Godly Model Creator -90°

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An arrival of an origin ability. Many fearful beasts interweaved. Humans with superpowers blooming like mushrooms. Su Hao is just an ordinary 3rd year high school student who had mastered a low level origin ability “Model analysis”. However, when he was creating a character model in his mind by analyzing the opposing side’s ability, a crazy idea echoed in his mind. What would happen if he creates a model for the whole world? This would imply that he —– Could Control The World!


  • Academy
  • Male Protagonist
  • Modern Day
  • Special Abilities
  • Virtual Reality
  • Alchemy
  • Beast Companions
  • Beautiful Female Lead
  • Body Tempering
  • Cultivation
  • Cunning Protagonist
  • Early Romance
  • Fast Cultivation
  • Genius Protagonist
  • Handsome Male Lead
  • Strength-based Social Hierarchy
  • Weak to Strong
  • Game Elements
  • Hard-Working Protagonist
  • Monsters
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