five did not fall down.

Zhou Xu’s momentary distraction allowed the masked man to seize the opportunity, Jianguang’s appearance, and the side attacked Zhou Xu’s neck.

The soft sword hurriedly blocked, but it was slowed down.

Zhou Xu’s heart has begun to linger, because he is very aware of how painful the sword has pierced people.

However, the masked tip of the masked man only touched Zhou Xu's skin, and was blocked by another long sword. He only heard the sound of "叮", and the masked man's sword fell to the ground.

Zhou Xu took the opportunity to wrap the soft sword on the neck of the masked man, and then pumped it back. The masked man splattered with blood and a red line at the neck. The knife edge was neat.

Solved one, Zhou Xu used to help the Prince, but the Prince said Zhou Xu did not participate. Zhou Xu also found another abnormality, that is, these masked people's swords are poisonous.

There was a pain in the neck, and the skin that was smashed by the tip of the sword began to turn red.The whole body began to be weak, Zhou Xu said to the Prince: "Be careful, their sword is poisonous."

Can't hold his body, Zhou Xu slowly slipped down the wall, and the Prince still confronted five masked people.

The collision of the long sword is very abrupt in this quiet space, and the tacit understanding of the masked people has begun to escalate. However, how powerful they are, and ultimately they can not reach the real master.

Jumping high, the long sword in the hand, with the action of jumping, took a flower in midair, this action, accurately knocking down one of the masked swords.

In the process of landing, the prince changed hands and changed the sword from the right hand to the left hand. This way, the masked person on the left side of the prince lost the initiative.

The prince used the momentary mistakes of the left masked man, and the backhand shot his back on the back, but the long sword stabbed the masked man on the right.

At this time, the masked person facing the Prince's face continued to make a move. The Prince quickly escaped the counterattack of the left and right masked people and jumped again.

Zhou Xu only saw his white-white clothes. As he twirled, he turned into a beautiful flower, and then looked closely, chasing a few people of the Prince, but one did not fly too high, flying Fast.

When they fell, the three masked people had all fallen to the ground, and the prince turned back to see Zhou Xu. The result was that the prince who had taken the sword from the prince was attacked from behind.

Because the attention of the Prince was in Zhou Xu's body, he did not notice that when he noticed, the masked man had been sealed by Zhou Xuyijian.

Fighting with the last glimmer of strength, Zhou Xu said: "You are not hurt?"

The prince touched the wound that was wiped by the last person and slowly fainted, and Zhou Xu could not hold on, as the prince fainted.

The room was quiet and the needle was audible. Suddenly, "Oh," the door was opened. Two people came in, one was Chen Fumin and the other was the guardian of the Prince.

Turning back to the threshold, Bai Hao asked: "How is this poison solved?"

Chen Fumin’s greasy face is full of excitement: “I can’t live without the antidote within three days.”

"Then, what are they going to do?"

"Kill the prince, and this is sent to my room. I want to play, oh yeah, it looks so good."

Chen Fumin said, raising his hand is going to touch Zhou Xu's face, but he hasn't touched it yet. Suddenly it hurts. Look again, he finds his hand is gone.

"Ah!" The mourning came out, awakening the silence of the courtyard.

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