"Once, Yang Guo thought that his future life was marrying a wife and having a baby, and then live an common and happy life.

However, who would have thought that a fairy fell from heaven. His wife is gone though, but he get a baby girl!

Since then, Yang Guo's life has undergone tremendous changes.

For his daughter, Yang Guo decides to be more handsome, stronger and kinder!

And to be the most Handsome Oba, the All-Star Father, the National Father-in-law...

Yang Guo unconsciously did a lot of things that others could not do, and also, he won countless honors and achievements.

When he participated in the variety show, Where Are We Going, Daddy?, Yang Guo modestly said in front of the millions of fans, ""In fact, this is not the point.""

The point is to find a beautiful and kind stepmother who spoils her.

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